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Wireless Wide Format

Color printing, copying, and/or sorting capabilities, industrial metal casing, user controls, indicators, application software, and cutters are common features for 11×17 laser printer. In addition to producing monochrome output, laser printers with colour printing may also produce colour output. Multifunction systems for printing, copying, and/or scanning include printers with copying and/or sorting features. a piece of industrial metal with a cabinet for security. The front panel’s controls are used for user programming. A touch pad user interface or buttons for power, online, menu, store, form feed, reset, up, or down are some examples of these controls.

Paper out, paper jam, and other faults are indicated using audio or visual signs. An alphanumeric display or LED lights can be used as the indications. The resolution, printing breadth, and memory of 11×17 laser printer are crucial performance requirements. The number of dots per square inch that a printer is capable of printing at is expressed in dots per inch (dpi). In general, a greater resolution corresponds to more dots per inch. The printing width, as opposed to the media width, refers to the maximum character width that the printer can produce. RAM, Flash, and EPROM are the memory options available for laser printers. The quantity of data the printer can hold in memory is referred to as memory capacity.

Memory is measured in bytes. There are several interface options, including serial, parallel, Ethernet, and USB. Roll, fan fold or continuous, and single sheet media are all supported by laser printers. Maximum media thickness, maximum media width, maximum media length, maximum media roll outer diameter, and maximum media roll internal diameter are important media requirements to consider. Laser printers employ a laser beam to form an image on a drum that is rolled through a reservoir of toner. The charged areas of the drum pick up the beam and fuse the image onto the paper. When looking for ink jet printers, general performance criteria, printer specs, bar code symbolises, and features are crucial to consider.

Popular computer 11×17 laser printer like laser printers use non-impact photocopier technology, which avoids damaging the paper with keys. A laser beam uses electrical charges to “draw” a document on a drum covered in selenium when a document is supplied to the printer. The charged picture on the drum is subsequently adhered to by rolling the drum in toner, a dry powder-type ink. A piece of paper has the toner applied to it, and the toner is then fused to the paper under pressure and heat. The laser printer gained popularity as a stand-alone printer for use with personal computers in the middle of the 1980s.

 It often took the place of an inkjet printer or an impact dot matrix printer. Nonetheless, many 11×17 laser printer today are connected to local area networks (LAN), supporting workgroups or entire departments. Laser printers are still frequently connected directly to a single PC. A laser printer may occasionally be used as a multifunction peripheral with the ability to print, scan, copy, and fax documents. Multifunction printers are these machines (MFP). Usually, the multifunction centre (MFC) or MFP abbreviation appears as part of the model number.

HP 5200N 11x17 laser printer with sheetfed scanner (Renewed)

HP LaserJet 5200 N 5200N 11X17 Printer (Renewed)

Both a home office and a small commercial office can make use of laser printers. An Ethernet connection is generally used for office connectivity. A cable or Wi-Fi is used to connect the printer to computing devices in a home office or small business. To enable mobile printing, Wi-Fi is also utilized to link mobile devices to 11×17 laser printer. Although color laser printers are more expensive than monochrome laser printers, laser printers can print in both black and white and colour. Modern all-in-one printers can serve as a printer, copier, scanner, and fax machine, although laser printers are typically utilised for printing. Several have touchscreen displays that are easy to use.

An image, whether it be a picture, a graphic, or a piece of text, is supplied to the 11×17 laser printer, which starts the process of printing it on paper by using a combination of positive and negative static electric charges. The rotating drum receives an electrical charge. The image is converted into a laser beam by the system’s circuits. To remedy this, Hewlett Packard developed Resolution Enhancement Technology (RET). To smooth down sharp edges and place smaller dots at line intersections, use RET. The paper looks better despite RT not increasing resolution. Make sure the printer has RET if you buy one with 300 dpi.

A 11×17 laser printer needs some time to warm up the fuser to operational temperature when it is turned on. The warm-up period is even more crucial if the printer has a standby mode or is turned off in between printing tasks. It may take five to fifteen minutes for large workgroup and production printers to warm up. This waiting time may reduce overall output. The FPOT is similarly crucial to consider while shopping for a high-quality printer. It deals with how long it takes for a print job’s initial page to print. It takes a laser printer five to thirty seconds to become ready to print a new job after it receives data to print from the computer. Together with the time it takes, this also exists.

