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Give your heated room some space. For spaces up to 550 square feet, TOSOT 12,000 BTU Window Air Conditioners are ideal. Ft. Sizing up might be a good idea if your space has a lot of traffic, an open floor plan, or a high ceiling. This is not the window air conditioner for sliding window of your grandmother. The shabby metal grilles of yesteryear, which obstructed your ability to decorate interiors, are now a thing of the past. Installing this sleek, minimalist air conditioner in your living room window will bring the art gallery into your home.

We at window air conditioner for sliding window want our products to address as many of your issues as we can. We’re giving you three items for the price of one because of this! This is more than just a window air conditioner; it also has dehumidifying and fan-only modes. The thermostat is usually found on the air conditioner itself.  Air conditioners use a thermostat that is on the remote. This means that your air conditioner will cool your room based on the temperature around your remote (which is probably close to you, right?).

Window air conditioners are Energy-Star rated, which means that they are better for the environment and for your wallet at the same time. While we may not all agree on climate change, we can all agree on lower utility bills. Gree Electrical Appliances of Zhuhai, TOSOT’s parent company, established the company in 2003. Window air conditioner for sliding window is the home appliance brand that American customers can finally rely on thanks to Grebe’s 30+ years of manufacturing experience and position as the world’s largest air conditioner manufacturer.

Sliding Door Air Conditioner- Window Air Conditioner For Sliding Window Gendral Forwepup Sliding Door Air Conditioner Kit

Gendral Forwepup Sliding Door air Conditioner kit, Air Conditioner Parts & Accessories Portable Ac Window Kit Vent Screen, Fits for Hoses of Different Sizes - 210 * 30cm

With the OBTAIN Sliding door air conditioner Vent Kit, summertime will be cooler! OBTIAN window seals are made of special fabrics that are heat-insulating, waterproof, and able to block the return flow of warm air. This makes your mobile air conditioner work better and cools your room faster Sliding door air conditioner door kit that can be adjusted. Appropriate for a sliding door. The size is 215 x 30 cm, and it folds down to fit doors that are 180 to 215 cm high. Suitable for various sizes of exhaust hoses.

It is suitable for the exhaust of air purifiers, dryers, clothes dryers, and dehumidifiers in addition to portable air conditioners. You only need a set of OBTION window seals to get the job done right. You don’t need to buy a hose adapter or any other tools. Simply adhere the adhesive hook tape to the window and the frame of your window. Join the hook tape to the window seal. Then insert the hose from the Window air conditioner for sliding window into the window seal. Finally, pull the drawstring tight. The way it is.

Made of waterproof fabric that is good for the environment. It can effectively block the hot air outside thanks to its self-locking zipper, which has excellent adhesion but leaves no trace when it is ripped off. The Gendral Forwepup portable air conditioner window vent kit makes summertime cooler! The Window air conditioner for sliding window vent kit seals your open window and prevents warm air from returning, allowing your mobile air conditioner to cool your room faster and more effectively.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Mary purchased window air conditioner for sliding window and reviewed that “An awesome product. Thank You!” For three months struggled with the window panel that came with the portable AC. It requires zero installation effort. One can easily pull it down when it rains outside and shut the window and put it up again when the rain stops. This is one of many great finds on Amazon. Please don’t hesitate getting it. Thanks to Amazon & the producer! Blessings!!

Gulrear Portable Ac Vent Kit, Max Adjustable Length 220cm/87Inch, Sliding Door AC Vent Kit

gulrear Sliding Door Air Conditioner Kit,Max Adjustable Length 220cm/87Inch, Sliding Door AC Vent Kit, Suit for 13cm/5.1Inch Exhaust Hose

This plastic sliding door seal panel kit has a design that is compatible with portable air conditioner vent hose with a diameter of 5.1 inches. It is a great alternative to the kit that comes factory-installed with your air conditioner. The Portable ac vent kit comes with four plates and has a total length of 256 centimeters (101 inches), with a maximum adjustable length of 230 centimeters (90 inches), so you can meet the requirements of various sliding door heights.

