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Featuring this Rattan nightstand set of 2, you can give the sleeping or living area a dash of rustic charm. Two end tables are included in the set, each with storage compartments made of handmade genuine rattan and robust metal supports. It is ideal for storing little goods and maintaining order in your area because of its comfortable grips and user-friendly drawers. To suit your various demands, these adaptable nightstands can be positioned in a variety of spaces, including the sleeping area, your living space, or by your sofa.

Make place in the master bedroom or living room for minor essentials includes two spacious storage drawers that are ideal for all of your different storage necessities in other compact places. It offers the qualities of absorbing moisture, heat retention, natural ventilation, and pest control and uses organic rattan leather as a decorative feature. Showcase artwork, vase decoration, publications, or other tabletop decoration on it by placing it next to your sofa or loveseat. It will help to keep your living space extremely cohesive whether it is positioned as a side table close to the sofa in the center of the living room or as a nightstand right next to the bed’s headboard in the bedroom.

The Rattan nightstand set of 2 with drawers in the contemporary nightstand are meant to provide ample space for storing any items you wish. The Rattan table serves as the foundation for all of your nightly rituals by providing a spot to store your nighttime necessities and an opportunity to display your most beloved items. This nightstand blends a straightforward form with attractive curving accents and compartment faces to provide enough storage inside in a readily reachable two-drawer configuration. This bedroom necessity, which is elevated off the ground by the four globe-shaped the legs, gives the impression of space and lightness, making it the ideal addition to compact spaces.

Numerous features and functional applications are available on night tables, which come in various sizes. A woven rattan nightstand will add flair and balance to the room’s design while also providing a practical surface and storage-space. On the nightstand that is within arm’s reach, you can place a nightlight, an alarm clock, a phone, books, or any other objects you usually use. You may carefully put eyeglasses, prescription medications, creams and lotions electronics, and other private belongings out of sight on nightstands with drawers or shelves.

Finnhomy Rattan nightstand set of 2 with storage for bedroom – Rattan side table with 2 handmade Rattan decorated drawers

Finnhomy Nightstand, End Table, Side Table with 2 Hand Made Rattan Decorated Drawers, Nightstands Set of 2, Wood Accent Table with Storage for Bedroom, Natural, 2 Pack

The Rattan side table decorated cabinets blend exceptional functionality with attractive charm. Natural rattan is used, which additionally has the ability to hold onto warmth and moisture but also provides the right visual impact, adding attractiveness to your place of residence. It is woven by hand. Dimensions are 15.75″ L x 15.55″ W x 21.65″ H. Perfect size for your bedside. Your purchasing worth will grow thanks to the huge workstation and two storage design. Rattan nightstand set of 2 is constructed with strong wood legs and superior MDF (P2 grade), which ensures a long lifespan. A surface with an environmentally conscious polyurethane assures safety and odorless.

A multipurpose wooden Rattan nightstand set of 2 may accommodate all of your bedroom’s demands for storage. The generous counter-top and elegant form make it suitable for use as an extension table in a living area. The retro and modern combination of the wood color doors and the earthy color body makes Rattan side table appropriate for a variety of home decorating styles while also bringing an appearance of subtle opulence to your room

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Danielle Palko purchased and reviewed that “Perfect”,  you have to assemble the entire thing but the instructions were super easy to follow! They look just like the photo online!

AWQM Rattan nightstand set of 2 for bedroom, living room and farmhouse – Black bedroom end tables with storage cabinet and metal legs.

AWQM Rattan Nightstand Set of 2,Farmhouse End Table Set of 2,Wood Sofa Side Table,Accent Table with Storage, Bedside Table Accent Storage Cabinet for Bedroom Living Room,Metal Legs,Brown

Natural Rattan nightstand set of 2 have a classic look that gives the house a certain air of chicness, elegance, and nobility. Made from sturdy, environmentally friendly wood. This black bedroom end table with cabinet is exceptionally solid and difficult to move around thanks to its substantial metal legs. Appropriate for small spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, corridors, or restrooms in condominiums or undergraduate student residences. 

Package Weighs about 26.9 lbs.  Item’s dimensions are 15.75″ x 15.75″ x 20.87″H which is made from natural rattan, MDF, and iron. Maximum Limit of the package is 55 lbs. The black Rattan Nightstand set of 2 with drawers and decorative tables will give the space in your bedroom a hint of traditional appeal. This multipurpose item may be additionally utilized in your living area as a centerpiece or side table. Keep your space tidy and structured by putting novels, extras, and other necessities in the two roomy drawers. Featuring so many technologically advanced nightstands available nowadays, it’s also simple to locate one with an integrated charger, meaning you may be giving your room even more usefulness without increasing its footprint.

This black bedroom end table and nightstand is made of durable materials with robust pine timber legs and tough MDF covering. The Rattan drawers give the straightforward appearance strength and beauty. This nightstand is a wonderful addition to any house thanks to its sophisticated black appearance as well as white and glowing hooks. Black bedroom end table and nightstands are excellent choices for your living area. They resemble decorative tables in size and design, making this a simple transition even if you wish to use furniture you currently own. Nightstands often include some concealed storage, and at the very best, a combination of both accessible and inaccessible versions, unlike most ends and coffee tables which are simply feet connected to a tabletop. More storage is consistently welcome in the living area, but what about closed-off storage that allows you to conceal a mess? That’s unbeatable.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Ibrahim Yahya purchased and reviewed that “Great nightstands” These nightstands are great! Smooth glide drawers, unique look, and lots of space inside. They go with a variety of bedroom decors and will make a great addition to your room. The price can’t be beat, and if you follow all the steps, you will assemble these with no issues

IKIFLY Rattan nightstand set of 2 with handmade natural Rattan drawers – Bedroom nightstands set of 2 with storage for bedroom, living room.

