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A table light is frequently found on the nightstand in the bedroom. It is a feature that goes above and beyond being merely decorative because it doubles as a very practical piece of furniture that simplifies our daily lives. It has many advantages as a decorative element because it can be paired with the ceiling lamp to create a lovely effect, and it is also not far behind as a useful element. The bedroom lamps set of 2 have a great value in the game of decorating. Because they are connected to a cable via a switch, these lamps are very easy to operate. 

The main light switch in many older homes was built for beds that were 135 cm long, which was the norm a few decades ago. These bedroom lamps set of 2 are extremely helpful in circumstances when a larger bed, or even twin beds, could block the main light switch. They are also highly practical for elderly persons because the switch may be positioned so that it is conveniently close to the bed. The switch can even be positioned on top of the bed, if necessary. The light will shine on a certain area of the room depending on the shape and design of the table lamp. For instance, some lamps cast light both downward and above, while the lampshade covers the area around the bed. 

The lampshade is the only component that directs light downward and outward. This makes the lamp perfect for reading because it will illuminate the book in your hands if it is set on the edge of the nightstand in your bedroom. It is perfect for people who wish to examine some documents or read a bit before going to sleep. A warm or neutral white light temperature produces a restful but useful bedroom. In order to prevent clashing, bedroom lamps set of 2 have the same temperature or close to it. Some now have options for temperature adjustment. The workhorse of your bedroom lighting is your nightstand lamp. 

You turn it on as you get ready for bed and when you get out of bed in the morning. When you’re startled awake in the middle of the night, you can depend on it to be there. You probably use it as your preferred reading lamp. The two main functions of a nightstand lamp are to look excellent and to provide adequate light for reading comfortably and other bedroom activities. The bedroom lamps set of 2 perfectly perform this duty. You can select these wonderful lamps for your bedroom from the following presented awesome lamps.

Bedroom Nightstand Lamps, 3-Model Lighting, Dual USB Charging Ports-Bedroom Lamps Set Of 2

GGOYING Set of 2 Table Lamps, 2-Lights Nightstand Lamps with 3-Model Lighting, Dual USB Charging Ports, AC Outlet, Fabric Shade Nightstand Lamp for Office, Bedroom, Living Room (4 Bulbs Included)

In addition to maintaining the nature of traditional lights, the bedroom nightstand lamps also incorporate some fashionable elements. The goods go through numerous modifications from designer in order to present the ideal table lamp. So, these table lights that were carefully created are perfect for you. With the features of power: 6/ 4 watts, CCT: 2700k, 800 lumens/400 lumens of brightness, not dimmable, e26/e12 bulb base and 25000+ hours of lifetime. Put an end to the hassle of wall plug cords. To provide you with more options for your charging needs and to allow you to charge multiple devices at once.

Including phones, iPads, laptops, Kindles, and humidifiers, each lamp base is equipped with two 5V/2.1A USB charging ports. The charging mechanism operates whether the lamp is on or off once it is plugged in. Please be aware that the lamp cannot be dimmed, however by controlling the two bulbs independently, you may achieve three illumination modes. Package contents are 2 lamp bodies with lampshades: two, A19 LED Bulbs: two, C35 LED Bulb: 2 and one user guide. The table lamp cannot be dimmed, but you can choose to turn on either the top or bottom bulb, or both, to meet your illumination demands. Please make sure the top bulb is less than 60 Watts and the bottom bulb is less than 40 Watts if you want to replace the supplied bulb. 20.55 inches or 522mm is the total height. 

The bedroom nightstand lamps have up and down bulbs, maintaining the nature of traditional lamps while also incorporating some fashionable elements. The distinctiveness and beauty of the table lamps are demonstrated by the contemporary cream fabric trapezium lampshade with the heavy-duty metal body. These bedroom lamps set of 2 are ideal for your family’s décor, adaptable to a variety of designs. You can charge many devices at once with ease thanks to the useful 5V/2.1A USB charging ports on the metal base, including phones, iPads, and Kindles. The company has included one 2-prong AC plug on the base as an added convenience to provide you more charging options. Delete the mess of wall plug cords. 

