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Rectangular end table have a variety of uses. They can add style, a finishing touch, or serve a functional purpose, like holding your lamps or offering a place for drinks. The majority of living room furniture layouts require end tables. You might want to have more storage space underneath your end table. To add style and functionality to your space, rectangular end table with shelving can be used to showcase books, records, or ornamental things. Even an end table with a magazine rack is an option. But an end table with cupboards or drawers would be a better choice if you want to keep things more covertly.

Make sure the two types of wood don’t clash if you choose a wood rectangular end table and have other wood in the space, like bookcases. Even a TV stand can be prominent enough in the space to be taken into account for décor. You might want to pick comparable designs for the rectangular end table and lamp if you’re utilizing them to support each other. A contemporary light, for instance, may go well with a modern or mid-century end table.

A convenient surface for carrying drinks, snacks, books, or other small items is provided by side tables. When seated in a chair or on a sofa, this can be very helpful because it enables you to reach for objects without getting up. Due to these corners, which take up more space for visitors, rectangular end table can seat more people than round ones. Therefore, having a rectangular end table allows you to have enough space for a lot of people if you need it if you have a big family or even expect to have guests around for dinner frequently.

Best Americano Rectangular End Table, Furinno Classic Rectangular Side Table with Drawer

Furinno Classic Rectangular Side Table with Drawer, Americano

This rectangular end table from the Classic Series is made to match your minimalist, modern lifestyle. It comes in a variety of colors to match any room in your house. It can be placed next to your couch, your bed, or wherever you need a rectangular end table with extra storage and display for your practical purposes. It has a drawer. There are lots of spaces for you to display your books, CDs, periodicals, and other items thanks to the compact design, which is ideal for small rooms.

It will perfectly fit in every nook of your house, including the living room, study, bedroom, home office, and foyer. It is lightweight, compact, and simple to assemble. Use a fresh, moist towel to wipe down surfaces. Stay away from strong chemicals.  Furinno Living Room Collections give you the exceptional chance to design a space that makes you happy without breaking the bank. Build the life you desire, and furnish your living space to reflect your lifestyle. Remodel your house and allow Furinno add modular design, attractiveness, and customization to make it better.

 An elegant yet practical rectangular end table that fits well with any interior decor. It is appropriate for any area and perfectly fits the corner of compact spaces, dorm rooms, and apartments. Top shelf weight capacity is 25 pounds, and bottom shelf weight capacity is 10 pounds. Has a drawer with a 10 lb. weight limit. For simple customization, there are several color options. The typical height of a rectangular end table is between 18 and 24 inches. In other words, the height of these tables is roughly 1.5 to 2 feet, and their average width is 16 to 22 inches. Between 36″ and 40″ broad is the typical width of a rectangular table. A four-person table should be roughly 48″ long. Find a table that is at least 60″ long to accommodate seating for four to six individuals. Your table should be at least 78″ long to accommodate six to eight people.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Tibbets27 is purchased this rectangular end table and reviewed that Its a perfect night stand! Iitsperfect night stand we use in guest bedroom. The shelf is really nice and the basket holds quite a bit. It fits a small lamp, cell phone charger and drink coasters on the top

Best Rectangular End Table For Bedroom, Wide Rectangular Side Table in Blackened - Bronze Table For Living Room

Henn&Hart 24" Wide Rectangular Side Table in Blackened Bronze, Table for Living Room, Bedroom

This rectangular end table sleek, industrial design is given a modern makeover with a blackened bronze finish. This adaptable piece works well in compact areas thanks to its slender design. Use one as a miniature console table or two together as nightstands.  Additionally, the rectangular end table and the sofa in your home can be combined in a fun way. This end table is a lovely decoration for your home and fits well with all the rooms at once.

The rectangular end table is made of high-quality MDF and PB, ensuring a solid and long-lasting framework for use. In addition, each side table leg has a non-slip foot pad to improve stability and avoid damaging the floor. All required accessories and instructions are included with the side table. The assembly may be completed quickly and easily thanks to the clear and precise instructions. To prevent scuffs on the floor, the bottom of the side table has several pads. The side table’s top is also sleek and polished.

