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By: Waqas Saeed

This portable ac window kit is designed to work with a portable air conditioner vent hose that has an exhaust that is 5.9 inches in diameter. It is a great alternative to the factory-installed kit that comes with your portable ac. The portable ac window kit has three plates that have a total length of 120 centimeters (47 inches). The length of a single window panel without the extension is 16.9 inches, and the range after the extension is from 25.5 inches to 47 inches. You can It was simple to modify this sliding window ac unit window kit to meet your window requirements; The slider nuts make it simple to adjust these panels.

The Window Seal Kit is compatible with both vertical and horizontal sash windows and can be lengthened or shortened to fit your needs. The man window kit is the ideal solution for maximizing the use of your sliding window air conditioner because it is so simple to install: simply slide it into place and lock it in place. Kindly note: The acute exhaust hose cutouts on the back of the portable air conditioner have an air exhaust outlet that measures approximately 5.9 inches in diameter. Therefore, before purchasing, ensure that the air conditioning air intake and exhaust outlets have a diameter of 5.9 inches.

Parts and accessories for a portable air conditioner from Inner Edge to Inner Edge) include: One Exhaust Hose Adaptor (5.9 inches/15 cm, Internal Edge to Internal Edge), two outer plates measuring 43 centimeters, one inner plate measuring 43 centimeters sliding window ac unit tape, four butterfly screws, and one user manual are included. Utilizing the butterfly screws that are provided, you connect them. Now is the time to plan how to prevent hot air from spoiling your fun. A window or exit point is necessary for all portable air conditioners; this permits the unit to remove the room’s hot air. Absorbs the heat from the air conditioner with the sliding window, and then an exhaust hose lets the heat go outside. A sliding window ac unit kit makes this simpler, so you won’t be caught off guard by an early heat wave.

Gulrear Sliding Door Air Conditioner-Sliding Window Ac Unit Sliding Door AC Vent Kit, Max Adjustable Length 220cm/87Inch

gulrear Sliding Door Air Conditioner Kit,Max Adjustable Length 220cm/87Inch, Sliding Door AC Vent Kit, Suit for 13cm/5.1Inch Exhaust Hose

This plastic sliding door seal panels kit design compatible with portable air conditioner vent hose with 5.1” diameter – sliding door air conditioner to factory default kit included with your portable air conditioner slide door vent kit consists of four plates, total 256cm/101inch length, max adjustable length 230cm/90inch, be satisfied with the needs of different sliding door heights slotting the plates together to the sliding door air conditioner of your chosen door – you don’t need to use all four plates if it’s not necessary.  This kit was easy to extend to my sliding window ac unit, easy to install.

Make sure you do your measurements before buying. These panels are easy to adjust with the slider nuts. The ac door seal kit can be shortened or lengthened for the desired fit and works with both vertical and horizontal sash windows. Installation couldn’t be easier – simply slot, slide and lock into place! Sliding door air conditioner kit is the perfect solution for efficient use of your ac unit. Please note: portable air conditioner include an air exhaust outlet on the back of acute exhaust hose cut-outs sliding window ac unit 5.1″ in diameter.

So make sure to check the diameter of your ac air exhaust outlet is 5.1 inch before purchasing. (inner edge to inner edge) plastic extension kit for portable a/c includes: 2 x 67cm/26.3 inch outer plates, 2 x 61cm/24 inch inner plates, 1 x exhaust hose adaptor(5.1inch/13cm,internal edge to internal edge),1 x sealing tape, 4 x butterfly screws,1 x user manual. You connect them by using the provided butterfly screws. Please check your sliding door size before buying.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

HD_Dude purchased Sliding window ac unit and reviewed that “These work Perfectly! And I’m Using Both Sizes” I’ve moved full-time to my mountain cabin, due to the pandemic. For 30 years I never had AC, because I was only here for a week at a time, and I could handle it. But now, I need it! Especially with the heat waves that have been scorching New England. The house retains heat (a winter plus) so at night, even when it cools down outside, the inside temperature is easily 10-degrees hotter, even with all the windows open…

Gendral Forwepup Sliding Door Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent Kit-Sliding Window Ac Unit

Gendral Forwepup Sliding Door air Conditioner kit, Air Conditioner Parts & Accessories Portable Ac Window Kit Vent Screen, Fits for Hoses of Different Sizes - 210 * 30cm

With the OBTAIN Portable Air Conditioner Window Vent Kit, summertime will be cooler! OBTIAN window seal is made of special fabrics that are heat-insulating, waterproof, and can stop warm air from coming back in. This makes your mobile air conditioner work better and cools your room faster. Portable air conditioner window vent kit that can be adjusted. Appropriate for a sliding door. Foldable at 215 x 30 cm, it is suitable for doors with a height of 180 to 215 cm. suitable for various sizes of exhaust hoses. It is suitable for the exhaust of air purifiers, dryers, clothes dryers, and dehumidifiers, in addition to portable air conditioners.

