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By: Arslan Afzal

A reclining sofa with various parts that may recline independently is called a Sectional couch with recliner. One of the best options for your home is a sectional sofa with recliners. The footrests can be adjusted for height and angle. You can always find a nice position thanks to this. The key advantages are increased comfort, positional flexibility, a wide range of possibilities, physical relaxation, and space. R Sectional couch with recliner often have the standard reclining mechanism. Users can lean back in any direction thanks to this. Because there are so many possibilities available, this kind of sofa is highly well-liked by people.

 Sectionals with recliners are a stylish alternative to regular sofas. Standard couches have few customization possibilities, but Sectional couch with recliner let you add or take away components to fit your needs. In essence, reclining sectional couches are regular sofas with an additional-long seat and a reclining option. They can then support your head and feet as you rest as a result. You have the choice to leave the TV and have a restful night’s sleep thanks to this. Reclining sectionals include leather upholstery in addition to fabric, just like regular Sectional couch with recliner.

 You can choose the general design of the sectional as well as specific components because each portion of the sofa can be covered in whichever material you like. Top-Notch Napa Leather, the best leather available, is used to make the Sectional couch with recliner. You won’t want to remove this leather since it feels so good against the skin. Luxurious in appearance and feel, yet refined. The chair is presented in a black hue that might complement the architecture around it. Compared to other materials utilized to create this furniture, leather is the most robust and will endure the longest.

You will save a tonne of time cleaning it because of how easily it cleans and how excellent the texture is. Sectional couch with recliner seats has slots designed for them so you can plug in your laptop, phone, tablet, or other device and charge it while you’re sitting there. Ingenious systems are built into recliners to aid users in unwinding when reclining, like the motorized lumbar support, motorized headrest, and arms storage box. A motorized headrest provides whole head support when the user is lying down, providing comfort and stability while they are sleeping.

Likewise, lumbar support helps a person maintain a comfortable laying position while being supported in the lumbar region. You may interact with your TV screen and customized settings without worrying about back pain thanks to lumbar support. You may easily keep magazines, newspapers, or even your remote controls in the arm storage space! The Sectional couch with recliner is cosy and simple to use. It is beautifully built and created using premium components. Even though the leather is thick and strong, it is nevertheless soft. This recliner is extremely durable and long-lasting. This couch not only looks wonderful, but it also feels amazing. Sectional couch with recliner looks more like a piece of furniture than a recliner because of its sleek style and contemporary appearance.

Sectional Couch With Recliner, PU Leather Corner Sofa Couch With 2 Consoles-Couch Cup Holders And Storage Box, Foggy Grey

Nathaniel Home Sectional PU Leather Corner Sofa Couch with 2 Consoles, Living Room Recliner Chair with Cup Holders and Storage Box, Foggy Grey

With Bonded Leather upholstery, pillow-top backrests and armrests, pocket coil spring seat cushions coated in premium foam, and a backrest with a heat-radiating design, this Couch cup holder set offers excellent comfort. This Sectional couch with recliner set includes a loveseat with three seats, two recliners, and two sofas. permits you to keep the other seats upright while reclining one seat back from 90 to 160 degrees. Additionally, the loveseat has two cup holders and a storage area.

When the footrest is fully extended, lean forward to bring the back to the beginning position and push back against the backrest to achieve any desired position between 90° and 160° for complete body relaxation. The Couch cup holders may be adjusted by pulling the switch. One bottom procedure alone. This Sectional couch with recliner will be your favorite location to unwind because it combines tranquilly, comfort, and utility. Deep-seating comfort is provided by generously padded seats and backs, as well as a strong frame and drop-in spring mechanism. Overall dimensions are 109.85″ x 40.5″ x 35.6″H, with 5 seats.

Deep-seating comfort is provided by generously padded seats and backs, as well as a strong frame and drop-in spring mechanism. This Couch cup holder will be your favorite location to unwind because it combines tranquilly, comfort, and utility. True, assembly is necessary. Loveseat with recliner and console, wedge, armless chair, and loveseat The Nathaniel Home Sectional couch with recliner will be the ideal location to unwind because it combines tranquilly, comfort, and utility. Deep-seating comfort is provided by generously padded seats and backs, as well as a strong frame and drop-in spring mechanism.


This couch in the sofa size ships in two boxes and measures 31 inches wide once assembled. If you need to fit it through small doorways, we recommend moving the boxes into that room before assembling the couch and then disassembling a portion of it when you need to move it to a new room. Please feel free to reach out to us at: if you have any additional questions or concerns. We are here to help. Best regards, Ever Lane Home

When your sofa or loveseat is assembled correctly, it will easily support the weight advertised. Both the sofa and loveseat can support 600 lbs.; correctly orienting the backrest is critical for proper support. The reviews with the issue mentioned include photos that show furniture assembled incorrectly.

