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By: Nazia Abid

As you decide remodeling the laundry room, that is one of the difficult questions you have to deal with. The laundry room must have a washer and dryer countertop. Make every inch count in your laundry room, no matter how big or little it is! Over the washer and dryer, a countertop offers counter space for folding clothing, a wonderful location for detergent and other cleaning supplies, a work area when you’re at the sink, and — as is the case in our home — space to stack the folded clothes for weeks until you put them away ;. In fact, having a countertop is essential for the laundry room renovation and a factor in the decision not to use top-loading appliances discussed a variety of countertop material alternatives, including butcher block, laminate, Corian, and natural stone. 

You ultimately chose a stainless steel washer and dryer countertop for the laundry room, and I thought I’d share the procedures we followed to install and support the countertop over our front-load washer and dryer. It is not difficult to figure out how to build a laundry countertop, and it is a simple DIY task. No matter what kind of material you choose for the countertop when installing your own counter over front loaders, the supporting framework will essentially be the same. It can be utilized as a floating bench, counter, or desk. Usually, the washer and dryer are placed on top of a counter in laundry rooms. 

A laundry room washer and dryer countertop may require two parts in order to be supported: something to attach the countertop to the wall and something to keep the countertop above the washing machines. Cleats and gables are combined in this simple approach to do that. The gables offer support on the side and underneath a long counter so it won’t sag, and the cleat acts as a brace to hold the countertop up against the wall. Depending on the weight of the countertop, if the washer and dryer were in a niche with walls on three sides, you can install the countertop using only cleats. 

In the case, you have a sink next to the washer and dryer, so you can utilize cleats on the back and right side walls, a pre-made gable (an Ikea panel from the As Is area) to support one side of the countertop, and a DIY gable buried between the machines to offer additional support. Most types of worktops, from butcher block countertops to laminate countertops to natural stone countertops, can be supported using the cleat and gable technique. The first thing you need to decide is if you also need a substrate based on the countertop material you chose. 

Here are several possibilities, You don’t need a substrate if your countertop is made of plywood. The gable supports the plywood as it rests on the cleats. You do not need a substrate if you are using individual pine planks to construct a wood countertop over the washing and dryer. However prior to installation, you must glue and attach the wood boards together. The boards are attached directly to the cleats and span the width. There are many choices for materials for a DIY laundry room washer and dryer countertop

A wood washer and dryer topper can offer warmth, texture, and is reasonably priced. A stone countertop is ideal for folding laundry and can give it a contemporary appearance. You will be able to save some money by creating the substrate ourselves (custom-sized to our space) and then taking it to a metal fabricator to have it skinned in stainless steel because they are elected to use stainless steel countertops in the laundry room.

Washer and dryer countertop butcher block with edge rails - 25" depth x 24" width

Washer Dryer Counter top - Butcher Block with Edge Rails - 25" Depth x 24" Width

25 inches deep, 24 inches wide, and 1 inch thick describe the dimensions of this maple butcher block counter top. With 2 inch high edge rails that are sanded smooth, you can organize your belongings while keeping them from falling off raw maple butcher-block. Observation, dryer and washer are not included. Both beautiful and useful describe this Benchpro Maple Butcher Block washer and dryer countertop. These stunning maple countertops were made in North America by expert artisans. 

1 inch thick describe the dimensions of this butcher block countertop. Having 2 inches of high edge rails. To prevent splintering, the natural wood surface is sanded smooth and the edges are rounded. The edge rails prevent your belongings from falling off while being proudly made in North America by skilled craftspeople, allowing you to organize your stuff. These counters are ideal for my washer and dryer! With the predrilled holes and supplied screws, they were simple to put together and of high quality. 

You will be able to support a “floating shelf” to showcase pantry jars thanks to the upper shelf. With the help of this stunning washer and dryer countertop, your laundry will exude an air of awe. One of the strongest and most resilient types of wood, Hard Rock Maple has a creamy light or golden hue. While the full-length rail design runs the entire counter top for a neat, seamless appearance, the Edge Grain construction presents the hardest surface of the wood, offering resilience and longevity. 