A set of accessories for a Portable air conditioner window vent kit that allows it to vent warm air out of a window is called a window vent kit. A vent hose that goes on the back of the portable air conditioner and an adapter that fits into a window opening are typically included in these kits. The adapter is attached to the hose, which is then inserted into the window opening to let warm air escape outside. Portable air conditioner window vent kits are available in a variety of sizes and designs to accommodate various window types.

Sliding window ac unit are the focus of some kits, while casement or double-hung windows are the focus of others. It is essential to ensure that the kit you select is compatible with the type and size of your windows. A Sliding window ac unit is necessary for a portable air conditioner to function properly. The air conditioner’s warm air will remain trapped in the room without adequate ventilation, reducing its effectiveness as a cooling device and increasing the risk of damage.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mary purchased Sliding window ac unit and reviewed that “An awesome product. Thank You!” Three months struggled with the window panel that came with the portable AC finally got this amazing product. It requires zero installation effort. One can easily pull it down when it rains outside and shut the window and put it up again when the rain stops. This is one of many great finds on Amazon. Please don’t hesitate getting it. Thanks to Amazon & the producer! Blessings!!

INOMO Portable Sliding Window Ac Unit - Ac Window Seal Adjustable Sliding Ac Vent Kit For Exhaust Hose Of 5.1&5.9 Diameter

INOMO Portable Ac Window Vent Kit with One Flat-mouth, Sliding Window Kit for Portable Air Conditioners, Window Seal for Ac Unit, Adjustable Sliding Ac Vent Kit for Exhaust Hose of 5.1&5.9 Diameter

This sliding window kit stands out from the competition by including a universal adapter that is compatible with all mobile air conditioning exhaust hoses with diameters of 5.1 and 5.9 inches. INOMO has improved the plate edge design in response to customer feedback. The line now runs horizontally to create an Ac window seal without gaps, eliminating the need for Sealing Tape. To achieve a good sealing performance, simply slide the plates over your window and they will fit perfectly. This will not only keep your room always cool without letting in cool air, but it will also keep hot air out and save you money on air conditioning.

The SG1-A Durable PVC Materials in the INOMO Ac window seal have a high density and are heat resistant, so they won’t deform over time. You get not only a vent kit for your air conditioner, but also multiple cool summers that are compatible with most vertical and horizontal sliding windows. You can use a combination of two and three plates. It can be used anywhere with ease. In addition, it is simple to set up and take down, suitable for use in the home or office and compatible with the majority of air conditioners.

It comes with two 19.7-inch outer plates, one 19.7-inch inner plate, universal Sliding window ac unit, a manual, and three set screws. Once installed, the maximum adjustable length is 55 inches. Sliding window ac unit Please take a measurement of the length of your window and make sure it is between 55 and 19.7 inches. In addition, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty to replace your damaged item. We are always available to answer your questions.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Annalise L purchased a Sliding window ac unit and reviewed that “Something I Never Thought I Could Replace” A few years ago, we bought a portable air conditioner. It comes with a window kit, and everything was great. Recently, the bedroom was given some extra insulation, which meant ripping out the exterior walls. The team that came in broke the window kit immediately (among other things).

Sliding Wind Portable Air Conditioner Window Kit Sliding Window Ac Unit AC Window Seal Suitable For 5.9” AC Exhaust Hose

Portable Air conditioner Window Kit, Adjustable Vertical/Horizontal Sliding Window Kit Plate for AC Unit, AC Window Vent Kit, AC Window Seal Suitable for 5.9” AC Exhaust Hose (AC Window Kit-5.9")

The UNAOIWN AC window vent kit consists of four plates, a 5.9-inch duck coupler, a filter, and four screw accessories (THIS KIT DOES NOT INCLUDE AN AC HOSE OR AN A/C UNIT). It works with any 5.9-inch vent hose for air conditioning, whether it’s a clockwise or counterclockwise one. It’s great for most Portable ac vent on the market. Made of high-quality PVC, the UNAOIWN window seal kit can be used year after year and resists expansion and deterioration.

Suitable for use in the home or office, this stable fixing method is simple to install and disassemble, can be stored easily, and saves space. It works with most sliding windows, both vertical and horizontal. Depending on the window’s size, you can combine any of the following: choose between a two-board, three-board, or four-board configuration. It can be used anywhere with ease. Our Portable ac vent exhaust kit’s sealing plate slides easily and locks quickly, requiring no tools. Variable range of length: 17 to 65 inches wide. Due to the fact that the adjustable plate must be inserted into the fixed plate, there is a gap between them.

