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By: Sadaf Islam

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Direct-vented gas heaters are simply propane-fired combustion boxes that draw heat from the outside air. Any combustion-related emissions are then vented through a short pipe through an outside wall and outside of your house. Vented gas heaters that have been properly installed and maintained fall under the category of practically flawless and total combustion. 

Unvented gas heaters are only meant to be used as a backup. Do not use unvented heaters in restrooms or bedrooms. An outside air source will be needed if the house has weather-stripped doors and windows. As they don’t need access to an exterior wall for venting, vent-free propane heaters are less expensive to install than direct vent heaters and provide more installation options. Unlike direct vent alternatives, exhaust is emitted indoors.

Never turn on a gas heater before going to bed. Never use a gas heater that isn’t fluted in a bathroom, bedroom, or travel trailer. In these circumstances, toxic gases may seriously harm your health. A vent-free appliance needs room air to function, and when it draws in room air that has any chemical basis odor, the device will pass through the burner and emit the scent of a petroleum-based product. The smell of kerosene is produced by most substances that borne in space and pass through the burner.

All vented gas heaters are certified at 99.9% efficiency because they do not vent exhaust outside. The most effective kind of gas heaters is vent-free ones because of this. Modern space heaters can be left on for extended periods of time unattended, even while you sleep. Best vented gas heater includes features like an automatic shutoff, an adjustable thermostat, tip-over protection, and UL certification from one of the three major testing bodies.

A direct vent wall furnace indoor heater has enameled tray humidifier, forced combustion and convection warm air exit, and stainless steel bunsen burners. Compact, energy-efficient wall heating furnace has quality features including electronic spark ignition, 7-stage modulating gas valve, timer settings, variable speed inducer motor with pressure switch, and electronic thermostat with a range of 60–80°F.

This vented gas heater has a cool-to-the-touch cabinet, a child lock, and self-diagnostic electronics that constantly monitor operations, issue auto shutdown codes, and restart instantly if ignition or combustion fails. Buy a vented gas heater to select the ideal heating solution for your residence.  It is a highly effective indoor heating device that efficiently and affordably distributes heat throughout any indoor space.

This vented gas heater is practical and small making it perfect for use in garages, workshops, and living spaces. It operates without electricity, so can be used during a power outage. Its sealed combustion chamber completely locks the gas flame inside the unit and away from all contact with the air in the room for additional safety. Installation of an optional blower which is available separately helps with the equal and comfortable distribution of heat around the room and is the only step that necessitates the need for electricity.

As there is no indoor air utilized in the combustion process, this unit is a direct-vent furnace, which means that the air required for combustion is pulled directly into the chamber from the outside. As a result, doors and windows can stay shut. The combustion waste is subsequently expelled outside through the vent, leaving the area with constant, mild, and clean heat. Direct-vent furnaces need to be installed via an exterior wall with a horizontal venting path. For quick and simple installation, all vent material is provided.

Please choose the gasoline type that will be used as well as extras like a thermostat, a high elevation kit (if you are 2001 feet or higher above sea level), and an optional blower. Pilot igniter without matches, attractive, robust, scratch-resistant soft-white finish, and technology for sealed combustion utilize no interior room air to operate. Every vent cap has an integrated bird-guard system. Long-lasting combustion chamber with ceramic coating, and strong cast iron burners, before using or installing, read the owner’s instructions.

Duluth Forge fireplace log set - Heartland oak Vented gas heater - 30" Vented natural gas heaters

Duluth Forge Vented Natural Gas Fireplace Log Set - 30 in., 65,000 BTU, Heartland Oak

30-inch vented natural gas heaters with a 65,000 BTU capacity are only intended for indoor use. The U-burner chassis design enables huge, complete flames to spread across the wood set. 10 beautifully painted, realistically detailed logs made of quality ceramic fiber provide a stylish appearance. Glow-in-the-dark embers, two bags of vermiculite, and a damper clamp are all included. No power is needed for a match light’s manual ignition.

Vented natural gas heaters imitate the appearance and feel of a genuine wood-burning hearth. This features split accents, thick bark texture, and charring for a realistic appearance. It was molded from the original wood. A vented gas heater needs an operational chimney with an open flue function, much like a true wood-burning fireplace. The blazing embers produce a warm, traditional atmosphere with radiant splendor.

Ten hands painted realistically detailed logs utilizing excellent refractory ceramics to provide a long life span. The u-burner chassis design allows massive, complete flames throughout this log set matching light manual ignition 65,000 maximum but with the natural gas operation and liquid propane conversion kit.

The vented gas heater included two bags of vermiculite, one bag of glowing embers, and a dampening clamp. A firebox must be at least 19″ H x 34″ W (32″ W at the back) x 16″ D in size. A damper clamp with PFS approval is provided. This vented gas heater is practical and small making it perfect for use in garages, workshops, and living spaces. This item must be installed in place by a professional gas expert.

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FRED TIESENGA purchased it and review that “Looks great” Took a trip to Home Depot to find correct gas hose and fittings. Be sure to figure out what u need before u go. Otherwise multiple trips! I installed in an hour or so. I needed 2 pipe wrenches, u probably will as well. Really looks nice.