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Are you considering purchasing a new heat pump air conditioning system for your house? The greatest package on the market is the Goodman 2.5 Ton 14 SEER 30000 BTU Heat Pump AC system. It includes (1) Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit 14 SEER GSZ14 30000 BTU Heat Pump, (2) Goodman three Goodman 5 kW (4.5 kW) 16200 BTU Heater Coils/Heat Kits for AC Air Handlers [With R-410a Refrigerant], and a 2.5 Ton 30000 BTU ARUF Multi-Speed Air Conditioner Air Handler ARUF31B14 unit.

One of the most well-known brands in home heating, cooling, and energy-efficient comfort is Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit. That’s because Goodman, with its tried-and-true energy-efficient technology, incredibly robust materials, and flawless craftsmanship, truly lives up to its reputation. Hence, Goodman probably has a solution to assist keep your home warm, regardless of where you reside or how big or small your home is. For homes and businesses, the Goodman brand offers heating and cooling equipment that is economical, dependable, and energy-efficient.

Goodman takes great pleasure in producing high-quality HVAC equipment that keeps customers happy and brings them back. When it comes to items that have undergone repeated quality assurance testing, Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit provides the best warranty. The SmartShiftTM defrost technology in the Goodman GSZ140301 outdoor unit safeguards your compressor and offers worry-free use in colder climates.

A direct-drive, multi-speed motor on the matching ARUF31B14 indoor Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit enables you to change the airflow for better condenser performance. Air conditioning serves more purposes than just cooling or heating a space. It is necessary for ventilation, air filtering, and dehumidification. With notable features like a multi-speed PSC motor, multiple airflow positions, minimal air leakage, and grooved aluminum tubes mechanically bonded to aluminum ripple-edged fins for industry-leading heat transfer, the Goodman multi-position, multi-speed ARUF31B14 air handler surpasses performance standards.

Goodman 2.5 Ton Ac Unit with 14 SEER R410A Air Conditioner Split System

2.5 Ton Goodman 14 SEER R410A Air Conditioner Split System

The Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit GSXN4 UP TO 16 SEER Central Air Conditioner has among the finest energy efficiencies and operational noise levels in the heating and cooling business. It operates with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A. Chlorine isn’t present in R-410A, preventing harm to the ozone layer. The GSXN4 is made for customers who want outstanding comfort, quiet operation, and ecologically responsible air conditioning performance. It has a high-efficiency Copeland® scroll compressor.

As part of a complete system, this central air conditioner condenser needs an indoor air handler or evaporator coil. What size air handler or coil should you use? Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit depends on two elements related to the central air conditioning system’s exterior: (Listed as “SEER”) the tonnage and (2) the efficiency rating. A greater tonnage evaporator coil than that of the outside central air condenser is typically required for high-efficiency central air conditioning condensers.

Please click the Accessories tab above to view the precise coils or air handlers that Goodman suggests for this central air conditioning condenser. This central air conditioner must be installed with the evaporator coil, furnace, variable speed air handler, or variable speed modular blower, and thermostatic expansion valve that the manufacturer recommends (TXV).

(For a list of the majority of compatible goods, see the Accessories page above; for information on the efficiency of various equipment combinations with central air conditioning, see Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit spec document under the Documents tab above.) Your electric bill will be reduced by about 7%–8% less with a 16 SEER system than with a 15 SEER system.

Please be aware that this air conditioning system has R-410A liquid refrigerant pre-charged and cannot, under federal law, be released into the atmosphere. Yes, you can buy this gear without having an EPA certification. Also, if you have mechanical aptitude, you could install the equipment yourself around 90% of the time. Nonetheless, we firmly advise hiring a qualified heating/cooling contractor to handle the installation’s final steps, including handling the refrigerant.

An HVAC contractor has the equipment and expertise to complete this task. Also, your guarantee with Alpine is validated by having a contractor perform the final startup and inspection of this central air conditioner. Each Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit is a work of art because it simply performs as it should.

It offers up to 14 SEER cooling performance for lower energy expenditures compared to compressors with lesser SEER ratings, and it is built to deliver years of dependable cooling comfort. It delivers consistent, noiseless airflow across the condensing coil thanks to improved fan design. Goodman AC – The R-410A chlorine-free refrigerant is used in the GSX140311 Goodman Air Conditioner Condenser to help protect the Ozone Layer

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Avery A. Williams  Purchased this goodman 2.5 ton ac unit and reviewed that “ Cool AC” Purchased this unit to replace a thirty-year-old unit and professionally installed it. I am very happy with the price compared to my local supply houses. It arrived within three days of placing my order. 

Goodman Gsx160301 Air Conditioner Condenser 29000 Btu - Goodman 2.5 Ton Ac Unit and 16 Seer Ac Units

Goodman Gsx160301 Air Conditioner Condenser 29000 Btu, 2.5 Ton, 16 Seer

Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit 16 SEER Air Conditioner R-410A systems are included in this listing. Item is covered by a 10-year parts warranty if installed by a trained installation and registered online. Linesets, thermostats, and LP conversion kits are sold separately. Build your optimum comfort zone from anywhere at any time with De’Longhi’s PAC app, which is available on your Smartphone, tablet, or smart speakers at home.