The charging function is functional whether the lamp is on or off. Three lighting modes are available, and each of the two buttons can operate a bulb separately. First up is the nursing model, which simply illuminates the top bulb to produce a warm glow ideal for use as a nightlight. The second setting is for reading, and it simply requires turning on the bottom bulb to provide adequate accent lighting for daily activities. The third model is the brightest; switch on both bulbs at once to light a room that is brighter and larger. Two 6W 2700K led bulbs and two 4W 2700K led bulbs are included in the bundle, saving you the time and money it would take to purchase more appropriate bulbs. 

The 6W bulb saves up to 90% more energy than the 4W bulb, which is equivalent to a 60W incandescent bulb. No buzzing or flickering and safe for family members’ eyes. The bedroom nightstand lamps are repeatedly adjusted by designer in order to present the ideal table lamp. All of the components and workmanship are meticulously inspected. The manufacturer is confident in products because each one has undergone thorough testing to assure high-quality goods before being dispatched. To solve any issues, get in touch with the company’s after-sale customer support.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

LS purchased and reviewed “Perfect for bedroom end table” Love the fact that I can use the nightlight option or the lamp. Love the bright light of both features, and they are not oversized, so it looks perfect on my nightstand!

Tall Table Lamps For Living Room, Touch Control Table Lamps, 2 Usb Ports-Bedroom Lamps Set Of 2

Set of 2 Touch Control Table Lamps, Tall Bedside Nightstand Lamp Set with 2 USB Ports for Bedroom Living Room, 3-Way Dimmable Coastal End Table Desk Lamp, 5000K Daylight White LED Bulb Included

The tall table lamps for living room come in a set of two, and they will give your home a stunning appeal with their elegant white drum shade and silver finial accents. Additionally, these table lamps with the ideal size (22.5″ H, 11.8″ W; please double check the size before purchase) can be used tastefully in the bedroom, living room, reading room, end table, or dormitory thanks to the solid metal-made structure and non-slip mat design. Compared to traditional table lamps, these ones are much easier to turn on/off or adjust the lighting. Being simple to use, all ages may use it by just tapping the metal base to change the brightness, eliminating fumbling in the middle of the night. 

Making your life simpler for you! These tall table lamps for living room are 3-Way Dimmable and give Low, Medium, and High degrees of brightness to match your specific needs for various occasions. Low: like a handy nightstand lamp at midnight, eliminating fumbling. Medium: a lovely decoration that makes daily life easier. High: sufficient illumination for reading lamps when working, studying, or performing other tasks. Dual USB charging ports that are practical, these bedside lamps have two USB charging outlets, making it easy to meet your charging needs. Additionally, even when these touch lamps are off, a variety of electronic gadgets, such a smart phone, pad, earphones, laptop, e-book, or humidifier, can be charged. 

Included are white eye-protective shades and bulbs. You can avoid going to the store by using the two complimentary suitable E26 base A19 LED dimmable bulbs that are supplied. These bulbs use only 7w of power and emit 5000K daylight white light, saving you money and electricity. These tall table lamps for living room will also emit mild light with well-constructed white fabric shades, providing a soothing environment and safeguarding your vision. The brand has been designing and manufacturing decorative and functional lighting for the international market for more than ten years, and they continue to cling as tightly as ever to their key values: premium materials, modern functionality, distinctive design, and happy service. 

No matter whether the table lights are on or off, each of the nightstand lamp sets of two is built with two USB charging connections, making it an efficient and powerful charging station for devices used at home. There are four total USB charging ports to meet all of your demands. The pair of touch tall table lamps for living room end tables are built with sturdy, handcrafted seashell bodies and white, well-made cloth shades that shield the eyes. Built with a non-slip metal base, it can stand still on your nightstands. Utilize smart lamp sets to spruce up your living room! Bedroom lamps come with two 7w A19 LED bulbs.

