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By: Mariya Nawaz

Use the 3 gallon water cooler to keep your water clean, cold, and readily available. Due to the ultra-therm insulation’s durability and the HDPE material’s construction with UV stabilizers to prevent aging or breaking within exposures, maximum retention is possible with water cooler. HDPE also won’t rust, buckle, peel, or chip over time. The water cooler has an easy-to-clean inside liner that is also odor- and stain-resistant. It also has a pressure-fit top for simple filling and a keeper cord to prevent loss .

Is space limited? are you feeling alright! The Brio 3 gallon water cooler Countertop Holder is the perfect space saving solution. The compact design makes it easy to place anywhere!.  Get years of use with this durable water cooler  holder! Made entirely of high quality steel, it won’t rust and will look like new for years to come! The stand perfectly supports 5 or 3 gallons without collapsing under its weight. 

Easy to install and store, the stand is completely user-friendly. The durable stand is very easy to install and the cover is easy to clean. The valve is dishwasher safe and the holder is easy to maintain. Two built-in valves: Brio will make sure you have everything you need to start your hydration journey. This water cooler holder includes two valves, 48mm and 55mm. Brio Water offers high quality products to meet a variety of needs!

This water tank holds a 3 gallon water cooler and is compact enough to fit anywhere. The mobile stand is ideal for a variety of environments, and its minimalist design blends into any setting for a perfect balance between function and style. The two holes come with 48mm screw cap and 55mm crown cap compatible mounts so you have everything you need for easy setup and casting!.

3 gallon water cooler Dispenser for Home Kitchen Office Dorm

Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser,Holds 3 & 5 Gallon Bottles Compressor Cooling System Cold and Hot Water Perfect for Home Kitchen Office Dorm

You can tell if the water supply is running low thanks to the top-loading water system of 3 gallon water cooler. It forms a tight seat to keep any impurities out of your water supply and is appropriate for 3- or 5-gallon water bottles. Cold and Hot Water You may choose between hot and cold water, making this water cooler perfect for warm drinks or chilly refreshments.

By using cutting-edge compressor technology, you can obtain water that is 195°F–203°F hot, 46°F–50°F cold, and a high-efficiency compressor that ensures you can have cold or hot water instantly. The water cooler is made of robust materials, including toughened glass on the front, baked plastic on the top, ABS sides, Steel on the bottom, and steel pipe on the back.

3 gallon water cooler is ideal not just for the home and workplace, but also for many public locations like a library, restaurant, etc., as it has a huge storage cabinet to store disposable plastic cups, ensuring the public’s access to clean drinking water. It features cooling of compressors in contrast to electronic cooling, compressor cooling operates with higher accuracy even in warm rooms and has a longer lifespan than electronic cooling devices.

3 gallon water cooler has collar seat design and detachable drip tray allow for simple cleaning. It has a tank made of stainless steel 304 you can always receive fresh water thanks to the 4 litre cold tank and 1.5 litre hot tank made of 304 stainless steel. Specifications of water cooler are the hue grey 110 V electricity, 620 W voltage. Bottles of 3 gal and 5 gal are compatible with the universal non-spill water guard system.

water cooler has 194° to 203° Fahrenheit hot water temperature and 46 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit for cold water. It has 50 dB of noise Electricity usage: 1.3 kWh per 24 hours Size: 310x280x1020mm (L x W x H). No alcohol is contained. Climates: hot and cold Included in the package are: 1 water dispenser, 1 instruction.

3 gallon water dispenser with Water Shortage Alarm - 3 gallon water cooler

LHRIVER 2/3/5 Gallon Water Dispenser with Ice Maker - Water Cooler Dispenser with Water Shortage Alarm, 3 Temperature Settings and Child Safety Lock Use for Office, Dorm, White

To offer both water and ice at once, this 3 gallon water cooler with ice maker is outfitted with a covert ice-making section. An energy-saving compressor of water dispenser operates quietly. Food-grade materials are used in water dispenser to make parts that come into direct contact with water and ice.

With a water shortage alarm system of 3 gallon water dispenser, the warning sound repeats ten times and the water shortage light keeps flashing, which is useful for reminding the user of the water scarcity condition. There is no need to always keep an eye on the water bottle. Moreover, please adhere to the directions on page 6 if you need to use the device normally.

3 gallon water cooler is with children safty guard operation and LED indicator lights. It is easy to use with no maintenance required, 2-step kid safety lock Step 1: Counter-clockwise turn the children’s safety guard’s shaft. Step 2: Incorporate the turned shaft towards.

The 3 gallon water dispenser quickly produces 4L of crisp, ice-cold water (46°F/8°C) or 5L of scalding hot water (194°F/90°C) each hour. A bullet ice maker of water dispenser can produce up to 27 pounds of ice every day and 9 of them in just seven minutes (depending on the ambient temperature).

