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Legal Size Hanging File Folders


Pendaflex Hanging File Folders


Hanging File Folder Frame


6 Tab Hanging File Folders

Hanging file folders are one of the most useful office organization items there is. To hold paper sheets with comparable shapes, this sort of folder is available in a variety of sizes. Therefore, the size of a legal size hanging file folders will be comparable to that of a legal-size piece of paper. The average dimensions of a legal size hanging file folders are 9-3/8 x 15-3/4 inches (23.8 x 40 centimeters). Although they are the same size, legal-size paper is used for commercial and formal applications.

Universal UNV24213 standard green reinforced hanging folder with a third-cut tab, 14″ x 8 1/2″ This handy folder offers you a means to clearly name each file by its contents for easy identification. It includes a plastic 1/3 tab and a paper tab insert. You can use the same folder repeatedly because the inserts are interchangeable. You may put this folder in a filing cabinet and easily slide it to the desired area thanks to the built-in hanging hooks.

To increase strength when supporting large loads up to 3/4″ thick, the bottom is scored. Additionally, it has poly-laminate strips that strengthen the top edges and bottom fold for added rigidity, assisting it in keeping its shape while in use. This folder is ideal for keeping various types of documents separated for greater organization and quick access because it is made of high-quality, 11 pt. material that resists the tearing. As a result, they must to be kept in secure files of various sizes.

Pendaflex Hanging File Folders, Legal Size, Orange

Pendaflex Hanging File Folders, Legal Size, Orange (PFX415315ORA)

  • Color is an Orange and the Material is Cardboard and having Style Poly
  • Size of Pendaflex Sheet Brand Letter Tab Cut 5/5 Cut and the Total Percentage of Recycled Content 10 Tab Position
  • The top border and bottom fold are strengthened with poly to increase durability of legal size hanging file folders.
  • Hanging files of legal size for general or color-coded filing
  • Lighter interior aids in reducing time-wasting errors
  • Box of 25
  • It includes 25 clear 1/5-cut tabs and a downloadable label sheet.
  • All key areas of folders are poly-laminate.
  • To make categorization and filing simpler, use color.
  • A lighter interior color reduces errors in filing.
  • Folder File Tab Position Assorted Material 11-pt Stock File Tab Cut 1/5-Cut File Tab Plastic Compartments per Folder as the Material One Divider for each folder Zero Fasteners per Folder Zero Green Data Paper has 10% total recycled content and 10% post-consumer recycled material.

Letter-size, printer-ready insert sheets for use with clear tabs are included with reinforced legal size hanging file folders, as well as a dispensing box with a perforated part for simple, one-at-a-time access. Unique poly-laminate reinforcement at all major wear locations. A lighter interior lessens the chance of errors. Utilize color to make filing simpler. Sort topics according to color, and rely on the lighter, complementing interior color to assist reduce misfiling. Included are now letter-size, printer-ready inserts with clear tabs. 

All key areas of folders are poly-laminate. Excellent tear and fold resistance. Legal-sized folders come in orange, a member of the orange color family, and are made of 11-point stock. Worldwide Product Type Suspended File Folders. Legal size hanging file folders. Included in the package are (25) plastic tabs and (25) custom tab inserts. Nation of the origin US Carton Pack Quantity 250 Pack Quantity 0 UNSPSC 44122017 UPC 078787435100

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Stephanie Boyette: purchased legal size hanging file folders and reviewed that “Well-made product. Have purchased them three times.” This product is well-made and I’ve been using them in my husband’s office as well as mine. They have a sleek design, are sturdy, and our well-made.

Officemate Legal Size Hanging File Folder Frame - 18 Inch

Officemate Plastic Hanging File Folder Frame, 18 Inch, Letter and Legal Size. 1 Set (91961)

  • Top Tab is the Position with the Material of Steel Style and Hanging Organizer Officemate Sheet Size Letter, legal size hanging file folders
  • Organization is essential for keeping your files and documents in order and centrally located.
  • FUNCTIONAL: ideal for filling out paperwork by the year, category, name, and more; can be used at home or at work
  • Fits 14″ to 18″ deep cabinets or drawers; can also be used on top of a desk or in most storage containers; has breakable notches every 1/2″ for individual adjustment.
  • STURDY: The plastic panel frame provides a thin, strong support.
  • Fits letter and legal sized files; assembled product dimensions (D x W x H): 14″-18″ x 12.5″ x 9.5″.
  • Both Letter and a Legal size hanging file folders fit in this 18 inch frame. Simple to put together with an accessory that converts the file from Letter to Legal size.