This washer and dryer countertop is available in a range of widths from 12″ to 144″ and is 25″ deep and 1-1/2″ thick to fit kitchens of all sizes. The counter tops can be finished with an oil or varnish. There is also an optional backsplash available. Edge grain construction using hard rock maple as the material. The underside of the countertop on all full-length rails has an unfinished appearance. Because these items are special orders, cancellations after three days are not possible. Exclusively sold with the purchase of a countertop, optional backsplash.

Countertop washer dryer lacquered butcher block with edge rails - 30" depth x 54" width

Countertop for Washer Dryer - Lacquered Butcher Block with Edge Rails - 30" Depth x 54" Width

Maple Lacquered Butcher block countertop washer dryer, is 1 inch thick, 54 inches wide, and 30 inches deep. With 2 inch high edge rails that have been sanded smooth, you can organize your belongings while our edge rails stop them from falling off lacquered maple butcher-block. Washer and dryer not included, please note. This butcher block counter top from Benchpro is both beautiful and useful. These stunning maple worktops were created by master craftsmen in North America. 

The basic building blocks of a butcher block countertop are separate timber strips that have been connected to create a sleek and sturdy base or slab. Although it is quite a fashionable material for kitchen counters, it may also be a wonderful choice if you want to refresh your laundry room space. It has warm undertones and a rustic, farmhouse-style look that may brighten up the room with a small splash of earthy colour. The dimensions of this butcher block countertop washer dryer are 30 inches in depth, 54 inches in width, and 1 inch in thickness. 

A 2 inch high edge rail is included. A smooth lacquer finish is applied to the natural wood surface, and the edges are reduced to prevent splintering. You can organize your belongings while our edge rails prevent them from falling off because they are proudly made in North America by skilled craftspeople. Are you trying to arrange your laundry room? You will love this butcher block tabletop! Dimensions: 54″ in width by 30″ in depth. The countertop washer dryer is 1″ thick and has edge rails that are 2″ high. Crafted of stoneware wood Block Cutter. smooth sanded. 

It comes unfinished and can either be kept that way or stained, sealed, or painted to fit your style! It provides you with the opportunity to organize your laundry area, and the edge rails stop your things from falling off. It creates a place for organizing laundry materials and folding and sorting clothing! Along with being stylish and appealing, it is also useful. beautifies any laundry area! for sets of front-loading washers and dryers. It comes completely assembled!

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jane Neave purchased and reviewed “Love, love, love this countertop!” Very sturdy. It fits my washer and dryer perfectly, all the way to the back wall. No more standing on my head to get things that have fallen behind! Very nice look also.

Washer and dryer countertop keeps laundry from falling, Magnetic - fits most front load washing machines (Slate Gray)

Haus Maus - The Original Laundry Guard - Keeps Laundry from Falling Behind Your Washer/Dryer - Magnetic - Fits Most Front Load Washing Machines - Made in North America (Slate Gray)

Comfort of Mind, without being concerned that goods would fall into the dingy area behind your equipment, fold and sort without fear. Adaptable these two-machine or one-machine-and-a-half-machine modular, hinged design is adaptable. For additional storage, it can also be placed on top of a refrigerator. The washer and dryer countertop is 21″ x 52.5″ x 8″ in size. Please make sure that the Laundry Guard has at least 8 inches of room if there is a cupboard over your washer and dryer. 

Machines with plastic, curved machine tops cannot be attached with the laundry protection. Easy to Use, Setup is simple, and it works with almost all front-loading metal-topped washers and dryers. Cost Effective removes the need for an elaborate countertop above your equipment and makes plumbing hookups accessible. Are you sick of having your clean clothing fall onto the hard-to-reach, lint-covered floor under your washer and dryer? Time to learn more about the Haus Maus Laundry Guard. 

There won’t be any more lost laundry thanks to this ingenious device that will keep your clothes tidy and organized. Using materials of the highest caliber, such as plastic resin produced in Canada but supplied from the United States. With the finest care for quality, domestically produced in North America, the brand guarantees a structure and design that will outlast the copycats! Quickly connects to your appliances thanks to the strong magnets included in. 