Produce 800 LM of daylight white light throughout a long lifespan of more than 25000 hours, saving 90% on electricity. Driving and paying for bulbs in markets are no longer a headache. Spend less time and money! Consider giving one of these touch control table lamp sets as a gift for special occasions like Christmas, a loved one’s birthday, Easter, etc. Bring your family and friends this wonderful surprise! These bedroom lamps set of 2 can only be used indoors and is not waterproof. Before making a transaction, please verify the size. Please make sure there isn’t any inclination for the harp on the saddle if there is any unbalance after installation.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Simpson purchased and reviewed “Love it!!!” I LOVE THE LAMPS! They are a nice addition to my bedroom. I’m able to conveniently charge my phone, watch, and headphones. I love touching the lamp and adjusting the brightness without having to actively search for the switch.

Table Lamps With Usb Ports, Nightstand With 2 Usb Ports White Fabric Shade-Bedroom Lamps Set Of 2

Dungoo Resin Table Lamp Sets of 2 for Bedroom Living Room Plug in Bedside Nightstand Light Lamps with 2 USB Ports White Fabric Shade, 22in 2-Pack(Black)

This table lamps with USB ports set gives your home a fashionable feel. It complements a variety of interior design types, including minimalist, industrial, modern, vintage, and more. It’s perfect for use as reading lamps, bedside lights, nightstand lamps, bedroom lamps, kid’s room lamps, etc. because of its basic shape, gorgeous lamp shade, and practical foundation. This side lamp’s contemporary minimalist design gives your room or office a warm, inviting, and comfortable atmosphere. It is the ideal fit for bedrooms, living rooms, study rooms, offices, and other spaces. 

Please carefully inspect the goods size and colour before making a purchase. The table lamp is 22 inches tall overall (please use the tool to assess whether the length is satisfactory before buying). The hue of Black with golden trim makes up the lamp’s body colour. To prevent premature bulb failure, avoid touching halogen bulbs with bare hands during installing. No bulb is provided. Your home will feel more luxurious with the warm, comforting lighting provided by the table lamps with USB ports! Linen cloth and a resin base used as material with shade the hue white. Lamp dimensions are TH22″H10″W4.6″ and it weighs 2.2kg/4.8lb. UL certified wire, plug, and socket for two 5V/2A USB charging ports. Installation guidelines are provided with two tables lamps. 

The table lamps with USB ports set serve as both a decorative accent and a source of light. It is a wonderful gift for your loved ones and friends. A pair of contemporary buffet table lamps can create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere in the space. For bedrooms, lamps 2 Dual 5V/2A USB Ports in a set, bedroom lamp’s dual 5V/2A USB charging connections improved its usability. The table lamps with USB ports of 2 Dimensions 22 “high all around.  Table Lamp Shade: 9″ at the top, 11″ at the bottom, and 9″ “high, 6.5 foot cord length. The rustic, warm, and friendly environment created by this vintage lamp set for tables with resin and cloth shade is appropriate for farmhouse lamps. 

The sets of bedside lights are ideal for installation in whatever space you want, including the living room, bedroom, entryway, hallway, dining room, office, and study. Set of table lamps with USB ports while you’re lounging on your bed or sofa, this USB table lamp’s dual 5V/2A USB charging ports are perfect for charging your smartphones, tablets, computers, Kindle readers, and other electronic devices.  Regardless matter whether the bulb is on or off, the USB ports will function. Compatible with a range of incandescent, Edison, LED, CFL, and halogen bulbs thanks to its E26 base (MAX 60W). 

