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Unique Floor Lamps

To offer light higher within a room, unique floor lamps are tall lights with a weighted base that are intended to sit on the floor. The floor lamp, a mainstay of interior home design, provides a practical solution to light your room without the need for overhead lighting.

These home lighting alternatives, also known as standing lamps, can affect the atmosphere and mood of a room depending on the style of lamp chosen, its materials, placement, and even the light bulbs utilized. You’ve probably seen a variety of unique floor lamps in different houses, but each one has a distinctive name and function all of its own.

 Some Some floor lamps are made to illuminate a specific space, are made to illuminate a specific space, while others have many lighting settings and even built-in storage. One of the most well-known and recognized floor lamps is the torcher, which can be identified by its upright, torch-like shape and the upward-facing lighting element at the end of a column.

The term for “torch” in French is the source of the name. Torchieres don’t take up a lot of floor area, and the discrete design is useful and well-liked. Torchieres also have the benefit of offering general lighting.

The form sends light toward the ceiling, where it reflects and fills the space with a pleasant general light. The versatility of the torchiere is increased by unique floor lamps with a dimmer switch and dimmer bulbs, which allows you to adjust the brightness as needed. You can select a lamp that matches any design and price range because they are available in so many various styles, from traditional to modern. Make sure a torchiere is solid and difficult to tip over before purchasing. The best option is to use a sturdy, weighted base, or place the lamp securely.

Boho Floor Lamp, Modern Unique Thread Shade Matches Boho, Unique Floor Lamps

Brightech Rowan Elegant Floor Lamp – Modern Unique Thread Shade Matches Boho, and Mid-Century Décor – Free Standing LED Light for Living Rooms and Bedrooms – Tall Indoor Lamp Gets Compliments - Brass

Fashionable Living Room Decor: When you choose the boho floor lamp for your home, you’ll get praises from family and friends. Its distinctive free-standing design blends with minimalist, industrial, and mid-century modern decor. With the gold finish and woven thread shade, your home or office will have a touch of vintage refinement. It’s the perfect pole lamp for modern, seaside, and bohemian settings. Make the standing light a center piece or use it to enhance other decor.

Compatible with Smart Devices Tall Lamp: The boho floor lamp works flawlessly with smart outlets that can be turned on and off using Apple Home Kit, Amazon, or Google Home. The standing lamp is a stylish and useful addition to your reading chair. It provides soft, welcoming LED lighting that is a welcome change from glaring overheads. The contemporary lamp’s spherical diffuser shade keeps the glare off whatever you are working on, and its pole and base are made of gleaming brass.

Bright Lights is Often Used Whenever It Is Needed: these unique floor lamps barely weigh 12 pounds, making it simple to utilize indoors whenever needed. It can be positioned beneath the edge of a couch, desk, bed, or side table to provide lighting where it is most needed. The tall lamp’s slim shape makes it simple to set it next to any seating area so you can read or engage in hobbies. For added safety, the floor light has a heavily weighted base that won’t tip over even when used near children or pets.

 Long-Lasting and Energy-Saving Standing Lamp: The 9.5 watt, 800-lumen LED bulb in the bright tech Rowan living room lamp saves energy. Since it has a 20,000-hour rating, the bulb never needs to be changed. If the tall lamp was used for three hours every day, that would be 20 years of use. The beautiful unique floor lamps LED use less energy than halogen and incandescent bulbs and produces 3,000K of pleasant white light. Although a smart bulb can be used in place of the modern lamp’s non-dimmable light.

THE WARRANTY: Unlike other brands, we stand by the durability of our floor lights. Because of this, when a standing lamp is ordered from bright tech USA, it comes with an industry-leading 3-year warranty that covers flaws, malfunctions, or unexpected failures.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Conner C purchased this and reviews that “This lamp is awesome!” I got this lamp and it is awesome! It is very solid and easy to put together. It looks like it is very high quality and is exactly what I was hoping for. I highly recommend this lamp to anyone.

Brightech Rowan Elegant Floor Lamp – Modern Unique Thread Shade Matches Boho

Brightech Rowan Elegant Floor Lamp – Modern Unique Thread Shade Matches Boho, and Mid-Century Décor – Free Standing LED Light for Living Rooms and Bedrooms – Tall Indoor Lamp Gets Compliments - Brass

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Conner C purchased this and reviews that “This lamp is awesome!” I got this lamp and it is awesome! It is very solid and easy to put together. It looks like it is very high quality and is exactly what I was hoping for. I highly recommend this lamp to anyone.

Living Room Corner Floor Lamps, O'NEELDY LED Corner , Unique Floor Lamps

O'NEELDY LED Corner Floor Lamps, Black Branch Standing Lights with Foot Switches for Living Room, Bedroom, Reading Room (57 Inch Tall)

Living room corner floor lamps: Black finished metal frame contemporary floor lamp with integrated LED floor lamp and silicone shade adds daylight to your living room’s trendy design. Stylish LED floor lamp: Modern floor lights with built-in LED light strips that are compatible with 110/120/220V, 18W that produces 6000K daylight, and 1440 LM that is as bright as a 120W living room corner floor lamps Black lights for the living room that are 57 inches tall, have a 7 inch metal base, a 98.4 inch foot switch plug in cable, and weigh 5 pounds.

