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The pipes that link your air conditioning unit to your home or place of business are intended to be protected and hidden by an accessory called an AC line set cover. The materials used to construct this cover are strong and resistant to exposure to the sun, rain, and harsh weather. It comes in a variety of colors to fit your current decor and is normally installed on the exterior of your building.

An AC line set cover’s main function is to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your air conditioning system. You can get a more streamlined and appealing appearance by concealing the pipes that connect your AC unit to your building. This is crucial for commercial buildings since a neat and professional appearance can affect how clients and customers perceive our company.

The ability to extend the life of your air conditioning system is yet another advantage of using an AC line set cover. The cover serves as a physical barrier between the pipes and the outdoors, guarding them against deterioration brought on by exposure to sunshine, rain, and other environmental factors. An Ac line set cover can aid in avoiding leaks and other issues that might necessitate expensive repairs and replacements.

An AC line set cover can also aid in increasing the effectiveness of your air conditioning system. The cover can assist in maintaining the operation of your AC unit by minimizing the heat absorption by the pipes. This may result in cheaper energy costs and a cozier indoor climate.

In general, an AC line set cover is a straightforward yet useful item that can improve the look and functionality of your air conditioning system. It is a useful and economical alternative for enhancing the appearance and longevity of your AC unit thanks to its robust construction and variety of color options.

Mini Split Cover Central Air Conditioner Heat Pump 3"W 11.3Ft PVC Ac Line Set Cover

Jeacent 3"W 11.3Ft PVC AC Line Set Cover Kit Tubing Cover for Mini Split, Central Air Conditioner, Heat Pump

The Mini Split Cover with AC Line Set Cover is the best option for giving your mini-split air conditioner a neat and polished installation appearance. This product, which was created to keep pipe tidy and free up the exterior wall, provides a strong and practical way to cover and shield your line set, drain hose, and electricity from the elements.

 Our Mini Split Cover can easily fit the majority of 7,000 – 24,000 BTU A/C Heat Pumps and is compatible with all past and current installations. This product gives flexibility in complementing your outside color scheme because it is made of paintable PVC material. Also, it has a sleek style that complements any outside decoration. 

This product comes with all the necessary parts for a quick and easy installation. Included in the package are (1) Wall Entry Cap; (4) 31″L Straight 3″W; (3) Coupling; (1) 90° Flat Elbow; (1) 90° Elbow; (1) Reducer End Cap, and hardware. With a US Patent Pending and all rights reserved, our Mini Split Cover is the ultimate solution for those who want to upgrade the appearance of their mini-split air conditioning unit. 

The durability of this product ensures that your line set, drain hose, and power will be protected from all weather elements, increasing the lifespan of your unit. This AC Line Set Cover is a cost-effective way to add value to your property, whether for your own enjoyment or for resale. It’s perfect for homeowners, contractors, and property managers who want a clean, professional appearance for their mini-split air conditioning units. 

This product will enhance the functionality of your air conditioning unit. The Mini Split Cover is not only a practical solution but also adds a touch of elegance to your home. The cover neatly conceals your AC lines and wires, giving your exterior a clean and polished appearance. The durable PVC material withstands harsh weather conditions and offers a long-lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance.


The Mini Split Cover offers practical benefits in addition to safety and security by concealing your AC lines and cables and keeping them away from potential dangers. The cover keeps your AC unit looking sleek and contemporary while ensuring that it runs securely and effectively. With this device, you may improve the looks and functioning of your mini-split air conditioner while also having piece of mind.


The AC Line Set Cover is a hassle-free solution that improves the performance and appearance of your mini-split air conditioning equipment. It is simple to install and comes with all the required hardware. The Mini Split Cover will modernize your exterior while providing you with the advantages of a well-organized and protected air conditioning unit.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Nathan Rotner purchased this product and reviewed “Works great” Perfectly what I was looking for and cheaper than most but durable as well

Ac Line Set Cover kit provides 15 FT Line Coverage for Mini Split Ac & Heat Pumps _ Ac Line Set Cover

Sealproof Mini Split AC Line Set Cover Kit, 3" Decorative White Professional Grade PVC Kit Provides 15 FT Line Coverage for Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Let me introduce you to the Ac line set cover, the ideal way to shield your ductless mini split A/C and heat pump systems from the sun and other harsh weather or temperature conditions. By protecting your ductless system from damaging elements that could hasten wear and tear, this Ac line set cover extends the life of your ductless system. It is made of professional-grade, sturdy PVC frame. 