Although the light cannot be dimmed on its own, dimmable bulbs can be used, and a dimmable light switch is required. The bedroom lamps set of 2 have ideal size for a nightstand lamp in a bedroom. Quality and safety, with a compliant power cable, plug, socket, and USB port, the matte black plug-in table lamp ensures secure lighting. Additionally, comprehensive installation instructions are included in the product box. Your complete satisfaction is the company’s top priority. If you have any inquiries about installation or quality issues, you can get in touch with them at any time, and they’ll respond to you in a way that you’ll find satisfactory within 24 hours.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Lauren Hartfield purchased and reviewed “LOVE these” Can’t say enough good things about these. Very inexpensive but look just like something from Kirklands. Love the USB ports on them. Very good quality.

Bedroom Lamps Set Of 2, Touch Control With 3 Way Dimmable, USB Charging Ports, Black

RAYINIGHT Table Lamps for Bedrooms Set of 2, Bedside Lamps Set of 2 Touch Control with 3 Way Dimmable, Table Lamps with USB Charging Ports for Living Room, Bedroom, Office, Bulbs Included (Black)

The bedroom lamps set of 2 provide a more practical control method, the table lamp is constructed with a touch-sensitive lamp body in place of a traditional rotary switch or pull chain. You may switch the light on or off and adjust the brightness by tapping any section of the metal lamp’s body or base. Two USB ports for charging, the built-in USB ports serve as a handy charging station for your phone or other small devices, allowing you to do so with just a simple cord whenever you choose. A beige fabric lamp shade and an elegant black slender base add style and texture to the space. 

The black finish is both contemporary during the day and complements the warm glow at night.  The brand offers bedroom lamps set of 2 that are practical for daily usage in addition to being attractive and simple to use. With 5V/2.1A USB Charging Ports. Each table lamp has two USB connections so you may charge your gadgets, such your phone, iPad, Kindle, etc. Shorter cords and fewer charging connections are no longer a burden, making daily use more convenient. The USB ports are functional whether the bulb is on or off. There are three lighting choices for bedroom lamps set of 2 (Low-Medium-High). To turn on the lights you require, simply tap the base. 

The height of the table lamp, from base to finial, is 22″. The ideal height for a bedside nightstand and end table in the living room. You will receive two fabric lamp shades. Features include, 110 to 120 volts AC, Touch controls are used for control, 60 W maximum. Base E26 Standard Base is the type. Black colour Shade, color: beige or cream, lamp height is 22in/560mm. The beige lampshade has an uneven linen texture that makes it look more artistic and less boring than other solid-color lampshades. This stoic lamp could withstand all of the knocks and jostles since it was made of a durable and strong metal. Having a non-slip pad on the bottom, it can help prevent scratches on your tabletops. 

For your safety, please turn off the electricity before installing. If you decide to replace the bulb, make sure it is a 60W maximum bulb. Please place the plug in the socket before turning on the lamp. The bedroom lamps set of 2 come in three brightness levels (low, medium, and high) to suit your various lighting needs. Just tap anywhere on the metal base and body to turn it on rather than groping in the dark for a switch. You can read on high light, unwind on medium light, and fall asleep on low light with this bedside table lamp featuring a USB outlet. Dual USB connections are included on each table light, providing more convenient charging options. 

While you’re sleeping, connect your phone, Kindle, or tablet, and they’ll keep charging so long as the lamp is connected in. Whether the lamp is on or off, the charging function operates. This matching bedroom lamps set of 2 has a rich, dark finish and is understatedly stylish. Each of the two designs, which are ideal for a pair of end tables, has a classic profile in metal construction and is topped with drum linen lampshades. These designs are simple and neutral enough to go with a bedroom, living room, or entertaining area. The two-piece set of table lamps for the living room includes two A19 2700K Edison bulbs, allowing you to save up to 90% on energy costs.