Included were two lamp bodies, one base, one accessory kit, and one adapter. Adapter Simple to Install& Stable: Product comes with assembly instructions and the necessary tools; assembly can be completed quickly and easily in a few minutes. A contemporary ornamental standing light for the living room or bedroom with a one-year warranty The Simples unique floor lamps  lamp can be constructed by hand in under two minutes and comes with a lifetime warranty and 365-day full refund guarantee. O’NEELDY

Contemporary LED Floor Lamp, Freestanding Spiral Light Fixture Room-1 Treetop LED Floor Lamp Exclusively created for your bedroom, living area, or business events is the O’NEELDY Modern LED Floor Lamp, 6000K, 18 W. (High-End Hotel, Restaurant).

We cordially invite you to place an order with us. There are simply a few steps required to install the device, so you don’t have to worry about it being tough. Say goodbye to the cumbersome and taxing installation process because the product is lighter than other pendant lights thanks to the light frame.

Please feel free to ask us any questions you may have concerning installation, our products, or our services. Unique floor lamps body Even with 18 W High-Light white light, the gentle and smooth lampshade doesn’t glare when used at night. Low energy consumption, high brightness, and uniform light transmission are achieved by using energy-efficient LED chips.

Unattached Lamp Body The interface can be taken apart, and the gorgeous and robust paint process is processed. While not in use, you may simply disassemble and place the storage chamber because it is removable and cleanable. Non-Slip and Steady Floor Lamp Base You don’t have to worry about the floor lamp toppling over thanks to the non-slip base’s distinctive non-slip sponge.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Candice Roberts purchased this and reviews that “Decent light” Easy to assemble, bright, looks cute

Curved Floor Lamp, RGBW Modern Face Floor Lamp , 55.5 Inches Unique Floor Lamps,

Curved floor lamp suit YOUR VARIOUS NEEDS: We offer two light source setups, one of which is a white light system with changeable color temperature and the other is an RGBW system with configurable diverse colors. It can be utilized as ambient light, general lighting, indoor reading lighting, etc.

Enjoy a cool light show with your family or a romantic partner in your free time. It has 258 light color change modes, and you can easily customize its color and speed change by softly pushing the remote button. MODERN AND MINIMALISTIC DESIGN of curved floor lamp: It is not only a reading lamp, atmosphere lamp, but also an indoor art ornament, with a really cool face-shaped look.

Appropriate for a contemporary bedroom, living room, coffee area, and home design. BLACK LED FLOOR LAMP*1, REMOTE CONTROL*1, INSTRUCTION MANUAL*2, KIT*1, POWER CORD*1; ONE-YEAR FREE WARRANTY SERVICE If the product breaks within a year, we’ll offer a free repair service. A KIND REMINDER: Please contact us if you experience product damage, missing components, trouble assembling, or any other issues. We will work tirelessly to help you resolve the issue. A common variety of stick lamp is the club lamp, which is made for area lighting.

These unique floor lamps often have a pull chain-operated twin or three-way socket. A club light can be purchased in any style, just like a torchiere. A base, a stick or pole, and a lampshade that softens light flowing out the sides make up the parts. Club lamps typically cost around the same as torch lamps, which are available in a range of pricing from low to high. Some of these lamps have substantial bases that help them stand upright, but others have flimsier bases that need to be leveled.

The unique floor lamps from Kichler are displayed here. It has a polished nickel base and polished nickel spheres. It’s a bright white color. With a 150 watt maximum lamp size, it offers a three-way switch and socket for extra illumination control. The lamp has a height of 60.5 inches. Its shade measures 11.5 inches in height, 16 inches across the top, and 17 inches across the bottom.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

B.S.Taylor purchased this and reviews that “Gorgeous Lamp” Let me start off by saying Im so in love with this light. I love it so much that I had to purchase another one. This light is sturdy, Bright, and easy to assemble. Also, it comes with a good remote.

3 Way Floor Lamp, LED Floor Lamp For Living Room, Unique Floor Lamps

Unique and Elegant Style: The guests were greatly impressed by the 3 way floor lamp distinctive and elegant appearance. The aggregate height of the five ring lamps is around 39 inches, making them ideal for rooms such as living rooms, bedrooms, study areas, children’s rooms, etc. Enhance the cozy and inviting environment in your living space. 2. Touch & Dimmable: This 3 way floor lamp has a touch-sensitive dimmer switch integrated right into it. For bright lighting in the office, use the standing light’s dimming feature or the highest setting.

It is also secure in the children’s room because it is light; even if it tips over (it has a heavy base, but it still may), your child won’t likely sustain any serious injuries. These floor lamps are LEDs, which produce very little heat. and maintain your touch-coolness.

