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Shun single-beveled blades have a micro-bevel on the blade rear, similar to those of the majority of manufacturers. As a result, you can use the blade right out of the box and refine the edge using a smooth hone or 6000-grit whetstone. There are also shun knife sharpening tools that are more in-depth than the Sharpening Steels and are regarded as countertop utensils. Instruments that have grinding mechanisms incorporated into their plastic or metal shells are frequently modest but can greatly simplify the sharpening process. 

A diamond-coated abrasive or a tungsten carbide grinding stone is frequently included in the Knife Sharpener. The angle at which a knife is drawn across the sharpening stone is established with the use of guidelines, which also help to maintain a reasonably constant knife angle. Usually, four to six draws are enough to keep the blade well-honed. To prevent hands from accidentally touching the knife blades, a guard is frequently fastened to the sharpening.

While making a choice, take into account the preferred size, the substance used for grinding on the stones, the kinds of blades that can be sharpened with the tool, the safety features, and how simple it is to clean to get rid of small pieces of edge grindings. Shun knife sharpening sections are used for different purposes, such as pre-sharpening to remove burrs and old edges before placing the knife in the sharpening or honing section to finish the process. Lower priced models will only have one sharpening slot that offers single sharpening features. If a knife is only to be seldom and with very little force.

The shun knife sharpening models will be a  better choice for keeping all sorts of knives well-honed if the slicing, dicing, and cutting tasks are frequent. Keep in mind that not all sharpeners are compatible with all sorts of knives while you are honing blades. Moreover, when sharpening, apply only moderate pressure as the blade contacts the stone. For the majority of knives made in the last few years, a few passes through a sharpening stone should be adequate to maintain a well-honed blade.

Shun knife sharpening DM0610 Classic 3-piece whetstone sharpening system

Shun DM0610 Classic 3-Piece Whetstone Sharpening System

The Shun 3-Piece Knife Sharpening System has everything you need to maintain the condition of your collection of kitchen knives. The 1000/6000-Grit Combo Whetstone is a knife sharpening stone that may be used for both fine and extra-fine knife sharpening. Before using, soak the stone in water. Use stones only with water. The bamboo stand that comes with the shun knife sharpening kit keeps your instruments organized and facilitates rapid and simple sharpening. Just pull your knife across the stone while keeping it flat and parallel to the work surface.

 To keep your knife’s cutting edge sharp for a longer period of time, constantly sharpen it with the combination honing steel that comes with it. Inspired by the customs of ancient Japan, traditional and artisanal cutlery. Shun knives are made by hand by highly experienced craftspeople who create blades of unmatched beauty and craftsmanship. The blade is more than just a tool in Japan; it is a way of life. Japanese blades are highly regarded for their beautiful craftsmanship, which is found in everything from samurai swords to finely constructed kitchenware. Seki City has served as the center of the Japanese cutlery industry since the 13th century. Kai Corporation, the manufacturer of Shun exquisite cutlery, has called it home for more than 112 years. Today’s highly talented Shun artisans create blades of unrivalled quality and beauty, drawing inspiration from the customs of ancient Japan. Shun is committed to upholding this age-old practice and still makes each knife by hand at its Seki City facilities. This high-end kitchenware is made in at least 100 distinct phases for each piece.

In addition to upholding these age-old customs of handcrafted excellence, shun also makes use of cutting-edge technology, totally modern premium materials, and millions of devoted home cooks and professional chefs around the globe to deliver Shun quality. The Japanese cooking custom known as “shun” inspired the name of their company. Shun is a period of time—the precise period of time when a fruit or vegetable is at its peak, or when meat is at its most delectable. The  Cutlery 3-Piece shun knife sharpening System will keep your collection of kitchen knives in top shape. You’ll have everything you need to restore and maintain a razor-sharp cutting edge with the 1000/6000-Grit Combo Whetstone, Combination Honing Steel, and Bamboo Stand. 

Both fine and extra-fine sharpening are available with the whetstone. The lovely bamboo stand holds the whetstone at a tilt to help maintain the correct sharpening angle, keeping everything in one place and making sharpening quick and simple. Just glide your blade across the sharpening stone while keeping it flat and parallel to your work surface. Once your shun knife sharpening is done, periodically sharpen it with the Combo Honing Steel that comes with it to help preserve the cutting edge. The blade is more than just a tool in Japan; it is a way of life. Shun Fine Cutlery is committed to upholding this age-old custom and has its headquarters in Seki City, the center of the Japanese cutlery industry. To create blades of unmatched quality and elegance, highly experienced artisans handcraft each knife. Additionally, they use cutting-edge technology, contemporary, high-end materials, and millions of devoted home cooks and professional chefs around the globe to deliver Shun quality.

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Portland Oregon purchased this product and reviewed “Finally a product that works” It works. It works great! It works better than all the other sharpeners I have bought. It definitely is worth the money. The wooden angle holder of 16 degrees solved all my problems. Now all I have to do is hold the blade parallel to the table’s surface and stroke the… See more

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