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Contrary to popular opinion, a TV doesn’t need to be wall-mounted. Indeed, placing your TV closer to the floor and in your direct line of sight is safer and much more comfortable! While selecting a TV stand, low profile media console you must be careful not to forgo style in favour of utility. But where do you look to get the ideal TV stand that is both useful and fashionable? You spend less on a TV stand. These items fit their size well and aid in placing your television exactly in your field of vision. They are also simple to assemble, a terrific complement to any little space, and may house a variety of go-to components. alongside the television itself. 

Best of all, they’re usually much less expensive than other TV stands. What is there to dislike? Fortunately, low-profile media console TV stands aren’t always drab pieces of furniture to have in your house. It can be very challenging to choose between all of the products on offer because they come in so many different shapes, sizes, and materials. We can help with that. Any little space, including a modern living room, looks great with a low-profile media console TV stand. It is considerably simpler to maintain the TV in your direct line of sight when the TV stand is much lower to the ground, or even against the floor.  

big countertop perfect for housing larger TVs and additional Low-profile media console stands are a remarkable addition to any home, providing storage space for other modest essentials. Also, this product type takes up little space thanks to its eye-catching centrepiece design, which means that it will only serve to improve a place. Low-profile media console TV stands come in a variety of styles, are functional, and serve a variety of purposes. The most significant ones are included in the list below.Given that these TV stands are typically much lower to the ground, they are a perfect option if your sofas are likewise lot lower. These TV stands are so close to your eye line that you don’t need to bother about your posture. 

If you have a small TV and want to maximise your room’s space, a low-profile media console TV stand is a wonderful option. In comparison to other comparable items, it often sits significantly lower to the ground and is smaller. If it suits the style you’re going for, you can tuck it away in a corner or mix it in with other room furnishings. Due of its smaller size than previous stands, it is also much simpler to construct. Low-profile media console TV stands frequently have significantly simpler physical designs and exterior appearances. They may therefore be adorned however you like, making them a fantastic addition to any modern home. The addition of a lick of your can decorate it with your preferred colour of paint or video games. basically everything that gives it a familiar look and feel. 

Mid Century Modern Media Console,Low Profile Media Console

Modway Render 70" Mid-Century Modern Low Profile Media Console TV Stand, 70 Inch, Walnut Walnut

With the Scope 71, bring mid-century modern media console style into your home “a TV stand This TV stand has a straight profile with clean corners and features six full-extension drawers for stylish media storage along with a robust particleboard frame, contrasting grey lacquer accents, and splayed legs. The contemporary linear design of Scope is the ideal complement to any contemporary living room, lounge, or entertainment space. accommodates 78 people “TVs. The television stand you see here will help you present your television set elegantly. This stand embodie mid century modern media console beauty since it combines elegance and usability. 

It will fit perfectly with contemporary living room and bedroom decor because to its linear form. This simple to put together piece of furniture has a lot of storage. It has plenty of room, so it can house the majority of your A/V equipment. The cable management hole on this stand makes it possible to hide all of the cables from different A/V devices. It will assist in establishing a tidy and uncluttered entertaining area. A set of simple instructions for quick construction are included with this low profile media console TV stand. The stand-building procedure will go much faster and be more enjoyable with a little assistance. This TV stand, which has a modern style, will fit in with many environments, so you can use it in a bedroom, living room, or even kitchen. 

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Katelyn Devlin purchased and reviewed that’mid century modern media console’  This is worth the money and easy to put together. Looks very stylish and is very sturdy. 

Low Profile Tv Stand, UEV Mid Century Modern Low Profile 59 Inch,Low Profile Media Console

UEV Mid-Century Modern Low Profile 59 Inch TV Stand in Walnut Style,TV Console Media Cabinet,Boho TV Stand with Double Storage Space for Bedroom&Living Room

The size of the low profile media console TV stand that is required will be clearer to you now that you know the real dimensions of your TV. Choose a stand that is at least 2-3 inches wider on each side than the overall width of your TV. Moreover, make sure there is space in front of and behind your TV.By leaving enough space on all sides, you can make sure that your TV stand adheres to fundamental interior design principles and avoids having an imbalanced or excessively top-heavy appearance while yet securely supporting your TV.