IKIFLY Rattan Nightstand Set of 2, End Side Table with 2 Handmade Natural Rattan Drawers, Accent Bedside Table with Storage for Bedroom, Living Room - Black

The bedside table features two rattan-decorated drawers and is an amalgamation of both contemporary and traditional furniture. Clean Rattan nightstand set of 2 adds a cool, bohemian feel good, and the location’s visually appealing color scheme along with crisp lines add to this effect. Natural rattan, premium MDF board, and outstanding metal frame support give the bedroom nightstand set of 2 its excellent carrying loads and strength. Rounded grips and sleek frames make it simple to slide open and securely shut the drawer. An easily cleaned surface with a beautiful painted finish.

The bedside table’s two spacious storage compartments are ideal for accommodating all of your bedside necessities as well as other small requirements for storage, and the concealed storage compartment keeps the bedroom neat and orderly. The Rattan nightstand set of 2 with two handcrafted rattan drawers can be used as a couch side table in a living-room setting as well as an end table and decorative table in the master bedroom. Extensive usage is ideal for both large and small locations and can satisfy your various needs.

Size of an instrumental rattan nightstand is 21.7″H x 15.8″W x 15.8″D. The bedroom nightstand set of 2 with compartments is simple to put together since we provide straightforward guidance and have highlighted all the replacement parts. Take the time to get in touch with the team if you have any issues with the nightstands. It offers after-sales support around-the-clock to make sure your buying is enjoyable. The fact that there are so many possibilities while looking for nightstands for your living room is one advantage. When you broaden your search criteria to include the older-generation market, this is especially relevant. A stunning Rattan nightstand set of 2 was discovered by  classic dealer for Seattle living room.  Additionally, this item features a large accessible shelf for every one of the current books as well as closed drawer storage.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jessica labate purchased and reviewed that “Cute for a guest room” Cute end tables, definitely not for a main bedroom. Drawers are not deep and feel very flimsy. The side don’t align perfectly and some panels overlap a tiny bit. Would not recommend for a busy main bedroom!

SUPERJARE Rattan nightstands Set of 2 with charging station– Farmhouse end tables set of 2 with solid wood feet and end table.

SUPERJARE Nightstands Set of 2, Night Stands with Charging Station & PE Rattan Decor Drawer, Bed Side Tables with Solid Wood Feet, End Table, for Bedroom, Living Room - Natural

Rattan nightstand set of 2 consist of two rattan nightstands, a better-organized living area! This small end table has two AC connections and two USB connections, so you are able to plug in your lighting devices or smart phones and have power available right away. If you need an organizational table without upsetting the coloring scheme of the house you require this light-colored hardwood rattan side table. In addition, the PE rattan pattern on the compartment’s surface gives your room a seductive and appealing boho atmosphere.

The time has arrived to establish a location for your sofa accessories. This farmhouse end table set of 2 with drawer is prepared to welcome your reading material, illumination, and other bedside things because of its roomy the desktop environment, spacious drawer, and removable bookshelf successfully. This compact nightstand is made of solid hardwood for the four legs and robust P2 wood particleboard for the body. It is durable and long-lasting, so you can place it in your house knowing that it will be there for you for a long time to come.

The painstaking assembling process may take away from your enjoyment, whereas not with this Rattan nightstand set of 2 with drawer. This rechargeable nightstand may be completed fast because to the simple instructions and identified supplies. Because designers desire this end table to last a long time with you and support your beautiful dreams, the feet are made of sturdy wood. The finishing touch is the microfiber cushion at the bottom that prevents pavement scratches.

In addition to using the large tabletop to charge your cell phones, you may additionally utilize farmhouse end table set of 2 to place items like an alarm clock, light bulb, manuscript, and other items. Little end tables, like the antique one that occupies the living room, are ideal for small living spaces. Farmhouse end table set of 2 tucks in neatly next to the couch and offers some personality without taking the center stage. You may store the remote in the tiny drawer there without having to explore the entire living room for it. 

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Sarah S. purchased and reviewed that “Great tables for price!”  Obviously, these are not going to be at the greatest quality ever at that price. They are particleboard. But they look really nice and are by far one the most affordable sets that I have found in the style. They’re small, but I like that. They were easy to put together. I am really pleased with them. And I think that if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money outside tables, this is one of the better ones you can buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The main feature of this nightstand is PE Rattan Surface Drawer and Charging Station which makes it unique and worthy.


The cable of SUPERJARE Nightstand with Charging Port and Drawer for Rattan-Style Decor is4.9 feet long. Hope it’s useful

The main and special feature of Rattan nightstand is the storage. The storage compartments and tabletop provide a lot of space for organizing different things.



Table top weighs about 70 lbs whereas capacity of drawer is 20lbs.


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