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By: Dua Zhaira

Backless bar stools counter height is a popular and stylish choice for homeowners who want to make a stylish and functional bar area in their kitchen or dining room. Backless bar stools counter height, in particular, are made to be used at a 36-inch-high bar or kitchen counter. Most of these stools are about 24 inches tall and give guests a comfortable place to sit and talk or eat. One of the best things about bar stools without backs is that they are small and can be used in many different ways. Since these backless bar stools counter height don’t have backs, they are easy to put under a counter or bar when they aren’t being used.

This saves valuable floor space. They’re also easier to move and store than bar stools that are bigger and more traditional. Backless bar stools counter height can also be used in different places, like a home bar, a kitchen island, or even a high-top table. One more good thing about bar stools without backs is that they can be made of different materials, like wood, metal, plastic, or even leather. This means that people can choose a stool that fits their home’s style and their own tastes.

Wrought iron, stainless steel, and leather are all common materials for stools without backs. Each of these materials has a different look and feel, so it’s important to choose one that fits with the overall style of the room. When it comes to comfort, backless bar stools counter height without backs can be made with footrests for extra support and comfort. Also, many models come with padded seats to make long periods of sitting more comfortable. Some stools may also have ergonomic designs like curved seats or footrests that make it easier on the lower back and legs. Last, backless bar stools counter height without backs tend to be cheaper than traditional bar stools with backs.

This is because they are easier to make and don’t take as much time or money to make. This makes them a great choice for homeowners who want a stylish bar area but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. In conclusion, bar stools without backs are a great choice for anyone who wants to make a stylish and functional bar area in their home. They are small, can be used in different ways, come in different materials, are comfortable, and are cheap. Backless bar stools are a smart choice that won’t let you down, whether you want to make a cosy home bar or just add seats to your kitchen or dining room.

Kitchen Island with Bar Stools Dining Cafe Chair Thick Cushion Metal Steel Frame Base with Footrest (Black)

Original Product title.... Original Product title.... Original Product title.... Original ProHomall 24" Bar Stools Counter Height Metal Barstool Set of 2 Pu Leather Backless Modern Square Island Bar Stool Kitchen Dining Cafe Chair Thick Cushion Metal Steel Frame Base with Footrest (Black) duct title....

Material of a very high quality because the kitchen island with bar stools is fashioned out of skin-friendly high-quality pu leather that is both dirt-resistant and waterproof, you will find that kitchen island with bar stools is quite simple to clean. Due to the scratch resistance of the leather, it has a daily service life that is greater than two years. In the meantime, a high-resilience and high-density thicker sponge will provide you with a more comfortable dining experience, comparable to sitting on a cloud.

Strong metal foundation because the base of the chair and its legs are composed of solid premium steel that has been powder-coated black, they will not corrode or bend even after prolonged use. Bar stools are made to last longer because the footrest is soldered to the front two legs at two different contact locations. Simple to put together if you follow the instructions, putting together these two bar stools will take you no more than fifteen minutes’ total.

This provides additional stiffness. Attentive design the footrest provides a place for your feet to rest, and the foot pads of the bar stools are non-slip and wear-resistant, which can effectively protect your floor from being scratched and keep quiet when moving. The footrest also provides a place for your feet to rest. The kitchen island with bar stools has the ability to modify the height of the seat legs, which allows the stool to maintain its balance regardless of the terrain.

The assembly of this kitchen island with bar stools is really straightforward. It doesn’t matter what kind of home decor you have because this stool will look great in any of your rooms—the kitchen, the dining room, or the living room—thanks to its understated yet sophisticated design. Measurements of the product overall dimension: 18.5″l x 15.3″w x 24″h. Seat dimension: 17.9″l x 15.1″w x 3.54″h. 5.50 inches is the height of the footrest. 280 pounds is the maximum load allowed.

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Elimie Howard purchased this product and reviewed that “ Amazing!” Super easy to assemble according to my husband. Prefect height for my counter in my kitchen. If you have a tall bar area I wouldn’t recommend it for that kind of use. Very comfortable and a very reasonable price for them! It’s taken me quiet awhile to commit to some bar stools and these were prefect.

