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Mid-century modern style is the focal point of your living area thanks to this sleek TV stand. This item, which is supported by six tapered legs, has a cozy and organic feel. Electronic necessities are stored in two cabinets and on open shelves that may be adjusted for different storage heights.

In that they give you a location to put your TV and maintain it at a reasonable viewing height low profile TV stands serve a functional purpose. Also, they provide a location to conceal the multitude of their ugly wires and cords as well as storage space for your media components and other stuff like DVDs or video games.

The standard recommendation is to position your TV’s center at, or just below, eye level. Measure the distance from the floor to the average sightline of viewers in your home to determine the ideal height for your TV stand. Subtract half of the TV’s height from that amount once you get it.

On TV units, small decorative items like candlestick holders, boxes, and ornaments look fantastic. If there  is  enough  room  group  things  of  various  sizes  in  threes. Or, choose only one thing for a simple appearance. To fit in with your home design strategy, take inspiration from colours prevalent in the rest of the room.

Because of its low profile TV stand and lack of space requirements, it will literally increase the sensation of space in the rooms. This makes it the ideal complement for a small house because you can utilize it as the focal point of your décor.

An amazing two-tone finish on this contemporary low-profile TV stand combines a charcoal black front with a light natural wood stain at the base. Moreover, the piece has both closed and open cabinetry. It works well in modern, contemporary living rooms.

Large TVs may fit on the expansive tabletop of this ultra-modern low-profile TV stand. The unit has a solid base and up to six drawers for organizing your entertainment equipment. Each drawer has tasteful black accents and brass-coated knobs.

This retro-style stand is going to take you back to the mid-century, but at the same time, it will work perfectly with a contemporary home. Made from particle board, it is then covered in a walnut veneer to give it a more textured look while the 3 shelves and 3 drawers offer you some storage space on an item that measures some 20.75” in height, 72” in length and a depth of 19”.

Rattans TV Stand With Sliding Door-Low Profile TV Stand

Xilingol TV Stand with Rattan Sliding Doors, Low Profile Television Stands for TVs up to 65 Inches TV, Modern Farmhouse Boho Home Media Console for Living Room Bedroom, 59 Inch

Natural rattan handcrafted items imported from Southeast Asian nations. Space-saving adjustable sliding doors ports for back cord management keep cords organized. 17.7″ high, 15.3″ wide, and 59″ long; supports 65″ TVs. 220 Ibs are supported by the top surface. We offer a non-return refund service if you are unsatisfied with any of our products.

This rattan TV stand is a must-have for fans of the bohemian design. The rattan TV stand eases oppression, and the natural wood grain finish produces an exquisite ambiance. It creates a peaceful atmosphere and is a useful aid whether it is put in the living room or the bedroom.

Rattan is an incredibly strong material that can withstand most sorts of harm. This is especially advantageous considering that it will spend its days basking in our sun’s scorching beams! Rattan TV stand furniture is renowned to survive longer than wood or plastic furniture, and it is also incredibly lightweight, making it easy to move.

Naturally, if protected from the weather and manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of craftsmanship, natural rattan furniture is incredibly sturdy and long-lasting. Very durable synthetic rattan is also available, but there is one key distinction.

Because it is strong, lightweight, and waterproof, rattan is a fantastic material for outdoor furniture including eating chairs, sofas, and lounge chairs. If you’re seeking for furniture that works in areas with indoor/outdoor temperatures, such as sun rooms and gazebos, rattan is another excellent choice.

With rattan texture features on its cabinet doors, Mina is a distinctive and contemporary low profile TV stand that has a sleek, boho-chic appearance.

On the open shelves or behind the cabinet doors, keep your stereo, game console, or other entertainment media devices. Conveniently placed holes allow you to run cords in the back of the unit, keeping everything well organized. Quick assembly takes 45 minutes.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Anna Christina Cabigas purchase and review “This Looks Perfect in my living room” I was surprised how heavy the whole console was when it was assembled. Great value for money.

