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By: Mubbara Zulfiqar

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Compatible With Schok Classic Flip Phone


Universal 2-In-1 Phone Keyboard


Flip Phone Keyboard

Wireless best quality flip phone keyboard folds protoArc’s 105-key portable Bluetooth keyboard.  You can become accustomed to its design and start working anywhere. The bottom non-slip pads keep the keyboard steady and balanced so that it won’t slide while you’re typing. Up to 3 devices can be synced with our compact bluetooth keyboard, you can couple three devices on three Bluetooth channels at once. It has simple switch with a button press. You can work effortlessly with your iPad, phone, tablet, or laptop because they are compatible with windows, Mac OS, iOS, or Android devices.

The travel flip phone keyboard comes with a 210 mAh battery that offers 5 months of standby time on a single full charge.  “Portable & Rechargeable” A Type-C charging cable is included. Ideally suited for use on airplanes, in libraries, cafes, and anyplace else you choose. This fantastic item also keeps the classic typing sensation while eliminating over 90% of distracting sounds.

The good quality flip phone keyboard smart hinges have a long lifespan since they are framed with an aluminum body for high stiffness. It can withstand bumps and is incredibly robust. When you carry it around and fold it up with a magnetic device, it won’t open up easily.  Just fold the keyboard up and store in your briefcase and take it away. You can type in cars, at cafes, library and anywhere you want. Flip it open and you have a full keyboard ready to go. Cutting-Edge Quiet Typing Low-profile keys with quiet scissor switches allow for efficient, laptop-like typing.

The open dimensions of this item are 15.19 x 4.68 x 0.48 inches and  the folding dimensions are 8.46 x 4.68 x 0.78 inches. Unfold the keyboard, the hinges make it stay flat on your desk or even on your lap. A travel keyboard is compact, versatile, and portable. Following these items are included in the Package content such as 1 x bluetooth keyboard, 1 x USB-C Charging cable and 1 x user manual.

Flip Phone Keyboard In Jet Black Color - Portable Keyboard With Integrated Commands For Schok Classic Flip Phone

BoxWave Keyboard Compatible with Schok Classic Flip Phone (Keyboard by BoxWave) - SlimKeys Bluetooth Keyboard, Portable Keyboard with Integrated Commands for Schok Classic Flip Phone - Jet Black

Schok classic flip Phone is compatible with BoxWave keyboard. The elegant flip phone keyboard is very slim and light at only 3/16 of an inch! With its convenient size, you can effortlessly store your keyboard away safely. When it’s time to type that long text message, email, or article, you can quickly set it back up with even less effort! The SlimKeys Bluetooth Keyboard’s responsive Chiclet-style keys are big enough for the same tactile touch-typing you would do on a full-size keyboard but thin and light enough to take with you anywhere! By turning the keyboard off when not in use, you may conserve battery power with the help of the on/off switch on the SlimKeys Bluetooth best Flip phone keyboard.

The more recent Bluetooth Version 3.0 was created to prevent the battery-draining costs associated with leaving the earlier Bluetooth version on constantly. The most recent Bluetooth pairing technology for keyboards is version 3.0. This means that your classic flip phone keyboard will pair more quickly and communicate without any issues!  It is the ultimate travel companion since it allows you to use your classic flip Phone like a netbook. This product  is for you if you want to use your classic flip phone while typing on a keyboard in a familiar manner.

The flip phone keyboard is incredibly light and thin at only 3/16 inches! Its responsive chiclet-style keys are thin and light enough to carry anywhere, yet big enough for you to touch type just as you would on a full-sized keyboard! Because it enables you to use your classic flip phone like a netbook, it is the ideal travel companion. With its convenient slim size, you can effortlessly pack away your Flip phone keyboard.  

Flip Phone Keyboard and Bewinner Universal 2-In-1 Phone Folio Stand Case Cover + Detachable Keyboard

Bewinner Universal 2-in-1 Phone Keyboard Flip Case - Phone Folio Stand Case Cover+Detachable 3.0 Bluetooth Keyboard - Suitable for 4.5"-6.8" Bluetooth Cell Phone(Black)

This two-in-one, fashionable folio phone holder case with a detachable 3.0 Bluetooth keyboard is made to keep your phone hands-free as you work, read, view videos, and type as you would on a regular laptop.  This phone keyboard flips cover guards against dents and scratches. This best flip phone keyboard works with Bluetooth mobile phones that are 4.5″ to 6.8″, including Android, Windows, and iOS devices. It is lightweight, small, and simple to handle and carry. The magnetic keyboard tray that is removable transforms the keyboard cover into a traditional suitcase.