Water dispenser has the Ice-making and ice harvesting Current 2.3A–2.8A. 3 gallon water cooler comply with ASHRAE15, safety standard for refrigeration systems. Making ice, hot, or cold water is simple to do using the control panel. You can quickly determine if the water dispenser is on or off, heating, cooling, or generating ice thanks to LED indicators.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Yenia Purchased this product and reviewed Buenos  Muy Buenos

3 gallon water cooler Dispenser with 3 Temperature Settings

PIOJNYEN Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, Top Loading Water Cooler Dispenser 5 Gallon Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser, 3 Temperature Settings, Water Dispenser for 3 to 5 Gallon Bottles

The 3 gallon water cooler is comprised of a high-quality stainless steel liner that is quick to heat up, not easily scaled, and safe to drink. To finish water intake, 3 gallon water dispenser can be controlled with one hand. 3 gallon water cooler may be used all year round thanks to the ice heat function.

Water Dispenser, Hot and Cold Quick heating, automatic temperature adjustment, and ease of use. 3 gallon water cooler has the refrigeration time: 50 minutes at 1L/H and 8°C Heating: 5L/H at 95°C, 6 minutes required. Work indicator, which can show whether a product is functioning. You can quickly determine if the water dispenser is on or off, heating, or chilling thanks to LED indicators of  water dispenser.

The top-loading water system of this countertop water cooler, called the “Water Cooler Dispenser 5 Gallon,” enables you to determine whether there is enough water. Water cooler is suitable for water bottles of 3-5 gallons (not included). Water cooler may be kept in an office or a bedside cabinet.

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Brain mckinny Purchased this product and reviewed Good but extremely late

3 gallon water cooler Dispenser with Ice Maker for Home and Office Use

R.W.FLAME 3 in 1 Countertop Water Cooler Dispenser with Ice Maker, Top-Loading Hot & Cold Water Dispenser, Child Safety Lock, Hold 3~5 Gallon Bottle, 4 lbs Ice Storage, for Home and Office Use

Every time, the countertop 3 gallon water cooler from R.W. FLAME can produce 4 pounds of ice cubes in as little as 6 to 13 minutes (depends on the temperature). Ice cubes that have melted can be reused in the ice-making process. You might prepare iced beer and other beverages for your family and kids. 3 gallon water dispenser is a useful aid for housewives.

The term “Top Loading Water Cooler” 2, 3, and 5 gallon water jugs may be loaded into this 3 gallon water cooler dispenser from the top. It is advised that you buy a water bottle with a push-cap hole diameter of at least 3/4 inches and a bottle neck cap diameter of no more than 2.75 inches.

A simple control panel with soft buttons and LED indicators is included with the R.W. FLAME 3 gallon water dispenser, providing you with clear instructions on how to use it. Cold water, hot water, and ice maker modes safe and quiet. The swift and silent cooling system on this countertop water cooler (with built-in ice maker) ensures that your work, study, or sleep won’t be interrupted.

3 gallon water cooler is perfect for your living room, workplace, restaurant, bedroom, etc. Size: 2.5 L for the cold water tank and 0.8 L for the hot water tank. Size of Item: 10.94″ x 16.85″ x 18.86″.Do not be concerned that the hot water will injure a little child. You and your family are secured by a safety-lock located above hot water button thanks to the work of R.W. FLAME engineer. Make careful to empty the hot water drainage stopper from the bottom of the appliance before cleaning the water reservoir.

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Sug M. Purchased this product and reviewed R.V magic Ohhh so nice for camping.

3 gallon water cooler Dispenser with Hot & Cold Water system 3 gallon water cooler with Child Safety Lock

GOFLAME Water Cooler Dispenser Top Loading, Water Dispenser with Hot & Cold Water, Storage Cabinet, Child Safety Lock, Holds 3-5 Gallon Bottles for Home Office Dorm

3 gallon water cooler gives immediate Hot & Cold Water Supply. It has energy-saving stop heating and cooling switches. The extremely effective compressor creates cold water at a temperature of about 43° F. At roughly 203° F, the hot faucet is warm enough to make a cup of tea or coffee. Also, the control panel’s indicator lights provide a clear view for selecting the appropriate water type.

3 gallon water dispenser loads from the top and makes replenishment simple when the water supply is low. It also accommodates the drinking needs of a family or an office by holding up to 5 gallons of bottled water, saving you money by eliminating the need to buy water on a regular basis.

This 3 gallon water dispenser has a security lock on hot water tap to reduce the risk of serious accidents and injuries. It has a bottom storage cabinet. The bottom of the structure of this water cooler has a storage cabinet that is ideal for keeping throwaway plastic cups, ensuring the cleanliness of the public drinking water, and saving some floor space.

3 gallon water cooler has a removable drip tray that can be cleaned with mild soap and warm water. It also has a detachable barrel seat. The water barrel seat is removable, simple to disassemble, and clean, ensuring that the water your family drinks is clean. Because the ABS body is smooth, wiping it down with a moist towel is simpler! It has unique and elegant design for broad application.

3 gallon water cooler stands out thanks to its chic white appearance and seamless integration into any décor. This freestanding 3 gallon water dispenser is designed to fit in the smallest spaces and is appropriate for usage in a living room, kitchen, dorm room, or office.

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Kristina Purchased this product and reviewed Cooler  Love that is narrow and saves some space. The temp of the water is great

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