We do not recommend making major structural alterations and doing so will void your warranty.  If you have additional questions about this furniture or about any of our products, we are happy to help at: Best regards, Eden brook

Sectional Couch With Recliner, Recliner Sofa Set Bonded Leather 3 PCS -Sofa Loveseat Recliner Set For Living Room

A Ainehome Sectional Recliner Sofa Set Bonded Leather 3 PCS Motion Sofa Loveseat Recliner Couch Manual Reclining Chair with Drop Down Table & Central Console for Living Room (Ginger,3 Piece Set)

Thanks for choosing these Sofa loveseat recliners set, which has 12 years of production and sales experience. All manual Sectional couch with recliner functions are simple to use. The reclining couch’s switch simply needs to be lightly pulled. It is also simple to put it back in the sit-up position. consist of 3 boxes. Entering through the 30″ door is simple. The sofa’s zippered storage pocket contains all the components. Just put everything together as directed. Includes tea cup and drop-down table storage areas for your remote control and drinks. Perfect for theatre seating in homes. Simple assembly is necessary.

Exterior delivery the customer MUST transport the furnishings into the house. Customers will be contacted by the LTL carrier to schedule delivery. When placing an order, you MUST email us a direct, working phone number because an incorrect number can delay your shipment. In-home Furniture, a supplier and manufacturer of furniture with numerous manufacturing facilities and six offices in the United States, has been operating in North America for more than 12 years. Ainehome Sofa loveseat recliner set is adamant about being unique and about producing goods of the highest caliber.

With overall measurements of 110 x 110 x 40.2 inches and a latte hue, it is a sizable sectional sofa. The Sectional couch with recliner is covered with microfiber. Fabric is robust to withstand wear and tear. It is simple to clean. After using a damp cloth to rub the dust off of it, you can spray water on it. When handled, the microfiber fabric feels smooth and warm thanks to Sofa loveseat recliner set textured appearance. Your body and back will feel relaxed because to the softness and comfort of the quality foam seat cushion. With the footrest, you may completely unwind and sleep. The footrest fully stretches so that it may support your entire body as you recline in any position between 90 and 160 degrees.


Sorry, we are afraid we can’t send you a sample as this is made in China. According to the picture on the listing, you can see it is well made leather clearly. Thank you for your understanding 

sorry, this recliner is made in China. There is a l shape couch of this material in our shop. Below link for your reference. Thank you

The back of the chair is the faux leather material that is on the front of the chair.
If you have any other questions, you can contact us at

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Dekeisha Jordan purchased this Sectional couch with recliner and reviewed that “Beautiful furniture” I love this furniture, looks just like the picture, most definitely recommend, it is a great buy, communication with seller was fast and easy.

Sectional Couch With Recliner, LED Lights Power Reclining Couch Sectional Faux Leather, Black

Sectional Recliner Sofa Set with LED Lights Power Reclining Couch Sectional Faux Leather Sofa with Consoles Storage Boxes/USB Port/Cup Holders Living Room Furniture Home Theater Seating, Black

Your CELLPHONE NUMBER is crucial information for the delivery of your order! Once you’ve finished your purchase, please get in touch with the seller via the order page. For the ultimate in soothing comfort that will make you want to sit down and never get up again, this Sectional couch with recliner highly comfortable black bonded leather upholstery, pillow back and armrests, and pocketed coil spring seat cushions wrapped in premium foam. Press the button on the console to gently send open the footrest, then take in your downtime in the luxury of the plush recliner and headrest. The footstool extends from the front so you can stretch your legs and encourage healthy blood flow.

This home theatre Sectional couch with recliner has two consoles for operating the LED lighting, reclining at your convenience, four cup holders, two roomy storage areas for quick access to books, glasses, remote controls, and other small objects, and USB functionality for charging your gadgets while you’re on the couch. Only deliveries to the curbside are eligible for free shipping. Sectional couch with recliner excludes carrying into your house, unloading, putting together, and cleaning. Please be very careful with this policy if you live in an apartment.

The four shipments that make up the delivery of the products will arrive on the same day from us, but the carrier can deliver them to you on various days. Message us if you have any questions. It just takes approximately 30 minutes to put together this Sectional couch with recliner piece of furniture, which comes with all the necessary attachments. Create a cosy environment with this Sectional couch with recliner set in your living room, office, or home theatre. We provide our clients with flawless service and a 12-month warranty. Please feel free to write to us if there are any shipping damages upon arrival or flaws while in use.  


Thank you for your question, the console cannot be removed from the recliner and the seat beside. But you can choose not to assemble the corner sofa and only use the sofa with console with 4 seats arranged in parallel. Any question pls contact our seller. We can provide pictures for your reference.  Thank you. 

The sofa will come in 4 packages. The truck carrier will contact you to make an appointment before delivery. So just don’t miss the call and provide the correct number to the seller. 

The company that sold us the furniture should be able to direct you as to where it could be purchased! We had same thing happen to a different recliner and we ordered a writing harness from Amazon 

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

kieu p. purchased this Sectional couch with recliner and reviewed that “Beautiful couch!” This couch is very beautiful. It’s the perfect size for my living room. The LED light is very bright but it does give it the theatre effect. Description is accurate and delivery was punctual. Buy it!

