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By: Kainat Kanwal

If your home has wall-to-wall cabinets, you definitely have a few troublesome corner cabinets that are challenging to access. Large corner cabinets are typical, and they frequently have shelves and deep corners. Although they are fantastic for storing stuff you don’t use frequently, most of the time you probably wish there was a better way to make the most of that space. A confined corner cabinet is the ideal place for a built-in lazy Susan. You can basically maximize the amount of storage space in your corner cabinet by using a set of rotating shelves. Learn more about the many varieties and advantages of installing your own Lazy Susan corner cabinet by reading on.

This Lazy Susan corner cabinet shelves are full circles, as the name would imply, offering you lots of room to store items. Although this design typically has 3 shelves, it can be altered to have 2–5 shelves depending on your particular requirements. You have the maximum storage space imaginable because to its whole round form. More can fit in your cabinet while yet providing for unrestricted access to each item. Most frequently, cabinets with 45-degree opening cross corners use this specific type. Once more, the name is self-evident. The kidney lazy Susan has a triangular cutout that is contoured to resemble a kidney. They are ideal for corner, L-shaped cabinets with 90 degree angles, even though they don’t offer quite as much coverage as full-circle lazy Susan’s.

Corner cabinets are essentially large, uncomfortable cabinets without a built-in lazy Susan, frequently with deep, difficult-to-reach corners and shelves. You can maximize the amount of storage space in your cabinets by using lazy Susan. Lazy Susan corner cabinet shelving makes it much simpler to find specific objects because of their rotational capabilities. Finding the precise ingredient you need on those big shelves would require a lot of lifting, moving, and pushing aside if corner cabinets had regular shelving. With its seamless rotation, a lazy Susan makes it simple to organize your kitchen supplies and then move items from the rear to the front.

Lazy Susan corner cabinet, Shelf Lazy Susan with Soft-Close

Lemans II Set 2-Shelf Lazy Susan with Soft-Close for Blind Base Corner Cabinets, Champagne and Maple (723 sq. Model 45, Tray Size: 15", Swings Right)

2 Trays, 2 Poles, 2 Complimentary Soft-Close Mechanisms, and Mounting Hardware. Every two inches, shelves are height-adjustable. A cutting-edge mounting jig is included; no measuring is necessary. A 20% increase in storage space over the original Lemans. Each tray can hold 25 kg (55 lb.) of weight. Champagne-colored surround; tray. To avoid colliding with nearby cabinets and electronics, trays extend with a door opening to an angle of 85 degrees. Melamine trays with a CARB-certified tray surface are non-slip. Trays each separately swivel out. 4 tray sizes are available: 574 square inches, 723 square inches, 884 square inches, and 1,057 square inches.

Lazy Susan kitchen cabinets give you convenient access to space that might otherwise be in a tricky-to-reach corner cabinet, which increases productivity. Lazy Susan corner cabinet  door can be the solution if the kitchen is cramped. Almost every cabinet can accommodate this useful rotating tray arrangement, and many homeowners prefer to use a corner cupboard for a kitchen cabinet, which is frequently underutilized or inefficient without a design.

The kidney-shaped design is triangular, smooth, and rounded. These Susan’s are the most typical since they are designed for the 90-degree angles seen in many kitchen cabinets. It’s a significant plus as its 32-inch circular is the biggest Susan that will fit within a typical 24-inch-deep cabinet. It is possible to find shorter kidney-shaped Lazy Susan corner cabinet , such as the 18-inch-diameter one that fits in a 12-inch-deep top corner cabinet. An exclusive cabinet hinge holds the cupboard doors together and enables them to glide open, providing access to the equipment. Complete round types are rotating, circular racks that include a diagonal edge rather than a 90-degree side to complement standard-sized cabinets. For top corner cabinets, there are numerous smaller variations available.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Rocky Falvey purchased this and review that “Kitchen pull out Lazy Susan for cabinets” It took a long while to install it helps me utilize my cabinet’s space and a new space.

Lazy Susan corner cabinet, Shelf Lazy Susan Corner Kitchen Cabinet Storage Organizer

Rev-A-Shelf 6942-28-11-52 28-Inch Polymer Pie Cut 2-Shelf Lazy Susan Corner Kitchen Cabinet Storage Organizer with Telescoping Shaft, White

Use this 2-shelf Lazy Susan corner cabinet to make the most of the space and functionality in your corner kitchen cabinet. Sturdy plastic structure is simple to clean and can support up to 68 pounds per shelf. Independently rotating hardware makes installing it into your cabinet simple after fitted, shelves are adjustable. Designed for inner lower or corner base cabinet heights of 26 to 31 inches; 28″W x 28″D x 26″H in size. Includes a two-shelf white polymer set with mounting hardware, a telescoping shaft, and Adjustable telescoping shaft, 26″H to 31″H.

Your cabinet’s blind corner is the hardest place to store anything because of where the cabinet is located. A blind cabinet is one that has a section that is challenging to access and is tucked away in the corner between two rows of cabinets. Because the things are hidden and challenging to get, storing stuff in a blind corner cabinet is likely the most inconvenient option.

