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2 Door Fridge RCA


Energy-Saving Design


3.2 Cu Ft Mini Fridge


Black Mini Fridge With Freezer


Mini Fridge Stainless


Refrigerator Black Stainless

The term “fridge” refers to a business and residential appliance with a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump (mechanical, electrical, or chemical) that transfers heat from the interior to the exterior to cool the interior to below room temperature. Around the world, refrigeration is a crucial method for keeping food fresh. The refrigerator slows down food spoiling because the lower temperature slows down bacterial reproduction. The temperature inside a 2-door fridge is kept a few degrees above the water’s freezing point. 3 to 5 °C (37 to 41 °F) is the ideal temperature range for the storage of perishable foods. A 4.6 cu ft refrigerator is a comparable appliance that maintains a temperature below the freezing point of water. 

István Röck, a Hungarian manufacturer and inventor, began making a sizable industrial ammonia 2-door fridge in 1894 that was powered by electric compressors (together with the Esslingen Machine Works). The Ganz Works produced its electric compressors. Röck and the Esslingen Machine Works displayed a 6-ton capacity artificial ice production facility at the 1896 Millennium Exhibition. The Ganz Works produced the device, which was used in the opening of the first significant Hungarian cold store (with a capacity of 3,000 tons, the largest in Europe) on Tóth Kálmán Street, Budapest, in 1906. Röck and Ganz Works controlled Hungary’s large-scale industrial refrigerator manufacture until it was nationalized following World War II. 

Households, businesses, and industries all use freezers. Food can be kept indefinitely at or below 18 °C (0 °F). [19] Although some freezer-only units can achieve 34 °C (29 °F) and below, most domestic freezers maintain temperatures from 23 to 18 °C (9 to 0 °F). Since the same coolant loop supplies both compartments, refrigerator freezers often do not drop below 23 °C (9 °F): Maintaining an above-freezing temperature in the 2-door fridge section is problematic when the freezer compartment temperature is too low. Domestic freezers can be an independent device or might be a separate chamber in a refrigerator. Domestic freezers can either be upright, like a refrigerator, or chest freezers, which are broader than tall and have a cover or door on top.

2 Door Fridge RCA RFR836 Stainless Steel

RCA RFR836 3.2 Cu Ft 2 Door Fridge and Freezer, Stainless Steel

Dimensions: Top door for freezer and bottom door for fridge, 20.09″ D (Including handles), 16.92″ Depth (without door), 33″ height to top of door hinge Thermostat and compressor cooling that may be adjusted for optimum performance even in hot conditions. Flush back design for Space Saving. Greens are best kept in a crisper drawer. The reversible door works with either left- or right-handed people.

Door basket and built-in can dispenser for 2-liter bottles fridge and freezer of 3.2 cubic feet (stainless steel) RCA has decades of expertise in creating high-quality goods from the manufacturer. This stainless steel, 2-door fridge is the same. Your fridge has 2 handy doors and 3.2 cubic feet of chilling space overall. The top doors open to reveal a spacious freezer where you can keep all your frozen foods. The refrigerator’s bottom door opens to reveal glass pull-out shelves and a veggie drawer compartment. There is a beverage can dispenser and a space to store 2 Liter bottles on the side of the door. Any space will look more luxurious and sophisticated with the Stainless Steel finish. Your food and beverages will stay chilled in this 2-door fridge because it is compressor cooled.

There is a built-in temperature dial that allows you to maintain the ideal desired temperature in your refrigerator. The 2-door fridge is CFC-free and quiet, making it a green refrigerator. Ideal for any location where you need a high-quality fridge with freezer capacity, including a bedroom, office, or dorm room.


