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By: Mubbara Zulfiqar

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The mechanical evangelion keycaps are attractive with Gateron switches that is Gasket mount hot-swappable. The small 1800 layout includes 98 keys and a detachable wave badge above the Numpad. It was created for high productivity. Three shades are available for colors like vintage white, black, and green. There are available pro yellow, blue, brown, black and red. Silicone and gasket material are used on the plates and Pcba’s top and bottom edges. The premium gaskets and silicone of the best quality evangelion keycaps with gasket mounts cushion the force of each keypress, resulting in a flexible, softer, and cleaner typing experience.

The mechanical evangelion keycaps may be quickly switched out. The beautiful evangelion keycaps have north-facing LEDs and are fully hot-swappable with 3 or 5-pin mechanical switches. You can easily swap out the default Gateron switches with any other color or MX-style switches without having to solder anything. The evangelion keycaps feature a number of different RGB backlit modes that are readily switchable via shortcuts. The software that is included allows you to create RGB effects. You can programme any type of keyboard key function, record a macro, and customize your function keys with the software.

If the computer was offline, the inbuilt flash memory chip could store the configuration to the  keycaps. This product also use Cherry Profile PBT double-shot keycaps, which are produced by moulding two layers of plastic into one another without the need for printing. The key legend won’t smear or wear off over time. The cylindrical tops of the cherry profile evangelion keycaps mould to your fingertips to improve comfort when typing or playing video games. It was created for high productivity. With a few straightforward shortcuts, you can quickly switch between the IF98’s many RGB-illuminated settings.

The good quality mechanical evangelion keycaps with Gateron switches are mounted on a Gasket and are hot-swappable. With the software, you may set up any type of keyboard key function, record a macro, and customize your function keys however you like. Using the software that comes with the evangelion keycaps kit, you may create RGB effects. If the keyboard is offline, the inbuilt flash memory unit may be able to save the configuration. The keycaps kit included an additional 98-key Gateron keyboard 6 additional keycaps in color-coordinated coiled keyboard cable keycaps and switches to the keyboard’s manual for the puller dust cover.

Evangelion keycaps - MOLGRIA Purple and Green 128 Set Evangelion Unit-01 Keycaps for Gaming Keyboard

Keycaps EVA-01, MOLGRIA 128 Set Evangelion Unit-01 Keycaps for Gaming Keyboard, PBT Cherry Profile Dye Sublimation Keycaps Purple and Green for Gateron Kailh Cherry MX 104/87/74/61 60% Keyboard

The attractive evangelion keycaps are made of PBT materials, with a cherry profile height and an ergonomic ladder design; it is anti-grease to ensure a better operating experience. The smooth, grainy texture of the textured matte PBT thermal sublimation evangelion keycaps makes them fingerprint-proof and prevents sweat and grease from sticking.

The key caps on the keyboard’s primary subject the base keycaps are Purple and Green, giving this Dye with Mech Style keyboard, which we name Evangelion Unit-01, a really special and lovely look. This 128 sets of Evangelion keycaps kit including 104 Keys, Supplement Kit and Keycap Puller. They are compatible with keyboards with complete keys 108/104 and 87/61/60 keycap refresh as well as Outemu, Kailh, and Gateron switches and most common ANSI keyboards.

This keyboard is compatible with practically all Cherry MX switch keyboards and  the original evangelion keycaps spacebar size is 6.25u. However, it is incompatible with some keyboards, such as the HHKB Corsair and Logitech. Height of the keycaps is Original. The evangelion keycaps technology for printing is thermal sublimation when you buy this product online

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Steven purchased this and review that “Nice keycaps and worth the price!” Overall I am satisfied with the purchase (I bought Lilith keycaps). The quality is better than I expected. However, I need to point out that it is an OEM profile instead of a cherry profile. It’s not a big deal for me though.

Evangelion keycaps - JSJT Japanese Cherry Profile Dye Sublimation Keycap Set for Cherry MX Switch Logitech

JSJT Japanese Keycap EVA-01 PBT Keycap 146 Keys Mecha Keycap Cherry Profile Dye Sublimation Evangelion Keycap Set for Cherry MX Switch Logitech G610 Corsair Strafe K70 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

The Japanese evangelion keycaps offers outstanding longevity and a great typing experience that is less prone to gather dirt. Keycaps feature a variety of personalized extra keycaps that you may mix and match to your taste to give your keyboard a unique look. We have 143 keycaps set up for PC gamers who use mechanical keyboards.  

Mechanical keyboards with 5.75u/6.5u/7u space bar compatibility include the Logitech G610 GPRO G710+, Corsair strafe k65 k70, and 7u Space Bar.  These are created for keyboard fans with fun and excitement.  The several novelty patterns are awesome. You desire to strike the keycaps because of their unusual design. Cherry-type full evangelion keycaps has an ergonomic layout that is simple to install and a curved layout that gives you a comfortable and long-lasting experience.

This EVA-01-themed evangelion keycaps set is a terrific option for personalizing your keyboard because it gives you many extra keys with a variety of unique symbols for your DIY keyboard needs. Most ANSI/ISO layout 61/64/68/84/87/96/104/108 full-size mechanical gaming keyboards on the market are compatible with 146 keys. The soft, pleasant texture of the keycaps allows you to appreciate the product when you buy this online.

This keycap set is constructed from premium PBT material with an oil-proof coating, and clear engraving, and resists fading. The cherry profile and lovely designs are featured in the EVA-01 themed keycap set. evangelion keycaps are also compatible with mechanical keyboards that use Mx switches (such as Cherry and Gateron).

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Chaotic Crafter purchased this and review “Wonderful Key Caps” Purchased these keycaps, in mid-January and received them shortly after. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cherry profile keycaps offer an appealing balance between comfort, accuracy, and speed thanks to their slanted tops, sculpted rows, and shorter 9.4 mm height. Writers, Esports players, and productivity experts who expect excellent performance from their mechanical keyboards are big fans of them.

PBT is regarded as superior because it is more robust and doesn’t over time take on a shiny appearance. Having said that, there are some pretty lovely sets of ABS keycaps available, and ultimately, it comes down to personal preference.

The classic clicky choice is Cherry MX Blues. Every time you press a key, they click and then immediately spring back into action. There will also be a noticeable physical bump for you.

PBT / Polybutylene Terephthalate rods are opaque off-white in colour and adhere to ASTM D6261 standards from the American Society for Testing and Materials.

Keycaps made of Polybutylene Terephthalate (PBT) are less frequently used. You will typically have to purchase PBT separately or pay a markup for many keyboards because it is more expensive to procure and create.

One of the toughest plastics that are popularly utilised and accessible for keycap sets is PBT. Even with heavy use, the inscriptions won’t fade over time.

For 3D printing, PBT the advantages of PBT are offered by 3D-printable powder. Efficient: Tool processing times, shipping costs, and material waste are all decreased by 3D printing. Flexible: Replacement components and small series can be made rapidly and with ease.

The Corsair Strafe K70 is compatible with this key set.