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By: Sadaf Akhlaq

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The brown leather bar stools have a frame made of sturdy aluminum, and the seat of the chair is upholstered in antique PU leather. It can withstand loads of up to 66 kilograms (300 pounds). Robustness contributes to an enhanced sense of safety and comfort. The s brown leather bar stools is upholstered in brown leather and has a supportive back as well as a footrest that is black; its style is modern and minimalist. 

You can put brown leather bar stools pretty much wherever you want, and it will still appear natural and appropriate in the environment. A Non-Slip Footrest and mat that can be placed on the floor In order to prevent the brown leather bar stools accidentally toppling above to the side or from scratching the floor in any manner, the design of the brown leather bar stools included a guard that would not allow them to slip and would also protect against scratches. 

You can also relax your legs in the space designated for the foot rest thanks to its presence. Brown leather bar stools are simple in Both Its assembly and Its Disassembly A construction that is straightforward is required. Putting them together shouldn’t take more than a quarter of an hour from start to finish on your end. The appearance of these brown leather bar stools may be kept looking as good as new by wiping them down with a towel on a regular basis. Modern pub bars, houses, kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, offices, and coffee shops may all reap the benefits of having contemporary PU leather chairs. Brown, Multipurpose brown leather bar stools and Chairs.

Black Bar Stools Set Of 4 - Counter Bar Chairs with Black Footrest for Kitchen Island or Breakfast Nook - Brown Leather Bar Stools

ZSARTS Brown Barstools Set of 4, Faux Leather Swivel Bar Stools with Back Modern Adjustable Upholstered 24 Inch Counter Bar Chairs with Black Footrest for Pub Island Dining Room, Brown

Black bar stools set of 4 typically have stools that can be moved vertically and horizontally, as well as completely around the bar. This chair is perfect for sipping coffee in style as it features an adjustable footrest in black and a back design that is hollow in the middle. The high-quality sponge and the soft leather both contribute to your level of comfort, and the hollow back, which was specifically developed for this purpose, relieves pressure from your lower back. 

The fact that our adjustable black bar stools set of 4are upholstered in leather of the highest quality and that it is waterproof makes cleanup a breeze. The dining rooms, kitchens, brown leather bar stools, and even workplaces are all potential locations for the leather bar stools, which feature a design that is an inventive mix of contemporary and traditional elements.

The strong, dark base of these swivel black bar stools set of 4 provides additional support and durability for the stool’s construction. Brown leather bar stools also come equipped with a set of rubber feet, allowing them to be readily moved around without causing any damage to your floor. The bundle consists of all the essential tools that are required. 

 Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you have any questions or concerns regarding the size of the black bar stools set of 4: Overall measurements are 35.8-44 inches in height and 20 inches in width; seat height is 24.8-33 inches; seat depth is 15.7 inches; seat width is 15.7 inches; and back depth is 12.2 inches.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Scott Kelly purchased and reviewed “Great chairs! And better customer service!” Bought these chairs and the first set were damaged during shipping. The seller immediately sent a new set and shipping info. The chairs look great and were easy to assembly. Definitely recommend!

Island with Bar Stools Set of 2 in Brown - 24" High Cyrus Bronze Metal Swivel Bar Stools - Brown Leather Bar Stools

Cyrus Bronze Metal Swivel Bar Stools Set of 2 Brown 24" High Traditional Faux Leather Upholstered Round Cushion with Backrest Footrest for Kitchen Counter Island Home Shed - Elm Lane

You can buy a pair of brown leather bar stools together. Each one is a whopping 37 inches in height, 16 inches in width, and 19 and 3/4 inches in depth. The dimensions of the Island with bar stools are as follows: 24 inches in peak height, 16 inches in breadth, and 15 and a half inches in depth. In terms of height, the backs are 14 inches tall. A pair of counter-height swivel brown leather bar stools with a weight of 13.80 pounds. Elm Lane is a brand name.  Embedded in the brown faux leather seat cushion. Hammered bronze on an iron framework.