The brand also gives you two units of premium beige lampshades. These heavy shades block out light and prevent glare, helping to protect your family’s eyesight. Purchases made without hassle and brand guarantees Refundable for 60 days, with lifelong expert assistance. The brand sells products of excellent quality for reasonable costs. If you have any concerns regarding set of two 3 way touch table lamps for bedrooms, you may ask them on the product page or send an email and they will respond right away.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Customer purchased and reviewed “Great lamp” I don’t usually write reviews, but I wanted to for these. The lamps came in nicely packaged. The look great. One lamp wasn’t working. So the seller is sending us new lamps and letting us keep the others! Great customer service!

Touch Lamps For Bedroom With 2 USB Ports, 3-Way Dimmable, Gold Linen Shade-Bedroom Lamps Set Of 2

Set of 2 Touch Control Table Lamps with 2 USB Ports, Farmhouse Bedside Nightstand Lamp 3-way Dimmable, Traditional Table Lamp for Bedroom Living Room, Brown Resin Base&Gold Linen Shade, Bulbs Included

Using the most recent technology and cutting-edge concepts, the brand has been designing and manufacturing decorative and practical lighting for the global market for more than ten years while maintaining a strong commitment to their core values. It finally has a share in the market for fixtures because to its high-end materials, updated functionality, distinctive design, and quick response. The touch lamps for bedroom are beautiful resin table lamps to adorn your charming room, traditional and farmhouse-style lamps to go with your new furniture, easy-to-reach, noise-free charging station for your nightstands by the bed. 

With Button touch and 3-way Dimmable table lamp set, you are prepared to begin living smartly. For this light set, the brand graciously provided 2 energy-efficient led bulbs, saving you time and additional costs. As soon as you acquire their antique lamps, use them! Specifications are, 2700K Warm White as a colour, Luminosity: 800 LUX, Power: 100 W MAX, a single fast charging station, Two potent charging stations are created by the dual built-in USB connections. You can quickly charge up a total of 4 gadgets, including a phone, an iPad, headphones, and a Kindle reader. They will continue to charge as long as the electrical plug is attached and the lamp is on. Start your day with fully functional amenities. 

These smart lamps are created with a practical button touch on the square metal base in addition to their gorgeous beauty. Anyone may quickly and easily change the three brightness levels (Low, Medium, and High) with their finger. Please take aware that the control is solely by touch. Low Lighting: Ideal for warm sleeping in the bedroom warm and lightweight company for your families. Medium Brightness: The best soft reading light, care for the eyes to prevent headaches or vertigo. Excellent classic décor, wherever it is displayed and bright enough to illuminate your surroundings! The conventional touch bulbs have a sensitive touch button and three brightness settings (Low-Medium-High). 

Simply press the button on the base to turn on the lighting you want, whether it’s for general illumination, task lighting, or bedtime lighting. Not simply convenient bedside lighting, but also a warm, timeless mood-creator wherever it is placed! It is safe to stand on any end table or desk thanks to the robust base and the noise-free button, so you don’t have to worry about waking up your sleeping child. Traditional touch lamps for bedroom with a black metal base and a beautiful bell-shaped fabric lampshade go nicely together. Any area of your space benefits from the superb traditional touch that the gorgeous resin hollow-out design offers. 

Great upscale lamp decor is appropriate for a variety of settings, including bedside nightstands, living room end tables, reading desks, and offices. They also work well with traditional, farmhouse, vintage, rustic, retro, and mid-century designs. Your charging requirements are met by 2 USB ports. When seated next to desks or tables, do you still experience issues with short USB cables? These sets of dimmable nightstand lamps included two practical 5V/2A USB connections. You are permitted to charge up to two small gadgets at once, including your iPad, Kindle reader, humidifier, micro fans, Bluetooth speaker, and earphones. Regardless of whether you turn on or off the table lamps. 

