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By: Laiba Shakeel

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Keyboard with Anti-Dust Proof Switches


Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Wired


Mechanical Keyboard


Wired Gaming Keyboard

The so-called double injection procedure was used to create the keycaps, which is meant to boost their endurance. This technique left holes in some of the key inscriptions, giving the corresponding character a messy appearance at first inspection. But aside from that, the lettering on the Redragon keyboard is clearly defined and simple to read. Although the lower edge of the keycaps facing the keyboard surface is relatively sharp-edged, this does not affect use.

The Redragon keyboard has a concealed RGB light that can be adjusted under each key. Complex color gradients and animations are now possible, and they may be chosen and customized using the keyboard programme. We found it discouraging that pure white was not a color that could be produced by LEDs and always appeared bluish to us.

The software allowed us to choose additional “mixed” colors outside of the standard palette, however these other colors were frequently merely shown as a more or less saturated blue tone. On the other hand, it appeared that the color gradients during animations were accurately drawn. Some of the selectable animations appeared to have a blue-heavy color scheme overall.

An adjustable RGB light is concealed beneath each key on the Redragon keyboard. This enables intricate color gradients and animations, which may be chosen and customized using the keyboard software. Sadly, we found that pure white could not be produced as an LED color and always appeared bluish to us. Additionally, the software frequently only showed more or less saturated blue tones for other “mixed” colors outside of the basic palette that we could choose for ourselves. On the other hand, color gradients during animations appeared to be accurately reproduced. Some of the selectable animations’ colors appeared to be rather blue-heavy overall.

This Redragon keyboard is advertised as a gaming keyboard, and it includes all anti-ghosting, remappable, and macro features. Three different profiles can also be created within the app. The programme UI is functional but not outstanding. Finding out how to even remap keys and how to set them back to default took some time. 

Redragon Keyboard with Anti-Dust Proof Switches for Windows PC

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 87 Key Rainbow LED Backlit Wired with Anti-Dust Proof Switches for Windows PC (Black Keyboard, Red Switches)

Small, compact, clicky Custom Switches on the 87-Key TKL Mechanical Gaming Redragon keyboard produce a strong, audible click sound and sharp, precise tactile feedback that is suitable for both gaming and typing. LED There are 19 different illumination modes on the Rainbow Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, plus 2 user-programmable options. Precision-engineered keycaps give uniform, crystal-clear backlighting in six different colors and six brightness settings.

The Redragon keyboard has Anti-Ghosting and n-Key Rollover for the best gaming performance. ALL 87 keys are conflict-free. Multimedia 12FN keys Compact 60% Mini Tenkeyless Ergonomic Designed Computer Keyboard with Non-Slip Ergonomic Splash-Proof Design, High-Speed USB cable with Gold-Plated Corrosion-Free USB Connector, and Durable Metal-ABS Construction with Plate-mounted Mechanical Keys and Switches that Stand Up During Extended FPS Gaming Sessions. Compatible Keyboards for Computer Games Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, and Mac OS with limited keyboard functionality. Works nicely with gaming PCs and all major computer brands. 19 distinct backlight options, a rainbow LED backlight, and two user-programmable modes

It offers 8 pre-set gaming settings, 6 brightness levels, and 6 distinct illumination colours. These Redragon keyboard also include dust-proof tactile blue switches and a durable solid metal-ABS construction. It is even more intriguing because of its small, space-saving Tenkeyless Design with 87 Full-Sized Keys. With FN Keys, it has 12 Multimedia functions and all 87 keys are completely conflict-free and anti-ghosting. For gaming, the WIN Key can be disabled. This item weighs 30.90 ounces and measures 13.93 by 4.86 by 1.46 inches.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kennith reviewed that extremely good value for the price. Now I’m typically not the one to review products(unfortunately), but this a GREAT keyboard for the price… the lights aren’t too bright, but they’re perfect (for me). Back to the feel: the keys are perfect for fat fingers. My GF got her keyboard from GMMK, and she said she felt some comp with this one. If you’re new to gaming or even experienced, this is a great keyboard for an inexpensive or seasoned price this keyboard is even better than I was hoping for….

Redragon Keyboard for Windows Gaming PC - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit

Redragon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Low Profile Wired Macro 104 Keys Red Switches for Windows Gaming PC (Black)

Dust-proof mechanical red switches are used on the Redragon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard K535. Linear switches have a quiet click sound, quick action, little resistance, and no tactile bump feeling. Full-sized, Low-Profile Redragon keyboard with 104 Keys

programmed macros and colour changing Gamer keyboard with RGB illumination and 19 distinct lighting effects Precision-engineered keycaps with a single user-defined mode, five brightness levels, and a breathing speed backlighting

This is the High-quality, robust mechanical gaming Redragon keyboard with an ergonomic design Metal ABS structure and plate-mounted mechanical switches ensure durability even during the heaviest gaming marathons. With 12 multimedia keyboard keys, a non-slip ergonomic, splash-proof design, and a gold-plated high-speed corrosion-free USB connector for a dependable connection, this keyboard has anti-ghosting on all 104 of its keys.

