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Mid Century Modern Leather Couch


Sofa Bed Pillow Covers


Breathable Faux Leather Couch


Modern Boho Striped Geometric Pillow


Faux Leather Loveseat

Any room can benefit from having pillow for leather couches by becoming cozier, more inviting, and more appealing all around. Pillows are fantastic because they make you and your family more comfortable while improving the aesthetics of a space. To further highlight the distinctive design aspects in your space, if you’re feeling brave, consider adding pillows with edgy textures and patterns, like those found on outdoor pillows.

 Buying a decorative pillow for leather couch that will coordinate with the rest of your room’s design is one of the simplest approaches. Pillow of leather couches with patterns and those with solid colors in complementary hues can also be mixed and matched. There is no set recipe, although it’s important to give enough room for sitting. For a living room sofa, three to five pillows should be sufficient, but larger sectionals and chairs would require more.

Three colors that are prevalent in the area around you can assist your pillow for leather couch to stand out. These hues will help your sofa look unified while also tying it into the overall design of the space where it is placed. Speaking of patterns, choosing at least three, with one prominent pattern and two lesser ones that will help grab the eye will help increase the visual appeal of your sofa.

 Adding one of each of the other colors will allow the two more pattern kinds on the leather couch’s pillow to play off this. You can give me. pillow for leather couches with different textures to offer some variation. When combining smooth and rough textures, add velvety, fuzzy, wool, and fur textures.

Mid Century Modern Leather Couch,Pillows for Leather Couch Couch Sofa Bed, Black And White Pillow Covers

GALMAXS7 Boho Throw Pillow Covers 18 x 18 Set of 4 - Modern Stripe Geometric Farmhouse Decorative Pillow Cover Sets for Pillows - Couch Sofa Bed ,Faux Leather Black and White Pillow Covers

Set of 4 Decorative Throw Pillow Covers. Simple to Put On

  • Fold the inserts in half before inserting them into the throw pillow coverings.
  • To protect the zipper, insert the pillow slowly into the cover.
  • Pillow corners should be tidied up, and pillows should be made fluffy.
  • Size:20 × 20 inches / 18 inches /
  • Material: both cotton linen and imitation leather
  • Style: Boho style

4 Unique Designs

  • 1 brown pillow cover with imitation leather.
  • 1 × black tassels on boho throw pillow covers
  • 1 pillowcase in a modern farmhouse style.
  • 1 pillow cover in black and white boho style

Thicker material: The interior is thickened and blended from premium materials. The service life is extended by the thickness and wear resistance.

Waterproof and simple to maintain: The leather pillow cover is hypoallergenic, odorless, and waterproof. Use a moist paper towel to test if it is unclean; it is simple to clean.

SUPER BUDGET-FRIENDLY-One brown faux leather case,  mid century modern leather couch,  pillows for leather couch, one boho throw pillow cover with black tassels, one farmhouse pillow cover, and one black and white bohemian pillow cover are included in the collection of decorative throw pillow covers. Each boho throw pillow cover is 18 by 18 inches (45 cm x 45 cm) in size, fits regular throw pillows, and is both visually and tactilely appealing. Furthermore, each place is given a beautiful touch.    mid century modern leather couch, pillows for leather couch by their straightforward yet distinctive designs.

FARMHOUSE & MODERN STYLES –The modern patterns and neutral colors of mid century modern leather couch, pillows for leather couch covers add a designer touch to any room in your boho or modern farmhouse home.    mid century modern leather couch, pillows for leather couch are perfect for bedrooms, couches, offices, patios, and porches. They also make lovely gifts for milestone occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and graduations.

THICK & SOFT MATERIAL-These ornamental pillow covers for beds are constructed of faux leather and canvas, which are double stitched to provide maximum durability over time. Your new toss pillow covers will remain in good condition and keep their appearance even with pets, children, and house guests.

PERSONALIZED & INTIMATE DESIGN –The invisible zipper and wider \opening design of the boho pillow for leather couch sets give them an exquisite and warm appearance. They are also simple to replace and clean. The machine-washable and dependable toss pillow coverings. Throw pillowcases made of premium imitation leather can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

GUARANTEED PROFESSIONAL SERVICE-We produce high-end pillow coverings with beautiful designs at affordable costs. Please feel free to contact us if you are dissatisfied with the pillow sets as we provide a complete refund or replacement with no questions asked. The pillow inserts are NOT included, so please be aware of that.


A great way to add coziness to a leather sofa or leather sectional is with accent pillows. Choose an accent pillow that compliments the colors you want to bring into your room. Sometimes opposite colors really pop – like blue with an orange/brown sofa. Don’t forget fabric textures to add dimension.

