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By: Sadaf Islam

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Since 2018, the Vornado vmh600 has been our top option because it routinely outperforms almost all other space heaters, producing a quick temperature rise that rises slowly and evenly across space over time. There are two heat settings on the Vornado vmh600. Low consumes 750 W of power, whereas high consumes 1,500 W. This space heater can heat a small to medium-sized room and can force air into a single room.

Whenever a heater isn’t in use, unplug it. Vornado does not advise using this heater unattended or unsupervised. Due to the power control board and the heating element, the vmh500 and Vornado vmh600 heaters will make a very small buzzing noise while they are operating. On the low setting, the buzzing should be difficult to hear, and on the high setting, it should hardly be audible. A loud buzzing sound is inappropriate.

The Vornado fan‘s efficiency is undeniable; not only does it keep a room cold in intense heat, but the air itself is pleasant and fresh. It’s probably dust or residue on the heating coils burning off, and once the coils have been on for a time, they should go away. Vornado can simultaneously chill down everyone in the room.

Because fewer mechanical components could malfunction thanks to the air-circulation characteristic of the best Vornado vmh600, this fan will probably survive longer as well. In comparison to most other fans we examined, it is also simpler to clean. For almost two decades, it had been the first choice of fans. They look good, are well made, are quiet, and move a lot of air compared to their size. 

Overall safest space heater; the Vornado vmh600 effectively and safely warms your space. The shell is cool to the touch, and it has an automatic shut-off for overheating and tip-overs among other safety measures.  Heat differently on a smaller scale than a forced air furnace, gently warm the air in a small to medium-sized space through vortex air circulation without utilizing excessive heat. 

Three heat settings and an internal thermostat are features of it. Auto climate control – senses the amount of heat and circulation required to maintain the desired temperature and automatically makes the necessary adjustments so you don’t have to. Heat efficiently — adjust the temperature to your preferred level of comfort by using the touch-sensitive controls to choose between the two heat settings (low/750w and high/1500w), the fan-only setting, and the 12-hour timer. Heat safely; for worry-free operation, the advanced safety features include a cool-touch exterior, tip-over protection, and a 2-stage automatic safety shut-off.

A customer service staff situated in Andover, Kansas, provides superior support that is backed by a five-year hassle-free guarantee. Vornado vmh600 is built to comply with U.S. voltage standards, exclusively for use in the United States; certified; safety-tested; and warranted. The Consumer Reports Space Heaters test program includes the Vornado vmh600. Space heaters models like the vmh600 are evaluated in lab testing based on a variety of factors.

The capacity of a heater to sufficiently warm a room of average size, like a family room, in 15 minutes. Warm surface burns danger if you touch the heat-exhaust outlet. The score is determined by taking into account the outlet’s maximum temperature, its size, and how easily accessible it is. It’s safe to touch models with a very good or excellent rating. Heaters with ratings of fair or poor can get hot enough to burn you if they’re on their hottest setting.

Whole room vortex heat circulation, stainless steel construction, and two heat settings (plus fan only), timer with 12-hour auto-off and remote, automation of the climate, dual-display touch-sensitive controls, sync energy feature, cord storage & carry handle, built-in system for automatic safety shut-off, 5-year warranty & tip-over protection on hand are the qualitative features of Vornado vmh600 which make it best able to buy.

Vornado Oscth1 oscillating tower heater - Vornado vmh600 with Low, High, and Fan

Vornado OSCTH1 Oscillating Tower Heater

Oscillating comfort; 80 degrees of oscillation are available on demand, giving you the choice of stationary v-flow entire room air circulation or sweeping heat airflow in Vornado vmh600. Heat safely ETL certified and outfitted with cutting-edge safety features for worry-free use, including a cool-touch exterior, tip-over protection, and a 2-stage automatic safety shut-off.

Simple to use — to adjust heat output and energy consumption, illuminated touch buttons run the 1–12 hour timer, oscillation mode, 2 heat settings (low/750w, high/1500w), and fan-only option. Control your comfort by adjusting the thermostat’s digital display to the desired setting. The heater will then switch on and off automatically to maintain that degree. Superior support is maintained by a customer service team situated in Andover, Kansas, and is backed by a five-year hassle-free guarantee.

The Vornado oscth1 oscillating tower heater offers a new spin on home comfort. You can now choose between 80 degrees of direct-path oscillating heat or strong whole-room heat circulation. Everyone in the space is kept warm and comfortable by Vornado vmh600‘s renowned whole-room circulation, or select oscillation mode for gliding warming beams of air.

The elegant touch controls and easy-to-read display go well with the sweeping contour lines. You may use as much or as little heat as you like with two heat settings (low, high, and fan only) and a 12-hour timer, while a cool-touch case, tip-over protection, and 2-stage auto cutoff give you peace of mind. You can raise the thermostat in your entire house by heating the rooms you’re in.

Warm up all of the air in the space; all of the air in the room is heated by the Vornado vmh600 using a unique airflow pattern called v-flow. A heating experience unlike any other is created by quick, warm, and soft airflow. With cozy warmth and mental tranquility; the design of Vornado heaters prioritizes user security. Even after many hours of continuous use, the cabinet is still cold to the touch. Also, it turns off on its own if too much heat is sensed or the appliance tips over.

It has a metal case, two led displays for cross-room viewing, a remote control, covert cord management, auto-climate control, and our distinctive whole-room vortex heat circulation. A 5-year satisfaction guarantee, a metal inlet grill that prevents dust (and fingers) from entering, and other safety measures provide cozy comfort and peace of mind.

Buy Vornado vmh600 because it is the top model in our line of steel heaters and provides the highest levels of efficiency and comfort while enhancing your design. It not only raises the look and feel of the ordinary house heater but also does its job remarkably well.

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Kat I purchased it and review that “LOVE this heater” I have a studio so I only have one large room to heat. This is the only brand I buy when it comes to heaters and fans. Seems most places push Lasko and Honeywell the most probably due to the lower price point. See more…