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By: Waqas Saeed

The Empire Vented Room Console propane vented heaters excel at maximum air movement and heating. Each unit is intended for elegance and efficiency, providing warmth to medium-sized rooms. To increase circulation, add the optional internal blower. Silent burners, a vent safety switch, matchless piezo ignition, and all of the Empire safety features are standard. These room heaters also have a hydraulic thermostat for maximum dependability (needing no electricity to operate). Each unit is ideal for medium to large rooms and may be positioned anywhere there is access to a vent. These room heaters look as nice as they perform and are housed in a long-lasting, textured, powder-coated beige cabinet. Empire Vented Room Console propane vented heater is designed for both aesthetics and efficiency. These are excellent substitutes for traditional wood or coal-burning heaters.

They use room air for combustion, just like a wood stove. Vent pipes link the heater to a chimney or flue, which transports combustion byproducts outdoors. The curved combustion chamber design lowers noise while the burner ignites the gas as soon as it enters the burner port for enhanced efficiency. Today’s propane space heaters are efficient, powerful machines that can completely alter a difficult-to-heat living space in your North Carolina home, whether it’s your basement, a sunroom, a garage, or even a whole portion of your house. Fitted with thermostats, blowers, and other sophisticated performance and safety features, today’s space heaters will keep you warm and comfortable with even heat from floor to ceiling.

But how can you pick the best propane space heater for you? Here are some fundamentals to get you started in your quest for a space heater. When the temperature drops to dangerously low levels, you’ll almost certainly need a heater to keep your house warm and comfy. The efficiency of this Rinnai heater, despite its modest size, distinguishes it. This direct propane vented heater produces 82 BTUs of usable heat for every 100 BTUs of propane used and has an AFUE rating of 82%. Because of its efficiency, you will save money on heating expenditures every year. The unit will fit neatly on any external wall, and because it vents out the rear, you will not need a chimney or flue to expel harmful gases.

The heater also does not require an electrical supply to function. This propane vented heater is difficult to install. As a result, you’ll almost certainly need the assistance of a professional during installation. Direct Vent Propane Wall Heater 17,000 BTU Gas space heaters, like kerosene space heaters, are not powered by electricity. They are powered by either natural gas or liquid propane. Portable units, in addition to keeping parts of your home warm, can function as outside space heaters.

Mr. Propane vented heater, Corporation F299720 and blue flame propane heater

Mr. Heater Corporation F299720 Vent-Free 20,000 BTU Blue Flame Propane Heater, Multi

Even on the coldest days, this blue flame propane heater 20,000 BTU Liquid Propane Vent Free heater is the ideal auxiliary heating solution. This heater has a thermostat for better temperature control in your room. Starting it is also a snap with a battery-powered electric ignition – battery provided. With the accompanying mounting brackets and bolts, this device may be permanently attached to the wall or firmly fastened to the floor. A clean-burning blue flame tube burner circulates warm, comforting air by utilizing the natural convection of the burn. With a factory-installed Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS), you can be confident that this heater will give you with years of comfortable and safe heat.

Ashley Hearth Products’ Direct Vent Wall Heater is the ideal solution for zoned heating. The space-saving direct vent furnace attaches to an external wall, and the adjustable vent system adapts to accommodate walls ranging in thickness from 4-1/2 inches to 10 inches. The gas flame is totally enclosed inside, away from all interaction with room air, delivering clean, comforting heat when and where you want blue flame propane heater. Air is taken into the chamber from outside via the vent, and combustion products are discharged directly to the outside. Only clean, soft heat is provided to the space in a continuous circulation.

Because no room air is utilized for combustion, windows and doors remain closed. The heater has an in-built fan for improved circulation, yet it barely makes any noise. You should have some piece of mind when using this gadget because it has a variety of safety features, including a child safety lock. propane vented heater are ideal for residential usage and are available in a variety of configurations, including gas space heaters, direct vent wall furnaces, B-vents, and more. Direct vent heaters, as opposed to vent fewer heaters, are often installed on an exterior wall, take air from the outside, and vent straight outside. B-vent heaters vent to the exterior and must be vented up above the roof line.

