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Wellness Water Bottle


Crystal Infused Water Bottle


Crystal Wellness Water Bottle

One kind of water bottle that is intended to improve your general health and wellbeing is called a wellness water bottle. These bottles frequently include additional functions and distinctive shapes that encourage hydration, awareness, and healthy habits. The following are some salient characteristics and advantages of wellness water bottles: wellness water bottles frequently have distinctive designs that distinguish them from conventional water bottles. While some bottles may have unique sections for holding supplements or fruit infusers, others might have inspiring slogans or affirmations printed on them.

You can make infused water that is rich in vitamins and nutrients by using one of the many wellness water bottles that have fruit infusers or chambers specifically designed for adding supplements. This can improve your general health while assisting you in staying hydrated. Certain wellness water bottles might have components that encourage mindfulness and mental health, including built-in meditation apps or alarms that sound when it’s time to stop and do some deep breathing. You may check your daily water intake with the monitoring features included on many health water bottles.

While some water bottles may contain markings or tick marks to assist you quantify your intake, others may have sensors incorporated into the bottle that track your water intake automatically. Glass or recycled plastic are common eco-friendly materials used to make wellness water bottles. This lessens your influence on the environment and encourages sustainability. Wellness water bottles aim to encourage hydration, mindfulness, and good habits in general. A wellness water bottle might be a wonderful investment if you’re trying to improve your general health, lessen your environmental impact, or just stay hydrated throughout the day.

VitaJuwel Women's wellness water bottle

VitaJuwel Women's Wellness Water Bottle

This 16.9 fl. Oz. Wellness water bottle is the ideal travel companion to infuse your water with positive energy. Wellness water bottle contains a holistic blend of real crystals. For many years, naturopathic doctors have created potent crystal elixirs for their gemstone therapies using the bright energy of precious stones. We have reinterpreted this tradition with the assistance of gemologists and naturopaths and developed a number of special crystal blends targeted at particular crystal qualities. The first portable gempod-sealed crystal wellness water bottle is called via.

You may have seen wellness water bottle with stones in the form of obelisks that are in direct touch with the water. Via wellness water bottle is the preferable choice. Several stones have synthetic resin injected into them, and some of them might even emit toxins into your water. With this gempod concept, your via’s crystals NEVER come into contact with water while yet receiving all of the crystal energies’ benefits. It all comes down to vibes. 100% lab-grade, thermal shock-resistant borosilicate glass makes up this via wellness water bottle. This means that you can use it without concern with both ice-cold and extremely hot water. It is lead-free and non-toxic.

All of our stone is fairly traded and sustainably sourced. The EPI – Institute for Edelsteinprüfung has accredited us. All of these gemstones adhere to RAL RG 560 and CIBJO standards. These adhere to the GKS standards for gem and mineral quality. Since 2007, vitajuwel has encouraged people all around the world to drink more wholesome wellness water bottle. With corporate offices in the San Francisco area and the foothills of the German Alps, these offer luxury glassware with thoughtfully chosen, holistic crystal blends to give the water you drink life.

Each of our items has been created by a member of our family and tested by friends throughout the globe. We are still a family-run company that is committed to making you adore your drinks! Many people all around the world have been using this well-balanced formula to inspire water for many hundreds of years. According to experts, amethyst calms the emotions while stimulating the mind. Rose quartz promotes harmony and peace. A stone for perception and clarity is clear quartz. They are utilized together because of their amazingly energizing effect.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

BoxBuff purchased this wellness water bottle and reviewed that I’m happy to say that their claims are true This water bottle is worth the price. Water tastes purer and is so delicious. I read that the stones help to make the water alkaline so I used my test strips and tested both water from the tap and then tap water out into the vitajuwel.

Crystal elixir infused gem wellness water bottle-crystal infused water bottle includes protective sleeve 15 oz

Crystal Elixir Infused Gem Water Bottle – Leak-Proof Lid – Bamboo Wellness Glass Includes Protective Sleeve and Removable Crystal – 15 oz (Amethyst Crystal)

Boost your preferred beverage with the incredible healing power of crystal infused water bottle, and convince energy vampires and bad juju to leave you alone. Pick from lovely rose quartz to open up your heart chakra or use relaxing amethyst points to bring a “can’t phase this” attitude to every day. The gorgeous bamboo finish on this show-stopper also guarantees that it will attract attention. There are no pre-installed crystals or shoddy chambers here! You decide which crystals to put in the glass wellness water bottle, and you can quickly switch them out whenever you want a change in energy.

Simply remove the bottom bamboo cap from the accompanying bag of crystals and gemstones, pour the contents into the infusion chamber, and then screw the cap back on. There’s no need to stress about leaks or unhygienic drinking water from direct contact (eww)! Some crystal wellness water bottles are composed of thin, shoddy glass, which frequently breaks and causes the bottom chambers to shatter. Our portable wellness water bottle is built from the best materials, including shatter-resistant borosilicate glass and all-natural bamboo tops, to keep you safe and hydrated.

Additionally, unlike some dealers who pass off colorful fragments of glass as “crystals,” we always utilize the real stuff! Each bottle comes beautifully packaged and ready to give as a gift. Each glass, bamboo lid, and neoprene sleeve undergo rigorous testing. The best present for you and your loved ones, they are all BPA-approved. Give the wellness fanatic in your life access to all of crystal infused water bottle infusion’s beneficial therapeutic effects. Dislike iced mochas and chilly tea? The Neoprene wellness water bottle sleeve from Nova Crystals maintains the temperature of both hot and cold beverages.

