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Microfiber Sofa Set


L-Shaped Sleeper Sofa


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Microfiber Big Sectional Couch

 If you enjoy eating casual meals on the couch, microfiber sofa set are a great option because of their excellent stain resistance. A nice microfiber sofa set  can last you up to ten years and is far more affordable than other high-quality options like leather. Similar to velvet, microfiber has a distinctive texture that is silky, satiny, and slightly hairy. When compared to harsher synthetic choices and cooler coverings like leather,  soft, silky texture of microfiber sofa set   is significantly more welcoming and much cosier on the skin. Microfibers are 100 times finer than human hair and have a diameter that is half that of a strand of silk.

If the attractiveness and durability weren’t enough to convince you to choose a microfiber sofa set , the reasonable cost most likely would. There are numerous colours available for microfiber sofas set , as well as a large range of shapes. Whether you want microfiber sofa set  L-shaped sectionals, microfiber couch sleepers, or microfiber reclining sofas.Natural fabric sofas are susceptible to fading, which is a major negative, especially if placed in direct sunlight. This problem exists even with leather sofas, which are known for their durability. Because of its extraordinary colorfastness, microfiber upholstery can maintain its colour saturation for many years.

Wipe up spills as quickly as possible with a moist cloth to prevent stains on your microfiber sofa set . Gentle soap and water should work if the mark still won’t budge. Because of its extremely tight weave and minute fibres, microfiber sofa set  is especially resistant to stains.Additionally, microfibers lack pores  and absorbs less liquid.

L Shaped Sleeper Sofa, Microfiber Sofa Set, Reclining Couch(Grey).

Beverly Fine Furniture Andes Microfiber with Faux Leather Sofa Set With Ottoman, Red Raspberry

Betsy Furniture offers a contemporary grey three-seater rectangular standard sofa recliner With Taupe Microfiber fabric, pillow top backrest, and armrests, and pocket coil spring seat cushion coated in premium foam, this l-shaped sleeper sofa, microfiber sofa set offers outstanding comfort; have a backrest with heat radiating design to provide comfort.

The split back of l shaped sleeper sofa, microfiber sofa set design enables you to recline one seat from 90 to 160 degrees while maintaining the upright position of the others; Two of the sofa’s three seats may recline on either side lever on the arm of l shaped sleeper sofa, microfiber sofa set to extend the footrest; when not in use, push it down with your heels until it is locked in place.

The footrest of l shaped sleeper sofa, and the microfiber sofa set extend from the front so you may stretch your legs for good blood flow. Simply push back against the backrest after the footrest is fully extended to achieve any desired position between 90° and 160° for complete body relaxation; remain sat back and lean forward to restore the back to the beginning position.

The great experience and strict quality standards of l shaped sleeper sofa, and microfiber sofa set of Betsy Furniture guarantee that the finished products will surpass your expectations. This makes it possible to cater to each customer’s individual needs and give them designs that are unparalleled in quality and value. l-shaped sleeper sofa, microfiber sofa set.


When looking for wall colours to go with grey sofas, you can get away with pretty much anything from light to very dark, but try and avoid bright tones. Think classic white, a rich dark navy, other shades of grey or muted green tones.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

April Dischinger purchased this and reviewed that “Great Quality” I have been to several furniture stores looking for a grey reclining sofa and loveseat that was not powered/electric and did not have much luck. The ones I did find were too expensive, powered, too dark or too light in color or were leather or fake leather which I did not want either. I turned to Amazon and found these and they checked every single box![Read more].

Microfiber Sofa Set with Faux Leather Sofa Set Red Raspberry

Betsy Furniture Microfiber Reclining Sofa Couch Set Living Room Set 8007 (Grey, Sofa)

Beverly Fine Furniture’s left CHAISE ORIENTATION sofa in Red Raspberry weighs 193 pounds in particular. Faux leather and microfiber sofa set, 3-piece sectional sofa set with storage, ottoman, and two square pillows. Easy to install, made in China. Assembly necessary Yes, according to the maker Beverly Fine Furniture.

With this chic microfiber sofa set and imitation leather sectional sofa, your living room will be improved. You can easily organize your book, remote, and magazines with the additional storage in the ottoman, and you can unwind with the two accent cushions. The overall measurements of the sectional microfiber sofa set are roughly 105″ x 76″ x 33″.


It’s all a matter of preference and aesthetic choice. Most of our sofa sets here at Fireside Furniture come with an ottoman that is made of the same material as the sofa itself. But you can always mix and match colors, patterns, and even fabrics to add some variety to your room!

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Nhandi Johnson purchased this product and reviewed that “Year or so after purchase” It does what it needs to do for the time being. I will eventually purchase a comfortable couch. I would never dream of taking an afternoon nap on this couch, although it has happened lol.

Microfiber Sofa Set With Ottoman, Red Raspberry

Beverly Fine Furniture Andes Microfiber with Faux Leather Sofa Set With Ottoman, Red Raspberry

About Beverly Fine Furniture’s RIGHT CHAISE ORIENTATION storage couch, in Red Raspberry, is 74″D x 101″W x 33″H in particular 3 pieces of faux leather and a sectional microfiber sofa set with storage ottoman, 2 square pillows, faux leather, and microfiber upholstery. Simple To Install Chinese made.

assembly is necessary, according to the maker Beverly Fine Furniture, With this chic microfiber sofa set and imitation leather sectional sofa, your living room will be improved.You can easily organize your book, remote, and magazines with the additional storage in the ottoman, and you can unwind with the two accent cushions. The overall measurements of the sectional sofa are roughly 105″ x 76″ x 33″.


