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Shelf Lazy Susan with Soft-Close


24 Inch Lazy Susan


Lazy Susan for Corner Cabinet

Even if you’ve never heard the phrase “Lazy Susan for corner cabinet,” you’ve probably seen the object that goes by that name. To make it simpler for everyone to get the food, the original lazy Susan was created as a revolving flat dish carrier placed in the middle of the dining table. Given how frequently it is spun, it is actually not at all lazy. To add more space and storage, lazy Susan cabinets have been altered in a variety of ways. Food storage containers can be stacked on top of one another, but the outcome may still be a jumbled mess. You can obtain easy-to-pull-out drawers or shelves that swing out when a cabinet door is opened with a lazy Susan cabinet.

It can be challenging to utilize some kitchen cabinets to their maximum potential, especially the deep lower-level cabinets in the room’s corners. These spaces frequently get unkempt and cluttered. It may take several steps to get to a food item from there, including taking out other food items and piling them back together into a disorganized mess after you’ve located what you’re looking for. Your hardest cabinets can have a lazy Susan in them to fix these issues. A Lazy Susan for corner cabinet is simple to use after installation. All you have to do to get at anything you’re trying to reach is spin it, just like the counterpart used at the dinner table. Your kitchen cabinets won’t contain any more annoying messes, and no hard-to-reach spaces will remain unutilized.

More than just your kitchen can benefit from the organization and unity that lazy Susans bring. Use the revolving disc to arrange objects in your bathroom cupboards or drawers, art and craft supplies in a spare room, or linens or towels in a hallway. Looking for cabinets that can hold a lazy Susan? See the Lazy Susan for corner cabinet that Cabinet Corner has to offer. We make setting up your own handy lazy Susans quick and simple. Visit our website to locate the cabinets that are right for your house, and contact us if you need any assistance. Enjoy your shopping! Enjoy your shopping!

Lazy Susan Shelf with Soft-Close Corner Cabinets (Chrome and White)

Lemans II Set 2-Shelf Lazy Susan with Soft-Close for Blind Base Corner Cabinets, Chrome and White (723 sq. Model 45, Tray Size: 15", Swings Left)

Lazy Susan corner cabinet are 2 (Two) Trays, 2 (Two) Poles, 2 (Two) FREE Soft-Close mechanisms, and mounting hardware. Every two inches, shelves can be raised. Ingenious mounting jig is included; no measurement is necessary.20 percent more storage space than the original Lemans. 25 kilograms (55 lb.) of weight can be loaded per tray. Finish/color White tray; chrome surround. Trays extend when a door opens to an angle of 85 degrees, preventing collisions with nearby cabinets and electronics. The surface of the non-slip Melamine trays has received CARB certification. Independent trays swivel out. Offered in 4 tray sizes: 574 square inches, 723 square inches, 884 square inches, and 1,057 square inches.

The proper storage fixtures must be present in your home. It will not only make your area more orderly, but it will also simplify your life. And for that reason, you want to think about including lazy Lazy Susan corner cabinet in your house furnishings. Here are some reasons why lazy Susans are the best choice for you, whether you have a new house or want to remodel your storage areas. Racks or shelves on a rotating base are what the lazy Susan concept includes. The rotating shelf system can be used on a countertop, a table, or inside a cabinet. Similar to a turntable, the rotation mechanism employs bearings to cause the shelf to spin, typically 360 degrees.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

VA bound purchased this and review that “Super easy to install &looks great!” A great solution for a blind-corner cabinet – installed it easily, after watching the Hafele youtube video. Highly recommend it – Hafele makes great products! 

Polymer Pie Cut 24 Inch Lazy Susan Shelf with Telescoping Shaft

Rev-A-Shelf 6942-24-11-52 24 Inch Polymer Pie Cut 2 Shelf Kitchen Corner Base Cabinet Lazy Susan with Telescoping Shaft, White

Use this 2-shelf 24 inch lazy Susan to make the most of the space and functionality in your corner kitchen cabinet. Easy access to dry kitchenware and other cooking items at inner lower cabinet heights of 26 to 32 inches For proper operation, install the device on cabinet doors; Sturdy plastic structure is simple to clean and can support up to 46 pounds per shelf. A two-shelf white polymer pie-cut set with chrome hubs, posts, and mounting hardware is available.24″W x 24″D x 26″H; 8.455 lb. Measurements (W x D x H).

A lazy Susan is a circular or tray-shaped platform that spins on a set of bearings and is used to easily distribute food on a table or countertop. The Lazy Susan, which is frequently utilized in upper and lower cabinets, also makes kitchen storage accessible. Everything on the tray or shelf can be accessed with a quick turn. Often, Lazy Susans are constructed of wood or plastic, although they can also be made of glass, marble, stainless steel, or wire. Lazy Susan shapes include round, kidney-shaped, and D-shaped.

The D-Shaped design, which is frequently seen in wall cabinets above refrigerators and pantries, has one flat side and one rounded side to let the pantry door close flush against it. Common places to find the traditional Round form are counters, tables, and base cabinets. A soft, rounded triangular cut-out is included in the Kidney-Shaped design to allow for the doors of a 90-degree corner cabinet.

Two options are provided by Shelf Genie for converting unused space into a useful storage area that is simple to access. The typical 24 inch lazy Susan is one remedy; it provides rotating storage and makes top and lower corner cabinets accessible. It can also be employed in other types of cabinets. The type of door and cabinet position both affect the design of the lazy Susan.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Matthew S. purchased this and review that  “Worth the money” it arrived faster than expected and easy to install. Very happy  

Lazy Susan Base Kitchen Cabinet and Corner Shelf with 24 Inch Diameter

Rev-A-Shelf 3072-24-11-52 Easy to Install 24 Inch Diameter Full Circle 2 Shelf Lazy Susan Base Kitchen Cabinet Organizer, White

These complete circular lazy Susan shelves, which are made to accommodate lower or corner base cabinets, can help you stay organized. Has independently rotating, adjustable shelves that can hold up to 57 pounds per square foot. Heavy-duty polymer material was used to create shelves with a 24-inch diameter for long-term use. The telescoping shaft can be adjusted to be between 26 and 31 inches tall. 24″W x 24″D x 26″H.

Two full-circle shelves, a telescoping shaft that is adjustable, and installation hardware are all included in the cabinet organizer. Consider a Lazy Susan for corner cabinet if you struggle with storage in your kitchen. You may put this useful rotating tray design in just about any cabinet, but many homeowners opt to use a corner cabinet for a Lazy Susan kitchen cabinet, which is frequently underutilized or ineffective without a design adjustment.  

A Lazy Susan for corner cabinet is ideal for storing regularly used items like spices, sugars, coffee or tea sweeteners, or other common grocery stores. Its rotating shape makes access simple and eliminates the need to go among numerous containers and make a mess in order to find a certain item. Stores that sell furniture, home goods, and design items carry Lazy Susans in a range of sizes and styles.

Some are so useful that you can even take them out of the cabinet and use them in your craft or academic pursuits. Cabinets with lazy Susans are renowned for their dependability, usability, and capacity for maximizing storage. A space-saving kitchen or pantry storage option, it has a spinning mechanism that makes it simple to access everything placed deep inside your cabinet.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Willard Casto purchased this and review that  “Easy to install” The Lazy Susan arrived very quickly. It was easy to install and fills the need we have had for some time.

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