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By: Nazia Abid

Maintaining proper hydration while working out will help you make more gains. A dumbbell water bottle has a maximum capacity of 74 ounces. The bottle weighs about 6 pounds when it is full (2.6 kgs). These BPA-free dumbbell water bottles are 100 percent secure and healthful. Both odorless and non-toxic. Each bottle has a grooved handle for a comfortable grasp even during vigorous, sweaty exercise. Pouring is made simpler by a detachable top that screws on tightly to avoid leakage.

A wonderful present for your fitness-minded friends, family, or coworkers! Because they are lightweight, portable, and common in most homes, water bottles make excellent weights. Cans of soup can be used as a substitute if you don’t have weights or water bottles. Yes, you could always exercise weights and sip water from a bottle, but what if you could do both? That’s essentially what you can now do with these ridiculous yet amazing water bottles in the shape of dumbbells. You can use them to pump iron, which is actually the weight of the remaining water.

You may use it to lift and exercise with it, or you can use it as a cool prop while working out with real weights and real resistance. The dumbbell-shaped water bottle is made of food-grade plastic and has a useful grip texture in the center where you may grab it for further stability. You may zip the lid down to seal it after opening the top of it for quick and simple drinking, then carry on lifting weights (or the water bottle dumbbell itself).

The thick, high-quality PETG used to make the dumbbell water bottle is available in a few different colors, including translucent, which lets you see the water within. The fact that dumbbells can vary in weight because you can control how much water they contain is the finest part. Then, when you consume more alcohol, you will lose weight. You should probably examine each of the available dumbbell water bottle options online and determine for yourself which one best suits your demands.

The eye-catching design of dumbbell water bottle will make you the focus of attention. It is secure and healthy. 100% safe, BPA-free, and made from PETG. The huge capacity is sufficient for your needs, so you won’t have to keep refilling. Fill the bottle with fluids and get moving right away! A fantastic gift for loved ones, friends, coworkers, and lovers would be the perfect way to start the new year. Dumbbell Water Bottle’s distinctive design will catch everyone’s attention.

You’ll become the center of attention as a result. With its high capacity, it can fill up to the recommended daily water consumption in one fill. Fill the bottle with a drink, then get moving right away! PETG is an environmentally friendly substance that is food-grade and safe for use in everyday water supplies. It can be used repeatedly and is strong and safe for long-term use. Innovative dumbbell shape, high capacity to deliver your daily recommended water intake.

Enough water to stay hydrated during and after exercise, while participating in outdoor activities, and while trekking and camping. Designed with a clamshell that can securely retain water for drinking and an easy-to-carry handle. When you open the flip-top cap, it hangs on the bottle, preventing cap loss. With its changeable weight, it can also be used as a dumbbell for exercise.

Use a water bottle to perform strength-training exercises if you don’t have any dumbbells but want to go beyond push-ups, sit-ups, and pull-ups. Reuse your water bottle by making a strength-training gadget out of it for your indoor or outdoor workouts. Water in a bottle the size of a gallon will add to the resistance.

Dumbbell water bottle, Big capacity 75 Oz (2.2 L), BPA free, Flip top leak proof lid, 5 colors

Upgrade Dumbbell Shaped Water Bottle | Big Capacity 75 Oz (2.2 L)| BPA Free | Flip Top Leak Proof lid | 5 Colors

The normal bottles could leak. Jumigra’s dumbbell water bottle won’t leak, so relax. The rubber ring inside the lid has been removed and the construction update. This stops water leaks brought on by the rubber ring shedding. Use the Water Bottle to keep athletes hydrated. This water bottle has a spout with a high-volume flow that allows you to squeeze it to drink without touching the spout, making it the perfect bottle for sharing with others. Also, the large mouth diameter allows for the addition of ice, keeping your drink chilled throughout lengthy competitions or workouts.

Naturally, every one of the items is kept at the US warehouse, and after an order is placed, online the item will be sent directly. You will therefore get your bottle pretty fast. Attract attention from others and get compliments! Hold sufficient water. The size of this dumbbell pole is more comfortable for adults to hold compared to smaller dumbbell bottles. Improve the design and get rid of the rubber seal within the cap to make it leak-proof.

Attract attention from everyone, the distinctive design will make you the center of attention. Secure & sound: BPA-free, tasteless, and made from PETG! The 2.2-liter huge capacity of this dumbbell water bottle is sufficient for your needs, so you won’t need to keep refilling. Exercise wherever you are, just add liquid to the bottle and get moving!

