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By: Arslan Afzal

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Braun, a German manufacturer of consumer goods, offers a series of coffee makers called Braun BrewSense. The Braun BrewSense coffee makers have the following characteristics and information: Braun BrewSense coffee makers have a sleek, contemporary design with a black and stainless-steel finish. They are available in many shapes and sizes, such as 10-cup and 12-cup variants. Brewing technology: Braun BrewSense coffee machines feature a Pure Flavor brewing system, which optimizes the brewing temperature and duration to deliver a consistent and rich flavor. 

Also, they include a gold-tone permanent filter that improves the flavor of the coffee while doing away with the need for paper filters. Most Braun BrewSense coffee makers have programmable settings, such as a 24-hour timer, auto-off feature, and brew strength selection. You can adjust these options to tailor the brewing process to your needs and timetable. Coffee makers made by Braun BrewSense are simple to operate and maintain. The majority of the pieces are detachable and dishwasher-safe, and they have an easy control panel with intuitive controls. Braun BrewSense coffee makers are constructed with durable materials to last a long time. 

Also, they have a 2-year warranty, so you can use your coffee machine for many years to come. Braun BrewSense coffee makers are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality coffee maker without breaking the bank because of their affordable prices. All things considered, Braun BrewSense coffee machines are a fantastic option for anyone who enjoys coffee and needs a dependable and user-friendly coffee maker. Each time, they will make you a great cup of coffee thanks to their cutting-edge brewing technology, adjustable settings, and sturdy design.

Braun brewsense Drip Glass Coffeemaker, Stainless Steel & Charcoal Filter for Coffee Machines, White

Braun KF7070 BrewSense Drip Glass Coffeemaker, 12 Cup, Stainless Steel & Charcoal Filter for Coffee Machines, White

Pure Flavor Technology maximizes taste by brewing duration, temperature, and extraction. Enjoy consistently drinking a cup of coffee that is precisely balanced. Use the 1-4 cup option to Braun brewsense fewer cups without sacrificing flavor. 12-cup carafe for delicious coffee. When descaling is necessary to preserve the best coffee scent, a warning light on the calculator will activate. The taste-interfering contaminants in the water are removed by charcoal water filters. for use with all Drip Coffee Machines, including Braun brewsense

There are 6 filters in each box. There are six charcoal filters included. Braun brewsense Drip Glass Coffeemaker, 12 Cup, Stainless Steel, Braun KF7070 The glass FlavorCarafe on Braun brewsense 12-Cup Drip Coffee Machine keeps in the fresh flavour by reducing air exposure. Braun’s exclusive PureFlavor system ensures that your coffee is prepared at the proper temperature and brewing time to extract the greatest taste and fragrance. This technology is the foundation of every delicious cup. 

You can take the first sip whenever you choose thanks to an automatic, customizable 24-hour timer. White Braun Charcoal Filter for Coffee Makers Great water is the foundation of superb coffee flavour. For use with Braun brewsense Drip Coffee Machines, Braun’s charcoal water filter eliminates chlorine, calcium, and other water contaminants that affect the rich, savory flavour of your cup of coffee. The filter is simple to install and change, allowing you to experience at-home fresh-brewed flavour.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Dinky D. purchased this Braun BrewSense and reviewed that  Great Coffee Maker on you know how to program it. We purchased this Braun KF7070 coffee maker because our old Braun started leaking. After we unpacked it and read the setup instructions, we thought we had it ready to run, not true. First you need to push the power button to be able to activate any of the program functions…

Braun Brewsense Drip Coffee Maker Steel & Charcoal Filter For Coffee Machines, 12 Cup, Black

Braun Brew Sense Drip Coffee Maker, 12 cup, Black

Nuance and balance are essential to exceptional flavour. For rich, dependable coffee at home, Braun brewsense Drip Coffee Machine, model KF7150BK, combines the two. Braun brewsense exclusive PureFlavor system, which brings out the richness and complexity of each coffee bean, skilled brewing knowledge, careful design, and every pleasant coffee experience start with coffee. The cutting-edge carafe lid locks in taste for the highest level of precision, and the anti-drip technology enables you to pour at any point during the brewing process. 

You won’t have to wait to take your first sip when you want it thanks to an automatic 24-hour customizable timer. The modern style, sizable display, and two-tone stainless steel and black finish of this coffee maker make Braun brewsense the ideal finishing touch for your kitchen. The Braun brewsense Drip Coffee Machines from Braun let you experience a world of flavour and scent.

With the Braun Brew Sense 12-cup Drip Coffee Machine, model KF7150, a cup of bliss is waiting as soon as the aroma of freshly brewed coffee fills the kitchen. This model has an extra-large display with a stainless steel and piano black finish. To extract the greatest flavour and aroma from your coffee, the Pure Flavor system brews it at precisely the optimum temperature and brewing time.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Carl purchased this Braun BrewSense and reviewed that Hastle Free Great Coffee Maker I don’t usually write reviews unless a product is either very good or very bad. In this case I’d like to say that in this case buying the Braun KF7150 was an excellent choice. The coffee maker brews very hot/tasty coffee and keeps it hot on the variable temp warming plate (I keep it on high)…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, the older ones lifted off for washing, as on my other Braun, still in daily use after twenty years. I purchased this one recently because of the reliability, good design, and excellent brew of the former. I’m happy to report this is a very solid machine that makes a superior pot of coffee as well. The filter basket on this model snaps into place in the top of the machine, and is easily removed for cleaning and washing. I highly recommend it.

Is the most annoying aspect of the coffee maker. The markings are on the INSIDE only of the machine and it is near to impossible to know how much water you are using. You can use the markinGs on the carafe and hope for the best. I wouldn’t have bought it had I known. Otherwise, it is great.

I assume that you mean that when you look down into the machine you try to see how far up the water goes. There is no light. I would not recommend this coffee maker to anyone because unless you have filled it up to, say, 10 cups, you really can’t see enough looking down into the water tank to see how much is there. Every other coffee maker I have ever see have a gauge outside of the device to indicate the fill level.

i use two tablespoons of coffee per liquid measuring cup of water. I generally make “3 cups” which is about a large mug worth. I measure 3 tablespoons of coffee plus 1 1/2 cups of water. I set the machine to “bold” and select the button for “1 to 4 cups”. Hope this helps.

Hello, the auto-off time can be set in 5-minute intervals, anywhere from 15 minutes to 5 hours. The default setting is 2 hours. Press the AUTO OFF button (c) for a minimum of 3 seconds. The default setting (2 hours) will start flashing. Press and hold the SET button (e) to scroll through the numbers. The time displayed is in 5-minute intervals. Press the AUTO OFF button again to save the desired time. The pre-set auto-off time will disappear after 3 seconds and the time of day will show on the LED control panel. If during the setting process no button is pressed for 10 seconds, the auto-off time currently set will be saved. This function can only be activated if the auto-off time has been set. Thank you.

The instruction manual is unclear, but if you’re brewing that small amount why auto-brew? I would say it takes about 8 minutes to brew four cups. I grind beans and use them right away in the coffee maker. A full pot takes about 15 min to brew, I can find something better to do with that time then stare at the coffee brewing.

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