It’s ideal for cooling off in the summer with cool ice water flavored with cucumber and lemon wedges or your preferred fruit mixture, as well as for winter drinks like chocolate-flavored hot cocoa. Nova produces exceptional crystal infused water bottle items with the greatest components and stunning designs for those who have a passion for the cosmos. Our stunning crystal infused water bottle tea bottle features a glass viewing chamber to display the gemstone you have selected to infuse your favourite beverage with (holds up to 15.2 ounces).

Have we forgotten? It has no offensive chemical odors and is BPA-free! Do you have any friends or relatives that are huge devotees of metaphysical gifts? Every fan of alternative medicine would love having this spiritually enhanced water infuser in their collection. It is already packaged in opulent, exquisite packaging and is therefore ready to be gifted right out of the box!

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

longbeachgal purchased this wellness water bottle and reviewed that Perfect gift for that friend that has everything This was a gift for a dear friend who has everything. She’s really into yoga and spiritual healing and I thought this would be the perfect gift and I was right. She knew all about the amethyst crystals and water and she absolutely loves it. It’s sleek looking and really is the perfect gift for someone that has it all.

Crystal wellness water bottle natural wellness healing, rose quartz gemstone infused elixir

Crystal Water Bottle - Rose Quartz Gemstone Infused Elixir - Natural Wellness Healing - Glass/Stainless Steel

100% Natural Rose Quartz wellness water bottle for positive energy wherever, even at work, the gym, and when travelling. a protective neoprene sleeve in an ombre gift box is included. Excellent for you or your loved ones. The stone of all types of love is rose quartz. regulates and strengthens the heart. Love is attracted, and a damaged heart is healed. Like us, each stone is distinctive in both color and form. devoid of BPA. Manufactured with premium borosilicate glass and stainless steel, wellness water bottle can hold hot or cold beverages. We will gladly refund your money within 30 days if you are not entirely happy with your purchase.

With the aid of this rose quartz-infused wellness water bottle, take advantage of crystal therapeutic effects. All day long, you’ll want to reach for this attractive wellness water bottle. keeps you hydrated and glowing from the inside out with its 16.9 fluid ounces of beverage capacity. At every level—self-love, friendship, passion, profound inner healing, and emotions of peace—rose quartz wellness water bottle purifies and opens the heart. Wonderful present idea for bridesmaids, sisters, mothers, coworkers, bosses, teachers, mentors, friends, or just as a simple token of appreciation to boost anyone’s life with some high vibrating energy!

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Chandrielle Mitchell purchased this wellness water bottle and reviewed that The perfect gift! I bought this to give as a gift to someone else. I opened the package to inspect for cracks & breaks and everything was tact.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ve found sometimes it can appear there is a leak when really there isn’t. Notice when you fill your bottle if water is pouring down the side. If it is, that water can collect in the base and then when you take a sip the base will empty making you think you have a leak. Not spilling while filling the bottle will relieve this issue. In addition, sometimes after cleaning or reassembling your bottle the silicone ring in the base of the bottle may not sit properly. In this case, disassembling and then reassembling your bottle will often relieve the issue.

If you do put hot tea in be very careful as it is made out of glass. My recommendation is that you don’t put in hot in it. I have one and I don’t put anything hot in the bottle with it being glass. You can get a strainer to hold your tea packet and take it back out of the bottle easily.

The replacement bottle has a lid and a base. A gem pod without a base could be put in the new base. Normally the gem pod when sold separately from a bottle come with a base attached. There are no empty gem pods sold at this time.

You can add fruit to infuse the water if you add it in the main water chamber, but the crystal chamber is separated from the water chamber by a pane of glass, so it’s not intended that way. Nothing you put in the crystal chamber will contact the beverage in the main chamber, and there is no strainer or filter or anything to put fruit in, so they would just be floating around in the water.

We apologize if you did not receive any crystals, please note that normally, every package comes with high-quality crystals. Please contact us via our storefront with your name and order number and we can remedy this to make sure you are satisfied with our product. Have a wonderful day.

Hello, Thank you for your question. The glass part of your Nova crystal bottle can be washed in the dishwasher, but we recommend hand washing the bamboo lids separately. If you have any other questions let us know.

Oh no it can damage the Crystal just water, if you want to add flavors packets first use the elixir for the water to make it so cold, then add into a different water container and add flavors packets or drops inthw separate water bottle or go tainwr however you called it. This elixir crystal water bottle ismt safe to add any bedrinks just water. 

Yes, ice can fit into the glass. You will notice that you can open the bottle from both the top and bottom. However, a large ice cube can fit through the top opening, which is the smallest opening.

The purpose of drinking water with any crystal in it is for metaphysical & spiritual healing. If you believe in that. I do. Different crystals have different healing frequencies. Rose quartz promotes unconditional self-love. You can google each crystal & what they are used for. You are getting the healing energy from that crystal in the water you ingest into your body. If you put a high PH or Spring water in your water bottle, that’s better for you but everyone is different & that is only my opinion.

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