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By: Nazia Abid

The bedroom is a haven for individuality. It’s also the greatest location to experiment with new decor trends, the bedroom is a space where you can decorate especially for you. here are presented a collection of modern large wall decor ideas for living room that is currently for sale online after searching the internet extensively. These bedroom accents come in a variety of design aesthetics, from warm bohemian to modern elegant. If a large statement piece or the ideal finishing touch is what you’re seeking, the first things that come to mind when decorating a bedroom are comfort and relaxation, but style shouldn’t be overlooked.

It doesn’t matter if you have a modest bedroom or a large master suite decor and style may alter your dreary walls. A bedroom wall is a blank canvas simply waiting for you to add your personal touch. Here are some of the best modern large wall decor ideas for living room to get you started on creating something original and creative for the space where you sleep if you’re feeling like a wall in your bedroom needs a makeover. A gallery wall is roughly defined as a collection of items: framed artwork, photographs, and personal keepsakes placed in a grouping. Hence, if you’re thinking about creating a gallery wall in your bedroom, don’t limit your ideas to only frames and images.

Use your imagination to display objects that you find interesting or even ones that have personal significance to you. These things may also serve a practical purpose. This homeowner couldn’t store their bike, so they turned it into wall art instead. Vibrant wall design is created with a quirky gallery wall and wallpaper with a strong pattern. Adding 3-D objects to your gallery can help it gain depth and dimension. If you are more interested in neat and ordered design, you may be considering a gallery wall that is symmetrical and uncomplicated. It’s not always necessary to hang gallery walls in such a disorganized fashion.

This designer picked gold to appear throughout her gallery wall, giving a dramatic yet classy and exquisite effect presenting modern large wall decor idea for living room. If you play an instrument or even if you don’t, hanging instruments on the walls of your bedroom is a beautiful and eye-catching way to add some decor to plain and unadorned walls. You can display vintage instruments that have special meaning for you, like a family heirloom. Maybe a pair of wall sconces is what your bedroom wall is missing. Put trendy, sleek lighting on your nightstands instead of the conventional ones.

You may clear up room on your nightstand and decorate your bedroom wall by hanging wall sconces on either side of your bed. There are instances when wall decor doesn’t even need to be hung on the wall! Given that it extends far up your wall, an enormous headboard might serve as wall décor. Behind silver faux bois bedside tables, full length mirrors are set against a light taupe wallpapered wall flanked two all-white tufted headboards. A bed with beige and black linen is supported by the headboards, which are lit by a silver sputnik chandelier.

A strong, bold hue will give the room flair and style while balancing out other lighter-colored walls. Create a wall mural by painting one in your own style. Fill your walls with original artwork! Hanging a room divider is also a modern large wall decor idea for living room, beautiful and distinctive room dividers make excellent wall decor. Hang a patterned rug; some carpets are so exquisite they may pass for works of art! Incorporate chic storage—things like open shelving or hexagonal cube shelves that also serve as wall décor.

Modern Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room, Metal Wall Art Leaves Nature Home Decor Gold Flower Blooming

thlabe Metal Wall Art Leaves Nature Home Decor Gold Flower Blooming Modern Large Wall Sculptures 3D Wall Hanging Artwork Decorations for Living Room Bedroom Luxury Kitchen Gift

Flowers metal wall art is a stylish and classic item. as a stylish accent decoration for the living room and modern large wall decor idea for living room. It is a 100% new and high-quality 3d luxury metal wall art exquisite flowers wall decoration! Sheet metal that has been chopped, bent and curled into a 3-D shape is used to create the Gold Leaves. It is more beautiful and distinctive because of the rich three-dimensional sense. You can feel the fresh air of spring as soon as you hang it on the wall of any room. Living room’s large metal wall decor highlight, background metal wall art with old rust-style elements is perfect for a bedroom, office, kitchen, or corridor.

Are you trying to find something to make a room in your house more charming? The lovely blooming flowers wall decor is modern large wall decor idea for living room’s blank wall. Exuding artisan craftsmanship and quality, expertly handcrafted, metal construction with painted by hand, features numerous deep metal layers with stunning colour tones. These Metal Leaves look fantastic in living rooms, dining rooms, hotel lobbies, kitchens, and foyers. Specifications include, metal used as a material, Gold in colour, 52″ long by 29″ high, 1 wall hanging is included in the package.

Craft for processing metal: curve, tangent, weld, spray plastic and spray lacquer. Wall sculptures and floral art is old hand-made craft, history-rich, contemporary, and three-dimensional. Pure Hand-Painted delivers tremendous aesthetic impact and is safe and odor-free. Wrought iron is used. Because it was forged from iron material, your home will now have a subtle touch of elegance. Wall carvings is simple to install, product can be split into two, making installation in your home easier.