You may increase your family thermostat and minimize your energy expenditures by managing the device remotely and cooling only the space you’re in (up to 500 sq. ft.).Cooling, dehumidifying, and a fan, as well as a heat mode, are included in this 4-in-1 device to take the chill out of cold evenings and mornings. The industry-exclusive Real Feel technology delivers unrivaled comfort by ensuring the optimal balance of temperature and humidity.

Sets up in seconds. Caster wheels and integrated grips make it simple to transfer from room to room. The input power (W) is 1345. The ac unit portable room air conditioner includes three modes – cooling, dehumidifier, and fan – and a simple electric plug-in operation. 16 seer ac units have an automated swing mode with a moving wind vent for optimal air circulation, so you not only receive the cooling impact of the portable AC but also help reduce humidity levels, which saves money and space!

This stand-up air conditioner portable Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit has a push-button control panel with an LED display and a remote control, allowing you to conveniently modify the mode, time, temperature, and fan speed, as well as pick the temperature unit (°C / °F). The free-standing portable air conditioning unit has a modern style, and slim body housing and may be utilized in any bedroom, living room, or garage at home or workplace.

The most crucial components are protected from damage by louvered panels and a coil guard, which are enclosed in a galvanized steel casing with a powder paint finish to prevent fading and corrosion. For field installation, the GPC15H offers the choice of purchasing an electric heat kit ranging in power from 5 to 20 swathes R-410A environmentally friendly refrigerant is used in the Goodman16 seer ac unit, which also has one of the quietest operating noise levels in the heating and cooling business.

Chlorine isn’t present in R-410A, preventing harm to the ozone layer. The GSX14 central air conditioner is made for people who want exceptional comfort, silent operation, and environmentally responsible cooling performance. It has a high-efficiency compressor.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Stunata Purchased this goodman 2.5 ton ac unit and reviewed that it “Working Great For Me”  I installed this and a coil on my existing heat exchanger air handler. Works fantastic. Keeps the house perfectly cool. I’m in the Central Valley of California. Hot, Hot, Hot outside. You practically die without AC around here.

Goodman 14 Seer Ac Unit and Goodman 2.5 Ton Ac Unit with 208/230 Volts - 17.1 Amps

Goodman 14 Seer R410A Ac Condensing Unit, 2.5 Ton, 30,000 Btu, 208/230 Volts, 17.1 Amps - Meets Southwest 12.2 Eer Rating

The heating and cooling industry’s lowest operational noise levels are provided by this unit’s sound-dampening characteristics. The Goodman GSX140311 air conditioner condenser can be either 14 seer ac unit or 15 SEER depending on whatever indoor unit it is linked with and uses high-quality components. If an evaporator coil, variable-speed furnace, variable-speed air handler, variable-speed modular blower, and occasionally a thermostatic expansion valve are installed as advised by the manufacturer the greatest HVAC warranty in the industry is provided by Goodman and Amana.

In the first two years, Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit will replace the complete unit if the compressor in a split system air conditioner, heat pump, or tubular heat exchanger in a gas furnace fails. A Goodman condenser, evaporator coil, and blower are all included in the GPC15H to deliver effective cooling IN ONE handy device.

Less maintenance is required for rotary compressors, and Goodman’s outstanding coil design ensures effective energy usage. Even more practical access panels are included with the GPC15H, allowing for quick installation and simple maintenance. This bundled unit’s condenser coil is made with copper tubing and aluminum fins to improve performance and efficiency. Moreover, a strong, all-aluminum evaporator coil that maximizes heat transfer is included. The GPC15H’s cabinet is crafted to last.

Depending on the indoor unit it is connected with, this central air conditioner can have a 14 seer ac unit or 15 SEER rating. It is a 15 SEER system if it is installed with the evaporator coil specified by the manufacturer, a variable speed furnace, air handler, or variable speed modular blower, and occasionally a thermostatic expansion valve (TXV).

Your Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit ducted 2.5 tones central air conditioning and heat pump system is made up of parts that are made to provide you with consistent performance, great energy economy, and some of the quietest operating noise levels in the HVAC business

Goodman 2.5 Ton Ac Unit with GSX130301 Air Conditioner 13 SEER and 2.5 Ton Ac Unit

Goodman GSX130301 Air Conditioner 13 SEER - 2.5 Ton

Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit 13 SEER is included. This item cannot be sold in the following states due to federal guidelines and restrictions: California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida are some of the states that have a presence in the region.

2.5 ton ac unit is covered by a 10-year parts warranty if installed by a trained installation and registered online. Thermostats, conversion kits, outside sensors, and other accessories are available. Individually available. The testo smart probe set provides exact heating and cooling system measurements and computations, making 2.5 ton ac unit perfect for all HVAC/R contractors and professionals.