The picture on the drum is drawn by burning a negative charge in the form of the image as the laser beam strikes a mirror and reflects off it onto the drum. The positively charged toner is then captured by the drum from the toner cartridge. The negatively charged image on the drum and the toner adhere to each other. A negative charge is applied to the paper when it enters the printer. The toner practically rests on top of the paper due to the paper’s negative charge drawing toner from the positively charged drum as it passes the drum.

After the charge is taken off the paper, a fuser fuses the toner onto the paper in an irreversible manner. The 11×17 laser printer releases the printed paper. Nowadays, most laser printers have a typical resolution of 600 dots per inch (dpi). For regular printing tasks, including modest desktop publishing assignments, this resolution is adequate. A high-end production printer may have a 2400 dpi resolution. Certain laser printers continue to operate at 300 dpi resolution. The edges of an image may have jagged lines due to this resolution.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Dennis Cook purchased and reviewed this product as “Very pleased with this printer.” Finding the proper driver for the printer was a bit of a challenge. Without a user manual, getting the printer to recognize the paper was also a challenge. After these were figured out the printer works perfectly.

Workforce pro WF-7310 wireless wide-format 11x17 laser printer with 500-sheet capacity

Epson Workforce Pro WF-7310 Wireless Wide-Format Printer with Print up to 13" x 19", Auto 2-Sided Printing up to 11" x 17", 500-sheet Capacity, 2.4" Color Display, Smart Panel App

Only Epson Genuine Cartridges should be used with Epson 11×17 laser printer printing systems. Usage of counterfeit ink may result in damage that is not covered by the printer’s limited warranty. With quick wide-format printing up to 13″ x 19,” high-performance wide-format printing achieves more. accelerated printing Workflow is streamlined by Precision Core Heat-Free Technology with 25 black/12 color ISO ppm () and quick first-page-out. print-shop standard Sharp lettering and vibrant colors can be obtained with 11×17 laser printer DURAB rite Ultra instant-dry pigment inks.

Engineered for heavy workloads and productivity with a focus on dependability and durability. With two 250-sheet trays and a rear feed, this 500-sheet 11×17 laser printer can effortlessly handle high-volume print jobs for quick, easy printing. Easy setup and control via smart devices are made possible by the 2.4″ colour display and Epson Smart Panel App. Comprehensive wireless solution: stay connected with network-free Wi-Fi Direct and support for Wi-Fi. Precision Core Heat-Free Technology has zero warm-up time and uses less energy, With the powerful Workforce Pro WF-7310 11×17 laser printer, you can increase office productivity.

The Workforce Pro WF-7310 is a high-performance wide-format printing option that produces graphics with print-shop quality up to 13″ x 19″ and borderless up to 11″ x 17″. This effective printer streamlines production at an incredible 25 black/12 colour ISO ppm (), providing quick print speeds. The Workforce Pro WF-7310 was created with dependability and durability in mind, and it includes Precision Core Heat-Free Technology and DURAB rite Ultra instant-dry pigment inks to swiftly and reliably produce sharp, vivid prints with sharp text and bright colours. With two 250-sheet trays, a back feed, and Wi-Fi 5 compatibility, the Workforce Pro WF-7310 is the ideal option for quick, effective printing.

Also, you may easily manage printer operations from your mobile device with the Epson Smart Panel App Only authentic Epson brand 11×17 laser printer is used in this product. Even if they are advertised as compatible, other brands of ink supplies and cartridges might not work properly. † According to ISO/IEC 24734, print speeds for both black and colour pages are measured. Real print times will vary depending on several elements such as page complexity, software, and system settings. 1. Wi-Fi CERTIFIED; performance level dependent on range of router in use. Printer software may be necessary for Wi-Fi Direct. 2. Needs downloading the Epson Smart Panel App. Data use costs might be necessary.

Most functions need an Internet connection to the printer as well as a computer or other device that can access the Internet and/or email. 4. Based on a comparison of the manufacturers’ reported TEC values of the top-selling, comparably equipped A3 colour laser printers priced at $999 (USD) or less as of September 2020 and having print rates of no more than 40 ppm. 5. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Smart Way programmed is a cutting-edge collaboration that lowers greenhouse gases and other air pollutants while increasing fuel efficiency.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Customer purchased and reviewed this product as “If you hook this printer into a ethernet network, it ‘s awesome!” For the price this is the best printer on the market. Warning, Epson will now control your printing department.  Read more…

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