Simply punch holes in the wall secure the nails and hang the product directly because a hook is built into the back of the item. Wall-hanging ornament can be amazing gift modern large wall decor idea for living room. The United States interprets simple style in order to preserve the lovely, flexible, and unfading moment. Superior materials are used; structure made by hand with outstanding craftsmanship, plan with green plants in mind is a nice present for relatives or friends and worth the money. Wall decor is constructed of carefully chosen forged iron, which has a long service life and the qualities of firmness and distortion.

Rich layers, distinct texture, and hand-painted colour improve the overall design aesthetic. A remarkable three-dimensional appearance is added to any indoor or outdoor wall by these exquisite metal sculptures. Your outside area will be transformed right away into the most upbeat place nearby! Combines the beauty of flowers with a contemporary ornamental style. Wall hanging sculptures are simple to install. Size: 132 by 72 cm (52″ L x 29″ W). There are two hooks on the rear, which are strong and durable while hanging and provide a secure suspension.

It has wide range of usage. Employ this lovely artwork to embellish the beauty of any plain wall, tying in with your current indoor or outdoor theme is ideal for studies, living spaces, and bedroom. This wall hanging flower decor is a wonderful gift idea for friends and family and gives your home a summery feel. Please contact the company if you have any questions, and one of their customer service representatives would be happy to help.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Frank P Stark Jr purchased and reviewed “There wall art decor is beautiful! And, there customer service is fantastic.” This decor is very beautiful. I was pleasantly surprised on this metal wall decor, on how elligant it made my wall look! I had a minor issue on the original shipment. But, they where quick to address the problem, and sent a… See more

Modern Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room, Framed Large Canvas Navy Blue Wall Art, 3 Silver Panels

Framed Large Canvas Navy Blue Wall Art for Home, 3 Silver Panels Hand Painted Pictures, Modern Palm Ginkgo Leaves Wall Decor for Living Room Bedroom Bathroom Stretched Ready to Hang 48x24Inch

Hand-painted details on a print on premium canvas, the attractive golden frame is made of stable and long-lasting PS material, while the inside stretcher is made of natural Fir wood. Each canvas print is already stretched on sturdy oak frames, framed and equipped with pre-installed hooks so it is ready to hang. This is an awesome modern large wall decor idea for living room. High definition prints in nice quality on superior canvas, waterproof, UV resistant, and indoor fading resistance.

Gallery closed. A living room, a bedroom, a kitchen, an office, a hotel room, a dining room, a bathroom, a bar, a café, etc. are the places to hang this wall décor. Carton Box used to pack canvas wall art. It has 1.5 inch thickness wood stretcher bar: the company uses premium pine wood from a country in North Europe. The artworks are HIGH quality due to the wood’s 1.5 inch thickness. As compared to other pieces of 0.8 inch thick wood, their collections appear priceless and exclusive.

Fox Art is a professional wall art and home decor Manufacturer, with 15 years of experience in this industry, category including 100% handmade Oil Painting, Canvas Print art, 3D wall decor, sculpture, table top decor and some other home decorating goods. A skilled staff from our factory designs, produces, and sells products. They employ designers from the USA, New Zealand, and Europe. They have sold tens of thousands of collections to 68 nations.

Materials, hues, forms, and concept combine those elements to produce fresh emotions, Combine materials, colors, shapes, and concepts to evoke new emotions, delight your family, and brighten your home’s walls. To gather fresh inspiration, their local designers travel the globe. Once they have it, they use it to inspire new works of art. Their collections’ fusion of a contemporary production facility, a flexible mindset and handcrafted goods gives them a distinctive sense of style.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kelly Gazaway purchased and reviewed “Look great” I love the canvases. While they appear white in the pictures, they are actually shiny silver, which I was already expecting after reading other reviews. They seem to be well made and are what I was expecting. They go well with my decor.

Large Framed Wall Art For Living Room, Abstract Modern Scandinavian Colorful Canvas- Modern Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

Large Size Wall Art for Living Room Abstract Modern Scandinavian Colorful Canvas Poster Prints Picture Artwork Painting for Bedroom Bedside Office Home Wall Decor Framed cuadros de pared de sala

This modern large wall decor idea for living room is waterproof and simple to maintain. A solid wood structure is strong and long-lasting. The picture’s subject is surrounded by its surroundings, giving the image a more three-dimensional appearance. This is an ideal present for wall art. The object is a good choice for interior wall decoration in rooms such as the living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, guest room, office, kitchen, office, bar, hall, gallery, store, apartment, guest room, study room, new house, hotel, bar, entrance, chamber, sitting room, corridor, restaurant, wedding room, bridal chamber, dining room, meeting room, hallway, nurseries, coffee shop, condo house, hotels, inn, Spa, Lounge, Sauna, and other places.  

Product measure 48″W x 24″H. Please note that display images are solely used as examples. They don’t accurately depict the magnitude of the set and weren’t taken in actual display rooms. Please take accurate measurements of your wall before choosing the appropriate size. All art prints do indeed come framed. The reproduction of the true colors of the original artwork is carefully done on higher quality canvas. Not a painting done by hand. It is a canvas print with eco-ink resolution that has a painting on it that is waterproof using a 100% solid timber frame and thick canvas. When you get it, it’s ready to hang.