Make sure your TV is supported by a low profile media console TV stand that is at a naturally comfortable viewing height for the best viewing experience. purchase of a TV stand that is too tall or too short can cause new or worsening neck- or eye strain problems. Generally speaking, the TV’s centre should be at or just below eye level.Measure the height from the floor to the average line of sight of the household’s viewers in order to determine the ideal height for your low profile media console TV stand. Subtract the TV’s height by half once you obtain that figure. Your TV stand need to be within a couple of inches of the difference. 

Low Tv Console, Modway Render 48'' Walnut,Low Profile Media Console

Modway Render 48" Mid-Century Modern Low Profile Media Console TV Stand, 48 Inch, Walnut

Most homes have the common aesthetic of a raised TV. But what if you’d prefer not to have to look up in order to watch low TV console Instead, why don’t you choose one of our low TV cabinets? All of your components will remain closer to the ground and your TV will remain at roughly eye level. great if you prefer to sit on the floor for video gaming.If you want to give your living space a minimalist feel, this chic low tv console is ideal. There is more than enough space to hold your DVDs, game controllers, and much more, and they are available in six straightforward colours. 

Because the top shelf is freestanding, meaning the TV will be balancing, families with children should exercise caution when considering a purchase. as opposed to being locked.This sleek, contemporary low profile media console TV stand uses black glass to conceal the cords and unruly game controllers. To prevent any overheating from your numerous entertainment systems, it also includes a ventilation panel. The one drawback to this cabinet is how close to the floor it is; while this makes it ideal for rooms with low ceilings, it may not be as convenient for people with weak knees or those who prefer not to stand on the floor frequently to reach items. 

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Jenny purchased and reviewed that ‘low tv console’ This piece is even more stunning in person — worth it, absolutely love it! 

Low Profile Media Console, Modway Scope 71'' Entertainment Tv Satnd,Low Profile Media Console

Modway Scope 71" Mid-Century Modern Low Profile Entertainment TV Stand, Walnut Gray

Low profile media console the Scope 71″ TV Stand, you can incorporate mid-century design elements into your living area. This TV stand has a straight profile with clean corners and features six full-extension drawers for stylish media storage along with a robust particleboard frame, contrasting grey lacquer accents, and splayed legs. The contemporary linear design of Scope is the ideal complement to any contemporary living room, lounge, or entertainment space. accommodates TVs up to 78 inches. 

Mid-century television stand This low profile media console is a careful fusion of mid-century elegance with consideration for current usage. It features retro details, a classic silhouette, clean lines, and a sleek low profile.MEDIA CONSOLE – Scope fits TVs up to 78″ and your other electronic devices, making it ideal for the living room, bedroom, or lounge space. To keep the visual space tidy, entertainment necessities with wire management holesSECURE STORAGE – Large full-extension slide drawers offer convenient media storage. When not in use, keep video gaming consoles, DVD or Blu-ray players, and other items for amusement out of sight.

LASTING CONSTRUCTION – This low profile media console is made of durable particleboard and has a smooth wood grain veneer with grey lacquer accents. It is supported by a splayed and tapered frame.With this elegant and modern mid-century TV stand, a range of current decors will look great. Size of Product: 71″L x 15″W x 21″H. 

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Andrew Mac purchased and reviewed that ‘low profile media console’ Modular so tons of storage. We arranged it differently than in the photos. Three separate units so arrangement can change with your space. Solid design. 