You’ll want to find pillows that can match the couch’s leather suppleness. Try something like organic cotton, linen, or velvet fabrics. Monochromatic colors, like white on white, are a great option, especially when the design is textured and compliments the design of the couch well.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Yesenia purchased this and reviewed that “Great addition” When pillows themselves are not cheap, and you get to convert existing decorative pillows you DO have, into beautiful BOHO options, it is definitely appreciated and my cup of tea. Gracias!

Pillows for Leather Couch,Tufted Synthetic Suede Fabric Modern.

Esright 84.2”Mid-Century Sofa Couch,Tufted Synthetic Suede Fabric Modern Couch with 2 Bolster Pillows, Sofas Couches for Living Room,Apartment,Dorm & Office,Saddle Brown

84.3″ Extra-long Length: With 75.2 “Usable Length can function as a sofa bed that allows 6-foot adults to fully stretch their bodies while differing from the little sofas that are frequently found in stores.

Comfort: a generously sized deep seat (24″-29″) suitable for tall men, High rebound and thicker (5″) foam provide the assurance of comfort.

Modern: The brown tufted imitation leather surface of the pillow of leather couch is naturally incorporated into various décor in addition to combining classic and current designs.

Simple Care: Stain-resistant, requires little maintenance, and is readily cleaned with a soft cloth (avoid moisture).

Ergonomic: All body areas are correctly supported by the curved shape, and a removable pillow of leather couch can give the extra support you require.

Overall Dimensions: 84.2″ (L) x 34.2″ (W) x 33.8″ (H), Max. Load: 700 lbs. 3 boxes of the leather sofa, a one-year warranty, and amiable customer service for life.


HI…I bought the green one for someone else who has a cat…she also has lone of those buzzing things that she puts on the couch to keep the cat from jumping up…the cat of course is a cat, and she found a way to jump up on the back of it anyway, and take a nap…she ultimately has to keep the couch covered….maybe your dog won’t be able to jump that high..

Krostrade recommends using pillows that are made with nonslip material, but if you can’t find any, you can shop for small anti-slip pads made from silicone or rubber. Some of these pads are decorative, or you can adhere them in inconspicuous areas.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Cody bought this and reviewed it as “Very beautiful in person” This is a fantastic couch for this price. I read some reviews that were concerned about the sturdiness. We have had this couch for 3 months now, and have seen no signs of that issue. Granted, this is located in our “formal living room”, so there are no small children jumping on it every day, either. This couch is SO elegant and I have had many people ask me where it’s from. Love it!

Pillow for Leather Couches,HIFIT,Breathable Faux Leather Couch.

HIFIT Sofa Couches, 79” Mid-Century Modern Couch, Breathable Faux Leather Couch with Upholstered Cushions/Pillows, 3-Seat Sofas & Couches, for Living Room Apartment Office,Brown


Mid-Century Modern Couch, HIFIT, 79″: The 79″ loveseat pillow of leather couch will add mid-century contemporary elegance to your room. This synthetic leather couch fabric has distinctive qualities like natural color variations, wrinkles, and creases. The style of this cozy and reasonably priced living room pillow of leather couch will make it the center of attention in your home and give it a new, attractive look.

COMFORTABILITY OF THE FAUX LEATHER COUCH: Intelligent ergonomic design This brown pillow of leather couch will provide you excellent comfort since it combines fine craftsmanship with high-density foam that is softer than a typical cushion. Additionally, a soft back cushion may be customized to fit your body precisely, enabling complete relaxation. S springs are installed underneath the sturdy wood frame to guarantee stability and endurance. Undoubtedly, our couch will always provide you with the most comfortable sitting experience, whether you’re reading, watching TV, or just taking in some peace and quiet.

Solid Wood Frame Upgrade: The sofa couch is more durable and robust because of its solid wood frame.

Suitable Faux Leather: This faux pillow of leather couch is easy to maintain and resistant to animal scratching thanks to its vintage leather appearance and skin-friendly, breathable structure.

Sinuous Spring of High Gauge- The superior sinuous springs ensure stability and durability and effectively absorb shock compared to standard sofas for living rooms.

Sponge with High Density: The cushions and  pillow of leather couch are packed with superior high-density foam or sponge, giving you the softest sensation possible.

Two bolster pillows are used: When you lie on the sofa, the two bolster pillows will boost your enjoyment and relieve your fatigue. Furthermore, the cushion cover has smooth zippers that can be removed for washing.

