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Rather than using nails, patio light pole cup hooks are the ideal method for attaching string lights to pre-existing structures. If drilling holes into your wooden deck railing or fencing makes you feel uncomfortable, you might want to think about stapling the lights in place instead. image of a patio light pole This light source may also be known to as a street light, pole light, light post, or lighting fixture. Whatever name you give it, the light it emits guarantees that motor vehicles and pedestrians can both pass safely even when it is dark. Street light poles are much larger and need more work to install.  Larger and more expensive to install are street light poles. There are two main forms of light poles: direct burial and anchor-based. 

Anchor bolts, nuts, and washers are used to fasten anchor-based poles to a concrete slab. Without a concrete base or anchor bolts, patio light pole direct burial or embedded poles are installed by driving the shaft into the earth. Depending on the location to be lit and the lighting’s purpose, light pole heights range from 20 to 70 feet. While light poles at sporting arenas may reach heights of up to 70 feet, street light poles are typically about 20 feet tall. The cost range demonstrates plenty of opportunity for negotiation because a number of factors are crucial to how much money you pay.

Outdoor Light Pole Stand XDW-Gifts String Garden, Backyard, Stand For Parties, Patio Light Pole.

XDW-GIFTS String Light Pole - Steel Poles for Outdoor String Lights Hanging, Garden, Backyard, Patio Lighting Stand for Parties, Wedding

Our updated string light poles have a 5-prong foot and a U-shaped bracket, giving them a two-in-one design. It Outdoor light pole stand can be mounted on a fence or put into the grass and soil, which are both free options for installation.Outdoor light poles: Our sturdy steel poles for outside string lights offer you a quick and easy way to add a decorative touch to your outdoor area by stringing up lights or other decorations to accentuate the appearance of any celebration or special event. Stays Securely In Place: The Outdoor light pole stand light poles for outside string lights use a 5 prong base design that allows you to install it with ease and keep it locked securely in place.

The 5 prong base offers deeper insertion for more stability so you don’t have to worry about it falling over.Durable & Anti-Rust: To ensure that it is strong enough to withstand long-term use in any type of weather while preserving its rustic charm, this patio décor light hanging pole is composed of durable and sturdy steel with a rust and corrosion-resistant coating.Versatile and Multi-Purpose: The string light pole is Outdoor light pole stand made to fit your lawn, garden, backyard, patio, etc. precisely, enabling you to hang up your lights in a secure manner. Mounting these outdoor light poles for string lights is simple and quick; no drills, ladders, or other equipment are needed.

 It’s that easy to secure the pole’s base into the ground by driving the forks on the end into the ground to lock them in place. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We provide you a high-quality product, and we are confident in it. If you have any questions about these string light poles, Patio Light Pole contact us, and we’ll provide you with the most satisfying response. We’re here to make buying with us the greatest experience possible. Durable and Anti-Rust: To ensure that it is strong enough to withstand long-term use in any type of weather while preserving its rustic charm, this patio décor light hanging pole is composed of durable and sturdy steel with a rust and corrosion-resistant coating.

Versatile And Multi-Purpose: The Outdoor light pole stand string light pole is made to fit your lawn, garden, backyard, patio, etc. perfectly and is made to enable you to hang up a variety of home and garden accents, such as string lights, lanterns, balloons, bird feeders, and more, safely and with ease.

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Silas Purchased and reviewed that, “Great Product” Much better value for the money than the poles costing multiple hundreds. Bought two, highly recommend.

Bistro Light Pole Kincubow String For Outside Spiral Screw-In For Patio Light Pole.

Kincubow String Light Poles-Outdoor String Light Poles For Outside String Lights-10FT Spiral Screw-in String Light Poles For Patio-Bistro String Light Poles For Yard Patio Garden Wedding Party 2 Packs

Screw-in Design Originally Compared to other light poles for exterior string lights, our string light poles are bistro light pole better in addressing the most likely issues of bottom fracture, like shaking and dumping. Additionally, because our helical section is smaller and tighter, less soil is lost during drilling, increasing the friction force that keeps this outdoor light pole upright in strong winds and under heavy loads. Light Poles for Strings of Heavy Duty Kincubow string light poles for outside employ premium steel to ensure that they are robust and long-lasting.

The overall height of each outdoor light pole, Bistro light pole which consists of 4 pieces, can reach 10.5 feet. Furthermore, you can modify the string light poles’ height by Ideal for a Range of Situations Our outdoor string light poles can be utilised for a variety of events, including Christmas, BBQs, weddings, parties, and other activities according on your needs. Additionally, in addition to string lights, Bistro light pole you can hang various ornaments like pennants, banners, paper lanterns, or balloon, etc., and then have fun.