Low Profile Media Console, Low Profile Television Stands,Low Media Profile Console

Xilingol TV Stand with Rattan Sliding Doors, Low Profile Television Stands for TVs up to 65 Inches TV, Modern Farmhouse Boho Home Media Console for Living Room Bedroom, 59 Inch

Low profile media console natural rattan crafts manufactured by hand and imported from Southeast Asian nations Space-saving sliding door that may be adjusted Cord management ports on the back keep cables organised. Dimensions: 15.3″ D x 59″ L x 17.7″ Henables Televisions up to 65″Up to 220 Ibs can be placed on the top surface. A non-return refund option is available from us if you are dissatisfied with any of our products.

Natural Wood Color Xilingol Brand Type of Room Indoor, indoor size, living room, bedroom65″ and up low profile media console TV This stand will blend seamlessly into any contemporary living room and is unquestionably up to date with current trends. This natural-wood cabinet has soft-close glides for anyone who happens to be a drawer slammer and clear glass shelving at the top as a stylish accent touch. It also incorporates cable management cutouts for individuals who detest the appearance of wires tangled around the television. 

Low Profile Tv Console, Kennkari TV Stand For 40 45 50 55 60 Inch TV For Living Room, Low Profile Media Console

Kennkari TV Stand for 40 45 50 55 60 65 Inch TV Entertainment Center for Living Room Low Profile TV Table Modern TV Media Console with Storage Simple TV Cabinet with Shelves (White)

Low profile tv console TV stand Modern Design For Living Room Primary Color Walnut Primary Material MDF Product Category General Item Dimensions of the Good 63.00 in. is the assembled length.15.75 in. is the assembled width.13.78 inches of assembled height 56.88 pounds of weight Dimensions of the package 67.72 inches in length 19.88 inches wide 5.32 inches tall.61.30 pounds in weight Up to 70 Inch TV Screen – Universal TV Stand for 60, 65, and 70-inch TVs. All sorts of televisions, including wall-mounted and vertical models, can fit on a wood low profile media console tv stand. 

63″ W x 15.8″ D x 13.8″ H are the dimensions.Three holes have been crafted into the rear of the cabinet for easy cord management.Huge Storage Area – A gaming TV stand including both open shelves and large storage. can be utilised to store gaming systems, media, computer consoles, periodicals, secretaries, everyday essentials, remote controls, and ornaments. Make the most of the space, maintain a spotless living area, and guard against losing things.Mirrored TV stands are scratch-resistant, waterproof, and easy to maintain. Low profile tv console TV entertainment stands are composed of high-quality P2 grade particleboard. 

With a 110-pound weight bearing capacity, the contemporary, high-gloss, and minimalist design also offers exceptional stability and style.Worry-Free Gathering: includes every piece of required hardware and a handbook with illustrations to make assembling this nightstand simple and quick. If you run into any issues when assembling, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We will offer the greatest solution available online continuously. 

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Connie C purchased this and reviewed that “Nice” This table is perfect for two people. I love this table but it does stain very easily and fast! I tried to wipe my stain with Clorox but as you can see, it doesn’t remove. For the assembly, it’s very difficult and confusing and it is impossible to do it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Throughout the 20th century, America was the birthplace of mid-century modern interior design. It was greatly influenced by the German Bauhaus design and architectural school of the first half of the 20th century, which placed an emphasis on streamlined forms, usefulness, and a futuristic appearance. 

Clean lines, straightforward shapes, modern materials, and organic components are characteristics of mid-century modern design. Little to no decorations can be found because mid-century design is all about functionality. Designs were intended to be long-lasting and useful. They had sculptural qualities and were stunning to look at. 

Be sure to note and take into account the width of your screen when choosing your console because TVs are measured diagonally and TV consoles are measured horizontally. The console you choose should be at least a couple inches broader than your TV. 


Choose light and neutral hues for your TV stand, such as white, grey, and light brown, to make your room appear larger and more colourful. Similarly, you can use dark solid hues to draw attention to the media console in rooms with light colours. 

How tall is a console table typically? The ideal location for a television is at eye level. The general rule is to select a console that matches the height of your couch or bed, as appropriate, if you are purchasing a console for your living space or bedroom. 42 inches or so usually separate this height from the ground.