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A best Gundam keyboard is made up of keycaps made of pure metal and your favourite cartoon character. RX78 of EFSF.All-aluminum 3D carving technology, the best precision carving tools in the business, and sophisticated CNC programming technology are required for Gundam enthusiasts to have it and a subpar copy casting method cannot compare. The anodic oxidation coloring technique of Gundam keyboard with exquisite feel sand blasting procedure, excellent presentation of product texture, and real color restoration in the game. No need to be concerned about product damage from frequent insertion and removal thanks to the precise cross socket. Any Gundam collector or anime fan must have the Mobile Suit Gundam Keycaps Set.

The Japanese anime “Gundam” served as inspiration for these mechanical keyboard keycaps. They have artwork from the series, including “Mobile Suit Gundam,” “Japanese Characters,” and others, in brilliant blue, yellow, and white. The OEM profile Gundam keyboard has increased resistance to stains and damage thanks to their sturdy PBT plastic construction. These premium keycaps are all dye-subbed, which means that the picture is stamped into each keycap rather than painted on top, providing a sharp and lasting design. This product is perfect for everyday use because it is plain and elegant. This good quality Gundam keyboard looks amazing and feels great thanks to its simple yet beautiful font style and pop of color.

The adorable keycaps are a great option for jazzing up your keyboard or adding a sweet touch to your desk set-up. This keycaps set will revitalise you and give your mechanical keyboard some colourful pyrotechnics and outgoing attitude. This gaming keycap set, which portrays Naganohara Yoimiya, a Pyro character and the ruler of the constellation Carassius Auratus, is based on the well-known Japanese RPG Genshin Impact. This cute Gundam keyboard is appropriate for mechanical keyboards with MX switches. The keycap, which is made of PBT, is thick enough to prevent easy wear and scratching. You’ve discovered the perfect present for a fan of the Genshin Impact video game. Get this set of keycaps to give your mechanical keyboard some Kawaii flair when you buy this product online.

Gundam keyboard - Zeon ZAKU Metal keycap Set Suitable for Computer Mechanical Keyboard (RX78)

WW keycap Gundam Metal keycap Set, Keyboard Cap, UC0079 EFSF RX78 Zeon ZAKU Gundam, Suitable for Computer Mechanical Keyboard (RX78)

A stylish Gundam keyboard is made up of keycaps made of pure metal and your favorite cartoon character. All-aluminum 3D carving technology, the best precision carving tools in the business, and sophisticated CNC programming technology are not comparable to low-quality replica casting processes. No need to be concerned about product damage from frequent insertion and removal thanks to the precise cross socket. This item is a single keycap; a keyboard is not included. Your job pressure can be reduced by the rotating design.

It is quite well made. The best Gundam keyboard looks quite modern because of its transparent design.  Keycaps are necessary for a mechanical keyboard. The 140 ultra-thick, ultra-durable ABS keycaps made with genuine Cherry tooling are included in the set, which puts PBT to the test. For a complimentary appearance that blends with any keyboard, the colors utilized are GMK’s traditional CR Black and WS1 White. Additionally, they work with a range of keyboards, both those with conventional and unconventional layouts when you buy this product online.

Easy-Shift Plus technology of durable Gundam keyboard gives compatible keys a second purpose; simply keep the designated modifier key depressed to instantly double the command power. Using a high-quality magnetic attachment, the supplied palm rest allows you to change your setup to whatever is most comfortable for you, whether that is a relaxing typing or a competitive gaming style. To increase its strength and durability, the elegant Gundam keyboard is strengthened with a layer of aircraft-grade aluminum to keep it in top condition, Titan switches are made to keep dust and debris out

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Miranda purchased this and review that “Exactly as pictured and described!” I was a little worried it’d be made of cheap material and come in terrible packaging (bought this as a gift!), but it was perfect!  The material feels like metal, the hat spins freely, the box is great for a gift/keeping it safe, and it is definitely high quality. Would recommend this keycap!

Gundam keycaps - YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA Similar to XDA Japanese Keycap Dye Sub for MX Keyboard - Gundam keyboard

YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA Similar to XDA Japanese Keycap Dye Sub for MX Keyboard 104 87 GK61 96 84 GK64 68 Key caps (123 Gundam)

This Gundam keyboard works well with north-facing LEDs; alternative side-lit keycaps are available in our shop for south-facing LEDs. These Gundam keycaps set has a ball-shaped ZDA profile that is lower than SA and higher than XDA. Rows are identical in height. Compatible with mechanical keyboards using standard ANSI 108 104 87 61 MX switches with a spacing of 6.25u, or 11.7cm. For the majority of 60 percent of keyboards, these keycaps can be used on games CM Storm Quick Fire, Poker, etc

The good quality Gundam keycaps are composed of sturdy double-shot, dyed PBT material that allows light to shine through and is 1.55mm in thickness. Although the surface feels smooth, it won’t be as simple to oil as pure ABS. It works with Ducky one 2-minute keycap. Dye sublimation, which is exceedingly durable, is the legend.

This Good quality Gundam keyboard offers exceptional durability and a great typing experience thanks to its durable PBT material and anti-grease coating. Gundam keycaps are less prone to dirt accumulation. The keycap uses a sophisticated dye sublimation process that gives the color pattern additional vibrancy, makes it resistant to oil stains, and extends its service life. The XDA profile ball cap has a stunning appearance and increases the contact area between the fingers and the keycap, enhancing typing comfort when you buy this product online.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Arming purchased this and reviewed the “Really nice keycaps” This was my first XDA keycap set and it took me a while to get used to the profile. Honestly, these keycaps are really nice, and I recommend these, especially for the price

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re seeking for brighter colours, GMK keycaps commonly come in those, as their ABS material holds more saturation than their PBT equivalents. Additionally, ABS is a simpler plastic to produce, so ABS keycaps typically have fewer inconsistent legends.

The keycaps in the GMK design are made of sturdy PBT plastic and are roughly 1.5mm thick. Special Design can be used with both PCBs that face north and south. The back corner of the keycaps includes the injection point. Because the spacebar is 6.25u, it cannot be compatible with keyboards like the Cosair Logitech Razer.

GMK is regarded as the pinnacle of keycap producers among ardent mechanical keyboard users. Internet enthusiasts of mechanical keebs, particularly those on Reddit, would go above and beyond to laud GMK for the superior artistry and quality that they put into all of their keycap sets.

For its keycaps, GMK uses acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic in place of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT). When used for keycaps, ABS, a softer plastic that is simple to make, eventually becomes bright and smooth.

True, these are compatible with tenkeyless keyboards

1 1.25 1.5 1.75 2 2.25 2.75 3 sizes are the spacebars in the “9 Convex Space” set.