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By: Bushra Ashraf

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Low light succulents are still one of the most popular houseplants, but growing them can be difficult for those of us who don’t have a bright, sunny place to display them. The majority of species of succulent plants require as much sunlight as possible. However, there is still hope if there is no north-facing window in your home or apartment. You will still be able to successfully grow these prized houseplants by selecting one of the succulents on the following list that thrive in low light conditions. During the course of the day, south-facing windows receive the most light in the northern hemisphere. 

The morning sun shines brightest through windows that face east, while the afternoon and evening sun shines through windows that face west. The least amount of sunlight enters through north-facing windows. A south-facing window is the best option for most northern hemisphere low light succulents plants that need sun. However, any west- or east-facing window will do for any of the low-light succulents discussed in this article. Some of them can even survive in a dim window with a northerly view, but I don’t recommend it because they won’t thrive there. 

However, without light, no succulent will survive. Consider purchasing a small tabletop grow light for your succulent plants, even if they are varieties of succulents that grow in low light, even if you live in a basement apartment with only one window facing north or no windows at all. When a small grow light is placed over your low light succulents for six to eight hours per day, you will be amazed at how well they do. You won’t have to remember to turn the lights on and off every day if you use a good timer. 

A succulent requires approximately 7-8 hours of sunlight per day on average. However, a window facing north is preferred by the low-light succulents. Plants far from an East-facing window or windows that are shaded provide little light. Low light succulents are also attracted by grow lights that are positioned far from the plant and more than ten feet away from windows with a clear view of the south or west. Dark corners in a room with a moderate amount of light are the best option if you are unable to locate the ideal location for low light. In the section that follows, take a look at 27 succulents and low-light cacti.

EBaokuup Double Head Small Plant Succulent Grow USB Powered Full Spectrum Low Light Succulents

EBaokuup Double Head Small Plant Grow Lights for Indoor Plant, USB Powered Full Spectrum LED Plant Halo Lights, Height Adjustable Succulents Grow Lamp, 5V Low Safe Voltage, Acrylic Supporter Included

The EBaokuup Double Head Small Plant succulent grow light is made to provide additional lighting for indoor plants, particularly succulents that thrive in low light conditions. There are two movable gooseneck arms included with these lights, which can be positioned to provide light where it is most needed. The lights can be used with any USB port, like a laptop or power bank, because they are powered by USB. These grow lights’ full-spectrum illumination is ideal for encouraging plant development. All of the wavelengths of light that plants require for photosynthesis are present in full-spectrum lighting, which is modeled after natural sunlight. 

The growth and flowering of plants are greatly aided by the blue and red wavelengths of light. Additionally, the EBaokuup Double Head Small Plant succulent grow light consumes only 5 watts of power, making them energy-efficient. Because of this, they can be used for a long time without having to pay a lot of money for energy. They are also simple to set up and use, making them a great option for people who want to give their indoor plants more light. Plant Light with a Full Spectrum With 30 evenly spaced full-spectrum LED bulbs that span the wavelength range of 380 to 1000 nanometers, this upgraded plant grow light mimics natural sunlight. 

The plant light will encourage germination, flowering, fruiting, and photosynthesis. Unique Grow Light for Small Plants: The warm light that low light succulents one-of-a-kind plant grow lamp provides to indoor plants has the potential to boost germination, flowering, fruiting, the color of succulent plants, and yield. Acrylic supporters and two USB-powered plant lights are included in the package. Simply insert the acrylic supporters into the plant lamp’s whole, height-adjust them using the plastic ring, and then place them in the potted plant. Warm Advice is recommended that the plant light be approximately 2.4 inches away from the plants top. 

You can adjust the lighting time to anywhere from 8 to 16 hours depending on the plants’ growth conditions. The plant grow light is powered by USB, and in order to use it, you need to connect it to the adapter (the adapter is not included in the package). Small indoor plants, miniature landscapes, seed germination, insectivorous plants, succulent plants, and other indoor plants can all benefit from our indoor plant growth light. The low light succulents can be used in the living room, office, home, or balcony, among other places.

Sempervivum Succulents Plants Succulent Plant Decor (5PK), Plants Live Houseplants, Low Light Succulents

Sempervivum Succulents Plants Succulent Plant Decor (5PK), Live Plants Indoor Plants Live Houseplants, Gardening Gifts for Plant Lovers, Mini Succulent Plants for Delivery Prime by Plants for Pets

Low light succulents hardy desk and office plants thrive in low light and make excellent bedroom plant decor. With these miniature plants, you can make stunning succulent decor. In a succulent pot or planter box, plant alongside other succulents, cacti, and terrarium plants with plant accessories like succulent potting mix, fertilizer, and rocks. Give unique gardening and thoughtful gifts to people who love plants. With other live indoor plants, they can enjoy these small plants as low-maintenance house plants or patio plants. Include these real succulents in your plant collection. Include an oz. plant, pathos, hanging plants, and other large indoor plants in your display. 