The versatility needed to cover systems of 9,000 or 12,000 BTU, as well as the majority of 18,000 BTU and many greater BTU systems, is provided by this complete line set cover kit, which may be arranged in any way required for your configuration. This Ac line set cover gives up to 15 feet of coverage and comes with four straight ducts, making it the ideal option for any installation.


The sturdy PVC finish offers both protection for your cables and wiring and a lovely white finish that can be painted to fit your decor. Your system will be safeguarded for many years thanks to the premium PVC’s ability to tolerate high temperatures and severe weather. This AC line set cover is simple to install and suited for both new and existing setups. Four 39.37″ straight PVC ducts that can be assembled or customized to your needs are included in the kit. 

To make sure you have everything you need for a successful installation, three duct connectors, one wall corner, one 90° corner, one end cap, and one flexible junction are also included. For individuals who want to protect their ductless micro split A/C and heat pump units while also improving the overall appearance of their system, this solution is ideal. The Ac line set cover is a terrific addition to your setup because it is made to go in with any home’s decor flawlessly. 

Both homeowners and HVAC specialists will find the cover to be a practical choice because it is simple to remove and reinstall. The AC line set cover is also a great purchase for individuals wishing to cut down on maintenance and repair expenses. You can lessen the need for repairs and extend the lifespan of your system by protecting it from the sun and other damaging elements. 

For people who live in places with extreme weather or lots of UV exposure, this Ac line set cover is ideal. In conclusion, the Ac line set cover is a need if you want to guarantee the longevity of your ductless mini split A/C and heat pump systems. This product is ideal for any household because of its professional grade, robust PVC frame, the flexibility of 15 feet of coverage, and simple installation. Get yours Ac line set cover right away and take pleasure in the security that comes with knowing that your system is weatherproof.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Sam purchased this product and reviewed  “worked well on my d.y.i. mr. cool lines” easy to install and looks great

Mini Split Line Set for Heat Pump System and Central Ac 17 Ft PVC Decorative _ Ac Line Set Cover

MOOITEK 5" 17Ft PVC Decorative Line Set Cover Kit for Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioners 17FT Line Set Cover for Heat Pump System and Central AC(Total Length)

To organize and conceal unsightly refrigerated pipes on your outside walls, we present the Ac line set cover. With our tiny split line set cover, you can wave goodbye to jumbled and disorganized piping and say hello to a neat, expert installation appearance. Our AC line set covers shields and conceals your line set, drain hose, and electricity from the elements while being made of a strong PVC plastic material in a stylish brown hue. You can trust that our line set cover will keep your equipment safe and secure outside no matter the weather.


Our AC line set cover is easily compatible with any prior or current installation, making it the ideal DIY project to add style to your home. Installation is simple since all components can be readily connected by one set or two sets. A complete set of parts, comprising a straight piece, hose, wall cover, 90° elbow, 90° flat elbow, and coupling set, are included with each Ac line set cover. To ensure a safe and simple installation procedure, screws and cable ties are also supplied.

In addition to enhancing the appearance of your house, it will shield your line set and other equipment from potential harm brought on by inclement weather. Our AC line set cover is the ideal addition to any house or workplace because it is made to fit perfectly into any outside wall. Together covering protecting your equipment, its slick, contemporary appearance will increase the value of your property.


Anybody who wants to maintain the appearance and functionality of their air conditioning systems needs the Ac line set cover. Its distinctive shape makes it possible to conceal and arrange your refrigerator pipes quickly and effectively, preserving the tidy appearance of your exterior wall. The Ac line set cover is not only incredibly simple to install but also strong and weatherproof. Without the aid of a professional, you may quickly and easily set it up thanks to its full set of parts and accessories.


The Ac line set cover is additionally compatible with any prior or current installation, so you may add it to your system without worrying about compatibility difficulties. For anyone looking to improve the aesthetic of their property, it is therefore a cost-effective and practical option. It is the ideal addition to any house or office because it is made to fit perfectly into any outside wall. Together covering protecting your equipment, its slick, contemporary appearance will increase the value of your property.


Get your AC line set cover immediately and see the difference it can make to your home’s looks and functionality if you’re sick of seeing unkempt and disorganized refrigeration pipes on your outside walls.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jon King purchased this product and reviewe “Value!!” Got this for our new MrCool install and half the cost MrCool charges for theirs.
Kit was SOLID! Easy install, all the parts you need and then some, looks good, and does the job!

Heat Pump Cover for Ductless Mini Central Ac, 3 in 9 Ft Tubing Covering – Ac Line Set Cover

Daisypower PVC Decorative Air Conditioner Line Set Cover kit,3in 9Ft Tubing Covers Protect Your Ductless Mini Split,Central AC,Cooling Only, Heat Pump

Presenting our dependable and adaptable Heat Pump Cover made to offer outstanding defense for your A/C line set against severe weather. Our sturdy, weather-resistant line set covers are made entirely of PVC and are intended to increase the lifespan of your air conditioning system. With a 3-inch tube width, our universal design fits the majority of 9,000 to 24,000 BTU ductless mini split, central air conditioners, heat pump systems, and cooling-only units. 