Size of living room wall decorations: 48W x 24H inches (120 x 60 cm). With hanging hardware included, the canvas is stretched and set in a solid wood frame. Able can be hung. Please add to the shopping cart! Good idea for home interior walls decor such as living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, studio, guest room, hotel, restaurant, bar, office, and others. All of the living room wall art created by the AKOTAC brand is made in-house. Review the manufacturer specifications carefully before purchasing; if, after getting a product, you decide you are unhappy with it within 60 days; they will give you a full refund.

Ideal for wall decor of office, business and leisure, this will be your family living room, bedroom, kitchen or farmhouse, bathroom, dining room, corridor, baby room, boy or girl’s room, nursery, hotel, apartment, spa, lounge, sauna, dormitory. It adds a special and cool vibe to the entire experience in addition to looking great as decorations. Paintings for wall decor provide the ideal gift for friends and family on their birthdays, wedding days, anniversaries, festivals, etc. This modern large wall decor idea for living room is a wonderful option for home and wall decorating.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Catherine Carrozza purchased and reviewed “Very nice artwork” Its absolutely beautiful…i got it for my boyfriend and he was really happy with it…great quality …great price…i will definitely be shopping with this seller again.

Wall Clock Decor Ideas, Large DIY Modern 3D With Mirror Numbers Stickers- Modern Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

VANGOLD Large Wall Clocks for Living Room Decor, DIY Wall Clock Modern 3D Wall Clock with Mirror Numbers Stickers for Home Office Decorations Ideas (Silver)

The wall clock’s 3D huge numbers board is composed of ecologically friendly EVA foam, which is a safety material for wall clocks. Aluminum hands can read time more precisely since they are easier to read and not readily distorted. Van gold wall clock’s frameless, 3D appearance and acrylic mirror surfaces give your wall uniqueness while adding a modern touch. A good night’s sleep without being disturbed is made possible by this high-quality silent DIY wall clock movements, which surpass market standards and have received CE and ROHS certification.

Modern large wall decor ideas for living room by Van gold, this wall decor clock allows you to customize the size and placement of the wall clock to suit your tastes. A scale ruler and self-adhesive numbers are included with the wall decor clock. Also, they provide you with a comprehensive user manual, DIY reference case, and great fun for your various DIY styles. Great Gift for Wall Décor, A Vangold beautiful wall clock is a fantastic option for enhancing the decor of living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, offices, and hotels.

The large wall clock comes in beautiful packaging and makes a great housewarming or holiday present for loved ones. Every Van gold wall clock is made in accordance with strict quality inspection procedures before leaving the warehouse, with the goal of pursuing high-quality living room furnishings. Please contact the company if, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied with your new wall clock so that they can give you satisfactory service.

Clock making used to be a highly skilled trade, but because to technological advancements and automation, anyone can now become a clockmaker. This do-it-yourself clock makes creating a personalized clock a fun and simple endeavor. It is an ideal present for friends and family. Seek out your family and friends and enjoy their wealth since they are hidden treasures. This house wall clock is a perfect modern large wall decor idea for living room. Please contact the company if you have any questions regarding their products.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jennifer L. purchased and reviewed “Exactly as I Wanted” I was surprised at how good this clock came out. With the ruler provided, and a leveler I had, everything came out great. I used the ruler to mark the points, and the leveler to make sure the numbers were straight. I used the longest length, which was 24 inches. The clock… See more

Modern Large Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room, Blue Flowers Canvas Wall Art Painting

Ardemy Blue Flowers Canvas Wall Art Bloosm Painting Modern Poppy Florals Picture Framed Ready to Hang for Bathroom Living Room Bedroom Dinning Room Home Office Wall Decor, 40"x20" Large Size

This modern large wall decor idea for living room offers 40×20-inch blue flowers wall art (100x50cm), huge prints of poppies on one panel, already framed and ready to hang. Coat with hand paint to give the painting texture. The gallery is wrapped with an environmentally friendly hardwood bar and has hooks mounted to each panel, making it easy to assemble for wall decor. For more than 50 years, high definition, exceptional inject printing has been done on canvas of high quality.

Ideal holiday, present and home décor idea for your friends, families, and relatives. The living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining room, bathroom, spa, salon, corridor, residence, office, etc. are all appropriate locations. Printing colors may range slightly from image colors due to variations in monitor brand settings. Canvas prints of poppies are shipped in carton boxes. Steel hook, each panel has fixed hooks that make it simple to hang wall decor. This is a well-packaged carton, container packed, well-packaged to prevent damage during transportation.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Malee purchased and reviewed “More beautiful than the picture!” This landscape canvas is the most beautiful art you can imagine! We absolutely love this artwork! Excellent work and so beautiful on our wall! Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dear customer, This purple mountain landscape was taken from SiChun Province, China, a very clean and beautiful scenery.

Dear customer, The background do have gray tone, and the flower core gold dot was hand painted, this is our original design. Thank you for your answer.

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