Bill I’m attempting to be precise in my response to your “Is 500 watts enough?” query. I will maintain that the ratio of demand to available electricity is roughly equal. A 500-watt inverter can deliver 4.4 amps MAX. You have 3.5 amps at 115 volts at the recommended load of 75 to 80%. If it were up to me, I’d say OK, but make sure the refrigerator and inverter have airflow to dissipate heat. * A 90mm PC/Hobby cooling fan might be added next to the inverter. They consume the same amount of power as a 12v trunk light bulb.I hope I’m not annoying you. I’ve been a mechanic for a long time and know several time-honored techniques.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

A customer reviewed this product as “Awesome mini fridge.” Wow, you know I had some doubts cus I bought this little fridge cheap, but this fridge is legit. I don’t know why people are saying its loud. The only time I noticed it making “noise” was when I first turned it on, and it was doing its thing to start cooling. After that, its quiet. I love it, it keeps my food fresh and drinks cold unlike my last fridge that either froze everything or wasn’t cold enough. And the little top freezer is great at keeping things frozen. Its actually really spacious too you can fit lots in there as long as your keeping food for 1 person. 10/10 would recommend thank you.

Energy-Saving Design: Low Noise And Power Usage. Suitable For Both Fresh And Frozen Food

Anukis Compact Refrigerator 3.5 Cu Ft 2 Door Mini Fridge with Freezer For Apartment, Dorm, Office, Family, Basement, Garage, Black

Small 2-door fridge with inside lighting and a double door design with a top door for the freezer and a bottom door. There is enough room in the freezer to store some frozen food and two 2.4-pound tubs of ice cream. There are three sections to a refrigerator. About fifteen 18-ounce cans of drinking water can fit between the two layers of the glass partition. Some fruits and vegetables can be stored in the base layer.

The two front feet of the refrigerator have an adjustable balance, or “levelling the appliance.” Please be sure to put the mini fridge upright for 24 hours before using it to ensure that it operates smoothly. The 2-door fridge area may freeze if the thermostat is set to 7. Do not hesitate to contact us. If there are any issues, we will do all in our power to resolve them.

Switch for Temperature Compensation in Refrigerators Turning on the switch causes the 2-door fridge to operate passively when the surrounding temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, allowing the freezer section to maintain a low-temperature frozen state.Double independent doors Raw and cooked foods do not mix.

Cooler: preserves the freshness and moisture of food.

Can store: Snacks, drinks, fruits, and veggies.

Freezer: quick refrigeration that preserves food quality.

Can store: Ice cream, meat, fish, and other seafood.


The 2-door fridge and compressor will operate at high temperatures for a prolonged period when you use it for the first time. The refrigerator will make a loud noise when it first turns on, but after some time, the noise will lessen.When the refrigerator is positioned in an unstable position, it can be adjusted by levelling the stand.Examine the refrigerator’s condenser fan motor in the back. If debris is preventing the fan from moving.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Ari Richardson reviewed this product as “It’s good for what I was looking for.” I like the fridge – except one of the legs was broken when delivered; hasn’t caused issues, however. I guess I thought the door would be able to hold more than it does… it doesn’t hold cans (not wide enough – guess it’ll only hold bottles/square containers.) It is a very quiet machine, so that’s perfect. The freezer is a great size, too. I would recommend this product.

3.2 Cu Ft Mini Fridge For Bedroom, Office, Kitchen-2-Door Fridge

HAILANG Mini Fridge With Freezer,3.2 Cu.Ft Compact Refrigerator With 2 Doors For Bedroom,Office,Kitchen,Apartment,Dorm (Black.)

Size: 17.68in. x 18.31in. x 33.9in., holding 3.2 cu. ft mini fridge. Top door for freezer and bottom door for fridge on a 2-door fridge. To the farthest extent possible, thoroughly isolate the refrigeration and freezing processes.The inside 3.2 cu. ft mini fridge temperature may be adjusted from 32 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, while the freezers can be set to -11.2 to 5 degrees. Thermostat and compressor cooling that may be adjusted for optimum performance even in hot conditions.