All ports are easily accessible while being protected from scratches by the innovative folio design. Your phone is safely held in place by the built-in bracket at the ideal angle for typing or watching videos. The good quality flip phone keyboard is dust-proof, scratch-resistant, abrasion-resistant, high-performance, and of excellent quality. The protective shell is made of high-quality PU leather, which offers a solid, long-lasting cushion when dropped.  An all-in-one leather keyboard that is portable, better for protecting phones, has a bracket function and is useful for offices suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on any desktop when you buy this product online.

Adjustable width adapts to various cell phone sizes, simple, generous design, exquisite line stitching, very delicate feel, fine interior craftsmanship, simple to use, securely fixed machine, protects the phone, prevents scratches and other damage to the phone. High-grade PCBA board brushed grain processing and keyboard material. The long-lasting flip phone keyboard have an excellent key feel, a nearly flawless technique, and a very user-friendly interface.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kolibri2005 purchased this and review that “Makes writing on my phone a breeze!” Absolutely 10/10! This keyboard has made it SO much easier to use my phone for emails, long messages, reports, or anything else with lots of text (like this review hahaha). I have to write reports for work on my phone and I am TERRIBLE at using a touch screen.

Best Quality Flip Phone Keyboard and V BEST LIFE Bluetooth Keyboard Magnetic Leather Travel Carrying Case Blue Cover

V BESTLIFE Universal Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Flip Magnetic Leather Travel Carrying Case Cover with Stand for iOS/for Android Phones(Blue)

The sturdy flip phone keyboard is compatible with Bluetooth cell phones ranging in width from 4.5 to 6.8 inches (9.5 to 9.5 centimeters), including Android, Windows, and iOS devices. It is lightweight, small, and simple to handle. Magnetic keyboard tray that can be removed allows the keyboard cover to be used as a traditional portfolio case. Unique folio design shields ports from damage while allowing for simple port access. An integrated stand safely and securely supports your mobile at the ideal viewing or typing angle.

When dropped, the keyboard’s premium PU leather protective exterior provides a sturdy, shockproof cushion that is also dust- and scratch-resistant, high-performance, and of the highest quality. The item is compatible with Bluetooth cell phones that are 4.5″ to 6.8″, including Android, Windows, and iOS phones. Bluetooth keyboard, case, and single USB cable are included in one package.  The colors of the keyboard are black, pink, and blue. The type of keyboard is a sleeve for a Bluetooth keyboard. Dimensions of a good quality flip phone keyboard are approximately 8.3 * 5.5 * 1.6 inches (21 * 14 * 4 cm).

The keyboard is made of plastic and the casing is PU leather. Bluetooth 3.0 is with HS specifications. A Micro USB port is the interface. English is the language. The red light on means that it is charging and the off means that it is fully charged; the flashing light means that it is low on electricity and should be charged.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jody purchased this and review that “A Need” This is thankfully a very good product to have as a sassy strong women that needs to text a ten page paragraph every time I respond to others. It is a wonderful thing I carry in my purse now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The greatest flip phones come with useful amenities like a calculator and alarm clock in addition to high-quality audio calls and text messaging.

Flip phones could be regarded as straightforward vintage phones, yet they still offer rudimentary GPS and internet capabilities. Although a flip phone’s internet browser might not be as good as one in a contemporary smartphone, your child can still visit social networking sites and watch YouTube videos.

Some flip phones can execute Java applications, and they may be able to install and run them, although the resources of the phone may be severely constrained. Although some manufacturers did produce smart flip phones that could run Symbian, Android, and Linux, they lacked many of the capabilities of today’s smartphones.

The Nokia 2780 Flip is the replacement for the widely accessible Nokia 2760 Flip, which is also sold in India. With regard to the new version, WhatsApp is supported because it runs on the KaiOS platform. Additionally, it has two screens and is run by a Qualcomm processor.

Even multimedia assets like music and video can be downloaded and played by it. Its monochrome 0.98-inch outside display allows you to read texts without having to actually flip it open, extending the device’s seven-day battery life.

You can carry a smaller phone while still having access to maps and other positional information if your flip phone has GPS. Flip phones with GPS are a wonderful option for folks who may not desire a more conventional smartphone because they can aid in tracking and navigation.

These current flip phones combine the greatest aspects of the past with contemporary smart technology, such as a high-quality camera, and can run the majority of the newest apps on a 4G or 5G network. The advantages of a flip phone differ from those of a traditional rectangular smart phone.