The powerful charging station will continue to operate. Energy-saving lighting and eye-caring fabric shades.  The brand thoughtfully included 2 dimmable A19 LED Bulbs inside, so there is no additional cost, and they will illuminate your place as soon as you receive them. Both 2700K soft light bulbs provide 800 lumens of brightness without buzzing or flickering. These exquisite touch lamps for bedroom offer a lovely warm light without endangering the eyesight of your family because they are built with premium bulbs and an upscale fabric shade of the highest quality. 

To bring them back, do safe home upgrades! This pair of two touch bulbs comes with all the necessary parts and is simple to put together. The farmhouse bedroom lamps set of 2 will quickly become a timeless piece of furniture on your nightstand, end table, or reading desk! The fine resin hollow-out carves trendy patterns with smooth contours, and the extremely attractive workmanship infuses your space with an aesthetic feeling. Incredible present to give your friends on their makeover or house-warming day.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

TWDesigns purchased and reviewed “Let there be light!” We have had a set of lamps in the bedroom for more than 10 years and needed a change. I asked my wife to pick out some that you can “Touch” to turn on… She picked these and we love them. They are easy to put together. The Lamp shade does need to be wrapped… See more

Modern Nightstand Lamps, Mercury Glass Desk Lamp With White Drum Shade-Bedroom Lamps Set Of 2

Maxax Traditional Table Lamps Set of 2 Glass Bedside Lamps for Living Room Bedroom Office Family, Black Finish

The fabric lamp shade diffuses the light, making it gentler on the eyes and lessening eyestrain. Your home will seem modern with this white lampshade and matching lamp stand. At night, it emits a cozy brightness. Unique and stylish is the nickel mercury lamp stand. Ideal modern nightstand lamps for a living room, office, children’s room, or dorm. Anti-slip pad on the bottom and a weighted metal base effectively prevent wobbling and slipping. Despite being tall, the lamp has a tiny footprint and doesn’t occupy much room. 

Each lamp has an E26 socket and takes one maximum 150-watt bulb (not included). The bulb socket has an on/off rotary switch, fits both an incandescent and an LED bulb and you have the freedom to swap out various bulbs. A medium table lamp with a 1 22.5″ overall height can be used on a nightstand, desk for studying, end table, side table, or anywhere else as desired. Before making a purchase, please confirm that the lamp’s size satisfies your needs. Both a work of art and a light source, this 22.5 “As a modern nightstand lamp, which increases the brightness in any space, you’re sure to get comments. 

Built upon a circular metal base with a sleek nickel finish, its body displays a vintage mercury accent and a traditional turned silhouette for eye-catching charms. The style is completed by a cloth hardback drum shade that sits on top. Nightstand lighting shade is 12″*14″*10″, round flat cover, white fabric, TH:22.5″, TOB:16″. Base:5”*1‘’. Bracket: 8-inch overall height, nickel finish “. SPT-2 transparent wire, 60 inches. The 60-inch power chord allows you to position the light wherever you like in your room, regardless of how far it is from the outlet. 

From the comfort of your bed, you can effortlessly regulate it thanks to its rotary switch. Set of two mercury bedroom lamps set of 2; each requires one 150-watt standard E26 bulb (bulb not included). A range of incandescent, LED, or CFL light bulbs are compatible with the table lamps. A 3 way switching ON/OFF button with dimmable capabilities is highly practical. The conventional nickel table lamp set of two is composed of premium glass and a white cloth drum shade that blend beautifully with the warm tone of the lamp’s illumination to create a relaxing ambiance without straining your eyes. 

This set of modern nightstand lamps is a stylish addition to any design, whether it is placed on nightstands, side tables in the den, or in your favorite reading nook. The company ships from the US in 1-2 business days. Set of high-quality bedside desk lamps that you may confidently purchase!!! Additionally, if there is a quality issue with this item or you are not satisfied with your purchase, please do not hesitate to contact the manufacturer. They’ll assist you in finding a solution within a day.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Connie Mata purchased and reviewed “Beautiful!” The lamps are feminine and perfect for my room!