Easy to clean: If you wish to clean, you may remove or modify the refrigerator’s glass shelf. Additionally, you can store something tall using this capability.

Removable glass shelf: A glass drawer and shelf divide produce into fruit and vegetables.

Additional options for organizing your storage needs are provided with a retractable slide-out glass shelf. A bonus ice tray and shovel can help you freeze your beverages with ice cubes.

Anywhere: With dimensions of 17.7 x 19.5 x 34.6 (WDH) (inches), the3.2 cu. ft mini fridge  may be placed in a variety of locations with ease.

Anything: The 3.2 cu. ft mini fridge has two detachable glass shelves and a clear basket that make it simple to organize the space to fit larger or oddly shaped objects.

Power Saving: Using a high-efficiency compressor, this refrigerator can swiftly and efficiently cool food. The refrigerator is more durable thanks to the cutting-edge compression cooling system. Its low use of 0.89 kWh per day, which is energy-saving compliant, enables you to live a better life.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

DR reviewed this product as “ Amazing customer service from seller.”I wasn’t aware of the seasonal compensation switch near the thermostat and the refrigerator section wouldn’t cool below 40 degrees. I contacted seller and they responded immediately with the solution. Keep up the great customer service. Now the fridge is just amazing!

Black Mini Fridge With Freezer For Bedroom Office-2-Door Fridge

3.0 Cu.Ft Compact Refrigerator with 2 Doors, Mini Fridge with Freezer, 37dB Quiet, 7-Settings Mechanical Thermostat, LED Lights, Small Refrigerator for Bedroom Office, Dorm or Garage, Black

The Frestec black mini fridge with freezer for office with a compact size of 17.8*20.5*33.5″ will please you in keeping all needs in order and fresh. 3.0 Cu. ft for spacious storing. If you’re searching for the ideal little refrigerator to preserve fresh fruits, veggies, or chilled drinks. Our refrigerators offer a 2-door fridge design and a separate 1-cu.-ft. freezer zone that is large enough for ice cream or frozen foods in the summer.

Saving your electricity bills: This dorm refrigerator utilizes less energy than most beverage refrigerators on the market, using only 0.69 kWh and $0.08 per day to keep the ideal humidity for your food. It is equipped with an R600 high-efficiency and low-consumption compressor. Our black mini fridge with freezer works silently and smoothly wherever you are, making the least amount of noise possible—under 37dB—to fit more conveniently in offices, dorm rooms, and bedrooms without taking up much area.

7 variable temperatures for various needs: Our black mini fridge with freezer provides the best temperature range from -11.2-46.4°F to preserve dairy, vegetables, fruits, and beverages with the best status across different seasons or occasions. The thermostat is manually adjustable from 1 (cold) to 7 (the coldest). Additionally, the legs are adjustable to prevent water damage to the refrigerator.

Keeping all your convenience in mind: Put an end to your concern about cleaning the refrigerator. This little refrigerator with a freezer has a glass shelf, 2 glass shelves that are removable, and a glass shelf that makes cleaning easier than ever. It is simple to find what you need at night thanks to LED lights. It is convenient to accommodate both right- and left-handed users thanks to the unique convertible door design of the black mini fridge with freezer.

Your satisfaction is our priority: When purchasing from our store, there is no risk! When our 3.0 small fridge is delivered, we will offer a 100% satisfaction assurance to our consumers if there is any damaged element. If the goods you purchased does not meet your expectations, kindly get in touch with us and let us know first. We will assist you.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jackomo reviewed this product as “ great for the dorm.” Really nice little fridge, having a separate freezer instead of just a floppy lid compartment is nice. Organizers in the door are well thought out, there’s even an ice maker with fun shapes included. Unfortunately arrived with a small dent in the door, but we took the discount the seller offered instead of sending it back, a fun decal over the dent, most likely it will be sold on to another student in a couple of years anyway. Seller was quick in communication.
The retro look adds an extra fun touch, it’s not just a black box.