Low light succulents live indoor house plants coexist happily with cactus plants. A plant tray with five nursery-potted 2-inch small succulents is included in your live plant delivery. The order of the plants will vary. Sempervivum decorum, also known as common houseleek or hen and chicks plant, is the common name for our Sempervivum 5-pack of irresistibly charming rosette succulents. Sempervivums are an excellent choice for use as memorable wedding favor low light succulents for your guests or as a centerpiece for a succulent planter to decorate the tables at wedding receptions and other special events due to their earthy colors and contrasting shapes. You can even use Sempervivum plants to create a perennial potted plant display for your front porch or patio due to their extreme durability. 

You don’t need a green thumb or a lot of knowledge to put together an eye-catching presentation with indoor succulents and other low light succulents in any location! These drought-tolerant plants are suitable for any lifestyle because they are remarkably simple to maintain and even thrive in neglect. These kinds of succulents do best when planted in a potting mix made for succulents and cacti, and they prefer areas with moderate, indirect sunlight. Allow the soil to completely dry between watering, which should take place every one to two weeks. Sempervivum succulents thrive in a wide range of temperatures, but an average climate between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit and/or Hardiness Zones 5 and 6 are preferred.

Haworth Succulent Plant Live in White Planter, Live Indoor Plants Live Houseplants, Low Light Succulents

Haworthia Succulent Plant Live in White Planter, Live Succulents Plants Live Plants, Live Indoor Plants Live Houseplants, Low Light House Plants, Succulent Plants Cactus Plants Live by Plants for Pets

In a 3-inch white ceramic planter, one haworthia is included in each order. The availability of variety is critical. When it arrives, your live plant is prepared for gifting or display order now to receive live plants for prime delivery and quickly unpack. Our houseplants do well in low light succulents and don’t need much care. You can use these simple house plants to decorate your living room, your bedroom, or your desk or office in rooms with less natural light. These miniature succulent plants can thrive both inside and outside as live plants. Our houseplants live indoor effectively or you can likewise see these outside plants live joyfully as porch plants during warm seasons. 

To give as plant-lover gifts, pair our lush green plants with accessories for house plants. As gardening gifts for the women you care about, combine real plants and garden accessories to help grow these live plants outdoors. Animals and plants enhance everything, from uplifting our spirits to enhancing our day-to-day lives. Because of this, a portion of every purchase goes to supporting our mission to assist in placing shelter animals in loving homes. Due to their low upkeep and ability to thrive in low light, Haworthia low light succulents are ideal for indoor use. These plants, which belong to the same family as Gastonia and Aloe Vera and are native to southern. 

Africa, are when it comes to taking care of Haworthia succulents, it’s critical to plant them in soil that drains well and not overwater them.  They like bright, indirect light, but they can work with less light. In fact, these plants can suffer damage when exposed to direct sunlight, which can cause the leaves to turn brown or yellow. Concerning the white grower, ensure it has waste openings at the base to keep the roots from sitting in standing water. You can improve drainage by placing a layer of rocks or gravel at the bottom of the planter if there are no holes in it. Overall, Haworthia low light succulents are excellent indoor plants that thrive in low light, are simple to maintain, and bring a touch of green to any space. One of our most sought-after Lolita Collection succulents is the Haworthia. 

It invites plant people of all ages to engage in close-up, hands-on exploration due to its intriguing, touch-friendly textures, patterns, and shapes. We promise you won’t need a green thumb to enjoy this simple plant. Indeed, even with disregard, low light, and low water, Haworthia low light succulents flourish. When the soil has dried out, Haworthia is drought-tolerant plants that appreciate thorough watering. Due to their capacity to store water and low light requirements, these resilient succulents are ideal for both novices and experts in the field of plants. Both inside and outside, filtered, dim light is ideal for Haworthia. If you keep this plant outside, make sure it is protected from frost.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

N. Baum purchased low light succulents and reviewed that “ Tiny”. I was hopeful that this would be a little bigger then it was. Although it’s a healthy little plant it needs to be reported ASAP in my case the roots are coming out the bottom. I may have paid $5 for something this small but I saw it and wanted it.

LED Low Grow Lights, Halo Plant Lamp for Indoor Plants Growing, White Circle Low Light Succulents Mini Small Plants

LED Grow Light, Halo Plant Lamp for Indoor Plants Growing, White Circle Low Light for Bonsai Succulents Mini Small Plants,Upgrade Timer 4/8/12/18 Hrs (with USB Plug)

Driven low grow lights can be an extraordinary choice for indoor plant development, particularly for plants that require low light circumstances like succulents and other little plants. A circular LED light called the Halo plant lamp can be hung above plants to give them the light they need to grow. It is essential to take into consideration the kind of plant you have and the particular light requirements it has when selecting LED grow lights. If you want to keep the leaves of succulents and other low grow lights from burning or becoming damaged, a light with a lower intensity might be better. 