Simple to Install There are no access to materials. Installing this outdoor light pole for string lights couldn’t be simpler; just drive the spiral bottom into the ground, attach the top three sections, and you’re done. Additionally, our light post outdoors is a fantastic option for a housewarming gift. These outdoor string light poles will be the ideal addition to their new chapter of life. Kincubow Comment Service From the date of the original purchase, Kincubow patio light pole offers a one-year merchant guarantee. You are always welcome to get in touch with us if you have any queries about our patio light poles for string lights.

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Lopez Purchased and reviewed that, “Super sturdy” These are super sturdy and heavy duty! Great product.

Deck Light Pole Outdoor, For Outside String Lights, 7-Prong Backyard With 2 Optional For Patio Light Pole.

Outdoor String Light Pole 2 Pack, Light Poles for Outside String Lights, 7-Prong Backyard Steel Patio Light Poles with 2 Optional Hooks and Fence Brackets for Deck Garden Holiday Wedding

Elegant string light poles for the exterior] Deck light pole these poles give your outdoor area a polished and professional appearance as they are made of steel and have a black powder-coat finish. Hanging your string lights from the shrimp whisker hooks will make them much more stunning [one and only] Our poles feature three different designs as compared to the conventional backyard light stands: There are two fence brackets that assist secure it to the fence or wall, as well as a detachable 3-7 prong base that can stand more steadily on the ground. 3) Additional U hooks that can be used to hang bird feeders or flower pots. 

Installing in two steps] Simple screw joints are used on the poles. You may deck light pole start it by simply twisting the joint components together and sticking the prongs into the ground. Whether you set it up in the backyard, garden, or patio, everything can be done quickly and effortlessly in 5 minutes.[More stable and Enduring] More stability can be offered by the thicker 2mm steel poles with a deck light pole maximum 7-prong base than by other outdoor string light poles. They may remain stationary and rust-free even in strong winds and thunderstorms because to the antirust coating.

 [Widely used in decoration] The pole stands, which have strong hooks that can hold a maximum of three strands, can be used with a variety of decorations, including flags, wind chimes, lanterns, and bird feeders, to quickly set the mood for a birthday party, family camping trip, wedding, or banquet.[100% Fearless Service] All patio light pole of our kits for hanging string lights are backed by reliable manufacturer support. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year repair guarantee. We’re here to set things right if there are any problems.

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critic Purchased and reviewed that, “Very happy with product” Our new patio is now complete.

Backyard Light Pole String - 2 Pack Outdoor For Hanging String Lights, Patio Light Pole.

String Light Poles for Outside - 2 Pack Outdoor Patio Light Poles for Hanging String Lights, Patented Spiral Ground Anchor, Metal Backyard Garden Light Posts

Spiral ground anchor Backyard light pole with patent Including a 17 “Our outdoor string light poles’ spiral ground anchor may solve the issue of “unstable, easy to tilt” that plagues most comparable products. You can insert our light poles 17 “or more underground, compared to the average of 10”. Greater stability is provided by the pole’s deeper placement in the ground, and its spiral base’s ability to more effectively hold the surrounding dirt than a conventional forked base prevents the pole from toppling. Simple Backyard light pole to install No screws are required because this light pole for string lights uses a straightforward twist connection. 

The other three pieces must first be connected to the spiral ground anchor by twisting them together, and then they must be connected to the ground anchor in the same manner. A lot of occasions the pole’s primary use is for hanging outside string lights for events like weddings, birthday parties, family reunions, and Christmas decorations. Backyard light pole Of course, you may also use these light poles outside for other decorations like banners, paper lanterns, pennant flags, balloons, etc. (Interesting Caveat: The lights are NOT included.)”steady and lasting “Our patio string light posts offer improved stability and durability and can survive for many years in difficult outdoor weather because of the thick poles with a diameter of 28mm/1.1″ and stainless steel with a rust-resistant coating.

 A patio light pole wise gift selection who doesn’t appreciate spending a pleasant evening outdoors with family or friends on a patio, in a garden, or under brilliant string lights? Giving it will also be a smart move.

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Katherine Jurkas Purchased and reviewed that, “Nice light poles” So far, these light poles are good. I put them in my backyard to hang Edison lights.

Outdoor Hooks For String Lights Meruzy Backyard, Stand Mounted On Brick Wall, Patio Light Pole.