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Terrance Smith purchased and reviewed the “Fantastic water bottle” Great design, and fantastic water bottle, the only problem I got was, I received mines with a slight dent nothing too major. Overall a great product.

Dumbbell water bottle, 2.2L exercise gym fitness sports workout portable see through, Blue

Southern Homewares 2.2L Dumbbell Shape Water Bottle Exercise Gym Fitness Sports Workout Portable See Through, Blue, 5.65" x 5.65" x 11.90". (Model: SH-10336)

It is a fantastic gift idea, ideal for sports fans, fitness lovers, bodybuilders, and personal trainers. It holds enough. With a 2.2 liter capacity, this clear bottle makes it simple to drink enough of water after working out. Grab the bottle like a dumbbell and take it to the gym, outdoors, park, and more due to its portable and displayable design, the lid is simple to use. The lid keeps liquid within and opens with ease while remaining fastened to the bottle.

The Dumbbell Shape Water Bottle in Blue from Southern Homewares eliminates any justification for not being able to lift! This specially created dumbbell has a training tool-like appearance and functionality, including on-the-go hydration. The simple flip-top lid makes it simple to get the cool, refreshing beverage within while preventing liquid leaks. The Dumbbell Shape Water Bottle in Blue from Southern Homewares eliminates any justification for not being able to lift!

This specially created dumbbell resembles and functions exactly like the exercise equipment, with the added benefit of providing on-the-go hydration. The transparent blue body makes it simple to see how much water is inside. The simple flip-top lid makes it simple to get the cool, refreshing beverage within while preventing liquid leaks.

This portable dumbbell water bottle is BPA-free, making it the ideal item to pack for travel, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Excellent present for workout enthusiasts, bodybuilders, personal trainers, lifters, and anybody else interested in fitness! The hue is blue. 2.2 liters of liquid capacity. Safe for dishwashers. The total size is 5.65″ x 5.65″ x 11.90″. Handle has a diameter of 2.61″. The fill opening has a diameter of 3.25″. Drinking ring measures 1.00″ x 0.80″

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kindle Customer purchased and reviewed “Sturdy and holds lots of water” I’ve dropped this on multiple occasions and nothing has happened to it! I get lots of compliments from people at the gym and it is great for holding tons of water. Drink 2 of these a day, and that’s a whole gallon!

Dumbbell water bottle, Workout portable weight water bottles 2.6l large capacity sport fitness water dumbbells (Black)

Chenxianyi Dumbbell Water Bottle, Workout Water Bottle For Women and Men, Portable Weight Water Bottles 2.6L Large Capacity Sport Fitness Water Dumbells (Black)

2.6L Big Capacity, Large amounts of cold beverages can be stored in the Sports Fitness Water Bottle to keep you hydrated while working out. Dumbbell-shaped water bottles are constructed of food-grade plastic that is non-toxic and free of BPA and tasteless of plastic. The five-color designs for gym bottles are the ideal gifts for a variety of recipients, including men, women, children, seniors, students, and active individuals who enjoy sports.

Each component of this training dumbbell water bottle was created with you in mind, from the ergonomic shape to the dust- and leak-proof cap! transparent bottle, and strong strap. It is simple to carry. The small bottle is easy for you to take about and allows you to work out wherever (home, courtyard, outdoor, seaside). You can use these adjustable dumbbells for body sculpting, exercise, workout, and weightlifting in the workplace, at home, or when traveling for business.

The upgraded sports insulated water bottle is the original, 100% BPA-free water bottle which keeps liquids colder for two times as long as earlier models. simple to clean, For easy cleaning, just twist and pull the Sport Cap’s two sections (the cap and valve), which are dishwasher-safe. Your preferred dumbbell water bottle for competitive sports, the gym, the studio, or hiking; designed to fit in the bottle cage of your bicycle reimagined to become the ultimate in coolness and your go-to sports bottle.