As a result, you must use the SEALING STRIP. A 3.5M sealing strip is included in our air conditioner sealing plate set. The connection between the sliding window and the plate has a sealing strip attached to it. This can keep your room always cool; effectively prevent hot air from entering, and save power we Portable ac vent to cover any problems and give you a full refund without any conditions 24/7 online support to ensure your complete satisfaction. Please purchase any item from us with confidence.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Lynne purchased Sliding window ac unit and reviewed that “Better Than Expected” Like many others, this extension kit is far better than what came with the DeLong air conditioner unit. As a determined 65 you, I was able to install myself. It would be easier with 2 people but doable alone. Instructions could be a lot better; I watched a You Tube video to make sense of it before starting. No tools needed other than scissors to cut sealing material plus, plenty of sealing material. It is very sturdy, appears to be durable but this is just my first season. I would highly recommend.

Portable Ac Window Seal Kit-Sliding Window Ac Unit With Exhaust Hose, Air Conditioners Kits Parts Adjustable Window Seals

Portable AC Window Kit with Exhaust Hose, Air Conditioners Kits Parts Adjustable Window Seals for Sliding Window, Universal Vertical Sliding AC Vent Kit with 5.9” Round Coupler (59" Exhaust Hose Set)

The majority of portable air conditioner brands are compatible with the window side panels. It can be installed both vertically and horizontally on all sliding windows, which can be used separately or together depending on their size. For your reference, the exhaust hose ac vent kit comes in two sizes: one has a length of 59 inches for portable air conditioners, and the other has a length of 78.8 inches. Please make sure the hose is the right length for your room. The majority of vertical and horizontal Portable ac window seal can use the window duct kit.

Depending on the size of the window, you can utilize a combination of two, three, or four plates. It can be used anywhere with ease. To achieve a good seal, embed the plates into the window track and clamp them. This will allow you to work and relax in comfort while also keeping your room cool during the scorching summer months. Four window sealing plates, one exhaust hose adaptor, a 5.9-inch round coupler, screw accessories, one sealing foam tape, and one exhaust hose. Before purchasing, please verify the size of your window.

Portable ac window seal window kits fit the hose tube pipe on your portable air conditioner for your home or office. Even in the hot summer, you can still keep your good mood throughout the day and enjoy a cool day! You seem to be describing a universal vertical sliding AC vent kit with a 5.9-inch round coupler, adjustable window seals for sliding windows, and an exhaust hose for a portable air conditioner. You can install a portable air conditioner in a sliding window with the assistance of this kit.

The air conditioning unit’s hot air can be vented outside thanks to the exhaust hose, which is an essential component of the kit. By creating a tight seal around the Portable ac window seal with the adjustable window seals, hot and cool air can’t enter the room at the same time. The universal vertical Sliding window ac unit vent kit provides a secure and stable mounting option for the portable air conditioning unit and is designed to fit most sliding windows.

Connecting the exhaust hose to the vent kit with the 5.9-inch round coupler ensures that hot air is properly vented outside. To ensure that the Sliding window ac unit is installed correctly and safely, it is essential to carefully follow the instructions. Air leaks can result from improper installation, which can decrease the efficiency of the air conditioner and raise energy costs.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Chris purchased Sliding window ac unit and reviewed that “Perfect Fit and Quality!” Picked up a nice older LG portable ac unit for only 20 bucks that worked perfectly just didn’t have the hose and attachments which at the time I wasn’t sure if you could even get them but for only 20$ I couldn’t pass it up and I figured worst case I’d rig up like a dryer hose or something ha-ha but after just a quick Google search I learned basically all portable ac units are 2 basic sizes so I measured mine quick, decided on this one and it fit like a glove and works great. Even included a roll of tape which came in handy for really sealing it up good!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answer: No, the window vent kit does not come with the hose. When you bought your portable air conditioner, the vent hose should have been included with that. If you don’t have a vent hose, you can find one on Amazon. As to the sliding door vent kit, it is well made and works really well. After fitting the slats to fit your door, you may have to make a cutout in one of the slats for the locking latch in the sliding door frame to fit it more snuggly; if so, a coping saw is easy to use and works great. As well, it only has a six-inch width, so you can leave it attached when you’re not home because no one could fit through it, just be sure to put a stick in the sliding door so it can’t be opened any more. I hope this answer helps you; if you have any more questions, just ask, I’d be happy to answer them for you

I am unable to answer that question. Mine is not a Frederic machine. My machine is a two hose machine. If your machine is a two hose machine, it appears that the parts are universal. You have to order the hoses separately.

This ac window kit is suitable for portable air conditioner with 5.9 inch hose panel kits, please check your original DeLong AC HOSE size. If it is 5.9 inch, then it works!

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