Upholstered Counter Height Chairs Swivel Counter 26" Backless Modern Barstools Farmhouse Island Chairs, Swivel Grey Seat Description:

MAISON ARTS Swivel Counter Height Bar Stools Set of 2 for Kitchen Counter 26" Backless Modern Barstools Industrial Upholstered Faux Leather Stools Farmhouse Island Chairs, Swivel Grey Seat

“360° Swivel Water Resistant and Comfortable Barstools”- The 3 “Barstools with a thick, softly padded seat and footrests on all four sides are always more comfortable and relaxing to sit on. The 360-degree swivel feature makes it easy to change directions. The upholstered counter height chairs will give you the most comfort and convenience. The bar stools are easy to clean because the upholstered counter height chairs are made of water-resistant material.

“Sturdy and Stylish Kitchen Stools”: A solid metal frame with built-in footrests on all four sides makes the counter stools more stable. Upholstered counter height chairs can hold up to 330 pounds and can be used for years without any problems. The lantern-shaped bar stools have a nicely stitched PU leather seat and a matte black powder-coated metal frame. Upholstered counter height chairs look good in both modern and traditional settings. Stain & Scratch Resistant Seat: The counter stools’ backless seats are made of PU leather that is resistant to stains and scratches and has a soft foam cushion.

Quality PU leather that doesn’t scratch protects your seat. The chairs were also easy to clean because they were resistant to stains and water. The foot pads on the kitchen stools keep them from slipping, and they also keep the floor from getting scratched. Ideal Space Saver Counter Stools: Tuck and hide stool under counter. The leg frame of the counter stool doesn’t go past the padded seat, so you can store these counter height stools properly.

You can slide the stool right under a bar or counter in your apartment, loft, or college dorm room. “Wide Application and Easy to Assemble Stools”: The 26-inch barstools can be used for 34″-40″ “height table. The package comes with all the hardware and instructions you need to put it together easily. The industrial-modern style and counter height of MAISON ARTS bar stools make them perfect for any dining table, kitchen counter, island, or home bar. Use at home, in a restaurant, bar, pub, bistro, coffee bar, bedroom, cafe, etc. for more than one thing.

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Alex purchased this product and reviewed that “ Reliable and Sturdy  ” These stools are worth every dime and provide a very comfortable cushion. They are sturdy and don’t make any squeaky noises. Thanks to these stools, I’ve been able to eat dinner and watch the TV comfortably at a perfect height. For anyone searching for a fashionable yet dependable chair, I do recommend it.

Backless Bar Stools Counter Height Modern PU Leather Metal Barstool with Footrest Brown

Kemon 24 Inch Bar Stools Set of 2 Modern PU Leather Metal Barstool Backless Kitchen Dining Cafe Stool Counter Height Upholstered Bar Stool with Footrest,Brown

Comfortable and impervious to water the cushion has a thickness of 3.5 inches and is softly padded with a total of 6 centimetres of cotton, of which 3 centimetres are created from recycled cotton and the remaining 3 centimetres are manufactured from fresh cotton. Due to the fact that backless bar stools counter height is waterproof, water will not be able to permeate the sponge and will instead remain on its surface. Strong and reliable construction The chromed metal steel frame and 1.1mm thick steel tubing give the counter stool increased stability, and backless bar stools counter height can support a maximum loading capacity of 330 pounds.

Footpads that screw into the legs of the stool offer a number of benefits, including preventing the stool from sliding around and protecting your floor from scratches. The backless bar stools counter height coated in hot stamp fabric is not only simple to clean, but it also resists stains thanks to its combination with pu leather. The stain is only able to remain on the surface of the sponge foam and does not penetrate it. If there is a stain on the surface of the seat, it can be removed by giving the affected area a light rubbing with a damp cloth. “easy to put together” means that the package contains all of the required hardware as well as assembly instructions. Simply turning certain screws in order to complete the assembly is required.

It will only take you five minutes before you can start living a pleasant and cozy life. “customer guarantee” if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, and we promise to get back to you within a day. Free replacement will be provided for any broken or missing components. If you are not pleased with this chair for any reason, please get in touch with Kemon’s customer care. This chair comes with a 90-day warranty and a satisfaction guarantee.

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Gabs purchased this product and reviewed that “ Perfect counter stool!” These benches are really a bargain! They are easy to assemble and look fantastic! I put four together in under an hour, including cleanup of materials. They seem very sturdy and easily hold me, my husband and teenage kiddos. The simplicity of the design works really well with our midcentury modern style. The caramel brown color matches the tones of our walnut furniture and our wooden floors. I am really happy with this purchase!