SEVERAL APPLICATIONS: This imitation leather sofa’s overall measurements are 78.9″ L x 31.8″ W x 31.8″ H, making it suitable for any room, including your living room, bedroom, apartment, or studio.No matter if you’re reading, watching TV, or just taking in some peace and quiet, it always works as you would expect.

STRONG & DURABLE: This sofa also has sturdy eucalyptus wood legs and pressure-dispersive serpentine springs to increase stability and durability. Additionally, the imitation leather fabric is durable and easy to clean, so it won’t just shield your furniture from stray pets’ scratches; it will also grow more attractive with time!

MODERN & MIDCENTURY STYLE: The cylindrical pillows of leather couch add additional padding and create a contrast with the rectangle shape. The retro-inspired design is completed by flared wood legs. Your living room, office, or den will look modern with a touch of mid-century flair thanks to this leather couch.

RELIEF FROM COMFORT & PRESSURE: The ultra-plush back and seat cushions, quality foam, and skin-friendly imitation leather fabric on this sofa couch give you the best sitting experience possible while easing your fatigue.

EASY TO SET UP: It has simple installation instructions and can be installed in under 15 minutes. Since the backrest is packed tightly, you can pat it for 5-8 minutes or let it alone for 24-48 hours to restore its fluffiness.


The couch is very comfortable, feels sturdy, easy to assemble. Not sure about stain removeability, they haven’t spilled anything on it yet., See me in a week or two…..lololo I really like how it looks right now.

Hello, our seat frames are supported by solidly wood frames and S springs underneath to ensure the stability and durability of the sofa, And the seat cushion has over 3.5″ foam and fiber in it. So when you sit down, you can feel the softness only. Thank you.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Sarah Montana bought this and reviewed that “Perfectly functional couch for the front room” I purchased this couch for the front room of my house as it had been sitting unfurnished for over a year. It’s a low-traffic area that doesn’t see much use as it’s really just for when we have visitors over or I want to sit in peace and quiet away from the kids. Read more

Pillows for Leather Couch,Modern Boho Striped Geometric Pillow.

Decorative Throw Pillow Covers for Couch, Set of 4 18x 18, Modern Boho Pillows, Sofa Couch Pillow set of 4, 2 Sided Faux Leather 100% Cotton Modern Design Striped Geometric Pillow Covers

These adorable handcrafted covers pillow of leather couch are composed of thick vegan faux leather and 100% cotton fabric. Features expert craftsmanship for long-lasting durability and premium invisible zippers. Pillow coverings can be removed and cleaned with ease. contains designs like stripes, triangles, arrows, dashed lines, and stripes.

Heavy-duty premium invisible zipper. The geometric patterns look great in every space of your house because they are distinctive, elegant, and colorless. Item: Four different throw pillow of leather couch in a set Size: 18″ x 18″ Usage: House, bedroom, drawing room, living room, family room, playroom, study room, dining room, bedding, bench, floor, lounge, saloon, hotel, yoga, Christmas, Festival, club, bar, pub, coffee shop, tent, car, seat, balcony, indoor party, picnic, wedding, office, cafe, etc.

A fantastichese adorable handcrafted covers are composed of thick vegan faux leather and 100% cotton fabric. Features expert craftsmanship for long-lasting durability and premium invisible zippers. Pillow coverings can be removed and cleaned with ease. contains designs like stripes, triangles, arrows, dashed lines, and stripes. Heavy-duty premium invisible zipper. The geometric patterns look great in every space of your house because they are distinctive, elegant, and colorless.

Item: Four different throw pillow covers in a set Size: 18″ x 18″ Usage: House, bedroom, drawing room, living room, family room, playroom, study room, dining room, bedding, bench, floor, lounge, saloon, hotel, yoga, Christmas, Festival, club, bar, pub, coffee shop, tent, car, seat, balcony, indoor party, picnic, wedding, office, cafe, etc.

LIMITLESS OPTIONS, 4 COVERS: You get four different pillow cases when you buy the Acesolv Decor Boho throw pillow collection: a brown faux double-sided leather case, a textured white case with a black print, and a white case with black lines. Although each piece of this bedding can be used separately across the house, the overall aesthetic is sleek and sophisticated. Regardless of the decor or interior design, these pillow covers are intended to offer beauty to any space.

A LITTLE CLASS: Designer throw pillow of leather couch coverings with a concealed zipper compartment are made of 100% cotton of the highest quality. These decorative throw pillow of leather couch can work whether you’re going for a country home appearance, a more modern look, or a boho chic aesthetic.