A corner cabinet with a Lazy Susan corner cabinet  top it makes it simple to reach storage that is out of the way. They can be fitted in a wall cabinet, although lower base cabinets are where they are most frequently found. They may be rotated a full 360 degrees for improved storage and easier access to corners. It enables you to organize and clean your area without having to dig around in the cabinet for those difficult-to-reach items. There are many uses for a lazy Susan around the house. The most frequented room appears to be the kitchen. You can purchase a center pullout rack to upgrade the lazy Susan. This is a fantastic gadget since it allows you to turn the lazy Susan 360 degrees while pulling the central rack out towards you.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Geneva lay purchased this and review that “Looks so good” Love this product just what I wanted   

Lazy Susan corner cabinet, Shelf Lazy Susan’s Base Corner Kitchen Cabinet Storage Organizer

Rev-A-Shelf LD-2942-28-15-1 28 Inch Polymer Pie Cut 2 Shelf Lazy Susans Base Corner Kitchen Cabinet Storage Organizer with Telescoping Shaft, Almond

The 28-Inch Pie-Cut 2 Shelf Lazy Susan’s spice rack for your kitchen cabinets will maximize kitchen efficiency and space. Access to dry kitchenware and other cooking necessities is made simpler by spinning shelves that, once fitted, may be adjusted from 26 to 31 inches height; completely assembled and constructed of molded polymer plastic, each shelf can support up to 20 pounds. For proper operation, install the device on cabinet doors; your doors’ hardware can be adjusted for exact alignment; designed for corner base cabinets or lower cabinets.

28″W x 28″D x 26″H; 20 pound weight capacity per shelf. The Lazy Susan corner cabinet has mostly remained constant over its long history, dating back to the 18th century. The Lazy Susan, which is another name for a turntable, is a circular or tray-shaped platform that revolves on bearings and rests on a table or countertop to facilitate the distribution of food.The Lazy Susan corner cabinet , which is frequently utilized in upper and lower cupboards, also improves accessibility for kitchen storage. Every item on the tray or shelf is accessible with just a quick turn. Usually made of wood or plastic, lazy Susan’s can also be made of glass, marble, stainless steel, or wire. D-shaped, round, and kidney-shaped Lazy Susan’s are among examples.

The D-Shaped design, which is frequently seen in wall cabinets above refrigerators and pantries, has one flat side and one rounded side to let the pantry door close flush against it. Common places to find the traditional Round form are counters, tables, and base cabinets. A soft, rounded triangular cut-out is included in the Kidney-Shaped design to allow for the doors of a 90-degree corner cabinet. Two options are provided by Shelf Genie for converting unused space into a useful storage area that is simple to access.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Diane purchased this and review that “Easy setup” Worked out great. Easy to put in.  

24 inch lazy Susan, Shelf Carbon Steel Blind Corner Cabinet

VEVOR Kidney Chrome Lazy Susan, 24-inch Diameter, 360° Rotating 2-Shelf Carbon Steel Blind Corner Cabinet Organizer with 66 lbs Total Load Capacity & Adjustable Height, Perfect for Kitchen Storage

Two 24-inch baskets on a two-layer lazy Susan in the shape of a kidney. The maximum weight that each shelf in a circle can support is 33 lbs. / 15 kg. It will meet your demands for storing baking supplies, culinary gadgets, bake ware, pans, or dry items due to its ample storage area and load capacity. Prepare to organize your kitchen space and put various items where you want them to go. With VEVOR, everything is under your control. Made of carbon steel, this corner cabinet organizer has increased sturdiness and longevity. The 24 inch lazy Susan two baskets are made of traditional polished chrome-plated material, adding to its elegant appearance. This material also offers good corrosion and rust resistance, making it compatible with most cabinets.

This kitchen shelf with 24 inch lazy Susan can be mounted to the left or right of cabinets with ease using the mounting holes and a bundle of mounting screws that are included. It is advised that the cabinet’s length, width, and opening all be 27.6 inches (70 cm) long and 13.8 inches (35 cm) wide. The kitchen corner shelf’s mounting height can be adjusted from 22″ to 31″ (56.5 to 79 cm). The lazy Susan may be put together quickly once you have determined the cabinet’s size. The 360-degree rotation of the lazy Susan makes it easy to set and remove goods. Also, the tightness of the rotation on the rotating bar is easily adjustable. With two holes on the lower axis and two holes on the lower axis (the distance between each hole), and five holes on the center axis.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Katie Cook purchased this and review that I installed it without my husband!” This was easy to install, and is very sturdy hold most of my kitchen appliances. It hold my blender, toaster, instapot!  

Lazy Susan corner cabinet, Shelf Half Moon Lazy Susan

Rev-A-Shelf 4WLS882-32-570 32 Inch Wooden 2 Shelf Half Moon Lazy Susan Turntable Storage Kitchen Organizer for Blind Corner Cabinets

This wooden, two-tiered half-moon Lazy Susan corner cabinet makes it simple to access pots, pans, plates, kitchenware, and food. Designed with a clear coat finish on the maple wood for longevity. Because to its half-moon design, which pivots out of your cabinet to display your products, it is a fantastic fit for blind corner kitchen cabinets; Installation is made simple by the sturdy mounting hardware, ball-bearing slides, and high-quality construction.

12″W x 32″D x 18″H in terms of width, depth, and height; 32-inch circumference; designed for blind corner cabinets with a minimum 12-inch-wide framed opening; 24.05 pound weight. Each lazy Susan shelf moves on 150-pound-capacity, full-extension, ball-bearing slides and can support up to 35 pounds per square foot of weight. Two hardwood half-moon shelves, hardware for pivoting and sliding.

A Lazy Susan corner cabinet is simple to operate once it has been fitted. To access anything you’re attempting to reach, all you have to do is spin it, much like the equivalent utilized at the dinner table. You won’t have any more annoying messes in your kitchen cabinets or inaccessible spaces that go unused. More than just your kitchen, Lazy Susan may give structure and unity. Think of using the revolving disc to arrange your towels or linens in the corridor, your art and craft supplies in the guest room, or the goods in your bathroom drawers or cabinets.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kristine Love purchased this and review that “Small blind corner organizer” I’ve looked for a small blind corner organizer for almost a year and finally found this. It’s very strong and the wood shelves are well made.

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