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By: Mubbara Zulfiqar

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This best quality portable air conditioner vent keeps your space cool while adhering to higher environmental standards and assisting in energy conservation. A 400 square foot cooling area and three operational modes (air conditioner, fan, or dehumidifier) are provided by the dual hose portable AC air conditioner with dehumidifier. In most circumstances, the good-quality portable air conditioner vent for rooms entirely exhaust all condensate automatically. Noise levels are kept under 52 DBA. Activated carbon air filter, washable pre-filter, remote control, protective cover, and user manual are all included with the portable air conditioner. With this little portable air conditioner, you can stay comfortable if you purchased this product online.

The admirable portable air conditioner vent was made to comply with environmental regulations and use less energy. A protective cover, window kit, remote control, activated carbon air filter, washable pre-filter, user guide, and mini air conditioner are all included in the package. Accessories for window installation, a remote control, a washable pre-filter and activated carbon air filter, and storage cover bag with a pocket. This dual hose Portable air conditioner vent has an auto-drain system that recycles moisture that is gathered throughout the chilling process to provide cool air with a 76 pint daily dehumidification capacity.

Portable air conditioner vents Kit - Upgraded Sliding AC Kit for Ducting Exhaust Hose - Portable air conditioner vent

Portable Air Conditioner Sliding Window Kit with Universal Coupler Adapter, Upgraded Seamless Adjustable Sliding AC Vent Kit for Ducting Exhaust Hose of 5/5.9 Inches

The window kit for a portable air conditioner vent is built of sturdy PVC and is suitable for use in a home or office because it is lightweight and portable. Since the fixing plate is narrower than the adjustable plate, there is a gap between the two plates. To close this gap, a sealing tape is provided, which is attached to the window’s frame.

This tape efficiently prevents hot air from entering the room and fixes each plate. Any high-grade portable air conditioner vent kit exhaust hoses with a diameter of 5 inches or 5.9 inches are compatible with the universal adapter included in our sliding window system. This product is ideal with the majority of mobile air conditioning hose brands. The window sliding kit plate has a unique design.

Kunzye weight of item is 4.58 pounds, superior materials, window slide kit plate is simple to install and remove, manufactured of sturdy PVC ingredients. It has a seamless edge design, a seamless connection between the plates, is tightly fitting, prevents air leakage, and has the potential to reduce energy consumption.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Tracy Gonzales Purchased this and review that “Sturdy!” It’s sturdy and the perfect size for my window. Since my old one broke this one was a perfect replacement.

Portable air conditioner window vent kit - SIKADEER Universal AC Vent Kit - Portable air conditioner vent

SIKADEER Universal Window Seal Kit for Portable Air Conditioner of Exhaust Hose 5.9 Inch Diameter with Coupler Adjustable AC Vent Kit PVC Seal for Sliding Window

The high-calibre portable air conditioner vent contains a 10 foot long length of foam tape, four boards, a couple with a 5.9 diameter, and screw attachments. The length of portable air conditioner window can be changed by freely combining the boards in the seal kit. The length of may accommodate varying window height needs and ranges from 17 inches to 60 inches. All brands of the sturdy portable air conditioner window vent kit with 5.9-inch diameter hoses can use the universal model, window seal plate’s kit. The measurements of the package are 17.32 x 7.24 x 2.83 inches and item weight is 2.94 pounds. Accessories for Portable air conditioner vent are included: no batteries are needed, 5.1″ door style, 5.9″ window style, and 5.1″ door style when you buy this product online.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

A Customer Purchased this and review that “Solid product.” The product works like it is supposed to. Stable on an 80+ inch high sliding door. That being said, any panels of this kind will present installation challenges. Out of 3 we tried, including the one with the AC, this was the easiest, but don’t expect any solution to be “easy”. It takes a few tries of tinkering to get it to work right. It is enough for one side of our installation

Portable ac window seal - KTDRJN Air Conditioner Window Kit with Coupler - Portable air conditioner vent

KTDRJN Portable Air Conditioner Window Kit with Coupler,Universal Window Seal Kit,Adustable AC Window Vent Kit for AC Unit, AC Window Seal Suiteable Ducting with 5.1/5.9 Inches Diameter(Plate/67cm)