DURABILITY AND COMFORT THAT LAST: Each throw pillow case features breathtaking aesthetics, unmatched craftsmanship, and exceptional artistry. Fabrics like cotton and fake leather that are completely animal-safe are used by us. The textiles are strengthened with lovely stitching, which helps them maintain function over time. Your new toss pillow covers will remain in good condition and keep their appearance even with pets, children, and house guests.

A SUPERB GIFT SET: The Acesolv Decor 4-set of throw pillow of leather couch is so gorgeous and functional that it makes the ideal present for a bride, mother, wife, friend, or newlywed pair. Furthermore, it’s a wonderful gift for milestone occasions like weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or housewarmings. These couch and chair pillow coverings are universally appealing due to their generally neutral and basic look.

WITH CONFIDENCE, PURCHASE. We guarantee our goods and always work to improve both our client happiness and product quality. A 30-day money-back guarantee and a one-year limited warranty are included with our pillow coverings.


Leather furniture is very durable and lasts roughly 15 to 20 years compared with the average lifespan of a fabric couch which is about 5 years. The quality of the leather couch you purchase is the most important factor in determining longevity.

Yes, real leather sofas are some of the most durable around, and with the right care and treatment, they can last for a lifetime. Leather has inherent water resistance, making it much easier to clean than fabric if you accidentally spill something.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Temiola Adedayo purchased this and reviewed that “Love this” I love these pillow covers so much! They were exactly what I was looking for and the value was too good to pass up. The fabric is heavy and the patterns/prints are so well made. The faux leather also looks really nice and seems like it will hold up really well. I love these and will definitely be purchasing more from this seller. Do yourself a favor, and buy these!

Pillows for Leather Couch,Dreamsir 52'' Faux Leather Loveseat.

Dreamsir 52'' Faux Leather Loveseat Sofa, Small Sofas and Couches for Small Spaces and Living Room, Mid Century Modern Love Seats Furniture with 2 Bolster Pillows, Mid Brown

Supersoft foam and quality pocket coils are used to create cushions for sofa seats, improving their softness and robustness. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, traditional box springs and hello to opulent

Two Support Pillows: Two bolster pillows are included with the sofa, which will make lying on it more enjoyable. Additionally, the smooth zippers on the sofa backrest and cushion covers allow for easy cleaning removal.

Observation of Details: The sofa cushion’s delicate features, precisely spaced squares, and lines give it a waffle-like softness and comfort. One of the leather’s distinguishing qualities is its inherent ability to have natural color variations, wrinkles, and creases.

Beautiful Solid Wood Legs: Legs for a sofa gourd are manufactured of solid, long-lasting Eucalyptus of the highest quality. Make the sectional sofa more stable by adding support to the sofa.

LARGE LIVING IN SMALL SPACES: The 3-seater sofa is only included in one box, which will come as a nice surprise to you. You may have the cushion covered in luxurious leather, which will give you hours of pleasant sitting without sacrificing design or taste, in just 20 minutes.

MODERN MIDCENTURY STYLE: This mid-century pillow of leather couch is brought by Tufted Button for the ideal amount of retro flair. The serene mid-brown faux leather couch is not only more supportive and comfortable, but it also blends in with your decor nicely. The dimensions of this loveseat are 52.75″ W x 32.28″ D x 29.9″ H, with a weight capacity of 600 lbs. It is simple to provide leisure facilities for two to three people.

SIMPLE ASSEMBLY: Included is two bolster pillows of leather couch. These couches simply require the legs and the metal buckle to be installed in order to provide enduring comfort. To ensure that the cushions always remain in place, the back cushion is stapled to the frame.

MAKE A CONFIDENT PURCHASE: Please feel free to get in touch with us at “contact seller” if you have any issues with the things when you receive them or while using them. Within 24 hours, we’ll offer the best option. Our first priority is always making you happy.


Hi, dear. Thank you for your compliments and love of this product. Faux leather usually has this condition after decades of use. That’s why we provide excellent after-sales service. We will return or exchange it free of charge if this condition occurs within 10 years.

I put new legs on mine that don’t seem too sturdy; however nobody sits on mine it’s just for looks, but is comfortable! I believe the legs that originally came with the loveseat would be more sturdy because they are thicker & shorter than what I put on them. As you can see, the ones I chose look crooked like they could cave in, but they were affordable & trendy. I think it would be great for a waiting area!

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

 Holly Fellows purchased this and reviewed that “Lovely piece-lovely people” I love this loveseat! It fits perfectly in my office and doesn’t take up too much space due to its streamlined design. The color is very attractive and looks great! It’s comfortable and easy to assemble. Read more