Two testo 115i pipe-clamp thermometers and two testo 549i high-pressure gauges are included, as well as a protective hard-shell box with precision-fit compartments. The wireless thermometer, with a grip of up to 1.5″, enables rapid and accurate temperature, flow, and return temperature measurements in pipes. The pressure meter provides precise readings for both high and low pressure. The 45-degree connection simplifies maintenance and troubleshooting by eliminating the need for hoses.

The free testo Smart Probes App is a powerful tool for remotely reading and logging readings as well as creating custom reports that can be saved and shared. Testo Smart Probe Set – Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit has never been easier to service and install air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems. With the small testo smart probe set, you can install and troubleshoot heating and cooling systems quickly and reliably.

The kit contains the testo 115i pipe-clamp thermometer, which allows for exact temperature readings in pipes, as well as the testo 549i, which delivers accurate measurements of high and low pressure. The two smart probes work together to calculate specific refrigeration settings for up to 90 refrigerants. Automated superheating and subcooling computations,

Goodman 2.5 Ton Ac Unit and 13 Seer Ac unit Air Conditioner Model - GSX130301

Goodman 2.5 Ton 13 SEER Air Conditioner Model: GSX130301

Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit is covered by a 10-year components guarantee if installed by a trained technician and registered online within 60 days of installation. Accessories such as line sets and thermostats are available separately. This device cannot be placed in the following states due to federal rules and restrictions: California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico are the states involved.

It is intended to efficiently cool small rooms up to 250 square feet; a simple window installation kit with no cutting necessary is supplied, allowing you to begin chilling immediately. Air conditioning, two fan settings, and dehumidifying capabilities give versatile and optimal home comfort; suitable for a bedroom, guest room, workplace, or studio apartment. Under typical room conditions, the seer ac unit will evaporate any water accumulated while cooling, therefore there is no need to remove extra water.

LED controls and the supplied remote make it simple to monitor and adjust your settings from anywhere in your room; use the remote to easily establish your specific comfort levels.

Casters that roll easily, a continuous fan mode, a removable and washable filter, a 24-hour on/off timer, and auto restart all contribute to the simplicity of use and maintenance. Goodman 2.5 ton ac unit is used to circulate air more efficiently around the space. The 3-speed manual control is simple to operate and lets you choose your comfort level. The tilt head is adjustable, allowing you to direct the air where you need it.

Deep-pitched blades, an intake guiding cone, an enclosed air duct, and a spiral grill all work together to transport air up to 75 feet. When you buy a Tornado fan, you are investing in outstanding performance and design that will provide you with complete satisfaction. If not, we will replace it for a period of five years. A customer support staff situated in Andover, Kansas, provides assistance.

Designed to fulfill the voltage standards of the United States. Only for use in the United States are these products certified, safety-tested, and warrantied. With a revolutionary edge definition design, the 62 Air Circulator builds on Tornado’s exceptional benchmark performance. The 62 transports air up to 75 feet and aerodynamically circulates all the air in a space thanks to its characteristic spiral grill and deep-pitched propeller.

The 3-speed control is easily accessible and enables for speed selection to satisfy any circulation demand. Seer ac unit is positioned on the side of the air circulator’s base. The 62’s base adds stability while working from the floor or a desktop. Utilize the 62 in your home or workplace all year for improved comfort and energy savings in every season.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Pete purchased this goodman 2.5-ton ac unit and reviewed that it “Excellent arrived in great condition!” Good unit

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This condenser uses R410A. This is a 2.5-ton system that has GSX140301 and ARUF31B14

The air handler is multi-position so it can be used as either an upflow, downflow or horizontal flow system.

You will need to have all items registered with Goodman after installation. If any parts malfunction or stop working, your technician will need to diagnose the issue. They will then be able to take the parts to a local dealer and have them swapped out under the manufacturers warranty.

Yes, the condenser is precharged with R-410A refrigerant for up to 15 ft of line. If your lines run longer than 15 ft, you’ll need to request more from your installer.

There are quite a few coils that work with this condenser. For example, CAPF3642C6, CAPF3137B6, CAPF3636B6, etc. You’ll need to know the model number of the furnace to get a matching coil that works with this condenser.

The major components for central a/c with an existing forced air furnace are: Condenser, Coil, and Line Set. The advertised A/C unit is the Condenser, so you would simply need a package that adds on the Coil and Line Set. I have these packages available in all sizes. Please call me to discuss: Jason, Heat and Cool Dire… see more

This unit comes with an install manual, but not a dvd. Please feel free to call and discuss further: Jason, Heat and Cool Direct (574) 333-6666

This unit is an air conditioner, not a heat pump. However, I carry New Goodman Heat Pumps in stock for immediate shipping. Please give me a call: Jason, Heat and Cool Direct (574) 333-3333 or (574) 333-6666