Depending on your installation requirements, company provides many variations of each kind. Whether you’re looking for additional heat or dealing with a power outage, a gas space heater will keep you toasty even in the lowest winter temps. Blue flame models generate a hot (blue) flame by burning propane gas. It heats the air, which is subsequently pumped throughout the space. A ceiling fan with the blades angled downward might help to further spread the warm air. Although it takes longer to heat the space, the steady heat is less likely to overpower well-insulated parts. These propane vented heaters are also more prone to “hot pockets” of air near the heater. Some individuals enjoy having an extra comfortable corner in the room, but keep in mind that the heat is less even.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Shannon G  Purchased this propane vented heater  and reviewed that “Most Excellent Purchase” Deciding we had had enough of trying to have enough firewood to make through the winters, we decided to give this a try and are VERY thankful we did. I was worried it would suck our propane tank dry but am happy to say that isn’t the case! In two weeks, set on two, it only used 1% of gas and we stayed nice and comfortable! I am so glad we took a chance and bought this heater!

Mr. Heater 18000 BTU propane vented heater, 700 Sq Ft Indoor outdoor space heater

Mr. Heater 18000 BTU Vent Free Radiant 20# Propane 700 Sq Ft Indoor Outdoor Space Heater for Home, Office, or Garage, Thermostat w/Automatic Shutoff

Kick that bothersome winter chill to the curb and stay warm this winter with the 18,000 BTU Radiant propane vented heater, White’s warm air power. This heater, powered by a huge 18,000 BTUs and dependable liquid propane, is your solution to the chilly winter air remaining in your room. It employs a convection heating mechanism, which provides a more comprehensive, natural-feeling heat. Propane vented heater may be used indoors or outdoors and can travel with you owing to the accompanying legs and wall-mounting hardware. But, what distinguishes this heater from the rest of the pack is the ease of use and user control it provides.

Just connect a propane tank to this heater and let the battery-powered ignitions provide you with some wonderful heat relief. Use the heater’s simple thermostat to control the amount of heat at any moment. This propane vented heater can keep you toasty indefinitely. There are several alternatives available when it comes to selecting a heater. Yet, if you’ve decided to go with a direct vent propane heater, you should be aware of not just your potential selections, but also the exact value you’d be receiving for your money. Despite vented gas heaters heat areas quickly and efficiently, selecting the finest direct vent propane wall heater to invest in is not easy.

The Martin Direct Vent 8,000 BTU Propane Wall Heater is both attractive and useful. This propane vented heater requires no electricity to work, and its die-cast aluminum housing insures the unit’s longevity. The heating system also has an easy-to-clean grill that allows for greater heat flow. Furthermore, the machine generates no noise when working, and its built-in thermostat enables for simple temperature management during heat changes. These qualities make this heater the best choice throughout the night-time. With an adjustable thermostat, this heating system allows you to precisely set the heat level you want to enjoy within the room, saving you money in the process. Also, you may set the temperature in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

stephanie murray Purchased this propane vented heater and reviewed that “ Great to have for those storm outages” I have had a product similar to this before and loved it. After the last storm and 3 day outage it was time to upgrade my back up heating system. Read more…

Mr. Propane vented heater, 30K BTU LP e blue flame heater with built in blower

Mr. Heater 30K BTU LP Vent Free Blue Flame Heater with Built In Blower (Liquid Propane)

Although propane may be a wonderful heating option, there are several factors to consider ensuring that propane vented heater is right for you. Propane gas is heavier than air and, if a leak occurs, generates deadly gas pools. Fortunately, there are precautions in place to assist avoid this, but you must ensure that everything is correctly placed. When it comes to purchasing heaters, preparation is everything. If you’re thinking about purchasing a propane heating device, here are some things to consider. This includes topics like local rules, heating demands, budget, and installation.

The sorts of heating appliances that are permitted are governed differently by state and municipal governments. This is particularly true for vent less gas appliances. Check with your local authorities (including your HOA if you have one!) before making a purchase to ensure that the propane vented heater you desire is approved in your region. Create a realistic budget that accounts for all expenses. When it comes to gas appliances, you’ll want to consider any installation expenses in addition to the unit’s price.

This includes any extra enclosures for the propane tank itself. After you’ve determined your local requirements and budget, you may begin prioritizing your heating needs. Do you want anything that will heat your entire house? A single room? Your backyard patio? These options will assist you in narrowing down the models to locate the one that works best for you, if your home has a big propane tank, you may consult a plumber or gas provider to ensure you have adequate fuel and gas hookups for the heater you wish to install.