Because of this, both current system improvements and brand-new system installations are excellent candidates for our Heat Pump CoverOur Heat Pump Cover comes with all the components needed for quick and hassle-free installation, and it is simple to assemble. Two (2) 3″W 39″L tubing, one (1) Reducer End Cap, one (1) Coupler, one (1) Entrance Wall Cover, and one (1) Flexible pipe are included in our package. Also, we offer all the hardware and accessories required for installation.


Our Heat Pump Cover is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Your refrigerant pipes will be easier to organize and match thanks to the white color line set covers. Also, to further personalize your air conditioning system, our Heat Pump Cover may be painted to match the hue of your outside walls. Your A/C line set will be well shielded from damaging weather elements if you purchase our Heat Pump Cover, giving you piece of mind. 

Our product is made of high-quality PVC materials that can endure any type of weather and is designed to last. We provide a Heat Pump Cover as well as an AC Line Set Cover. This cover, which is made of the same 100% PVC material, offers great protection for your A/C line set and increases its longevity. Our Ac Line Set Cover is the perfect option for anyone upgrading or installing a new A/C system due to its simple installation and versatile design.


This cover enhances the value of your air conditioning system in addition to being useful and long-lasting. A/C line sets that have been properly safeguarded will run more effectively and efficiently, lowering your energy costs and enhancing your level of comfort. A shielded A/C line set is also less prone to leak or sustain damage, necessitating fewer expensive repairs or replacements.


In conclusion, for anyone wishing to safeguard their A/C line set and preserve its longevity, this Heat Pump cover set is a great purchase. Our product is the best option for anyone wishing to replace or install a new A/C system due to its sturdy and weatherproof construction, universal design, simple installation, and attractive appearance. In order to benefit from a well-protected and effective A/C system for years to come, secure your A/C line set with our Heat Pump Cover today.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Natalia purchased this product and reviewed “Perfect to cover lines” Perfect for those lines of the mini split

Ac Line Set 17 Ft Cover Decorative Tubing Pipe to Cover Mini Split Central Air Conditioner & Heat Pump System

Mxclimate 4" 17Ft PVC Line Set Cover Kit for Mini Split and Central Air Conditioners,AC Heat Pump Systems,Decorative Tubing Pipe Covers

Presenting our AC line set cover, the ideal way to maintain the safety and cleanliness of your outside walls. Our AC line cover is made to conceal refrigeration wires and pipes, enhancing the appearance of your outside walls and lowering the risk of hazardous incidents. This mini-split line set cover will shield your AC lines from fading, cracking, or deforming because it is made of high-quality industrial weather-resistant PVC material. 

This implies that you can increase the lifespan of your AC, saving you money over time. Our Ac line set cover can be fitted indoors or outdoors and works with the majority of 9,000–36,000 BTU heat pumps, ductless mini-splits, and central air conditioning systems. This makes it a product that is adaptable and may be used in a variety of situations.

Our AC line set cover is simple to add to any existing installation and can be added quickly and easily. The line set cover’s color may be DIY to match your outside walls, and all sections can be divided in half for quick setup. Four 4″ straight tube, four couplings, one flexible hose, one wall cover, one flat elbow, one elbow, and all required hardware are included in each box. By doing this, you can be confident that you have everything you need for a simple installation.

Our AC line set cover adds to the aesthetics of your outside walls while also enhancing property security. It eliminates tripping risks and potential mishaps by concealing refrigerator pipes and cables, making it an absolute need for households with kids or animals. In addition, the weather-resistant PVC used in our line set cover is made to endure even the worst outside circumstances. 

As a result, you won’t need to worry about upgrading it anytime soon and may take advantage of long-term advantages for the exterior of your home. With the help of our AC line set cover, installation is simple. The kit contains all the required hardware and you can quickly set it up by following the provided instructions if you follow them. Last but not least, our AC line set cover is a cheap purchase that offers fantastic value. Protecting your AC lines will help you save money in the long run by preventing expensive future repairs and replacements. 

In conclusion, our AC line set cover is a crucial item for any homeowner wishing to maintain the security and organization of their external walls. You can’t go wrong with our AC line set cover thanks to its top-notch construction, adaptability, and simple installation. Acquire yours right away to enjoy a secure and well-kept external wall and lengthen the life of your air conditioning unit.

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