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If your living space only has room for two chairs, consider this double chaise couch. By squeezing together two chaise lounges, you can replicate the lounging space of a larger U-shaped sofa without taking up as much room. Double chaise couch resembles a love seat, but it’s nicer. Excellent for a night of Netflix and chilling. Double the space, convenience, and most importantly, comfort, double chaise couch‘s ideal for two people who want to spread out.

Just the thing for perfecting the art of doing nothing in tandem. We at Sofa Club are well-versed in the latest fashions. And in the post-covid era, twin double chaise couch are one of the most popular couch designs for both large and small living rooms. Learn why you should join the club and get one for your own house. Indulge in some quality downtime with a friend or significant other on a double-ended chaise lounge. Moreover, Doggo may still fit comfortably in the center. While an extravagant purchase, a sofa with two chaises is well worth the cost.

Positioned against a wall or in a corner, double chaise couch will make the most of limited floor space and provide seating for a number of people. With its angular design, the furniture encourages conversation by putting people in direct eye contact. Also, it can serve as a cozy guest bed for any unexpected overnight guests.  Double chaise couches Ideal for weekend get-togethers with friends and family. The extra space afforded by a twin double chaise couch makes it ideal for relaxing in a number of different positions.

Double Chaise Couch, Black Velvet Double Chaise Sectional Sofa by ASY, Fully Tufted Extra Large Sofas 138" (Polo7)

ASY Modern Velvet Double Chaise Sectional Sofa Couch for Living Room, Fully Tufted Firm & Deep 138'' Large Sofas, Black (Polo7)

The contemporary, all-around tufted, medium-firm, and deep seats of this double chaise couch velvet sectional are upholstered in gorgeous velvet that is easy to care for. A living room or a den could both benefit from its presence. The foam cushioning is comfortable and provides support, while the timber construction is strong and will last for a long time(arm to arm) 138 inches, (front to back) 71 inches, (height to seat) 34 inches . Double chaise couch does not come with an ottoman.

Double chaise couch Extremely well-crafted, including a sturdy construction constructed of oak, metal legs with a gorgeous gold finish, and plush velvet upholstery that remains in pristine condition for many years. Simply joining the provided legs and back panel will let you to put this together in less half an hour. When cleaning double chaise couch, use a moist cloth that is soft and not rough. Quality assurance or a complete return, whichever you prefer. 

IS DELIVERED DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR: Appointments that are scheduled on a timetable are essential. Before we can move forward, we need a signature on this document. The carrier will bring the package all the way down to the ground level.  Fabric of double chaise couch Made of Velvet of a High Quality There is a Need for Some Assembly: The Accurate Weight of It Is 350 Pounds. Use a dry cloth to wipe down the accent pillow, which together with the zipper closure is included in the package. Precautions to Take.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Athenaschlacker: purchased and reviewed amazing” Honestly i thought it’d be uncomfortable i was majorly mistaken i want to sleep on mg couch more than my bed sometimes i love it smmm and it’s so beautiful.

Double Chaise Couch, NCKMYB Contemporary Double Chaise Sectional Sofa, U-Shape Couch for Family Room, Studio, Loft, Dorm (Grey)

NCKMYB Modern Sectional Sofa with Double Chaise, U-Shape Sectional Sofa Couch for Living Room, Apartment (Grey)

This double chaise couch exudes contemporary style with its rounded arms, straight lines, and tapering feet. The chaises allow all four occupants to stretch out in complete comfort during movie time. This double chaise couch features a wood frame, dense foam padding, and a neutral, lightly textured fabric for a laid-back vibe. This U-shaped double chaise couch, which is a staple of modern furniture, is a great example of the minimalist contemporary design philosophy that places a premium on comfort and practicality.

With a low profile to complement its broad back and square, oversized armrests, this chair is a perfect fit. The back support is ergonomically sound, exemplifying the “human-centered design” tenet.  The fabric of this double chaise couch is of a high quality, being airy, comfortable, and long-lasting. The plywood construction of the double chaise couch‘s frame is complemented by the sinuous springs and dense foams of the seat cushion. And because the cushions can be removed, any crumbs can be cleaned up quickly and easily.

Strong Structure Each sofa seat can support up to 220 pounds because to its high-quality cushion, hardwood structure, and birch legs. The three-boxed, U-shaped sectional double chaise couch requires minimal assembly. Simple assembly instructions and no additional tools are all that’s required. Dimensions (in inches): (116.9″L) x (59.1″W) x (33.1″H) Outstanding Support and a Year of Peace of Mind Guarantee. If you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us; our fantastic customer service team guarantees a response within 6 hours.

Double Chaise Couch, Modern Velvet Sectional Couch, Fully Tufted Extra Deep Sofas for Living Room

ASY Modern Velvet Double Chaise Sectional Sofa Couch for Living Room, Fully Tufted Firm & Deep 138'' Large Sofas

Gold-plated metal legs to have two chaises at once U-shaped 3-piece sectional Throw cushions are included. Turkey/Anatolia production double chaise couches covered in plush velvet. For a portion of the build, just the legs were needed. Double chaise couch Inches: 138 in. long by 71 in. wide by 34 in. high Firmness level: medium. Size of the back: small Medium-deep seating. Medium-height seats Biscuit-tufted, flared-arm, low-slung design. Trimming with nail heads: no Ottoman Available; incorporated.