Both Letter and a Legal size hanging file folders fit in this 18 inch frame. Simple to put together with an accessory that converts the file from Letter to Legal size.  Use on a desktop or in most filing cabinets or storage bins. Features breakable notches every half an inch to fit drawers 14″ to 18″ in depth. (For personal adjustment). Simple to put together and modify for letter or legal use. There are no hanging folders provided. 

These hanging file frames help keep files organized in the drawer. Steel frames are made of the coated and a heavy-duty steel. The metal side bars can be shortened, and the plastic ends can be either legal or letter-sized. It is measurable and effective. It sounds like it has a legal-sized cabinet, but it only has letter-sized cabinets. This hanging file folder frame breathed new life into an old wooden file cabinet.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

BMG: purchased legal size hanging file folders and reviewed that “Brought my file cabinet back to life.” With an old wooden file cabinet that had railings continually fall from their wooden slots, this hanging file folder frame brought life back to this old cabinet! This frame was easy to assemble and fit the file cabinet like a glove. It appears to be sturdy by holding all the recent files with room for more. A great find for an old favorite file cabinet.

Pendaflex Legal Size Hanging File Folders - 6 Tab

Pendaflex Ready-Tab Extra Capacity Reinforced Hanging File Folders, Legal Size, Assorted Colors, 6 Tab, 20/BX (42702)

  • Assorted Colors and the Material, and Paper Style also the Letter Size Legal Size Brand Pendaflex Sheet, Legal Tab Cut 1/5 assorted
  • Tab Position Top Total Recycled Content Percentage 10
  • For quicker file setup, use Ready-Tab letter-sized hanging folders with its six built-in tabs of legal size hanging file folders.
  • 400 sheets may fit in a 2″ capacity box bottom, and its edges are reinforced with polyethylene for enhanced durability.
  • Two-tone folders save time-consuming mistakes in filing
  • Box of 20 colour-coded or generic filing folders in vivid green, orange, and yellow.
  • Use the provided printer-ready adhesive labels or write directly on the tabs.
  • For increased durability, folders have polylaminate strips around the top and bottom edges. The folder expands 2″ and can accommodate up to 400 sheets thanks to pressboard-reinforced insert that is included.
  • The box bottoms of hanging folders may expand by 2″ to accommodate up to 400 pages

Pendaflex Ready-Tab Extra Capacity: Product Description Reinforced legal size hanging file folders have 6 built-in tabs for quicker file setup and box bottoms that expand 2″ to hold up to 400 sheets. In order to prevent misfiling, folders have a lighter color on the inside. The top and bottom borders of these time savers are reinforced for further durability. Includes a sheet of adhesive labels that is a printer-ready. Use the accompanying sticker label sheet or write directly on the tabs.

Legal size, several colors including orange, yellow, brilliant green, blue, and red. Per box, 20. The Pendaflex Ready-Tab Extra-Capacity Reinforced legal size hanging file folders from the manufacturer have Lift Tab technology, which makes it simpler than ever to tab hanging folders for a more effective filing system. Clear tabs are integrated into the folder and allow for simple tab location changes. Tabs are simple to raise and lower.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Connies: purchased legal size hanging file folders and reviewed that “Surprised that not all hanging files are the same…” Wow, I have always thought a hanging file folder was the same no matter what you got. I wasn’t expecting so many options, didn’t read the description. Tabs that are already set in and you pull them out as you need them, perfectly spaced to be able to read them easily and cardboard inserts for the bottom of the folder to help hold up a heavy load. Silly I know but I got excited over how nice these are 😉 I happen to be a person that likes organization so these were perfect for me.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The folder’s actual body is 11 5/8″W by 9 1/8″H in size. The rails are 12 3/4 inches long. The rails are 9/16″ longer than 1/2″ on either side. You will did not face any issue regarding this precious item.

“Paper made from 10% recycled fibre & 10% post-consumer fiber,” is all that is said on the packaging.

They ought to the legal sized folders hang on rails that are 15 1/4″ apart.

Yes. The tabs can be inserted into the slits along the inside of the folders’ top edges.

You adjust using the scores on the rails. Grab a set of small hand pliers, clamp them down on the rail, and bend the rail just before the desired indentation size. Or I’ve done it by hand while using a desk or table corner. I’ve never experienced any difficulties. Instead of clamping your pliers above the scoring, clamp them just before the score mark you want to reduce the size to. Lay the rail out flat on a table or desk. To shorten the rail, slide it just a little bit off the table. Holding the remaining portion of the rail on the table with one hand while bending it downward with the other using a hand tool.

Since my handwriting is terrible for my age and I use a label printer to print it out, peel off the backing, and glue it on, I can honestly say that I don’t know. Please let me know what you discover to be effective for you. A fine point permanent marker seems like it would be ideal. Good fortune.

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