Mini Fridge Stainless Steel With Freezer-2-Door Fridge

4.6. Cu ft Two Door Mini Fridge with Freezer, Stainless Steel Look

In a hotel room or cruise ship stateroom, a mini fridge stainless steel is a tiny refrigerator, usually an absorption refrigerator. The hotel staff stocks it with refreshments and snacks that guests can buy while they are there. It has a pricing list and is loaded with an exact inventory of the items. When leaving the hotel, the guest gets charged for any items that were consumed. Some more recent minibars record purchases automatically using infrared technology or another technique. Even if the item is not consumed, these systems identify the removal of a product and immediately charge the visitor’s credit card. To avoid product loss, theft, and lost revenue, this is done.

Robert Arnold, the hotel manager at the Hong Kong Hilton, created the first mini fridge stainless steel  in the world in 1974. [4] The Hong Kong Hilton’s annual income climbed by 5% and in-room beverage sales increased by 500% in the months after the program’s launch. The minibar concept was used by the Hilton group in all its hotels the following year.

2-door fridge is  made of stainless steel are generally simple to maintain and clean. Stainless steel is also a well-liked material for restaurant and industrial kitchens since it does not readily absorb dirt and can be kept clean by wiping with a moist cloth.

Keeping the surface appearing brand new is simple with the correct materials and knowledge of how to clean mini fridge stainless steel. You can use simple items like a mild dish detergent as well as specialized cleansers that have been approved for use by the manufacturer.

Stainless steel is the most typical steel type utilized in commercial refrigeration building. This comprises 400-series stainless steel, which has more carbon, and 300-series stainless steel, which is an austenitic alloy with a higher percentage of carbon and at least 16% chromium. A stainless-steel grade is stronger the more carbon it contains. The three stainless steel grades that are most frequently used for refrigeration equipment are 304, 316, and 430.

It might be challenging to buy a commercial mini fridge stainless steel  since you must decide what kind of refrigeration best suits your requirements, how much capacity is needed, and where in your workflow it should be located. Understanding the materials that are typically used in the interior and exterior construction of commercial refrigeration units will help you choose the ideal unit for your company. These materials can affect the unit’s longevity, upkeep needs, and cost.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Christian reviewed this product as “Great delivery, fast and undamaged. Shiny fridge.”Great delivery! Fast, and Fridge is in perfect cosmetic condition. The Seller also answered a question I had. Fridge looks efficient according to the chart. Will plug it in later this evening since I just moved it around a bit- Update March 19th 2022 -It was cold after 10 minutes, and has a gauge dial 1-7 for cold and a light in the fridge.

Refrigerator Black Stainless Steel With Thermostat-2 Door Fridge

LHRIVER 3.2 Cu Ft Mini Fridge with Freezer - 2 Door Compact Refrigerators with Refrigerators Thermostat, Retro Mini Fridgefor Bedroom, Office, Stainless Steel Black

3.2 cu ft of “large storage space.” Food tissue can be stored in two cubic inches of fresh food capacity as opposed to 21 cubic inches. You have space to store all your frozen goods in your refrigerator black stainless steel.

Our 2-door fridge doors are joined firmly by a sturdy hinge, allowing you to open or close the door without risk of injury at any time.

Side is placed: Beverages and supplies for making bottles can be stored in the storage area above the refrigerator black stainless steel  door, which is also completely utilized. Additionally, canned beverages are positioned in a way that makes sense, much like a vending machine.

In the United States, municipal home limits for noise are 45 to 45 decibels, which is in line with the noise produced by electrical equipment. Your electricity bill won’t be burdened in any way by 115V AC of our refrigerator black stainless steel.

Temperature: Easy temperature adjustment with a single knob within the refrigerator black stainless steel.The refrigerator is simple to maintain at 32–50°F, while the freezer is simple to maintain at –13°F for frozen food.