Low Profile TV Stands 46 Inch TV Stand In Oak

Modway Render Mid-Century Modern Low Profile 46 Inch TV Stand in Oak, 46"

Mid-Century Wood TV Stand clean lines, a flared shape, and an organic style add mid-century flair to your living area. With this low profile retro modern TV stand, update your home design.

ROOMY SHELVING – The storage area is made out of roomy shelving and a movable slatted door for hiding media equipment when not in use. Ideal for a modern home’s transitional requirements

The ENTERTAINMENT CENTER is a media center that is ideal for living rooms, bedrooms, and lounge areas. It supports flat screen TVs up to 50 inches.

SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION – This media console has tapering legs and a walnut wood laminated particleboard frame. Include a central cable management hole to keep the visual area tidy.

TELEVISION STAND MEASUREMENTS – This elegant mid-century TV stand will go well with a variety of modern decors.

With the Render 50″ low profile TV Stand, embrace mid-century design. A sturdy particleboard frame with a smooth walnut grain laminate, four tapered wood legs, an adjustable shelf, a center cable management hole, side storage sections, and a bottom-hinged door for simple access to shelf storage are all included in this Render collection piece.

This adaptable mid-century modern coffee table has a sturdy design, a stylish appearance, and useful functions. Render can fit flat-screen TVs up to 50″ in width, making it ideal for media storage. A TV mount that is low-profile is one that is mounted closer to the wall so it won’t protrude. Low profiles TV stands are static, which means they lack any swiveling or tilting capabilities.

A low profile TV stand is typically a solitary piece of furniture with only one function: to hold a television. Shelves for equipment like DVD players and cable boxes could be part of it. Several TV stands also feature storage drawers.

Most low profile TV stands have one or two shelves at the very least. These shelves can be used to display items such as DVDs or gaming systems in your TV area or just as extra storage. Kelly Behun advises selecting a TV stand with two or more shelves, preferably concealed behind doors or a panel. This will enable you to organize your TV-related stuff so you can find them quickly when you need them, as well as aid to hide any mess. Also, a tiny nook is usually helpful for keeping the TV remote, saving you time when you want to catch up on your most recent show.

This low profile TV stand is proof that a TV stand doesn’t have to be dull. Every living room space will become a focal point of style and sophistication because to its sleek and modern design. Because of its low profile and lack of space requirements, it will literally increase the sensation of space in the rooms. This makes it the ideal complement for a small house because you can utilize it as the focal point of your décor.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Libzie79 purchase and review “Easy to assemble” Love this!! I was expecting it to be difficult to build like most flat packs but it was easy and relatively quick. Everything lined up as it should, the parts were packaged well and the finish is excellent

40 Inch TV Stand Modern TV Media Console With Storage-Low Profile TV Stand

Kennkari TV Stand for 40 45 50 55 60 65 Inch TV Entertainment Center for Living Room Low Profile TV Table Modern TV Media Console with Storage Simple TV Cabinet with Shelves (Wood Grain)

Universal TV stand for 70 inch, 65+ inch, 65 inch, and 60 inch TV stands. Up to 70 inch TV screen.  All television kinds, including wall-mounted and vertical models, can be accommodated by a wood TV stand

Simple Cord Management – The rear of the cabinet is designed with three holes for simple cord management.

Huge Storage Space – A gaming TV stand may be used to store media, computers, periodicals, office supplies, remote controls, and ornamental items. It also has large storage space and open shelves. Use the area to the fullest, maintain it neat and organized, and guard against losing things.

Mirrored TV stands are scratch- and water-resistant as well as being simple to clean. They are manufactured of high-gloss, tough, and durable P2 grade particleboard. With a weight bearing capacity of up to 110 pounds, the contemporary, high-gloss, and minimalist design also offers exceptional stability and style.

Worry-Free Assembly: This nightstand is easy to assemble and comes with all required hardware and a detailed instruction booklet. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you run into any issues while assembling the parts. We’ll offer the top answer online throughout the day and night.