Slotting the plates together to the desired length of the door you’ve chosen; you don’t have to use all four plates if you don’t need to. It was simple to expand this kit to meet my window requirements and to install. Before purchasing, measure yourself thoroughly. The slider nuts make it simple to adjust these panels. The AC Door seal kit is compatible with both vertical and horizontal sash windows and can be shortened or lengthened to fit your needs. Simply slot, slide, and lock into place for easy installation Portable ac vent kit is the best way to get the most out of your air conditioner.

The exhaust hose cut-outs on the back of a portable air conditioner are approximately 5.1 inches in diameter. Therefore, prior to purchasing, ensure that your AC air exhaust outlet has a diameter of 5.1 inches window air conditioner for sliding window (5.1 in. /13 cm, Internal Edge to Internal Edge), 1 in sealing Tape, and 4 in. Butterfly Screws, 1 in. User Manual utilizing the butterfly screws that are provided, you connect them. Before you buy a sliding door, please check the size.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Doni Guyer purchased window air conditioner for sliding window and reviewed that “Works Perfect.” This window vent kit works perfect with our Black and Decker Portable AC unit. What came with the unit wasn’t long enough for the sliding door. This fits our 5.9” hose. Plus we did not have to use a different hose or exhaust cap and cover. We used what came with the AC unit only had to use 3 sections of the window vent kit covering to seal up our sliding window. It was so simple to install. Well worth the money. Looks and works so much better than the cardboard we had been using.

INOMO Portable Ac Exhaust Hose With One Flat Mouth, Sliding Window Air Conditioner For Sliding Window

INOMO Portable Ac Window Vent Kit with One Flat-mouth, Sliding Window Kit for Portable Air Conditioners, Window Seal for Ac Unit, Adjustable Sliding Ac Vent Kit for Exhaust Hose of 5.1&5.9 Diameter

This sliding window kit stands out from others because it comes with a universal adapter that works with any air conditioner exhaust hose with a diameter of Portable ac exhaust hose. Ideal for the majority of mobile air conditioning hose brands. INOMO has improved the plate edge design in response to customer feedback. The line now runs horizontally to create a sliding door without gaps, eliminating the requirement for Sealing Tape. To achieve a good sealing performance, simply slide the plates over your Portable ac exhaust hose and they will fit perfectly.

This will not only keep your room always cool without letting in cool air, but it will also keep hot air out and save you money on Portable ac exhaust hose. The SG1-A Durable PVC Materials in the INOMO AC door vent kit have a high density and are heat resistant, so they won’t deform over time. Not only do you get a vent kit for your air conditioner, but you also get several cool summers suitable for most sliding windows, both vertical and horizontal. You can use a combination of two and three plates. It can be used anywhere with ease. In addition, it is simple to install and remove, suitable for use in the home or office, and compatible with the majority of air conditioner models.

Two 19.7-inch outer plates, one 19.7-inch inner plate, a universal adapter, a manual, and three set screws are included. Once installed, the maximum adjustable length is 55 inches. Window air conditioner for sliding window Please take a measurement of the length of your window and make sure it is between 55 and 19.7 inches. In addition, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and a two-year warranty to replace your damaged item. Window air conditioner for sliding window.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Send purchased window air conditioner for sliding window and reviewed that “Why did I wait so long?” Our original vent was cut in pieces to fit a small window. We since moved the unit to a larger unit and for years I have battled the little puzzle pieces and keeping them together. I finally order this. It took me a few minutes to hook the tubes up and I am getting a better seal on my window with minimal air leakage.

Portable Ac Window Seal Kit, Luxiv 158" Window Air Conditioner For Sliding Window With Zip And Adhesive Fastener White Airlock

Portable Air Conditioner Window seal Kit, Luxiv 158" Window Seal Kit for Portable Air-Conditioning with Zip and Adhesive Fastener White Airlock Sliding Window Seal Cloth for Mobile AC (118in/ 300cm)

A seal window kit for portable air conditioning could prevent mosquitoes, rainwater, and hot air from entering the room, reduce energy loss, and keep the interior cool. The white airlock sliding window seal has a length of 118 inches, Ac window seal, and it has an adhesive fastener band that is 275 inches, or 700 centimeters, so it can be used on windows with a maximum circumference of 400 centimeters. The window seal cloth for an air conditioner is made of high-quality polyester and an environmentally friendly waterproof material.