Island with bar stools features an open back with a lovely oval pattern in metal. On the back of the seat, there is a decorative accent crafted from real poplar wood. You can load as much as 300 pounds. Needs to be put together. Spots that need to be treated should be cleaned with a moderate foam detergent, upholstery shampoo, or a mild solvent.Fast and stylish sitting for the kitchen or bar counter may be yours with this swivel Island with bar stools

The stool frames are made of metal with a hammered bronze finish, and the seats are upholstered in brown faux leather for a cozy and stylish look. The back features an open-oval pattern and a thick poplar wood accent across the top. Elm Lane’s most popular furniture designs combine Mission style influences with a more casual look to provide opulent levels of comfort.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mary D. purchased and reviewed “Look great.” These are great bar stools! I love the way they look and are very comfortable. I had friends assemble them for me so I can’t really comment on that. I am very pleased with my purchase

Metal Swivel Bar Stools with Back and 55 Downing Street - Two 25" High Traditional Leather -Upholstered Round Cushion Bar Stools - Brown Leather Bar Stools

55 Downing Street Kayden Glitter Brown Metal Swivel Bar Stools Set of 2 25" High Farmhouse Traditional Leather Upholstered Round Cushion with Backrest Footrest for Kitchen Counter Height Island

In total, there are 37 of them “length, width, and depth (in inches) and. There are 25 inches between the floor and the top of the seat “. You may put up to 250 pounds on each stool without them tipping above. Weighs 15 pounds. Two swiveling brown leather bar stools bearing the 55 Downing Street logo. Ideal for use as metal swivel bar stools with back or island seats in the kitchen. 

Styles with open backs and no arms. The swivel seat allows for effortless entry and exit from the chair. Glittery brown metal for the legs and frame. Poplar wood is used for the seat. Back’s top rail. Needs to be put together. If you’d like to see a sample of the fabric, just let us know.The Kayden swivel brown leather bar stools, sold as a set of two, are a great way to add a pair of contemporary seats to your contemporary kitchen.

 The metal, wood, and poplar used in their construction receive a glitter brown finish, and each stool has a revolving swivel cushioned seat. The geometric and symmetrical open back brown leather bar stools is both trendy and eye-catching. This is the only place you can get your hands on the exclusive 55 Downing Street furniture set, which was made by hand by trained artisans using only the finest materials money can buy. These metal swivel bar stools with back are timeless, so your family can enjoy them for years to come.

Leather Counter Height Chairs - DICTAC Leather Bar Stools with Adjustable Heavy Duty Swivel Bar Stools - Brown Leather Bar Stools

DICTAC Leather Bar Stools Set of 2 Brown Adjustable Bar Stools, Breakfast Bar Stools Counter Height Swivel Bar Chairs for Kitchens Island, 400lbs Capacity

Material of the Highest Quality the seats of these leather counter height chairs are covered in brown vintage leather, a material chosen for its durability and ease of cleaning. The diamond grid technique and high-density sponge used to make the seat of these bar stools assure that they will keep their form even after years of use. To a much lesser extent, the lifting air rod has been certified as safe by SGS, and the brown leather bar stools is made of high-grade heavy metal. 

The highest weight brown leather bar stools can support is 400 pounds, making it extremely portable. In light of this, the lifting air rod has been certified as safe by SGS, and the chassis is made of high-quality heavy metal. The maximum load it can bear is 400 pounds, making it far stronger than its predecessor.Height Adjustable You may change the height of the seat from 23.6 to 0 inches “to 31.5”; the leather counter height chairs can be moved through a full 360 degrees; 

the chair has a high backrest that is 14″; this backrest height is ergonomically preferable and ensures a comfortable sitting posture. You may feel safe using this updated version. Base disc is 16.5 inches in diameter “so that it is less likely that the bar stool will go above. A non-slip rubber ring has been attached to the base of the stool to minimize any scratching or noise that may occur when relocating the stool.