Meruzy String Light Poles 2 Pack - Outdoor Metal Posts with Hooks for Hanging String Lights - Garden, Backyard, Patio Lighting Stand Mounted on Brick Wall, Concrete Wall and Wood Top Rail

48 inch Heavy Duty Thick Tube: These String light poles are made of 1-1/2 inch square steel tubes, Outdoor hooks for string lights which are thicker and more durable than those of rivals and will not bend even during a hurricane. Our outdoor lighting poles can be used for a variety of occasions, including weddings, parties, baby showers, and other special events. Commercial quality lights, fairy lights, lanterns, banners, or even mason jar illumination can be put on the light poles outdoors.Easy to Install: The outdoor string light post has a straightforward 3″ square base that makes installation quick and secure.

Simply attach the base to the wall’s top. What You Get: The Outdoor hooks for string lights set includes two patio lamp posts in addition to hook and eye bolt, which are extra accessories that make it simpler for you to create the garden of your dreams. Outdoor string light poles are made of enduring steel to withstand the elements.For your loved ones, the light poles for the exterior string lights make an excellent housewarming gift. We provide quality assistance for 3 years. If you have any problems, please contact us FIRST at any time. We are happy to offer support. 

In the coming months, a development and research product that we are designing will be offered Outdoor hooks for string lights 50,000 BTU Patio Heaters – From its center heating location, this gas unit propane patio heater can radiate heat up to an 18-foot circumference. It is suitable for commercial and outdoor use and can be utilized in backyards, outside bars, restaurants, etc. The double-cover heating mesh we use is made out of high-quality 304 stainless steel, which is what we prefer to utilise. Our heaters are stronger, safer, and longer-lasting than typical patio heaters. Round Table Patent Design – With a distinctive round table propane tank cover, the heater has a practical design that lets you store some food, beverages, cell phones, or other small items.

Three anchoring arms, which should be sunk deeply into the ground to prevent the warmer from being blown over, are included with our heater. Patio light pole our propane patio heaters also include a triple safety protection system to ensure your safety. The gas source will shut off if the flame is unintentionally put out due to the tilt safety auto-shutoff valve protection. All of this adds up to protection from dumping and anoxia.

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Tiffany D Purchased and reviewed that, “Just what I needed” Im currently doing my backyard and this was much needed. The quality is amazing and it comes with hardware. Super easy to use.

String Light Pole For Deck Karjoefar With 7-Prong And 2 Hooks For Backyard Bistro Patio Light Pole.

Karjoefar String Light Poles for Outside, 9FT Metal Poles for Outdoor String Lights, Patio Light Pole with 7-Prong and 2 Hooks for Backyard Garden Bistro Deck Party Holiday - 2Pack

Upgrade heavy duty light poles: Karjoefar light poles are made of seven sections of heavy steel tube, each weighing one pound. Each String light pole for deck pole has a strong screw-in connection design and a 22mm thickness, and it has a seven dimensions base, which makes it more stable and sturdy and keeps it from breaking or wobbling in the wind. Both heavy-duty Edison bulb string lights and lightweight g40 string lights are suitable. Heavy-duty & rustproof: The poles for these outdoor string lights are made of corrosion-resistant metal, which effectively shields steel from the sun’s heat, wind, rain, snow, and moisture. Suitable for various occasions:

You can bury these poles for outdoor string lights deep beneath the ground of your garden, patio, or backyard to alter the area magically; these String light pole for deck poles can be put on your deck or fence and kept in place with brackets and screws. They can also be used to hang banners, streamers, lanterns, balloons, garland, and other types of decor. Two-in-one Equation: It is not necessary to use ladders to make this straightforward twist connection. Simply drive one fork end into the ground, tighten the top portion, and then push the bottom pole into the earth. 

Fence and Deck Install: patio light pole Each pole has three after constructing the pole, secure it to the deck railing or fence posts using brackets, 6 screws, and brackets. Exemplary Service: We offer a 2-year warranty. Please get in touch with us at any time if there is a problem with the outdoor light pole while it is in operation, and we will do all in our power to find a speedy and efficient solution. Karjoefar Through more than ten years of consistent scientific and technological innovation and brand management, Karjoefar has built a reputation for quality and a positive customer experience. 

As a result, our goods not only function extremely well, but also come with the first after-sales care! Our mission is to String light pole for deck supply clients with high-quality, energy-efficient lighting products that make lighting experiences more enjoyable at all times.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Customer Purchased and reviewed that, “Amazing Product” Poles were easy to install, sturdy and look amazing…