The original laundry guard can be used on a single machine or refrigerator top, or it can be divided into two pieces and used on two side-by-side machines. Give the NEW Haus Maus Add-ons a try! Here are listened to what you had to say. With the addition of 2 additional side panels, the new Haus Maus Add-ons allow for complete covering on two different machines. Available in 2 Colors Right Now! Gray or slate: Fresh White. Both a single and two side-by-side machines can be accommodated by Haus Maus. 

When employed across two machines, the overall width of the rear panels, which are each 25.25″ wide, is 51.5″. 20.75 are the side panels “length from the machine’s back to its front. Eight panel height “. The Haus Maus has made it out of the laundry room and is now in the kitchen. They are aware that you enjoy keeping groceries and kitchenware on top of your refrigerator, but with Haus Maus, they won’t accidentally slide off. Available right now in Slate Grey. A modern and fashionable addition for all of your home appliances. 

The inventor Julie Savalas is a mother, a housewife, and a woman who enjoys solving problems! Because she was so unhappy with clothes falling off the rear of my new front-loading washer and dryer in 2014, she created the original Haus Maus Laundry Guard. As well as being more practical and cost-effective than constructing a custom countertop, turning the top into an enclosed work surface also makes it easier to connect pipes. 

With clever finds like these, Real Simple has been working to simplify your life for 15 years. Installation is simple and doesn’t require any hardware or tools. A laundry guard is necessary since it is distressing when socks snag and disappear. It will cling to metal pieces since it is magnetic. 13 Practical Laundry Room Tools, It may be removed for simple cleaning and is simple to install. 

No more bottles of detergent or laundry falling over! As you sort socks and fold towels, you need to be careful not to lose clean laundry to the dust beneath the machines. Enter the laundry guard from Haus Maus, fantastic for holding extra bottles without having to worry about one slipping down the side and being lost.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mary Rauchwarter purchased and reviewed “Works great!” Love this product! I cant say how often and how many items fall behind my washer/ dryer. This works great and love the magnetic feature. Would reccomend to anyone with issues like me. Worth the money!

Washer and dryer countertop butcher block with edge rails - 30" depth x 54" width

BenchPro Washer Dryer Countertop - Butcher Block with Edge Rails - 30" Depth x 54" Width

30 inches deep, 54 inches wide, and 1 inch thick describe the dimensions of this butcher-block washer and dryer countertop. Your ability to organize your belongings while our edge rails keep things from falling off is made possible by the raw butcher block’s 2 inch high edge rails that are sanded smooth. Observation, Washer and dryer not included. As most counters are 25 1/2 inches deep, but the washer and dryer are about 30 inches deep, you would either have to design a deep countertop or have a 5 inch protrusion from the washer and dryer. Installing a butcher block countertop is a great option for laundry room remodeling. 

It can be completed as a quick and easy standalone job, significantly improving the area. Such a countertop can be added by having a sheet of butcher block cut to size to fit over the top of the washer/dryer and mounting it to the wall or the surrounding cabinetry. Counters provide a practical workspace for folding clothing before moving it to its designated location. Countertops made of wood or butcher block are durable, generally available, and easy to install. Butcher block washer and dryer countertops require sealing because wood can warp in warm, humid conditions. 

When used appropriately, these countertops offer longevity and durability, though not as much as other higher-quality materials. By opting for a do-it-yourself installation rather than employing contractors to complete the work, you can save even more money. The cost of professional installation is often increased by $5 to $10 per square foot. A DIY butcher block countertop installation is also not difficult for handy homeowners: It entails using a circular saw to cut wood sheets to size, drilling holes for sinks and other fixtures, and then screwing the various components to a cabinet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

You can just set it on top, but I didn’t. To avoid scratches and vibration when running I got 5 inch felt furniture pads, (from Amazon), and stacked them in the corners. The pads are self stick and also allow air circulation between the counter top and the machines.

No, it is just wood. I went to Home Depot and got 4″ felt adhesive pieces and put 2 in each corner, holds it higher and protects the appliance finish.

I don’t know but the screws are not scratching my washer and dryer

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