Multi-scene: Floor lamps for living rooms can be utilized in a variety of settings, including reading, the workplace, the bedroom, the sofa, and the TV cabinet. It will feel equally at home next to a couch with free-standing lamps. Combine it with urban, modern, minimalist, or ultra-futuristic décor. 4. Energy Saving: This type of unique floor lamps features an integrated LED source with a 30,000-hour rating and a typical service life of 13 years (about 6 hours per day). Because light-emitting diodes don’t waste a lot of energy through heat creation, you never need to change the bulbs, saving 90% of your electricity expenditure, compared to halogen lamps or incandescent bulbs.

Three years of warranty: We proudly offer a complete three-year warranty since we stand 100% behind all of our unique floor lamps. Within three years, if there is any flaw with your light or it stops operating altogether, we will assist you in troubleshooting and/or provide replacement parts or a brand-new lamp. Customer satisfaction is our first priority, and we are committed to getting things right for you. If there are any issues, kindly contact us.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Roxie purchased this and reviews that “love this lamp” I love this lamp, very modern and different look. It was as somewhat short but I’ll buy a small stand .

Black Arc Floor Lamp, Arc Floor Lamp With Hanging Drum Shade, Unique Floor Lamps

The most popular contemporary design of black arc floor lamp at the moment is an arc floor lamp with a drum shade that hangs over your couch or workstation in your living room, bedroom, or office. The tall, large vogue standing lamp is adaptable, complementing design including modern, contemporary, and urban, mid-century, minimalist, vintage, classic, and any other decor schemes.

Its perfect arc of the lamp body makes it stand out wherever you position it. The black arc floor lamp is tall enough to be an excellent reading light and over-the-shoulder light in comparison to other products with the small size and fixed height.

As a result, a modern corner lamp can produce a lot of light and provide brighter lighting. Only the height and light shade direction can be adjusted in 180 degrees. Are the ideal height and size to hover over your desk, sofa, or any other object you want? Perfect for satisfying your needs for reading, focused work, and relaxation. Marble Base Stable This lamp looks fantastic propped up over the sectional in the living or family room. The marble base is simple to fit below your couch, and the adjustable arc can be telescoped up to 40 inches from the pole. Enjoy reading, crocheting, and other activities under the overhead light.

The unique floor lamps will firmly stand upright on the floor with the 15″ diameter strong base, wobble-free, no leaning; never fall down, quite safe for children or pets. It works with Alexia and matches several devices. The free-standing pole lamp may be turned on and off using Amazon, Echo, Sire, and Google Home. (Smart plug necessary; available separately.) If you only need to use it briefly and do not need to connect it to any electronic devices, you only need to use a regular E26 bulb?

We advise using an LED or other energy-saving bulb instead (60W Max). Depending on the mood you wish to create, you can choose different wattage bulbs. No bulb is supplied. Simple Installation & Convenient Foot Pedal Tall unique floor lamps convenient foot switch makes it simple to turn it on and off without bending over.

Foot switches that can turn things on and off are suitable for people of all ages and heights (children, adults, and the elderly). a good option for family use. Without using any tools, it’s simple to assemble this tall floor lamp. Just follow the instructions while screwing the lamp pole’s component parts together. You’ll be astounded by how simple the installation is.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jennette Brown purchased this and reviews that “Great for the price you get!” When I first ordered it, it came in a damaged package and pieces of it were missing or broken off. It was frustrating, but thankfully I was able to return it and get a new one faster than the first time, and this one was packaged perfectly! Read more…

Unique Floor Lamps, LENIVER RGB Spiral Floor Lamp, Unique LED Corner Lamp

Creative and distinctive modern design these unique floor lamps has seen numerous iterations of design, culminating in the creation of a perfect and distinctive lamp that blends beauty, elegance, dimmer control, and color changing. With its contemporary style, it complements a variety of rooms, including the living room, bedroom, office, or any other furniture. Regardless of where it is positioned, this lamp can raise your grade and lift your spirits.

200+ LIGHTING MODES & 16 MILLION COLORS More than 200 different lighting settings and more than 16 million colours make up this sophisticated dream color unique floor lamps, which can add dynamic lighting to your gaming, movie, video, and music experiences. When compared to typical lamp beads, the brightness will rise by 30% thanks to an integrated premium RGB LED strip. Smart application plus remote control The RGB floor lamp is simple to control using a Bluetooth APP or remote control. The maximum control distance is 32.8 feet, so you can use the remote or APP to change the light colors, brightness, mode, or any other aspect of the floor lamp without ever leaving your comfortable couch or bed.

TIMING FUNCTION + SYNC YOUR MUSIC our unique floor lamps can sync to any music or sound using the in-built high-sensitive microphone. The lights will pulse to different songs, considerably enhancing your viewing, entertainment, and gaming experiences. You can automate the on/off of lights using the timing feature at a set time. You’ll drift off to sleep with the gentle light, and the morning’s pulsing light will give you energy.

Excellent post-sale support we offer a 12-Month Worry-Free Warranty on all of our items. If you are unhappy with any of our unique floor lamps, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll do everything in our power to make things right. Your feedback and recommendations are what keep us going.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Rico Medford purchased this and reviews that “Great lamp” Got it as an Xmas gift. Easy to assemble. Ton of different color modes. The design is what got me hooked. Will be buying more soon!