Now that company’ve cleared everything up, let’s speak about the many sorts of propane heaters. Propane vented heater are classified according to their venting system, heating mechanism, and layout. There are three venting options: direct vent, natural vent, and vent-free. Radiant infrared or blue flame heating can be used. Nevertheless, propane fuel also allows you to use tiny, portable tanks. Unlike natural gas that requires a fixed hookup, compact propane tanks may be moved around depending on your needs.

When propane vented heater comes to gas heating, there are several alternatives available, including fireplaces and fire pits. This essay will concentrate on the category of space heaters. Wall-mounted heaters and furnaces, free-standing patio heaters, and ceiling-mounted heaters are all examples of this. Propane heaters are the most common type of heating equipment that uses propane as a fuel. Indoor and outdoor types, residential and commercial heaters, and a range of wall heaters and furnaces are all available. While more expensive at times, propane burns more efficiently than natural gas and is an excellent alternative for areas lacking natural gas hookups.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Reelief1 Purchased this propane vented heater and reviewed that “Great heater for shop area with 5 heat settings” So far this was a good investment. I have a shop in my walk in basement and this does a great job heating the shop area. I like how the flame is enclosed so I don’t have to worry about fire. And having 5 heat settings you can control the temperature. The unit turns on and off as needed. Read more…

Martin direct propane vented heater and wall furnace heater with thermostat

Martin Direct Vent Propane Wall Furnace Heater for Indoor Homes or Offices with Built-in Thermostat and Glass Panel, 20,000 BTU

Keep your living or working spaces warm with a direct wall furnace heater with a room thermostat that allows you to monitor heat distribution. INTEGRATED THERMOSTAT (Low – High Dial) Real market exclusivity, offered on 11,000 and 20,000 BTU indoor propane gas systems. Our direct vent gas heater, with its elegant fireplace design, offers safe, clean energy that is both inexpensive and aesthetically beautiful. Attach our heater to a gas fitting and propane vented heater will efficiently heat your living area while requiring no maintenance. (The thickness of the wall cannot be less than 4-1/2″ (11.5 cm) or greater than 12-5/8″ (32 cm).)

Heavy-duty grill manufactured of die-cast aluminum with glass ceramic window for enhanced safety, Product is approved for usage in the USA and Canada, The size, form, and application are all part of the configuration. Some propane gas heaters, for example, are meant to be wall-mounted, while others are free-standing patio heaters. Configurations will be covered in a later section. But, you must place any vent-free devices in a room with adequate space and ventilation for them to function properly. The models have parameters that tell you how much square footage they will require.

If you install a vent-free unit in a room that is too tiny or stuffy, exhaust gases may accumulate or the device may not function correctly. Another consideration with vent-free propane heaters is air quality. Again, because the units are so efficient, very little smoke or byproduct is discharged into the room. If you have smoking allergies, asthma, or other disorders that are influenced by air quality, you should explore another choice. When propane vented heater comes to heating processes, propane heaters offer two major possibilities. Since it delivers heat directly to the items in the room rather than merely heating the air, radiant infrared is appropriate for less insulated rooms.

Blue flame heating provides a more steady heat that is less likely to be overpowering, particularly in well-insulated areas. Infrared heating works by emitting low-frequency infrared light waves into the area to warm up the furniture or other things. The infrared rays heat the room in the same way as the sun heats the earth, but it is kinder since wall furnace heater just employs low-frequency rays rather than the entire spectrum of rays that the sun emits. Infrared heat produces very rapid and uniform warmth since it works to warm the items (which then radiate heat to the room). Because it does not rely on heating the air, it is suitable for draughty areas.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Carla Purchased this propane vented heater and reviewed that “Great Heater” We bought this heater for our small cabin in West Virginia. First let me say it works great… We had to have the gas guys come out to the cabin twice because the pilot light would not stay on (both times at a service charge). Read more…

Mr. propane vented heater 10,000 BTU radiant propane heater

Mr. Heater Vent-Free 10,000 BTU Radiant Propane Heater, Multi

Even on the coldest days, this Radiant 10,000 BTU Liquid propane vented heater is the ideal supplemental heating solution. It has a multi-output valve for simple temperature management as well as a handy Piezo ignition incorporated directly into the knob movement for one-handed ignition. With the accompanying mounting brackets and bolts, this device may be permanently attached to the wall or firmly fastened to the floor. Multiple burner tiles use radiant heat to warm your home using the sun’s power. With a factory-installed Oxygen Depletion Sensor (ODS), you can be confident that this heater will give you with years of comfortable and safe heating.

