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By: Yusra Tahir

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Floating Shelf With Hooks


Wood Wall Mount Shelf

People have become more inventive over time, devising new ways to hang shelves without interfering with the wall structure. Drilling used to be the go-to procedure, but not anymore. Many people have experimented with using adhesive magnets and command hooks to hang the shelves.Can command hooks be used to hang shelves? Will it work?The answer is YES! You can, but there are restrictions. Command hook shelf strips have a strict weight handling capacity, so if you exceed it, the hooks will come open.Let’s go over the specifics of using command hooks to hang shelves. I’ll try to cover the subject broadly so that you get your answer.Command strips are not the most durable item available.  


They are suitable for hanging small and lightweight objects, but nothing too garish. Command hook shelf items are typically suitable for accommodating products weighing between three and five pounds. Exceeding this limit may cause the adhesive to fail and the items to fall to the ground. Some strips are longer and more adhesive than others. For example, the Command hook shelf 16 lb. Strips for hanging These command hooks, which come in four pairs, can withstand 16 pounds and a frame size of 2436 inches. Not all strips are designed to support floating shelves. These hanging shelves can be large and heavy enough to require adhesive strips. Anchors, rather than command items, are typically used to secure floating shelves.Floating shelves can be useful in some situations. Command hook shelf strips like it. For example, if you purchase a Command Floating Shelf 21″, you will also receive ten strips to secure it to the wall. 


The ten strips can be adhered to the shelf, which is designed to support a 5lb load. Command hook shelf strips are not intended for large objects; rather, smaller shelving units can be easily placed. The stronger adhesives on command hooks are designed to carry shelving units, but only up to 16 lbs. Excessive weight reduces the hooks’ adhesiveness. If you only need a small wall shelf, command hooks/strips can come in handy. They don’t damage the wall and are easily detachable.Yes, you can, thanks to small shelves made of wood. Command strips are best suited to hold 5-6 pounds of items. Command hooks shelf and stips can typically support up to 5 lbs without breaking. Most command strips are made of good quality materials and can hold 5-6 pounds. If your shelf falls into this category, command strips can help.

Floating Shelf With Hooks, Hanging Shelves For Wall [Set Of 2 W/ Hooks] Wooden Shelf Macrame Command Hook Shelf

Hanging Shelves for Wall [Set of 2 w/ Hooks] Wooden Shelf Macrame Rope, Natural Light Reclaimed Wood, Boho Decor Triangle Floating Farmhouse Rustic Modern Plant Aesthetic, Dorm Living Room Bedroom

Floating shelf with hooks Bringing modern nature and traditional craft into the comfort of your own home. We believe in creating a comfortable environment that reflects your dynamic stories, encourages relaxation, and inspires uniqueness in everyday life. We discover versatile and functional decor with an artisan touch. We want you to spend your time enjoying your space, not worrying about how or where to put the shelves. Every order includes four (4) White Cup floating shelf with Hooks that can be easily installed on nearly any wall or ceiling without the use of any special tools. 


It is simple to hang and add decorative pieces to the top. Each shelf is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind, with its own distinct details. It comes in a lovely, minimalistic kraft-style box and is gift-ready. Perfect gift for a special someone in your life for a floating shelf with hooks housewarming, birthday, or other occasion. or just because. There are numerous eye-catching ways to hang these wood shelves. Popular styles include geometric triangle staggered patterns, parallel ropes side-by-side swings, and tiered stacks. The adaptable arrangements make them uniquely yours. When you hang these wooden shelves, you’ll have more storage space. It’s ideal for displaying flowers, books, art, and crafts. Spices, coffee, utensils, and dinnerware can all be kept in the kitchen. 


When it comes to decorating, your only limit is your imagination. At BASE ROOTS, we value individuality and believe that interior design is uniquely you. Command hook shelf Each shelf is handcrafted in-house from pinewood and finished with a waterproof protective clear coat. A natural twisted cotton rope has been added to adjust for a variety of situations. styles. These floating bohemian shelves will make a statement in any indoor space, adding shelving space for smaller decorations. It would look great on any wall or by a corner window in the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, baby nursery, home office, studio, or college dorm. Each boho chic set of hanging shelves is made from reclaimed natural light wood and adds rustic charm to your home decor. 