Big, bold colours are fun and loud, but too much colour will look garish. That’s why you’ll want to ensure you contrast the bright red of the sofa with some more neutral colours. There are multiple ways to do this. If you want to give the room a warmer feel, use some soft whites, off-whites and beiges when painting.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

 Khai Patterson purchased this and reviewed that “I’m pleased with this purchase” Looks like the picture. Easy to put together. Looks great in my space. The color was more burgundy than red. Not much to the fabric – one good spill and this probably no more good. Not plush to sit on, but still pretty comfortable.

Microfiber Sofa Set Microfiber Big Sectional Couch Sofa Set

Stendmar 5pc Reversible Modern 2 Tone Gray Microfiber Big Sectional Couch Sofa Set S150D-RG

About Gray couch by Stendmar for living room, 142 L x 110 W x 35 H inches, 500 lbs in particular,The five-piece grey and dark grey sectional microfiber sofa set  . sturdy and features a headrest for more back support and seating cushions with tufted square patterns (no button) Reversible corner couch in sofa set can be arranged in either a right or left configuration. Seating cushions, headrests, back rest pillows, and tiny decorative pillows all feature removable covers that may be removed for cleaning if necessary (main 3pc.

left arm sofa, corner sofa and right arm sofa have connectors pre installed),Set contains a right sofa, an armless chair, a reversible corner sofa, and an ottoman with 13 pillows (8 back resting pillows and 5 small pillows),Grey + Dark Grey finish microfiber sofa set , two-tone colour. Choose from 6″ black finish timber legs or metal legs with a chrome finish. After moving in and setting up, the sofa set just requires the installation of the sofa legs.

With 3.0 high density foam seat cushions and a solid all-wood frame. black wooden legs or metal legs. Large 5-piece microfiber sofa set in grey and dark grey with a reversible corner sofa and many setup choices. Upon request, can be transformed into a sizable resting place. Following moving in and setting up, only the sofa’s legs need to be installed.


This means that as you are facing the sofa, the arm is on the side mentioned. Right-Hand Facing (RHF): If you are standing facing the sectional then the chaise is on the right. Left-Hand Facing (LHF): If you are standing facing the sectional then the chaise is on the left.

Reversible Sectionals are a type of seating commonly found in the living room. Reversible Sectionals are more versatile than conventional sofas or couches, since they consist of multiple sections or pieces that can be arranged in the desired shape.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Stephan A purchased this and reviewed that “perfect” This sectional is perfect and just want I hoped for. It arrived early which was a bonus. It was packed perfectly and well protected for shipping. Putting the legs on was not hard, it did take some time.The seat is firm and the pillows are nice and soft.

Microfiber Sofa Set, Rivet Ornament L-Shape with Two Cup Holder.

Cotoala Reversible Sectional Sofa with Storage Ottoman, Rivet Ornament L-Shape Couch with Two Cup Holders and Chaise, for Small or Large Space Dorm Apartment, 104.5 Gray

About contemporary Cotoala L-shaped storage couch in 104.5 grey with 6 seats and track for living room in particular: Modular Sectional and design-A left corner seat, a right facing corner seat, and a removable ottoman are all features of an upholstered contemporary microfiber sofa set  design made of soft linen fabrics that can be organised and reconfigured in many ways for small or large roomy living areas to accommodate varied spaces.

The couch’s chaise of microfiber sofa set can be on either the right or left side. You are free to construct in any position and shape. Storage and sturdiness-High density foam cushions provide the absolute best comfort and support, and the ideal softness with extra cushioned cushioning provides the microfiber sofa set  a pleasant feeling. The hardwood structure is strong and won’t easily deform or crack over time.

Overall Dimensions: 104″ (L) x 75″ (W) x 34.5″ (H) for a sofa that can support up to 1500 lbs. and up to 5 or 6 people.The storage ottoman’s practical space of microfiber sofa set  makes it the ideal spot to keep blankets and magazines. To hold drinks and cups, the seat back has two cup holders.The back pillow has a zip-off cover that can be removed and washed with ease.

Dimensions and Weight of microfiber sofa set : Overall Dimension is 104.5″ (W) by 75″ (D) by 34.5″ (H) Detail Size:  Weight Limit: 250 lbs. per seat (113kg) Assembly Time: Approximately 1.5 Hours Package Specifications: Dimensions (inches): 171 L*35 W*16 H; 276 L*35 W; 333 L*24 W*16 H Actual Weight: 199.652103.84347.84 lbs. Net Weight 191.05291.05342.32 pounds Specification:

Materials: Wood Frame, Spring Package, Sponge Seat, and Linen Fabric Cover Three-seat sofa, chaise lounge, and ottoman are included in the microfiber sofa set . Construction: MDF + Spring Package + Sponge Portable ottoman Be able to remove the sofa cover.


An L-Shaped sectional is similar to a sofa chaise, but the seating extends down the side of the sofa (rather than the length being generated by a chaise). When measuring this type of sectional, you will only need to measure one side, and you will know both the length and the width of the sofa.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Breighen Velasquez  purchased this and reviewed that    “Fabulous!”  Came shipped as 3 separate pieces took almost 2 1/2 weeks for everything to finally arrive. Pieces did not come together. Directions were easy to follow. Cushions were hard at first till we started to sit on it more often and now they are softer Love the cup holder and the ottoman to hold my blankets or pillows when not in use.