Because too much or too little light can hinder plant growth, LED grow lights need to be operated for the right amount of time each day. For indoor plants, 12 to 16 hours of sunlight per day is typically recommended. LED grow lights can be less expensive and energy-efficient than conventional grow lights in addition to providing light for plant growth. Additionally, they produce less heat, which can be advantageous for indoor settings. In general, low-light LED grow lights like the Halo plant lamp can be a great option for indoor plant growth, particularly for small and succulent plants. Just make sure you choose the right amount of light and how long to give it to your plant. 

The professionally designed cycle growing light for miniature bonsai plants is comparable to the full-spectrum natural sunlight. In addition, there are three different color light modes that can be selected.  Low light succulents also have a four-option circular memory timer: 8 hours, 12 hours, and 18 hours. It can keep power by automatically turning on and off each day in accordance with your settings, eliminating the need for manual operation. There is no need for a tool! It only takes ten seconds to install. You can position the growth light in any direction with this growing lamp to provide the best lighting angle for your plants, meeting.

The cover around the miniature plants. Simple and portable, it has a weight that is comparable to that of an egg and is also very small. However, low light succulents can emit a soft and effective aperture. It is also very stable and allows for 180-degree rotation of the aperture up and down, which makes it very flexible and useful, especially for cute little potted plants. The Going Top service team provides friendly customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Please feel free to get in touch with us if there are any issues with the product; we will send you a new one or give you a full refund.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Giselle purchased low light succulents and reviewed that “ Less strong but still effective”. This was the first light I had bought for my plants. What I noticed was it worked well with smaller seedlings but once I started using it for my (like 7-8 inch) herb plants, I felt it was doing the bare minimum. Read more…

FTOYIN Succulent Night Light, Pleasant Night Light, Low Light Succulent Pot With Grow Light

FTOYIN Succulent Night Light, Pleasant Night Light, Succulent Pot with Grow Light, Table Lamp for Bedroom, Living Room, Tabletop Plant, Ideal Gift for Valentine's Day, Birthday, Low White (No Plant)

With its warm, soft light, the FTOYIN Botanical low light succulents gives you a gentle, calming glow to get rid of the darkness and stress while you sleep. Assisting you in sleeping well! Likewise, the routine of plants can calm your mind and body and improve your mood. The transparent cover makes a good air circulation system, and warm natural light is better for indoor plants. Succulents can thrive in any one of the designs. Compatible with PCs and laptops, power banks, mobile chargers, and all standard USB devices. 

Installation in two steps without the use of a tool and very simple to assemble and use ABS is used to make the lovely, small night light. With lovely plants, randomly matched decorative accessories create a clean, green atmosphere. Beautiful and high-quality gift box unique presents for weddings, graduations, celebrations, and birthdays. Low light succulents also make an excellent family present. Plant beautifying lights can add additional variety to your work area, and the blend of green plants can cause you to feel invigorated. Your plants can always be baptized by the sun thanks to the built-in full-spectrum light, 

Which has ventilation holes to ensure that air flows through the plant and prevent disease damage transmitting electricity through magnetism by employing the electromagnetism principle. The FTOYIN Succulent Night Light is a table lamp that also functions as a grow light for low-light succulents. It’s a great addition to any bedroom because it encourages plant growth and creates a relaxing atmosphere. The succulent can thrive even in low light conditions thanks to the grow light in the low light succulent pot. Because of this, it is an excellent option for people who want to appreciate the beauty of plants but don’t have a lot of natural light in their living areas. Additionally, the FTOYIN low light succulents emit a soothing glow, making it an ideal bedroom nightlight. 

In addition to providing a subtle light source for your safety and comfort before bed, the soft light can assist you in unwinding and relaxing. The succulent in the pot will require occasional watering for care, but due to the absence of drainage holes, avoid overwatering. To provide the necessary light for plant growth, the grow light can be turned on anywhere from 12 to 16 hours per day. In general, the FTOYIN low light succulents is a charming and useful addition to any bedroom that gives off a calming glow and encourages plant growth in low-light conditions. It is simple to maintain and brings a touch of the outdoors into your living area.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Kitty Glitter purchased low light succulents and reviewed that “Beautiful”. It’s still beautiful and my little plant start is thriving but I wish it had one more feature now that I’ve been using it a few days… I wish it had a timer function, just a simple one like on flameless candles, and a switch to turn it on for 8 hours at the same time of day so the plant gets consistent light. I know they are marketing it as a lamp/nightlight because of the pretty soft glow but a plant needs it on just like the sun is out to grow and be healthy, not randomly and preferably during daylight hours. Read more….

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you want to keep your succulents colorful and compact, a grow light can be a great tool. It contributes to the addition of brighter daylight. Without a grow light, I’ve kept succulents indoors for several winters with no problems.

LEDs. The most common type of grow light for growing succulents indoors is an LED grow light. Because LEDs use less energy, last a long time, and run at low temperatures, growers don’t have to worry about burning their plants if the light is too close to them.

One time I unplugged it by mistake. It seemed to need to be reset to start and stop automatically. But, after that, it was fine again.

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