The redesigned insulation keeps your liquids colder for two times longer and advances Polar Bottle’s renowned radiant heat reflecting technology. Polar Bottle gives you the energy you need to go, whether you’re heading to the gym, hitting the studio, going on a hike, or taking the commute. The adjustable weight dumbbells filled with water. You and your family may work out at home using these adjustable weight dumbbells. For office women, this is the perfect indoor fitness equipment. Exercise may be done anywhere with this dumbbell water bottle.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

James M Hurr purchased and reviewed “Great gift for my son that lifts” My son loved this gift for Christmas and can not wait to take it to the gym and show his friends. The reason for only 4 stars is that the top lid is hard to open/close. Hoping it will loosen up a bit the more he uses it. Also, it is hard to clean out the water bottle due… See more

Dumbbell water bottle, 75 Oz (2.2 L) BPA free | flip top leak proof lid | 6 colors (Black)

75 Oz (2.2 L) Dumbbell Shaped Water Bottle | Big Capacity | BPA Free | Flip Top Leak Proof lid | 6 Colors (Black)

The dumbbell water bottles have been modified so that there is no longer a rubber band inside the lid, removing the possibility of leakage. Feel free to purchase. Specification includes Component: PETG, Styling: athletic fitness, Volume: 2.2L, Size: 30 x 15cm (11.8 x 5.9 inches). Note -10°C to 70°C in temperature should be maintained. Package contains, 1 x Dumbbell Water Bottle (2.2L), Use this dumbbell water bottle to get in shape.

When fully filled, this odd-looking bottle has a big capacity and is solidly constructed. It also comes with a convenient strap for carrying it. You can tone your arms while you’re on the road because the bottle weighs close to 1.5kg when it is fully loaded. It’s a bottle in the shape of a dumbbell that you may accessories with to seem fashionable. The design is simple to hold in your hand and makes it simple to drink juice, water, energy drinks, or protein shakes. The best aspect about it is that you can keep it exactly how you like it and that it doesn’t roll over.

Due to its portability, you may easily transport it to the gym, school, college, or office. Attract attention from everyone, the distinctive design will make you the center of attention. Secure & sound: 100% safe, BPA-free, and made from PETG! It is convenient, The 2.2-liter huge capacity is sufficient for your needs, so you won’t need to keep refilling. Exercise wherever you are, just add liquid to the bottle and get moving! Excellent gift, this would be an excellent present for friends, family, loved ones, and coworkers for the upcoming 2018 holiday season.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Hartmanrex purchased and reviewed “Nephew loved it” Bought this as a gift for my 7 yr old nephew. He loved it. Can’t comment on durability or anything. Just the joy it brought him when he opened it. Looks like a pain to wash but not my problem

Dumbbell water bottles, Sports water bottle fitness water kettle body training bottle rosy

DOITOOL Sports Water Bottle Dumbbell Shape Drinking Water Bottles Fitness Water Kettle Body Training Bottle Rosy

Fill the bottle with a drink, then get moving right away! Dumbbell Water Kettles can be used for Sports, and materials of the highest caliber used that are safe and useful. Big capacity design appropriate for daily activities, the gym, or the office. It is even more unique because of its inventive weightlifting dumbbell water bottle design. Equipped with a lanyard and are portable.

These dumbbell water bottles are for Fitness Camping Cycling Gym, Dumbbell Water Bottle, for the gym, before and after workouts, bodybuilding, weight reduction, camping, traveling, exercising, and all other outdoor sports, as well as at home and at the office. The strongest and safest BPA-free plastic was used in its manufacture. Reuse on a daily basis to help protect this lovely planet! Made from food-grade PETG plastic, which is 100% safe and non-toxic.

Easy to carry, drink from, and clean. Perfect for the gym, pre-and post-workout, bodybuilding, weight loss, traveling, exercising, and participating in all outdoor sports, as well as at home and at the workplace. Your daily recommended water intake is delivered by a water bottle with a distinctive dumbbell shape. 100% safe, BPA-free, and PETG-made product! Easy to carry, drink from, and clean thanks to the handle and clamshell You’re inspired to stay active and keep track of your water intake by the distinctive design and vibrant colors.

Everybody of any age is drawn to it. It is suitable for outdoor activities including cycling, camping, and trekking. carry to the office, college, and school, this dumbbell water bottle is a wonderful present for relatives and friends. The substance is plastic. Size: 10. 02X3. 14X3. 14 inches; 25. 50X8.00X8.00 centimeters. Volume: 750 ml. The packaging contains one water bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

They can weight no more they 2 lbs. You can fill them up to the weight you want, 1/2 full or to the top you decide what’s best for you. I Love them Great for water arboic. The hand grip is great and easy to work with.

I would suggest using only water in it and shaking soapy water in it to wash

I bought it on line for my son who takes it everywhere with him. He loves it but he just keeps water in it. It is just like a regular water bottle. No cold/hot thing. I hand wash it because I do not trust my dishwasher. My son loves his.

Dear customer, We guess you buy them from other sellers. Bottles sold by READYGOGO don’t have rubber seals inside, they will not leak. So we recommend consumers buy from READYGOGO.

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