 Huge and Relaxing the length and width of a standard leather counter height chairs seat are 18.9″ and 16.5″, respectively. The spacious seating area ensures your relaxation. Two high-quality bar stools with all the accessories and instructions you need to set them up.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Pen Name purchased and reviewed  “Fantastic customer service!” I love these chairs! I’ve had them now for several months and they’re doing fantastic! I’ve received multiple compliments on them and they’re so comfy! To make this product even better, customer service is FANTASTIC! One of the chairs never quite worked right after assembling it so I contacted customer service about it and they immediately sent a replacement! They were super communicative during the entire process and so easy to work with! 10/10 recommend these chairs and this company!

Brown Leather Counter Stools - Dictac Leather Bar Stools with Backs - Swivel Bar Chairs with Weight Capacity of 400 Lbs - Brown Leather Bar Stools

DICTAC Leather Bar Stoolas Set of 2 Brown, Adjustable Counter Height Bar stools with Back, Swivel Bar Chairs for Kitchen Island, Capacity 400lbs

The seats of the brown leather counter stools are spacious, measuring 17.3 inches by 16.2 inches; as a result, even an individual who weighs 350 pounds will have enough of room to move around in the chair. The backrest on the brown leather bar stools has a height of 11 inches, which places it in the category of fairly high backrests that offer sufficient back support. Because the backrest goes all the way up to the upper waist, you can sit in a position that is both calm and comfortable. 

These brown leather counter stools have seats that are upholstered in light brown imitation leather that is soft to the touch, resistant to wear, and waterproof. Because brown leather bar stools are resistant to stains and oil, you can use it for a long time without having to do any maintenance on it.The lift able gas rod on the brown leather bar stools is SGS-certified as safe, durable, and long-lasting. 

Additionally, it enables a range of motion of 7.87 inches in both the forward and backward directions. The chassis of modern brown leather bar stools has a larger diameter of 6.33 inches. A larger and more robust chassis allows for a more even distribution of the load. It can shield children from injury and support up to 400 pounds of weight.  The adjustable brown leather counter stools set of 2 from DICTAC’s “Vintage Brown Leather Series” are just one example of the numerous different types of bar chair designs that are available to you.

 In both private and public situations, such as dining areas and game rooms, these stools are an excellent choice for seating accommodations.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

BIG O purchased and reviewed  “Easy to assemble” Can assemble all 4 in less than 30 mins. Remember to remove the cap off the tube.

Brown Leather Bar Stools - Faux Leather Bar Stools With Back and 24" Counter Height in Brown - Karl Home Weight Capacity

Karl Home 24" Counter Height Brown Bar Stools Set of 2 with Back, Mid-Century Leather Bar Stools with 4 Sturdy Metal Legs, 300LBS Capacity, Faux Leather Bar Stools Suitable for Kitchen Dining

Counter height brown leather bar stools with a seat made from high-quality leather and soft foam cushions allow you to put your feet up on a high footrest and relax your buttocks in comfort. The curved backrest of bar stools offers the most comfort since it reduces pressure on the back and spine. A weight of up to 300 pounds can be supported by the sturdy PU steel frame, which is resistant to bending and distortion.

 The brown leather bar stools anti-slip bottom makes it significantly more secure when in use. 18.5 inches in length, 13.8 inches in width, and 34.3 inches in height; “Suitable for a Wide Range ofOccasions.” “Bars, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, lounge spaces in coffee shops and offices, etc., can all benefit from having leather bar stools due to their attractive appearance and sturdy construction. 

When something is labeled “EASY TO ASSEMBLE,” it comes with both the parts and the instructions you need to put it together. You can spend more time with loved ones after setting up the brown leather bar stools in just five minutes. In addition to producing high-quality goods, the Karl home brand is renowned for its excellent customer service and attention to detail after the sale. 

If you have any questions about our brown leather bar stools, feel free to contact us whenever it is convenient for you, and you can expect a response from us within 24 hours at the latest. The option to buy is open to you.