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Acrylic Side Table With 2 Shelves


Decorative End Table


Modern Design Clear Tables


Acrylic Nightstand


Bedside Shelf For Bed


Acrylic Nightstand Modern Design

Typical applications include furniture, security obstacles, medical equipment, LCD panels, acrylic nails, and lenses. Acrylic nightstand is frequently used for windows, tanks, and enclosures around exhibitions due to their clarity. It is quite practical for homes, and you can purchase these designer nightstands and acrylic earring holder online.

You can etch the surface of acrylic or laser cut elaborate designs out of it. You may need to change the settings to prevent damage to the acrylic nightstand depending on the desired outcome. The recommended cutting speed for acrylic is 10 watts per 0.04′′. Although it will take longer to cut through it, you can lessen the power for better results. When using mirrored acrylic, point it away from the laser with the mirror coating side up. Otherwise, it can damage the laser cutter.

You will feel very comfortable with an acrylic earring holder. If you’re curious, you can buy designer nightstands online. Modern nightstands are often compact bedside tables with one or occasionally two or more drawers, shelves, and less frequently, a small door. They are frequently used to hold things that could be useful at night, like a table light, books, a phone, a glass, tissues, a drink, or medicines. If you’re interested, you can purchase an acrylic nightstand and acrylic earring holder from our website online. The designer nightstands are typically used in bedrooms and are simple for you to utilize.

Advice about the best acrylic nightstand with a drawer: Are you looking for a modern and elegant nightstand that will go with any bedroom design? This acrylic nightstand has a stunning crystal white appearance and is built of laminated composite woods that are carb-2 compliant and have a strong MDF base. It has two drawers with safety stops to assist keep the drawers in place and smoothly operating drawer glides and fashionable acrylic crystal knobs. Although this product is mostly utilized worldwide, we conduct our online sales on acrylic earring holder and designer nightstands.

Acrylic Nightstand With Shelf, Modern Design Trendy Acrylic Side Table

Clear Acrylic Decorative Nightstand - Made in USA - Modern Design Trendy Home End Table or Side Table with 2 Shelves - 3/8 Inch Thick

Wherever you chose to place this piece of Modern American Made Furniture, it will add some contemporary elegance to your home. It can be used as an acrylic nightstand, end table, side table, or even as a storage area for toiletries in the bathroom. People will adore the design of this piece of clear acrylic nightstand furniture that much is certain. 23 inches tall, 18.5 inches wide, and 12 inches deep are the dimensions.

This item’s measurements are 12″D x 18.5″W x 23″H and its base type is legs made of plastic. The acrylic side table nightstand is 20-pound weight. Acrylic side table are Beautiful artistic transparent acrylic modern furniture with a shelf that has a waterfall edge look. Use it as an end table, side table, or acrylic nightstand. MADE IN THE USA BY AMERICAN EMPLOYEES Support your nation and your fellow citizens.

Reviews & purchasing Experiences

Ellen Rich: purchased this product and reviewed “Great Table!!!” Beautiful and stylish. It looks perfect under my TV. It arrived in a well packed carton. I’m very satisfied. Highly recommend!

Decorative End Table With 2 Shelves, Acrylic Nightstand, Clear Display Stands

Modern Design Clear Acrylic Decorative End Table/Home Decor Display Nightstand w/ 2 Shelves - 10mm

In the bedroom, living area, or bathroom, you can display some of your favorite collectibles on this 10millimeters thick acrylic nightstand. The compact table saves you room and give you a creative space for decorating. This decorative end table, which has a clean, clear display stands, simple design, gives your room a minimalist appearance while still fitting into any setting. Any home with a modern aesthetic is lighter and more pleasing to the eye.

You may make a beneficial addition to your area with modern elegance and functionality. This item’s clear color, rectangular shape, and brand name, My Gift, make it a nightstand. Its beautifully created modern multifunctional acrylic nightstand with shelf end table makes your decor stand out , one of which has rounded edges and the other of which has two protective sides. Several other websites that sell decorative end table are also readily available if you wish to buy what we sell online.