Backless Counter Height Stools Faux Leather, Backless with Set of 2, 300 LBS Capacity, Beige

GREATUNE Faux Leather Bar Stools, Backless 24'' Counter Height Bar Stools with Footrest, Modern Kitchen Stools with Thick Cushion & Sturdy Metal Base, Set of 2, 300 LBS Capacity, Beige

Classic backless counter height stools at counter height blue is back as the “new black,” according to the 2022 home colour trend. Greatened classic blue gives a sense of calm and stability without losing its own style. Make your own furniture that fits your style. Elegant and simple, backless counter height stools without backs are great for the home, kitchen, or bar. They are also versatile enough to be used as extra seating in almost any room of the house. The high density foam cushioning on the backless counter height stools was made with your comfort in mind. “thick, soft cushions and a strong metal frame.”

The backless counter height stools are built with a high-density sponge cushion that is 3.5″ thick and a built-in footrest, so it is always comfortable to sit on. High-quality craft welding technology is used to make a stable and durable metal frame. Unlike other wooden leg stools, which are easy to break, the bar chairs can hold up to 300 pounds without wobbling. This set of backless counter height stools with a footrest is both stable and comfortable. Water- and stain-resistant: unlike other linen fabric stools, greatness set of two bar stools have a retro look and are made of high-quality upholstered faux leather.

They are also well-made, with tight stitching and fixed sutures that keep water from getting into the foam. The island stools were also easy to clean because they were resistant to water and stains. “space saver stool and easy to put together” Counter-height bar stools are 18″ long, 14.3″ wide, and 23.5″ tall. They fit tables that are 34″ to 40″ high. Save space in your home by putting barstools without backs under the counter. Using the video and manual as guides, put the chairs on the kitchen island in the right way to keep them safe and stable.

You can quickly put together the set of bar chairs and have fun dressing up. “reliable service after the sale” At Greatune, we focus on modern, stylish furniture and barstools that can be used for more than one thing. All of the hardware and clear instructions for putting them together are included in the package. They were very easy to put together because the instructions were clear. Greatune’s customer service team will give you top-notch help with any problem and answer your email within 24 hours.

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Ben purchased this product and reviewed that “  Great value easy assembly ” 1st off I think alot of people who had issues with these had it with the assembly my order came with no directions so I’m sure others got the same treatment (but it was easy enough to assemble from looking at a completed image) however It did come with tools to assemble but if you have better options I’d suggest using your own for time sake .. so long as you line everything up properly and don’t cross thread any screws it should hold sturdy and line up evenly the cushion is comfortable but seems a bit cheaply made

Backless Metal Bar Stools ALPHA HOME 24" with Thick Cushion & Sturdy Chromed Metal Steel Frame

ALPHA HOME 24" Bar Stool Counter Height Bar Stools with Footrest Pu Leather Backless Kitchen Dining Cafe Chair with Thick Cushion & Sturdy Chromed Metal Steel Frame Base for Indoor Outdoor,Brown,2PC

‘Seat dimension’ – these oversized and comfortable backless metal bar stools have the following dimensions: 24 inches high, 14.76 inches long, and 17.51 inches wide. The dimensions of the backless metal bar stools cushion are as follows: 18.89 inches wide, 15.74 inches long, 3.54 inches thick, and backless metal bar stools can support a maximum weight of 350 pounds. Barstools from alpha home include a larger seating surface, a sturdier steel frame, and thicker cushions to ensure that you enjoy a comfortable night of leisure. “stain resistance” – the chair coated with hot stamp cloth is free stain resistance when combined with pu leather. The sponge foam prevents stains from penetrating deeper into the material and instead keeps them on the surface.

This frees business owners and housewives from the hassle of customers and children who leave stains while they are enjoying their food and drink. study steel frame & easy assembly – anti-rust the 3cm thickness and chromed metal steel frame make these backless metal bar stools long-lasting and resistant to cracking, even after extended periods of sitting. Footpads with anti-slip traction prevent scratches on the floor. Simply turning certain screws in order to complete the assembly is required. It will only take you five minutes before you can start living a pleasant and cosy life. “thicker cushion” – counter height stools padded with 3.54″ high density sponge foam have strong resilience to bounce back to ease your muscle stress caused by stiff seats.