Do one of the following. U-Shaped with Two Chaises DIMENSIONS: The width of the double chaise couch is 36 inches, the depth is 25 inches, the height of the back is 16 inches, the seat height is 18 inches, and the arm height is 28 inches. A 1.5X inseam is the standard for tall legs. EXCEPTIONAL ARTIFACT: A double chaise couch velvet couch with contemporary all-around tufted medium-firm and deep seats in beautiful easy-care velvet that will give a touch of elegance to your living room, den, or any room it is placed in.

The hardwood structure provides durability and longevity, while the foam cushioning provides comfort. SECTIONAL DOUBLE CHAISE: (arm to arm) 138″, (front to back) 71″, (height) 34″ (floor to top of pillow). You will NOT find an ottoman with this double chaise couch. SUPERIOR CRAFTSMANSHIP: The hard wood construction, robust metal gold legs, and supple velvet upholstery all withstand heavy use. Advice for Proper Maintenance: Features a dry-cloth cleaning system and comes with: Place Pillow.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

LaShawnda Jones: purchased and reviewed I LOVE IT!!”  It’s EXCELLENT QUALITY! Arrived on time pillows and legs were inside the zipper of the couch to avoid damage!! You will need a drill to install the legs but it’s an easy assembly. I get compliments all the time. It gives a very Chic and classy look. IT’S EXACTLY LIKE THE PICTURE!!

Large U Shaped Sectional, Grey Velvet U-Shaped Modular Sofa Storage Chaise Seating Belffin Sofa, Double Chaise Couch

Belffin Modular Sectional Sofa with Double Chaise Velvet U Shaped Sofa Reversible Sectional Couch with Storage Grey

The modular U-shaped large u shaped sectional is a fantastic example of the minimalist contemporary design concept that stresses comfort and functionality via the details. It features clean double lines, matched pillows, and smooth upholstery. The double chaise couch‘s seat can be moved, allowing the piece to be reconfigured into an L-shape with chaise or even a bed. The ottoman’s mobility allows it to be positioned in any convenient location.

Room rearrangement can be done quickly and easily. In terms of the dimensions of storage, 22.40’’ (L)*22.40’’ (W)”*5.70″(H). Effortlessly discover the perfect sitting or resting position with the armrest and backrest’s 135° of adjustment. The plush modular U-shaped double chaise couch is the perfect place to spend the day napping, reading, or watching TV. When it comes to putting together the armrest and backrest modules, you won’t ever have to worry about making a mistake and putting them in the wrong sequence because they look exactly the same.

It only takes a small amount of time to put up the sofa because the armrests and backrest are one and the same piece of furniture. The U-shaped modular large u shaped sectional only requires minimal assembly and arrives in only six cartons. Simple assembly instructions and no additional tools are all that’s required. The full dimensions of large u shaped sectional are as follows: 90.20″(W) x 58.30″(D) x 33.50″ (H). The arrival of all 6 boxes could be spread out across many days.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Us: purchased and reviewed “You Get What You Paid For” This couch is firm but still comfortable. I love the color and fabric. I do wish that the back of the couch was taller. When sitting up straight, there’s not much back and neck support at all. Overall, you get what you paid for. Most couches that look like this are at least $2,000 so I can sacrifice some comfort for the great price.

Double Wide Chaise Sectional, NWF Modern U-Shaped Velvet, Large Couch for Living Room, Design (Blue), Double Chaise Couch

NWF Modern U Shaped Velvet Double Chaise Sectional Sofa 138'' Wide Large Couch for Living Room Faux Gold Base Medium Firm Low Ground Contemporary (Blue)

Modern and traditional aesthetics come together in perfect harmony on this luxurious double wide chaise sectional, our top seller. Included with the eight designer throw pillows and gold legs of this couch is a whole set of legs. Yes, the U-shaped double wide chaise sectional is quite spacious. It’s the best option for sectionals in living rooms that are used frequently by many people, such as those who have large families or who host frequent parties. The trendy U-shaped double wide chaise sectional is padded with firm foam and draped in luxurious velvet.

Its structure is made of solid wood. For a classic style, the back and seats are button-tufted, and the rounded arms provide a nice touch. Add a touch of elegance to your living room, den, or other space with this double wide chaise sectional, which boasts button tufted firm and deep seats in a beautiful easy-care blue, black, or grey velvet. Although the foam padding provides some support, the strong hardwood frame is what really makes this chair what it is: a comfortable and stable investment. 

Total measurements of double chaise couch are as follows: 138″ (arm to arm), 68″ (front to back), and 33″ (height) (floor to top of pillow). Double chaise couches the sturdy velvet fabric, hardwood frame, and metal gold legs can withstand years of use. Easy assembly in 25 minutes or less is achieved by simply connecting the product’s legs and arms. Use a dry, gentle cloth to wipe down. Your satisfaction is ensured or your money returned.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Glam: purchased and reviewed “I LOVE THIS SOFA!!” Loving this sofa ,,The quality is great & it’s huge!! Exactly what I wanted.