If you are seated more than six feet away from the TV in a packed room, you should choose for a screen that is at least 40 inches wide. Within 7.5 feet of the TV, a screen of 50 inches is adequate. A 60-inch screen is generally the smallest you want to go if you are 9 feet away.

If you frequently plug in and unplug various gadgets, a low profile TV stand would be perfect for you. Also, having a TV-supported entertainment center gives you plenty of room for additional storage.

If so, you’ve come to the correct place. For your 40-inch TV stand, one for everyone offers a wide range of high-quality Wall Mounts, from functional and economical to ultra-slim and lightweight Wall mounts for a little amount of wall space.

The 40-inch TV stand is expertly made, with a dazzling resolution of (1080×1920) pixels as well as excellent contrast, colour, clarity, and brightness.

A 40-inch TV stand is a good choice for bedrooms that are modest to medium in size. While not in use, they provide a great viewing experience yet disappear into the background. Moreover, 40-inch TVs are lighter than larger ones, making them simpler to mount and move about as necessary. A TV with a 40-inch screen is one with a screen that is 40 inches across. They are 34.9 inches wide and 19.6 inches tall because to the standard screen size.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Lexi purchase and review “Good low TV stand, Use a drill. Would buy again”

Sturdy design easy assembly. Took me about 1.5-2 hours to assemble with a cordless drill. Highly recommend the drill as there are about 50 screws you need to screw in. There is one spot in the directions where they forgot to tell you to put in CAM locks, but if you’ve ever built furniture from ikea or from a pre made assemble it yourself box, you’ll figure it out…

Low Profile Media Console TV Stand In Charcoal-Low Profile TV Stand

Modway Render Mid-Century Modern Low Profile 46 Inch Media Console TV Stand in Charcoal, 46"

A low profile media console table serves as both a television stand and a place to keep entertainment equipment. A TV media console is a buffet-style item that offers open or enclosed shelf for flexible storage space, making it ideal for living areas, family rooms, children’s playrooms, game rooms, and bedrooms.

A television should ideally be positioned at eye level. The typical rule when purchasing a console for your living space or bedroom is to match the console’s height to that of your couch or bed, respectively. Normally, this height is 42 inches or so above the ground.

A low profile media console TV is a type of side table that is typically fastened to a wall and put up against it. It just needs legs or other decorative support at the front. The rear was not adorned because it was only seen from the front or sides, and the top was frequently made of marble.

These days, they are normally square or rectangular and have wide, shallow tops. But, demi-lunes offer a stylish option. Console tables are ideal for corridors and other narrow places because of their subtle presence.

Measure the distance from the floor to the average sightline of viewers in your home to determine the ideal height for your TV stand. Subtract half of the TV’s height from that amount once you get it. Your low profile TV stand should only be a few millimeters off from the difference.

A console table next to the front door can offer some much-needed surface area for keys, hats, scarves, and other small objects. A low profile media console table can be used to welcome guests and give your house a nice, lived-in appearance when it is adorned.

Instead of the typical four legs, a console table’s top surface is supported by corbels or brackets. It is not intended to function as a stand-alone surface and is therefore comparable to a supported shelf. It is typically used to about a pier wall as a pier table, which may have any type of leg.

A console table in the kitchen could be useful for extra workspace, surface area for utensils, or storage for cookbooks. Vegetable or log baskets, a free-standing wine rack, or other items can be arranged beneath. Cutlery or napkins could be stored in the console’s drawers if it has drawers. Contrary to the common practice of placing console tables against walls, sofa tables are positioned against the backs of sofas.

To successfully use a low profile media console table as a workstation, you must ensure that your legs can fit beneath the table when seated in your chosen chair. Place all of your basic office supplies in the drawers, if there are any. When not in use as a desk, pack it up and utilize it for another purpose.

People typically place long, thin console tables in their hallway or foyer. Although they are adaptable pieces of furniture that may be placed almost everywhere in a home, they are frequently solely considered to be furnishings for hallways or entryways.