A rectangular end table with a fashionable design can serve as a snack table, coffee table, nightstand, and bedside table. Excellent for the living area, bedroom, office, and any other space you choose. The child’s room’s compact nightstand is little. Furthermore, due to its ideal size, it is ideal for occupying small places, such as those between sofas, chairs, beds, and walls. You may set your reading lamp or decorative picture frames on top, as well as the remote control, beverages, and other items. You can put books, magazines, and other household things on the additional lower shelf.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Gigi is purchased this rectangular end table and reviewed that Perfect little side table!!! the design of the table is perfect! I love the narrow design and the matte finish. I was able to put it together within minutes. It is extremely sturdy! I especially love the small shelf that holds a faux book containing a bunch of small items that I frequently need but would otherwise be clutter. Definitely would buy again!

Rectangular End Table For Small Spaces - Farmhouse Nightstand Small Rectangular Side Table For Living Room, Bedroom

Henn&Hart 24" Wide Rectangular Side Table in Blackened Bronze, Table for Living Room, Bedroom

The end table’s solid and long-lasting structure comes from the use of superior MDF and PB. Additionally, the non-slip foot pads on each leg of the side table increase stability and stop the floor from being scratched. Additionally, the top can support up to 50 lbs. of weight and the shelf up to 40 lbs.

You may put some slightly larger objects on this small rectangular side table thanks to the easy 2-tiers open design style that boosts storage capacity. Additionally, the rectangular end table and the sofa in your home can be combined in a fun way. This end table is a lovely decoration for your home and fits well with all the rooms at once. All required accessories and instructions are included with the small rectangular side table. The assembly may be completed quickly and easily thanks to the clear and precise instructions.

Additionally, the open end table’s surface is water and scratch resistant for simple cleaning. The small farmhouse rectangular end table is perfect for storing remote controls, laptop computers, phones, books, lamps, and other everyday necessities. It may be used as a sofa side table, couch table, bedside table, porch bedside table, bedroom, living room, foyer, corridor, etc. To ensure a long service life, the small rectangular side table uses sturdy MDF. Its solid tabletop offers additional display storage. Additionally, this rectangular end table has four non-slip feet to provide stability and safeguard the floor. Modern and minimalist design enhances interior design.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Karen E. Neumann is purchased this rectangular end table and reviewed that  Pretty Awesome End Tables! Ordered this end table set and, honestly, was afraid it would look cheap upon receiving and opening, but I couldn’t find anything else in-store, so I went with it! Put it together pretty quickly and I am very pleasantly surprised that it really looks great! It’s very sturdy and durable and should last a long time!! Very happy with this purchase!

Best Cherry End Tables - Top Acme Furniture Rectangular End Table

Acme Furniture Rectangular Marble Top End Table, Cherry

The cherry end tables is a practical method to give your house some personality. The end table has wood Queen Anne legs and a marble top. The focal point of your living area will be this rectangular end table. It will be the ideal option if you require an end table. Small tables known as end tables or side tables are frequently positioned next to a chair, loveseat, or sofa. They offer a practical surface for lighting, putting drinks down, and keeping books.

Some people advise using oil soap or wax, but if you have a cherry Woodcraft dining table, we do not advise doing so. All you have to do is regularly dust the table and clean it down with a moist towel. After that, use a dry cloth to buff the wood along the grain. Use lacquer to refinish a cherry end tables to its best ability. When applied with a brush or a spray, it is reasonably foolproof and has a better appearance than varnish. It also dries faster.

You can complete the table in one day if you use lacquer rather than varnish. Cherry end tables is a popular wood for carving and turning because of its regular grain and fine, smooth texture, which make it easy to shape and work with. Cherry shines well as well. The cherry wood and Cordovan finish Queen Anne Highboy Dresser is handcrafted. Cherry that has just been cut usually has a faint pink hue. The color of cherry end tables may shift from pale pink to light pinkish brown or darker within the first six months after being exposed to light.

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