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By: Laiba Shakeel

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White Corner Bookcase


Narrow Swivel Corner Book Shelf


Cosmopolitan Bookcase


Spinning Book Shelf


Stackable Bookcase

Typically, a round bookcase is a sizable, independent piece of furniture with a number of shelves for storing stuff and round in shape. A bookcase, as opposed to a bookshelf, frequently features doors that can be closed to dust or protect your possessions. In addition to being taller than bookshelves, bookcases also include many shelves.

Because they are lighter and smaller than bookcases, bookshelves are significantly simpler to move. A round bookcase is light and portable, making it simple to move from one room to another or up a flight of steps.  However, due of their size and weight, bookcases are challenging to transport. To move a bookshelf, you’ll almost probably need one, two, or a furniture dolly. They also have a tendency to be more fragile, thus you must be cautious when moving them to protect the unit.

Bookcases help organize books of various shapes and sizes while also giving you room for other things like picture frames, accents, or souvenirs you want to display to guests. Custom bookcases, particularly wooden ones, can add the ideal focal point to any area or extra storage that you might not have had before. A wonderfully practical piece of antique furniture is the rotating bookcase, also called a Rotating round bookcase. Following reviews might assist you to choose and buy the best bookcase for your room.

White Corner Bookcase for Living Room Bedroom Study Office - Round Bookcase with Smooth Corners

ZHFEISY White Bookcase 2 Tier Nordic Style Rotating Bookshelf Smooth Corners Display Bookcase for Living Room Bedroom Study Office

To make taking books from the bookshelf easier, it may be turned as these Round Bookcase are able to rotate. A 360-degree rotation of the steel ball makes it stable, safe, and quiet. Our two-tier bookcase, which can be used to display books, tiny potted plants, small toys, decorations, etc., can accommodate roughly 20 to 25 medium-sized volumes. The white bookshelf’s dimensions of 15.7 * 15.7 * 23.6 inches make it ideal for any book in a tiny room. The bookcase is white in color.

These bookcases have strong bearing capacity, and smooth round corners. Multi-layer overlay design that makes storing simple. installation without the use of installation equipment. These white corner bookcases provide greater storage space and layered storage. You can fill it with your books, and it will precisely store them.

It is made up of an arc bezel, which successfully prevents objects from falling as a result of rotational inertia. It is therefore secure for storing books. These Bookcases are in Nordic Style with Pvc Wood Plastic Board material used in them which makes them more fascinating. The estimate of Total bearing capacity of these white corner bookcase is 100kg while their net weight is 5.8kg, also give 360 rotation.

Nidouillet Round Bookshelf with Brake Wheels - Narrow Swivel Corner Book Shelf Standing Bookcase for Bedroom and Living Room

Nidouillet Rotating Bookshelf, 4 Tier Revolving Bookcase with Brake Wheels 360° Display Round Bookshelf Narrow Swivel Corner Book Shelf Standing Bookcase for Kids Adult Bedroom, Living Room

High-density MDF Board was used to construct the rotating shelf and has strong structure which offers excellent durability and stability. It is simple to spin thanks to the steel ball bearings of rotating base. These shelves are easy to clean, smooth, and have waterproof surface.

Four swivel caster wheels, two of which have brakes, are on the Nidouillet bookshelf. The Strong load capacity and easy pushability makes them more fascinating. The circular bookcase may be moved to any room by using the wheel. Simple hues go well with your decor.

Nidouillet’s rotating bookcase is wider (18.1 inches) to accommodate larger books as opposed to other bookshelves that are only 15.7 inches wide. The Four-tiered shelves feature 16 tiny compartments, hold 80–100 medium-sized volumes, and provide the appearance of a mini library in your room.

These bookcases measures 18.1″ D x 18.1″ W x 51.2” H and more vertical space is created by rounded bookshelf furniture. The 4-shelf bookshelf simply takes up a tiny amount of room and may be positioned in any corner of the living room, bedroom, kids’ room, workplace, or study. The swivel bookcase can be put together in one, two, three, or four tiers. The right bookshelf height encourages children to enjoy reading.

Round Bookcase with 4 Open Shelves - Bookcase with White Marble Finish and Metal Frame.

CosmoLiving by Cosmopolitan Bookcase, White Marble

A chic complement to your workstation is the Cosmo Living by Cosmopolitan Amelia Round Bookcase. You can arrange books, decorations, and souvenirs on the 4 open shelves to ample storage for all of your books, trinkets and other decoration pieces. These bookcases have a unique design to modernize your space, so with a trendy design and finishes, this bookcase is also space-saving and at a reasonable price.