As a finishing touch, macrame cotton rope and a waterproof protective clear coat were used.Each sturdy wooden shelf measures 16x5x0.5 inches, can support up to 8 pounds, and the ropes can be adjusted in length. A storage organizer that saves space for small plants, crystals, pictures, candles, orknick knacks.It’s simple to put together and comes with four command hook shelf for a no-drill wall installation. Each rope hanging shelf can be hung in a variety of ways. as a triangle crisscross, parallel swing, or two-tiered. Command hooks shelf can also be used.Thoughtfully packaged in a minimalist kraft style box. Excellent gift for plant lovers who enjoy unique decorations. Give a cute creative gift for Christmas, birthdays, housewarmings, or just because.This product has been protected by Amazon Transparency since 2022. Scan the code with the app to ensure it’s from BASE ROOTS. Please contact us; we are happy to assist.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kursten purchased and reviewed that ‘floating shelf with hooks’ I really like these shelves! i use them to hold my crystals & funko pops, they can hold a decent amount of weight and look really aesthetic 🙂

Command Hook Shelf, Wood Wall Mount Shelf For Kitchen Spice Rack Storage

Hoanvi White Wall Key Holder Hooks for Entryway Decor, Wood Wall Mount Shelf for Kitchen Spice Rack Storage, Wall Hanging Book Shelves for Nursery Organizer, Floating Shelves for Bathroom Coat Rack.

Command hook shelf Solid Wood 2.5 lbs. 16″L x 4″W x 3.5″H Dimensions Elegant decor and ideal storage Visitors will notice this country white decorative wooden mail holder rack. This wall hanger is ideal for the entryway, office, or mud room. Letter tray is large enough to hold letter size paper, magazines, envelopes, multiple size mailers, and other items. The storage compartment is ideal for storing your phone, wallet, keys, or car key holder. 4 key command hook shlef in classic white bold metal The storage hooks can be used to hang car or house keys, hats, jewellery, bags, scarves, ties, and other items to keep them organised. 


As a toy shelf or home for stuffed animals in the baby’s bedroom wall décor or nursery Excellent in the * In place of a storage cabinet, as bathroom shelves above your toilet for accessories, nail polish, or other small bottles As a bookshelf above your computer desk, vanity, table, or bookcase, or inside a pantry door for spices. * Works equally well in all home rooms: laundry room, kitchen, children’s room, office, living room, playroom, baby room, bedroom, or family room.1 x White Entryway Floating command hook Shelf 1 installation instruction sheet 2 anchors + 2 screws White Mail Holder Organizer: Perfect for mounting on The wall in the entrance, hallway, foyer, closet, and mudroom. 


You can keep your monthly bills, phone, letter, envelope, tablet, wallet, and other items on the shelf. 16″L x 4″W x 3.5″H.4 Keys Hook: Hang your keys on this shelf so you can easily grab them and walk out the door. This coat rack is also useful for hanging your car keys, coat, hat, bag, umbrella, keys, dog leash, and cat collar, making it easier to find what you need.A function wall shelf can be converted into a display shelf or an entryway command hook shelf. Displays photo frames, collectibles, flower pots, decorative candles, and other items. Use them as a space-saving bookshelf in the nursery or as a spice rack. in the kitchen, for hallway organisation, or in the bathroom to store shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other toiletry essentials Nursery Organizer: 


This nursery room wall shelves with hooks can accommodate your baby’s toys, books, stuffed animals, and other small items at home. The command hook shelf floating shelves hold small and large items such as small picture frames, candles, baby monitors, diapers, and knick-knacks.Kitchen and Bathroom Organizer: This kitchen counter mini shelf will be a stunning addition to your kitchen, organising your mugs, spices, oils, and cans in metal shelves board. You can also have enough space to store a variety of bathroom items, such as toiletries, towels, sundries, and small appliances. 


In the kitchen, the hallway, or the bathroom to store shampoo, conditioner, face wash, body soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and other toiletry essentials Nursery Organizer: This nursery room wall shelves with hooks can hold your baby’s toys, books, stuffed animals, and other small items. Small picture frames, candles, baby monitors, diapers, and knick-knacks are stored on the floating shelves.Kitchen and Bathroom Organizer: This kitchen counter mini command hook shelf will be a beautiful addition to your kitchen, allowing you to organise your mugs, spices, oils, and cans in metal shelves board. You can also have enough space to store a variety of bathroom items such as toiletries, towels, sundries, and small appliances.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Tim Gilzow purchased and reviewed that ‘command hook shelf’ This was the perfect shelf in the tiniest space that we had. Worked perfect for our needs.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Floating shelves are best secured into wall studs. If necessary, they can be attached to plaster or drywall; if you go this route, make sure you have the proper wall anchors (a.k.a. molly plugs) for the potential load of the shelf.

Now that we’ve established that, how do floating shelves work? With the help of internal brackets, floating shelves achieve a minimalist look. These brackets typically include at least two rods that support the shelves from the inside. The shelf casing has holes that allow the brackets to slide into place.

The hardware on these shelves fails over time. When it begins to sag, things literally go sideways, sliding off your shelf. At worst, your shelf may fall off.

These shelves provide additional storage space in areas where it would otherwise be impossible to store items. They can be used to maximise space around corners or behind doors. Overall, they make storage spaces look cleaner, more organised, and more classy.

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