The adorable portable ac window seal kit comes with a two-piece 26.3-inch fixing plate, a two-piece 24-inch adjustable plate, one exhaust hose adapter, three screw accessories, and a two-meter sealing strip. It applies to all 5.1″ or 5.9″ diameter air conditioning vent hoses. Excellent for the majority of portable air conditioners available. For improved heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and ageing resistance, KTDRJN portable air conditioner vent kits are comprised of reinforced PVC. It can survive the summer sun and extended hot airflow. It can be applied repeatedly. Most vertical and horizontal sliding windows can be fitted with the portable air conditioner window kit.

With fine-quality portable air conditioner vent any combination is possible, depending on the size of the window. The AC exhaust kit has been altered. Two 67cm/26.3 inch fixing plates, two adjustable 61 cm/24 inch plates, three screws and 1 x 2M 1 piece of sealing tape exhaust hose adapter, are included in the package. Product Information is as follows: Fits 5.1 or 5.9 inch exhaust hoses. Length of adjustment is 71″–87″. Install both horizontal and vertical sliding windows. constructed from PVC. Keeps cool, produces less hot air, and improves cooling efficiency. Commonly used, such as in the house and office. The strong portable ac window seal also decrease your energy usage.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mike b Purchased this and review that “Works” No complaints works as advertised.

Portable ac vent kit - Dura Window Seal Unit with 5.9 Inches (6") Diameter Coupler - Portable air conditioner vent

DuraComfort Portable AC Window Kit, Window Seal for AC Unit with 5.9 Inches(6") Diameter Coupler, Sliding Vent Kit for Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose, Up to 61.8 Inches

Dura comfort portable ac vent kit is constructed of high-quality PVC that is anti-extrusion, anti-aging, and can be used year after year. For easy installation and disassembly, use a simple and reliable anchoring method. Simple to store and takes up little room grid design coupler. The coupler’s grid design prevents tiny animals including birds, rabbits, mice, and snakes from snagging on the ac vent kit hose.

The window vent kit comes with 4 plates, a 5.9 diameter coupler, 8 galvanised screws, and 1 sealing tape accessory. Suitable for any 5.9-inch-diameter air conditioner exhaust hose. The extraordinary portable ac vent kit is excellent for air conditioning accessories from LG, Delonghi, Haier, and other manufacturers. It is suitable for most vertical and horizontal uses. Also the installation procedures is very easy.

To adjust the length to your liking, slide the inner panels against the outside panels. Then, put the screw into the panel’s side hole, and tighten. Attach the exhaust hose’s one end to the portable air conditioner vent coupler. Attach the coupler to the plates and attach the other end of the exhaust pipe to the coupler.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Shaney 31 Purchased this and review that “Great quality and longer than my OEM one” This worked out perfect. It is sturdy and skinnier and taller than the original one that came with my air conditioner. Very good quality and very easy setup

Portable ac vent kit - KGDJS Sliding Window Kit for Vertical/Horizontal Window - Portable air conditioner vent

KGDJS Portable AC Window Kit, Universal Portable Air Conditioner Window Kit with AC Seal Panel, Adjustable Sliding AC Window Vent Kit for Vertical/Horizontal Window, Fit for 5.0" Exhaust Hose

Each of the four plates in the portable air conditioner hose kit is 17 inches long and has an adjustment range of 25.6 to 61 inches. This portable AC window kit’s compatibility with both clockwise and anticlockwise ventilation hoses provides an additional benefit. Designing Slide Rails with Humanity.

This portable air conditioner window system has four plates and slide rails, allowing you to find the perfect fit. Due of its slot, slide, and lock operation, it is simple to install. The process of length adjustment takes only five seconds without the need of any instruments. The portable ac window kit may suit windows that range in size from 25.6″ to 61″ when installed correctly. All 5″ diameter portable air conditioner exhaust pipes are compatible with the portable air conditioner hose kit.