Sectional Couch With Recliner, Manual Motion Reclining Sectional Sofa, Reclining Sectional Couches For Living Room

Large Sectional Sofa Recliner Sectionals - Manual Motion Reclining Sectional Sofa, Reclining Sectional Couches for Living Room (Red Fabric)

Overall Dimensions of Sectional couch with recliner: 94.5 x 94.5 x 38.2 H, 5 Seating Capacity. This Sectional couch with recliner soft fabric covering and sturdy wood frame improve the comfort of the deep seating, making it ideal for gatherings and daily use. Manual movement 2 couches. Transitional Sectional couch with recliner seating that is streamlined and easy to modify, with a minimum wall dimension of 112 inches by 112 inches (including the distance for reclining). With this modern Sectional couch with recliner, you may brighten your living room, apartment, or workplace.

One wedge, two consoles, two armless couch chairs, and two recliners. We need to reserve a truck for shipping, and after the truck has been reserved, this sectionals order cannot be cancelled. Share this motion Sectional couch with recliner with your loved ones, friends, and visitors. Quality and longevity are ensured for your enjoyment, wrapped in plush fabric and framed in sturdy wood. A well-known sofa manufacturer in the market is Acme’s Furniture.

The Sectional couch with recliner from Acme Furniture is a popular among homeowners seeking a useful piece of furniture. The sofa’s fabric is comfortable and simple to clean. The living area feels opulent and peaceful thanks to the colour grey. You can easily charge a variety of gadgets, including smartphones and tablets, thanks to the USB power dock. With the simple one-touch power motion reclining of the OKIN Power Motion Reclining Mechanism, you may achieve the highest level of comfort. By pressing a button on the side of the Sectional couch with recliner, the reclining mechanism will return to the previously chosen upright seating position.


The current sofa Feet is special design, a little bit hard to find replacement one in market, but we can provide you spare one if you want, thanks 

Yes, here is the sofa package size, 3 packages in total, please feel free to let us know if any further query, thanks so much  Package Quantity: 1 65.75 * 29.92 * 25.59 inch 137.26lbs  Package Quantity: 1 60.24 * 32.68 * 25.59 inch 74.96lbs  Package Quantity: 1 65.75 * 29.92 * 25.59 inch 140.33lbs

Dear Valued customer, yes, assembling required for almost all online furniture especially for oversized sofa, we have smart package design to well protect the product inside and decrease shipping cost during transportation, this is how we are doing, but do not worry about the assembling, it easy, we also can guide you through the process if you need some help, thanks ❤

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Krissi Weiss: Purchased this Sectional couch with recliner and reviewed that “MUST HAVE!! Love this sofa!” Love it! Color is same as pictured! Great service! Couch came sooner than anticipated. Seller stayed in contact with me assuring when delivery would be set up and made sure to track it for me. BEAUTIFUL DESIGNER sofa! Love it!

Sectional Couch With Recliner, Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch Set-L Shaped Recliner Couch For Apartment

SZLIZCCC Sectional Sofa with Recliner,Convertible Sectional Sofa Couch Set, L-Shaped Couch,Sleeper Sofa Bed, with Movable Ottoman and Nailhead Trim ,for Apartment, House (110" L Sofa-Grey)

Your apartment or living area will look great with this folding L shaped recliner couch and footrest. This ottoman can serve as a bench, coffee table, or storage space for blankets and magazines. The footstool can be reserved for use by visitors. Even though the footrest is on the left side, you can still make the Sectional couch with recliner recline. The soft texture is made of high-quality sponge and velvet fabric, and L shaped recliner couch is also very comfortable to sit upright.

If you want to watch TV in the living room, you can adjust the backrest of this modular Sectional couch with recliner, and if you want to take a nap, you can adjust the angle to 180° as a bed. Your needs can be met by the backrest’s adjustability. This L shaped recliner couch set can comfortably seat four people and is simple to convert into a temporary bed, Sizes of the sofa and sofa bed are 110.2″W*33.1″D*32.3″H and 33.5″W*24.8″D*17″H, respectively. No additional tools are needed to assemble this sectional couch because it comes in 4 boxes with all of the necessary hardware.

L shaped recliner couch can be put together without difficulty if you have access to clear instructions. Your apartment or living room will look great with this Sectional couch with recliner and ottoman. You can put blankets and magazines on this ottoman. The ottoman can also be placed on the side to provide seating for visitors. Even better, you may create a chaise by placing the ottoman to the left or right.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jordan: Purchased this Sectional couch with recliner and reviewed that “Super comfy and versatile!” Fits perfectly in a 1BR or Studio sized space, or could make a great loveseat addition to a sofa. We love it in our apartment, and serves as a very comfy couch or bed, with option to recline the seats as well. Super soft and looks great!