Additionally, it won’t deform over the long term. “customer guarantee” – we want each and every one of the clients to leave the chairs feeling as though they are ready to face the challenges of the day. Free replacement of broken or damaged goods, as well as any missing components. This chair comes with a warranty that is good for the first 90 days and a satisfaction guarantee that covers 100% of your purchase, but if you aren’t happy with it, please contact alpha home customer service.

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Mom2 purchased this product and reviewed that “Great for sit down arcade game  ” First one went together super easy. The second one had two bolts that didn’t want to thread. It took some work but finally got them threaded and installed. They sir Hugh enough to see the arcade game. They are sturdy and firm.

Black Counter Height Bar Stools LUE BONA with Black Metal Legs for Kitchen Island Counter

LUE BONA Counter Height Bar Stools, 24" Square Saddle BarStools Set of 4, Modern Backless Faux Leather Counter Stool with Black Metal Legs for Kitchen Island Counter,Home Bar,Bistro,Whisky Brown

“Superior quality” refers to the fact that the short saddle bar stools have a footrest that is incorporated into the chair and a frame constructed of high-quality iron, all of which contribute to the chair’s increased stability. There is a limit of 300 pounds for the amount of weight that can be carried. The material is a high-quality leather that is scratch-resistant, waterproof, and breathable. Additionally, black counter height bar stools are sturdy and simple to clean. Adjustable foot pads: the bottom of the short saddle bar stool features adjustable pads, which may maintain the seat balanced and protect the floor from scratches.

This feature makes the black counter height bar stools highly ideal for use on uneven ground. “comfortable seat cushion”: the ergonomic saddle-shaped seat cushion gives you a safe and comfortable experience without causing you to become tired from sitting for a long period. Because black counter height bar stools feature a one-of-a-kind rivet pattern, the seat cushion looks both more attractive and more stylish. The long saddle black counter height bar stools are offered in a total of five different colour options, and they are versatile enough to be used in a variety of settings.

 The fashionable design with contrasting colours can be used on any bar, dining table, kitchen counter, island, or home bar, among other places. You are able to spend quality time with your loved ones throughout your free hours! “easy to install”: the package includes all of the essential hardware as well as installation procedures and provides installation videos. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries, and rest assured that we will respond quickly to each one.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

MG purchased this product and reviewed that “Nice barstools – easy assembly ” I pondered and compared barstools for a while but decided for this style, without a back, since it would slide easily under my countertop island and easy to get on/off. Assembly was quick after you you figured out what screw went where. Super well packed/wrapped. they look, seem sturdy and comfortable. Have not used them in the new house, but will update review should something change. They look like they are good quality for the money.

Saddle Stools Counter Height New Ridge Home Goods Zoey 25in. with Nail Head Trim

NewRidge Home Goods Zoey 25in. Counter-Height Backless Wood Saddle-Seat Barstool with Nailhead Trim, Alabaster White

The antique saddle stools counter height embellishments that can be found on the seat of the new ridge home zoe bar stool are hand-applied, and the seat itself is appropriately cushioned to ensure that you have an enjoyable and relaxing time while you are sitting on it. Because saddle stools counter height is handcrafted from a singular piece of solid wood and polished to such a high degree, the picture frame has an incomparably lovely appearance. In addition to that, there is a very slight arch to the saddle itself. Furniture that is built of solid wood is renowned for its durability and endurance, in addition to having an appearance that will never become out of date in terms of fashion.

In reference to this item, saddle stools counter height has a look that is traditional farmhouse, it has a finish that is white wash, and it has nickel accents. Saddle stools counter height features nail heads made of hardwood that were applied by hand Taking into consideration the level of difficulty involved, this is an exceptionally well-executed piece of art. The new ridge home goods zoe 25-inch counter-height backless wood saddle-seat barstool with nail head trim, alabaster white is available for purchase by you. The seat of the stool is shaped like a saddle, and there is no back on it.

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Kim W purchased this product and reviewed that “ Well made, quality bench ” The bench is sturdy, easy to assemble, and of good quality. I really like the metal pieces that cover the foot rails so your shoes don’t scratch the finish off.