Traditional white, which fits seamlessly with your space and leaves no extra sealing material on the windows after installation. The portable air conditioner vent is simple to put in and take out without breaking the glass. To save money, you can take it out this summer and put it back in next. Effectively diffuses hot air out of  the window, lowering power consumption, saving money on electricity bills, and maintaining the coolness of your room during the summer.

Compatible with several 5″ portable air conditioner vent models, including those from LG, Haier, Midea, and Honeywell.You can utilize a portable ac window kit in your house, office, and other locations. Help you maintain a positive attitude throughout the day by removing stuffiness and irritability.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Sriram Balakrishnan Purchased this and review that “When it’s universal it’s not going to be perfect.” Bought this for my 2nd portable for the summer. Had to drill hole to fit it for my need. But this holds good and does the job.

Portable ac vent hose - Kerykwan Window Kit with 5.9” Exhaust Hose Sal Panel - Portable air conditioner vent

Kerykwan Portable Air Conditioner Window Door Kit with 5.9” Exhaust Hose Adjustable AC Vent Kit for Ducting Universal AC Seal Panel for Horizontal&Vertical Window

Any best quality portable ac vent hose with a 5.9-inch diameter can use our air conditioner window kit. The humanized rail design of the AC vent system makes it simple to slide the seal plates and quick to lock. The AC window seal panel’s adjustable length range is 16.9″ to 62.1″, making it compatible with the majority of vertical and horizontal sliding windows and doors. There is a large factory with specialized equipment and years of experience making items for everyday use with our own top design team, production staff, and factory. The staff works hard to create products that are more affordable, useful, and fashionable, like the Portable ac vent hose window kit we’re offering you today.

Also, based on suggestions from the customers, the team is committed to improving every finished of portable air conditioner vent we produced. The installation procedures are also very easy. To assemble, attach the outer plate’s screw and nut fittings, slide the oval metal piece into the track, and tighten the nut. Attach the exhaust hose to the portable air conditioner coupler at one end.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

A Customer Purchased this and review that “Exactly as expected” It connected to my LG portable air conditioner easily.

Portable ac exhaust hose - KLOLKUTTA Seal Plates with 5.9” Exhaust Hose Duck Coupler - Portable air conditioner vent

Portable Air Conditioner Window Kit, Adjustable Window Vent Kit Seal Plates with 5.9” Exhaust Hose Duck Coupler for A/C Replacement Window Sliding Set (Window AC Kit)

Two versions of the good quality portable air conditioner vent system are available, the sizes are 21.6-86.6 inches for sliding glass doors and 16.9-67.7 inches for vertical or horizontal windows. Please choose the appropriate size based on your AC needs. The window seal plates kit works with portable air conditioners from the majority of brands.

It may be fitted both vertically and horizontally on any sliding window or door, and it can be combined with others depending on the size of your needs. The following items are included in the package, a 5.9 inch duct adaptor, a roll of seal tape, a 5.9 inch exhaust hose, a bird guard, and screws for mounting. The plates can be paired flexibly for your portable ac exhaust hose because they are changeable.

Sliding Kit for a portable air conditioner vent .You can still stay cool all day long and have a positive attitude during the hot summer. Sizes of this product are as follows, 5.9-inch exhaust hose with vent kit set, diameter 16.9″-62.1″ for windows and 21.6″-86.6″ for sliding glass doors; adjustable length

The window sliding kit plate is constructed of sturdy PVC. Movable plate accommodates various window heights Widely Application. Appropriate for use at home, work, the patio, and other locations. Easy installation instructions for portable ac exhaust hose To install, screw and nut the outer plate, then insert the oval metal piece.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Rob Purchased this and review that “It works as described” Well priced. Works as it should. 

Ac window seal - Kxuhivc Window Seal with 5.9" Diameter for Sliding Glass Doors - Portable air conditioner vent

Kxuhivc Portable Air Conditioner Windows Vent Kit, Adjustable Window Seal with 5.9 Inch Diameter, 78.8 Inch Length Exhaust Hose for A/C Unit Universal for Sliding Glass Doors

The superb ac window seal ac exhaust hose has an anti-clockwise thread direction; therefore, before purchasing, double-check that this is the right direction for your AC. This AC hose’s 5.9-inch diameter and 2-meter (78.7-inch) length make it suitable for the majority of portable air conditioners sold today. The window vent kit for portable AC unit consists of four plates and is built of durable PVC materials.