A simulated white marble finish and a gold metal frame provide your living room or home office a chic, contemporary appeal. With a metal frame and PVC laminated particle board, these round bookcases are for a fashionable appearance at a reasonable cost.

To prevent injuries from the bookcase tipping over, a wall anchor kit is provided. So, your Books are safely organized in it. There is always a sofa to get enthusiastic about, whether it is contemporary, vintage, or shabby chic, you can view other sectionals, futons, loveseats, and chesterfields. The dimensions of these Round Bookcases are ‎14″D x 49.6″W x 49.2″H and have four number of shelves.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Cassie Wagar Purchased this product and wrote a review about it Awesome shelves! Really great unit! The round look is so fun and unique. The different size shelves are great too. Not sure yet what all I want to put on it, but I thought I would take some pics to share here for anyone else considering this. The gold is not brightly yellow and shiny, more brownish/goldish shiny. Still looks nice

Floor Mount Round Bookcase for Kids, Children - 360 Degrees Rotating Book Shelf

Rotating Bookshelf, Revolving Bookcase, Spinning Book Shelf, 4 Tier, 18.2” W x 50.6” H, White, Wood, 360 Degrees Bookshelves, Floor Stand, Rotation Display Tower, Stackable, Round, for Kids, Children

A four-tiered, rotatable round bookcase that may be customized. Choose the number of shelves you want to add to this unit, from one to four levels high. There are four compartments on each level, each with built-in bookends.

The installation of this independent shelf is simple and requires no hardware or power equipment. There is no need to paint or otherwise modify it because it is ready to show. Along with a complete set of building instructions, all necessary components are supplied by seller.

This round bookcase is up to 46″ tall and roughly 15.4″ wide. The height of each shelf is roughly 11″. It has a white vinyl finish and is made of light particleboard. The non-toxic substance can withstand impacts and mishaps. Its high-quality construction enables a quiet and smooth movement.

This reservation system has a form that saves space and lets you stack all of your books vertically. With this upright bookshelf, you may avoid making holes in the wall or having to rely on the weight restrictions of wall shelves. Get creative and use this shelf for books, as a stool, or as a cool side table! It will look fantastic in your living room and the child’s bedroom.

With the help of this floor-standing shelf unit, save time and effort. With this bookcase, you could also save your security deposit while sparing your walls from needless holes. Unlike hanging bulky books and shelves high up on a wall, this sort of shelf is also earthquake-safe!

This round bookcase will quickly become your favourite element in the nursery for your child! Include all the children’s classics you’ve been gathering for your youngster, and perhaps add a cute plushie for extra embellishments. So, Buy this fascinating bookcase for your kids right now and attract your children toward beautiful bookcase as well as books.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

eiluj96 reviewed that Loved it! Super cute and perfect addition to my daughter’s bedroom. Perfect size and shape

Stackable Bookcase Organizer for Office, Home, Living Room - 4 Tier 360° Revolving Round Bookcase

Rotating Bookshelf, 4 Tier 360° Revolving Bookcase Corner PVC Wood Plastic Board Swivel Bookcase,Stackable Bookshelf Organizer,Display Cabinet for Office Home Living Room Study(51“x18.1”x18.1“)

This revolving stackable bookcase can help you organize your storage area. The Dimensions of this bookcase are 18.1 “D x 18.1 “W x 51.2 “H (plus width). It can showcase family albums, books, clocks, or plants in addition to holding about 80 to 100 medium-sized books.

The bookshelf has a 360-degree rotating base that allows the shelf to spin left and right. It just requires a corner location and uses a small amount of space. The rotating shelf may be utilized in three, two, or several layers, making it ideal for adding modern design to your living room, bedroom, house, or office.

High-quality PVC wood plastic board, a new high-tech environmental protection material that is non-toxic, waterproof, anti-slip, and anti-scratch, is used to make the stackable bookcase. It entirely avoids the damaging issues with MDF and the swelling and moisture-related deformation of solid wood. For your and your family’s health, it is a wise decision.

Compact high Round Bookcase with tongue and groove assembly, hardware strengthening, thicker wood, rotating chassis, and steel post bearings will make your room aesthetic and cool too. The shelf weighs 40 lbs overall, has a high load capacity, and is extremely stable and durable. Edges of the bookshelf use hand polished, curved bookshop and curved edges can effectively prevent accidentally bumping into the sharp corners to avoid bumping and scratching, bookshop can effectively avoid dropping books due to rotation beacuse of barriers.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Reta Garrett reviewed that Excellent bookcase I have alot of books and this keeps them organized and easy to find. It looks good in any room. Very sturdy ! Highly recommend.

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