Please keep in mind that activating this heater at altitudes higher than 4,500 feet above sea level may cause the pilot/ODS to shut down the propane vented heater. The heater, which is suitable for bigger settings, has a BTU output of 24,500 and can heat up to 1,000 square feet of space. The pilot ignites with the same unmatched piezo mechanism as the AGDV12L Heater. In addition, the heater, like the House Warmer Direct Vent Heater, has an internal fan. This functionality, however, is optional.

It is ideal for use in homes, apartments, garages, cabins, ice fishing huts, and other structures. Furthermore, heating specific rooms allows you to be comfortable where you need to be while saving money on fuel expenditures in underused areas. The sleek, compact cabinet is vented outside and installs on an outside wall. All venting material is supplied and works with walls up to 9 inches thick (extensions are available for walls up to 24 inches thick).  This propane vented heater also has automated temperature and safety settings for your convenience. What is the appeal of a propane heater? It’s as easy as that: convenience and adaptability.

Gas appliances (both natural gas and liquid propane) are efficient, simple to operate, and easy to clean. If you currently use propane to power other appliances in your house, it makes sense to utilize it for your new heater as well. Yet, the heat is so powerful that if the space is sufficiently insulated, propane vented heater may become uncomfortably hot and stuffy. Because there is no furniture to transmit heat, these systems are less effective in empty rooms. Another disadvantage of infrared heating systems is that they might ignite combustible things or inflict burns if you go too close. Read all clearance instructions carefully to ensure that everything is safe.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Customer Purchased this propane vented heater and reviewed that “Perfect size. Great for emergency back up” I was considering buying the next larger size. I’m happy with this smaller one. Turns out I usually run this on Low. The tank also lasts twice as long on low heat. On high heat I roast, and end up turning it back to low. Read more…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Your tank is supposed to be outside you run the lines through the wall to the inside so you’re supposed to have a shut off valve on the inside just below and behind the heater Check with your local state regulations

Quick math says about 17 hrs on full tank. This heater has a high and low output,
controlled by the thermostat, not the user. One gallon propane would last approx 4 hours.
A full 20 lb tank holds about 4.5 gallons.

I use it to supplement my forced air heat. I would imagine in a room that is prone to freezing with the unit on it’s lowest setting it would cycle quite a bit. It definitely kicks out a lot of heat.

If I turn the heater off then the pilot light goes off, but if I just turn the heater to lowest setting it stays on. That is how mine works.

I don’t see anywhere where it says it is vented. But It does say Vent free, which means no vent. And there is definitely no vent with this, it is meant to be non-vented. There is no need to drill any hole through a wall, unless it is just for a propane tank connection


Being a direct vent heater I would not recommend it in a house. I use mine in the garage and after a while you can tell there are fumes. The heater will light but the fan won’t run.

Being a direct vent heater I would not recommend it in a house. I use mine in the garage and after a while you can tell there are fumes. The heater will light but the fan won’t run.

Yes, you just have to choose the desired temperature and the included thermostat will do the rest, as soon as the temperature is reached, the burner goes off «progressively» and the pilot will remain working until until the temperature drops one or two degrees below the selected temperature level, where the thermostat … see more

Your question is addressed in the product manual, version 1-6.2016, minimum clearances for the MDV8, 8000 BTU model are as follows:
to floor, 7 and one eighth inches; each side, 6 inches; to ceiling, 24 inches; and 2 inches from unit rear to wall, which is accomplished with the use of the spacers that are enclosed in… see more

Wrong answers. I’ve been using a Mr. Buddy for 9 years now. It has a built in regulator where you hook the hose to, no external regulator needed. Mr. Buddy suggests you use their brand hose as the others let oil leach through, so they say, lol. I do see a build up of crud on the thermocouple but it’s really not an issu… see more

Low and high is all you have. 4000/9000 BTU. Low is all I use in 100 Sq ft unless it goes below freezing. If Temps are in the 50s the heater is a little too much but I’ll regulate the room heat by opening a window some. That’s my thermostat. You have to buy a more expensive heater if you want one on a true thermostat.

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