It has a good waterproof effect and is light-transmitting, can be washed, and lasts a long time. Window seal cloth is simple to install—no punching or other tools are required—by adhering the adhesive strip to the window frame and then the window seal cloth to the strip. The opening’s size can be controlled with the zipper. The picture could be used as a reference for the Ac window seal.) The white product may be dirtier because it can be washed by hand or machine.

The portable air conditioner from Ac window seal is a small but effective solution for stuffy, hot, and humid weather. It can keep your room, home, bedroom, apartment, or office cool on the hottest summer days. Our 8000 BTU unit is suitable for approximately cooling 200 sq. ft., making it suitable for the majority of rooms and living rooms. Our innovative air conditioner’s numerous functions are simple to understand and use; Aero Comfort’s technology, which includes oscillating vents that help direct airflow to where you want it to be or to keep Ac window seal.

As well as a powerful internal system that purifies air as it passes through This elegant, compact, and modern floor air conditioner works as a cooling device, fan, and dehumidifier, ensuring a humidity-free, cool environment without the noise that Window air conditioner for sliding window other air conditioners on the market. All accessories are included in the packaging, with clear Ac window seal because it has wheels; the unit can be easily moved around any room with windows.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Shy gurl purchased window air conditioner for sliding window and reviewed that “Gets the job done! Recommended!” It arrived quickly. I was able to make adjustments to make it fit to my window. It was much bigger which actually worked out well because I could use the extra material to make sure all parts of my window were covered. The only suggestion I have would be that the material needs to be better made to stick to the windows…

Lxun Portable Ac Vent Hose Kit With Coupler, Adjustable Window Seal For Air Conditioner, AC Replacement Window Kit

LXun Portable Air Conditioner Window Kit with Coupler, Adjustable Window Seal for Air Conditioner, AC Replacement Window Kit, Sliding Window AC Vent Kit, Universal for 5.1 Inches Diameter Exhaust Hose

This AC Window Vent Kit is made of durable PVC and has the advantages of being resistant to high temperatures, resistant to aging, non-toxic, Portable ac vent hose, lightweight, portable, easy to install and remove, and suitable for use in the home or office. Four plates with varying lengths are included in this Sliding Door Vent Kit: 17 to 60 centimeters. Meets the Needs of Most Vertical and Horizontal Sliding Door Heights and is suitable for Portable ac vent hose of all brands with hoses measuring 5.1″ in diameter.

This window seal kit has a good seal and was made for portable air conditioners. By effectively isolating the hot air coming out of the window and stopping warm air from circulating in your room, you can keep your room cool all the time without having to use air conditioning and effectively reduce power use. The adjustable track in our window slide kit plate sets it apart from others. Simply attach the hose to the hole in the seal plate, adjust the length of the seal plate to fit your window, and slide the sealing plate.

No additional tools are required, and the installation and disassembly process is simple. The Window air conditioner for sliding window  includes five screws, four 16.9-inch plates, one exhaust hose adaptor (5.1 inches, internal edge to internal edge), and more. Before purchasing, make sure to check the size of your sliding window. Suitable for all 5.1-inch-diameter portable air conditioner exhaust hoses. It works with delonghi, LG, Whynter, Mesea, Shinco, Gree, Ox, and other brands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Read the description at the top of the product on the right hand side. Yes, it comes with the hose. Make sure the hose size matches your air conditioners.

I had to return this. I actually bought the vent and it had all these items in them and it worked very well. Basically any window size you can adjust using these items.

We recommend that you measure the perimeter of three sides of your window (no need to measure the side of contact to the wall). If the perimeter is less than 300cm, you can choose 300cm. If it is less than 400cm, you can choose 400cm.

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