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Infrared Tower Heater


Radiant Space Heater

An electric space heater known as an infrared tower heater employs infrared technology to heat up a space. Emitting electromagnetic radiation, which heats things and people directly without warming the air in between, is how infrared heating works. Design: Infrared tower heaters have a heating element at the top and are made to resemble towering towers. On the front, they often contain touch controls and a digital display screen. Heat output: A small to medium-sized room can be warmed by an infrared tower heater that can deliver heat output of 1500 watts or more. 

They frequently offer a variety of heat settings, letting you change the temperature as necessary. Features for safety: The majority of infrared tower heaters have built-in safety precautions like an overheat switch, a tip-over switch, and a cool-touch exterior. These characteristics aid in accident avoidance and guarantee the heater’s usability. Energy efficiency: As infrared tower heaters only heat the people and objects in the room, not the air itself, they often use less energy than other types of heaters. As a result, you may reduce your energy costs while maintaining a comfortable temperature. 

Infrared tower heaters are often portable and light, making them perfect for usage in various rooms of your house or office. Because infrared tower heaters don’t utilize a fan to circulate the heat, they are typically quieter than other types of heaters. This allows you to relax in a cosy, silent space free of annoying noise. All things considered, infrared tower heaters are a fantastic choice for anyone searching for a quick and easy solution to heat a space. They are a practical option for any house or office because they are secure, economical with electricity, and portable.

Tower Heater With Oscillation Remote Control And Timer 3 Settings with Fan Only Mode LED Display

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infrared tower heater has various advantages, including quick and quiet heating. Immediately after being turned on, infrared rays radiate outward, heating everything in their immediate vicinity. Choose from 1,000 watts, 1,500 watts, ECO mode, which keeps a constant 68 degrees, or fan mode to circulate air in the room without adding any heat to your heat settings. By changing the unit’s louvres, you can specify the direction you want the heat to be blasted in. This infrared tower heater was made with your safety in mind, so you can rest easy knowing that it has an integrated overheat protection shut off feature and a tip-over safety button that will turn off automatically when it is turned on its side. 

Set a timer using the unit’s settings or the accompanying remote control for worry-free heating around the clock. When the weather gets chilly, the LifeSmart infrared tower heater is intended to provide additional interior warmth. Three quartz infrared components in this infrared tower heater distribute uniform heat throughout the space without drying out the air. There are two heat settings that may use up to 1500 Watts of power, plus an energy-saving ECO mode that uses the heater’s wattage to self-regulate the temperature to keep infrared tower heater at 68 degrees while only using the most effective amount of power. The Heater also has safety features like an outside cabinet with cool touches, overheat protection, and tip-over protection. A chic all-wood cabinet that oscillates and spreads relaxation throughout the space of your choice is a highlight of the huge tower design.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Katmcgaffick purchased this infrared tower heater and reviewed that Lifesmart heater Very attractive heater and works really well. It can be a little noisy but not overbearing. My cats actually love it and literally fight over which gets to sit in front of it so I would say the heat output is good. I like that it’s a tower and cabinet in one and would definitely recommend it.

Radiant Electric Infrared Tower Heater With Overheat Radiant Space Heater for Office Home Patio

LifeSmart 23'' 3-Quartz Infrared Tower Heater with Oscillation Remote Control and Timer 3 Settings with Fan Only Mode LED Display

With its 1500W ultra-fast heating, strong energy savings, and extended lifespan, this portable infrared tower heater with quartz heating will instantly wrap you in a warm hug. Feel the hottest and most comfortable temperature for you with the two temperature settings, which are adjustable from 250 to 1500W. No fan heating means no noise to interfere with your reading, working, or conversation. A shut-off safety mechanism is included with this radiant space heater. An inbuilt switch will immediately turn the heater off if it is turned over. The heater will restart once it is raised to its upright position. 

Therefore, don’t be concerned about children or animals tipping the heater over! Your family will experience the warmth that an electric infrared tower heater offers in many different ways. It oscillates like a fan. Also, its lightweight and compact form make it simple to transport to any location, including a bedroom, office, study, or bathroom. Radiant space heater, 10.58 * 10.5 * 24-inch, product manual. Contact us at any time if you have any questions. Within 24 hours, we’ll completely solve the issue. You can buy with confidence knowing that our service will completely gratify you. 

With a higher heating efficiency and energy-saving effect, the infrared tower heater delivers heat directly to things and people. It can also improve blood circulation, lessen physical exhaustion, and make you feel extremely warm and cosy. The temperature control protection on this radiant space heater is more responsive. The heater will stop operating if the surrounding temperature rises above 77 °F. Please get in touch with us if you have any queries concerning the heater, and we’ll get them answered right away.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

JeanaH purchased this infrared tower heater and reviewed that Great heater! I have had three infrared heaters over the years and this is my favorite! It is easy to move from room to room with its built-in handle, it puts out plenty of heat and I really like the oscillating feature! The oscillating allows it to heat more objects in the same amount of time so the room feels warmer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Not sure how you would keep the heater running continuously. This heater is designed to work in conjunction with your regular gas or electric heating system, not as your primary source of heat. The heater is designed to automatically shut off as soon as the desired temperature you set on the unit is reached.

Due to the fact that the heat produced is unaffected by draughts or open windows, it is ideal for poorly insulated spaces. Because they don’t emit any light or sound while operating, infrared panel heaters are ideal for the bedroom and home office. Infrared light cannot be seen. No yearly charges for servicing or maintenance.

Also, since these heaters operate quickly, there is no need to pre-warm the space. Some only utilize 300 watts of power, and nearly all of the heat produced is transmitted out, providing extremely efficient heating for a very low price. Infrared heaters require almost no upkeep.

I ordered this model also, which I thought was new. but when I checked back on Amazon, I noticed the- it was good rating??? condition. It worked for about an hour and then just kept shutting off. When I received it, the box was big enough to hold a TV, with no packing material. I would not recommend this heater to anyone. For now, on I will double check what I am purchasing and make sure it is New. I ended up buying another space heater which works great.

They are far more efficient at warming larger spaces since the heat they create isn’t easily lost to air flow. Infrared heaters, on the other hand, can take a bit longer to warm up a space than electric radiators, so despite offering a more substantial amount of warmth, they might not be as responsive.

Yes, infrared heaters can heat a house, to put it succinctly. They actually work well to keep your entire house warm. The deep level of warmth provided by these contemporary electric heating options is ideal for your living room, bathroom, bedroom, and even your yard.

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