It is low weight, portable, and suitable for use in homes and offices. The installation process is also very easy. Just align the plate panels, slide them to the required length, and secure with screws. Rotate the air conditioner hose connector to attach one side of the exhaust hose, attach the other accessories you must have. For your portable air conditioner vent always nice to have air conditioning that can quickly cool you down now that summer is starting to heat up. If you do possess a portable air conditioner.

There are a few crucial accessories you should think about in order to maintain your air conditioner vent unit’s flawless operation and top cooling effectiveness. Many of these accessories can also assist you in installing your portable air conditioner in the precise kind of place that needs cooling. The remarkable ac window seal must be vented, however not every location that needs cooling has access to a traditional style window. You should consider purchasing a vent kit to install to your vehicle if you find yourself in this predicament.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Bee Dumpling Cosmetics Purchased this and review that “Excellent solution to a big problem!” I was hesitant when deciding to purchase a “non-factory” solution to my very old vent for my portable (9 year old) Frigidaire AC unit. The old vent was brittle and falling apart. To be honest, it never really worked very well.

Portable ac vent - FFXWTSF Adjustable Window Seal Suitable for Exhaust Hose - Portable air conditioner vent

FFXWTSF Portable AC Window Vent Kit, Air Conditioner Window Kit with Coupler Adjustable Window Seal Suitable for Exhaust Hose of 5.9"/15cm Diameter

An elegant portable ac vent kit with good sealing will keep your room cool for longer and use less electricity. It successfully dissipates the warm air out of the window while keeping warm air from circulating in your room. This window seal kit is comprised of premium PVC, ABS, and PP that resists extrusion and ageing and may be used repeatedly. Portable air conditioner vent is simple to construct and disassemble. Compatible with sliding windows or doors, To obtain a proper sealing effect, insert the plates into the window track and add window seal strip as needed. It can be flexibly extended and modified in length, making it appropriate for the majority of vertical and horizontal sliding windows. This ac vent kit 160cm/63 is the maximum adjustable length “,2x43cm/17” Fixed Plates, 1 Coupler Filter, 2x43cm/17″ adjustable plates, and 1 x exhaust hose adapter (15cm/5.9″) are included in the package “3x Screws, and). Please measure your window before purchasing.


Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

WILLIAM L DOLLARHIDE Purchase this and review that “Well made and worked just perfect.” Could have used instructions. Took me a moment to figure out the adjust screws.

Horizontal window ac unit - Adjustable Kit for Sliding Horizontal & Vertical Window - Portable air conditioner vent

GNILLKO Portable Air Conditioner AC Window Kit with 5.9" Exhaust Hose & Coupler, Adjustable Window Seal Kit Plate for AC Unit, Portable AC Window Vent Kit for Sliding Horizontal & Vertical Window

Sliding horizontal window ac unit & Doors Universal AC Window Kit Four seal plates, each adjustable in length from 17 to 62 inches, make up our portable AC window seal set. High-quality PVC seal plates that are anti-extrusion, anti-aging, and long-lasting are used. The air conditioner exhaust hose, which is part of the air conditioner vent kit, has a diameter of 5.9 inches. After installation, firmly attached, obtain a good sealing effect.

The ideal window vent kit includes an exhaust hose and connector, four seal plates, accessories with five screws, 1 exhaust hose for an air conditioner vent, 2 x, hose clamps that are movable, coupler, a bird guard and a single sealing tape. A high-quality thicker polypropylene anticlockwise thread on the portable air conditioned vent provides improved heat and wears resistance for a longer service life. Keep your space cool in the summer with our portable ac hose kit, which is ideal for indoor use at home or the office. Air conditioner window kit plates may be inserted into the window track for “good sealing”.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Weston Purchased this and review that Just the right length After struggling with exhaust hoses that were too short, I was happy to find this product that solved my problem. Reasonably priced and a good value.