Reviews & purchasing Experiences

Yang:  purchased this product and reviewed it. “Reliable seller and product” This was delivered to me all the way to Asia. The item was well received and apart from a small patch which is easily hidden, the product is in very good condition. It is well-made and sturdy…

Acrylic Nightstand, Modern Design Clear /Bedside Tables

(Flat Packed) Modern Design Clear Acrylic Home Decor Display Nightstand/Decorative End Table/Bedside Tables (Clear)

Acrylic nightstand with transparent materials gives off a high-end vibe and provides space for decorative items and books. Display this item in your elegant home with its acrylic substance, modern design, and leg base type. This gorgeous acrylic piece is 16.5″w*12.5″d*20″h inches and is made to be used as an acrylic nightstand in a variety of settings, including the living room, hotel, restaurant, sitting room, dorm, boutique shop, etc. However, it is flat-packed and simple to assemble, and it blends in with any environment (the price is for the table just; accessories are shown with the table).

Reviews & purchasing Experiences

Frequent Flyer: purchased this product and reviewed it. “clean look” I prefer acrylic accents. It gives an uncluttered appearance and blends with an eclectic decor.

MEETLAKE Clear Acrylic Nightstand, 2-Tier Tray, Sturdy, And Easy Assembly.16.75 Lx15.75 W, 23.5 inch High

MEETLAKE Clear Acrylic End Table,Nightstand, 2-Tier Tray, Sturdy and Easy Assembly.16.75 Lx15.75 W, 23.5 inch High

MEETLAKE double circular tray nightstand made of acrylic. Magazines, books, and vases may all be stored with ease. The acrylic nightstand has Safe structure and a contemporary design. Additionally, they fit wonderfully in any corner or side of your space. It is of the MEETLAKE brand, is made entirely of clear acrylic, is spherical in shape, and is 16.75″L x 15.75″W x 23.5″H. It has a clear acrylic nightstand with a tray top and tray storage.

Use as a side table or end table in your living room or other tiny space? This product has a stable structure and a durable acrylic tray. Its dimensions are 16.75″ L x 15.75″ W x 23.5″ H. The bundle contains hardware.  Products with electrical connections are made with American consumers in mind. Because outlets and voltage vary from country to country, this device might need an adapter or conversion to be used where you are traveling. Before buying, kindly verify compatibility.

Reviews & purchasing Experiences

Ruth: purchased this product and reviewed it. “Ghost table” Took me a few minutes to assemble on my own. It was packaged well in styrofoam so the were no scratches on the acrylic. The table is sturdy and seems like it can hold heavier objects with no issues. It looks super cool.

Bedside Shelf For Bed, Lucite End Table, Acrylic Nightstand, Lucite Side Table

Acrylic Bedside nightstand with Additional Shelf,Lucite Occasional Sofa Tables (Clear1626)

This Bedside shelf for bed item’s transparent acrylic material color and several base-type legs, which measure 12″ D x 16″ W x 19″ H, give it a contemporary look. This acrylic nightstand is measured at 40W*30D*48H cm, or about 16″*12″x19″H inches, and is made of pure 12 mm/0.5-inch acrylic. It can be used as an occasional table, coffee table, magazine table, or nightstand. Lucite end table and Lucite end table product is a transparent acrylic texture of high quality.

Reviews & purchasing Experiences

Sarah: purchased Bedside shelf for bed product and reviewed it. “Love 💕 it” It’s exactly what I was looking for. The acrylic products are always pricy but this what comparable and good quality. I love it!

Acrylic Nightstand Side Table Modern Design Clear Home Decor Display

Acrylic Nightstand Side Table Modern Design Clear Home Decor Display End Table for Living Room

This end table offers a place to keep the remote control, your favorite books, your glasses, your medications, and other things you need nearby. The acrylic nightstand tabletop RPG is perfect for holding picture frames, clocks, potted plants, or table lamps, adding a warm and unique touch to the decor. Clear acrylic nightstand with a hexagonal form from the Sol brand. The contemporary square plastic laminate coffee table has a general support of 45 lbs. and weighs 15 lbs.

It is 17.7″L x 11.8″W x 15.35″H, 0.39″ thick, and can be used as a night table, magazine table, coffee table, emergency table, etc. On this coffee table, potted plants, candles, picture frames, newspapers, and more appear attractive and well-organized. This contemporary style the high-quality, single-piece acrylic boards one-piece construction and light transmittance of more than 92% gives the space a more stylish appearance. You should use this lovely table as your centerpiece.

Reviews & purchasing Experiences

Faith Bayingana:  purchased this product and reviewed it. “Gorgeous table!!!” Obsessed with this table. It’s super high quality and matches my aesthetic perfectly. Definitely buy it! The height and size are perfect for smaller apartments and the style is unassuming but also stands out and is cute and unique.