This Redragon keyboard is Compatible with all major computer brands and gaming PCs, including Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, with limited Mac OS keyboard support. This keyboard from the Redragon brand includes USB connectivity as well as compatibility with PC devices. 104 keys with the style Wired, Red Switch are available. the item’s (LxWxH) measurements are 17.13 x 4.88 x 0.91 inches

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Samuel Lau reviewed that Solid Wireless Mechanical Keyboard Pros:

– True RGB Backlight

– Cherry Style Stems

– Good build quality: Solid Metal Backplate with little deck flex

– Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, or wired connectivity….

Redragon keyboard with Anti-Dust Proof Switches for Windows PC - Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Wired

Redragon K552 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard RGB LED Backlit Wired with Anti-Dust Proof Switches for Windows PC (White, 87 Key Blue Switches)

The Redragon keyboard are 87-Key Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Custom Switches for Longevity, Greater Durability and Responsiveness, and Clicky Medium Resistance for Tactile Feedback for Gaming and Typing. These are the mechanical gaming keyboard with LED RGB illumination that has 18 different RGB lighting modes, 9 distinct colors, and 5 brightness levels for the backlight. Keycaps with precision engineering and uniform, clear backlighting.

For the best gaming performance, use the Anti Ghosting and n-Key Rollover features on ALL 87 keys of the Redragon keyboard. Compact TKL Ten keyless Ergonomic Designed Computer Keyboard with Plate-mounted Mechanical Keys and Switches that Stand Up During Extended FPS Gaming Sessions, 12 Multimedia Keys, Non-Slip Ergonomic, Splash-Proof Design with Adjustable Typing Angle, High-Speed USB cable with Gold-Plated Corrosion Free USB Connector.

The Redragon keyboard are compatible Keyboards for Computer Games Limited Mac OS keyboard support, Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Works nicely with gaming PCs and all major computer brands.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Barry L James reviewed that Weighty Clickety-Clack Keyboard Compact, pleasing tactile feel and sound (like an old IBM PC/1 keyboard), blue switches. Has extensive RGB light patterns with customization of lights for keyboard layouts, as well as macros, using the Redragon K552RGB software. It weighs 1.9lbs, which isn’t much if you’re working out, but for a keyboard that is hefty, and I love it. Keyboard sits where you put it and doesn’t move around. I’ll go back to Redragon when I want a new larger keyboard, too.

Redragon Keyboard with Red Switches, Programmable Macro Editing Mechanical Keyboard

Redragon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Red Switches, Programmable Macro Editing Mechanical Keyboard, RGB Backlit, Anti-Ghosting for PC Windows Mac, Mutiplemedia Keys, K565

You can customize your keyboard from a palette of more than 16.8 million colors using the 20 preset RGB backlight effects to complement your Redragon keyboard setup, play a particular game, or show off your favorite hues. This makes each key’s illumination brighter and makes it simpler to locate your keys in the dark. With these keyboards, Expand your options to create your own keys, light effects, and macros. For more effective work and gaming, macros with varied keybindings or shortcuts combine numerous keys function in one key.

Red switches, found on our K565 Mechanical Keyboard, need less pressure to press down, and the keys seem softer and easier to use. MMORPGs and rpgs are, in my opinion, the finest fit. As a gift, you will receive 4 extra switches. This gaming Redragon keyboard was constructed with an aluminium alloy panel, considerably enhancing toughness and extending product life. When playing games, the keyboard won’t slide around thanks to its weight of up to 2.77 pounds.

With no conflicting keys, all keys can operate simultaneously and simply accomplish any combining operations. You may rapidly access the calculator, media, volume control, and email using the 12 shortcut keys for multimedia.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Marco Hincapie reviewed that Great quality Excellent product 100% recommended! The keys are pretty durable and the switches are quiet! The retro illumination can be customized and the chassis seems pretty durable

Redragon Keyboard with Red SwitchN- Wired Gaming Keyboard for Windows Mac PC Laptop - K633CGO RGB

Redragon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, 60 Percent Keyboard Mechanical Fully Programmable Macros, Hot Swappable 68 Keys with Red Switch, Wired Gaming Keyboard for Windows Mac PC Laptop, K633CGO RGB

The linear feedback and smooth top-to-bottom actuation travel distance of the Wired Redragon mechanical keyboard is available. The 68 keys are all in agreement. Less effort is needed to press the keys, and they seem smoother. It’s unquestionably a wonderful present option.

The lighting effects on the gaming Redragon keyboard can be changed, and the brightness and breathing rate can also be changed. Redragon software also offers customizable illuminated colors and effects. making gaming and typing more pleasurable for you. By creating your own custom settings and effects for redragonzone, you can increase your options. For more effective gaming and working, use macros with different key bindings or shortcuts.

This cable provides an effective connection because it is a 2-in-1 USB-C cable with a USB-A adaptor dongle. The wired mechanical keyboard has a very fast response time and virtually no latency. The K633CGO-RGB gaming Redragon keyboard works well with all popular computer brands and gaming PCs and is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. The programmable driver, however, is incompatible with Mac OS platforms.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Chewyourfingers reviewed that WOW! Absolutely surprised. This keyboard totally surprised me, I was not expecting this keyboard to be of high quality, but it absolutely is! The keys feel very nice and smooth, and the switches have a satisfying sound, springiness and overall feel, not TOO clicky and some keys don’t really make noise at all when pressed. RGB lighting is really nice and loved all the different presets. Totally love the color scheme arrangement as well….

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