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By: Nadia Mumtaz

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Performance Fabric Sectional


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Although many people enjoy how white or ivory sofas look, they are worried that they will get discolored. If this applies to you, we can assist you with the procedure. On the other hand, if you invest a little more money in a high-performance fabric sofa, you may entertain with assurance. For those who love coveted, vintage-inspired clothing, the terms “design-forward” and “performance fabric” may seem mutually exclusive.  Our performance fabric sofas are made from opulent materials like linen, cotton, and velvet that are also simple to maintain and clean.

Performance fabric sofas are constructed of tough, high-performance materials. Performance fabric sofas are the ideal option for individuals seeking long-lasting, low-maintenance furniture or those hoping to invest in their ideal white sofa. Durability, stain resistance, ease of cleaning, and quality testing are all advantages of performance fabric sofas.

Performance fabric sofas are made to resist stains, pilling, abrasion, and other problems. Each fabric has a pill rating of 4 or above and passes a 25,000 or higher double-rub test to withstand regular use in busy locations. You can match the color scheme of your living room furnishings thanks to the wide range of colors that are offered. Investing in white high performance fabric couches means that you can enjoy a stunning and modern piece of furniture that will continue to look fantastic for years to come. 

These couches are designed to withstand spills, stains, and everyday wear and tear, making them an excellent choice for families with kids and pets or anyone who wants a low-maintenance yet stylish sofa. So if you’re in the market for a new couch, consider high performance fabric couches that will provide both durability and beauty for your home.

Performance Fabric Sectional, Performance Fabric Soaf, Velvet Upholstered

Modway Adept Contemporary Mid-Century Modern Performance Velvet Upholstered Tufted Sofa in Sea Blue

The Adept performance fabric sectional, performance fabric sofa will amplify the design of your living area. Adept’s broad profile, deep sitting, ample tufting, stain-resistant performance velvet polyester upholstery, flared armrests, and subdued metal accents provide rich detail and stylish refinement. Performance fabric sectional, performance fabric sofa blends sophisticated, contemporary, and mid-century modern styles. Enjoy the Adept sofa’s velvety luxury when relaxing with friends and family. Adept is a dramatic addition to the house or flat, perched atop a spread black birchwood frame with gold metal end caps. 1322-pound weight limit for the sofa.

AFFORDABLE STYLE –Adept performance fabric sectional, performance fabric sofa is a stylish update to a home or apartment that epitomizes graceful intrigue with a tufted design and flared armrests, drawing inspiration from mid-century, modern, and contemporary trends.

UPHOLSTERY IN VELVET –The Adept performance fabric sectional, performance fabric sofa exudes stylish appeal thanks to its performance velvet upholstery that resists stains. Performance fabric sectional, performance fabric sofa makes for a magnificent focal point in the living room or bedroom thanks to its opulent texture and deep color.

COMFORTABLE SUPPORT –Adept is a performance fabric sectional, performance fabric sofa that excels in both elegance and functionality. With a performance fabric sectional, performance fabric sofa roomy depth, roomy low profile, and thickly padded seat, it rapidly becomes a favorite lounge area in your home.

DESIGN BY TUFTED –The square pattern on the Adept performance fabric sectional, performance fabric sofa benefits from deep inset tufts. Each tufted square offers a soft plumpness that conceals a modest beauty that makes a statement.

HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION- Performance fabric sectional, performance fabric sofa strong, resilient accent chair was made to withstand regular use. It has a non-marking aluminum foot frame and a splayed black birch wood frame.


What Is Performance Fabric? Performance fabric upholstery is an easy-to-clean and long-lasting material crafted from a blend of synthetic and natural fibers. The term originated in the furniture industry to speak to fabrics that withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

Typical performance fabric traits are: water resistance, stain resistance, mold and mildew resistance, light fastness, durability, and antimicrobial traits. The most common threads used for performance upholstery fabric are olefin, acrylic, nylon, and polyester.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Elena purchased this and reviewed that “Beautiful and sturdy sofa, great quality and design even better than the picture!” I usually never leave reviews but this sofa deserves it! I found this initially on another very popular furniture website, the price was 30% more and the model identical…

Performance Fabric Sofa, Sunset Trading Horizon Sofa, Navy Blue

Sunset Trading Horizon Sofa, Performance Fabric, Navy Blue

Your living area can be dressed in every season—white denim in the summer, blue after Labor Day, and clean linen in the spring. How awesome is it that you can now wash and wear your furniture carelessly, just as you do with your clothes? Wine spills won’t bother you; just relax and enjoy yourself. This performance fabric sofa wonderful piece makes it possible to realize all of your living room ideas.

Traditional tastes are satisfied by the rolled arms and pleated skirt, yet the casual charm of the slipcovered style is appealing. All of Sunset Trading’s slipcovered upholstery furniture boasts an 8-way hand-knotted spring structure and feather-down cushions, features that their competitors demand an upgrade price for. It is designed for today’s lifestyle with the perfect amount of serenity and elegance.

All components’ slipcovers, which come in a variety of fabrics and are easily removable for cleaning, Invest in a performance fabric sofa with confidence knowing that we are a reputable firm with over 25 years of experience in the Northeast United States, and that extra slipcovers will always be accessible.

It’s never been simpler to modernize and personalize your living space, turning it into a stylish and comfortable retreat that your family and friends are sure to love. The Sunset Trading Horizon Slipcovered Furniture Collection consists of a sofa, loveseat, ottoman, swivel chair, and stationary chair in addition to a sleeper sofa with chaise.

  • To get rid of creases, tumble dry on low heat in a washing machine. Use mild soap and water to clean the area. Vacuum or lightly brush the floor to avoid general soiling. Dry cleaning is advised.
  • Small variations in weight and measurement are possible when using studio lighting for photography. Colors may seem differently on your viewing device than they would in real life. The actual goods you receive can be somewhat different from the illustration.
  • Free samples of cloth are offered
  • Easy assembly
  • Warranty against manufacturing defects for two years

Small variations in dimension and weight due to studio lighting are

  • Slipcovers made of Sunset Performance Fabric’s moisture-resistant 98 percent polyester/2 percent nylon fabric are heavy-duty yet soft to the touch, adding a further level of comfort. They are also machine washable and will quickly become your best friend.
  • Modern technology keeps moisture from penetrating the fabric’s back and interior cushioning | Every fiber is wrapped in environmentally friendly “C6” stain resistance protection that lasts generations, keeping your fabric clean | This fabric is ideal for use in retirement homes so that you can enjoy family visits in a simple, fuss-free environment.
  • The Sunset Trading Horizon slip-covered T-cushion performance fabric sofa is made to be as comfortable and long-lasting as possible. Performance fabric sofa navy blue complements red and white beautifully, making any wood finish work for you. Add a regal vibe to your current interior design plan. The accents you choose to utilize will determine the style, whether it be contemporary, classic, industrial, or farmhouse.
  • Resilient feather-down blend back cushions are channel-stitched into multiple compartments to ensure even back support. Luxury seat cushions are made of 1.8-density foam and wrapped in Dacron batting. Double-stitched slipcovers and pillows have welt cord detail to give them a casual yet elegant look.
  • With the same fabric on both sides of the performance fabric sofa, the back and seat cushion covers may be flipped to reduce wear. The attached skirts are reinforced with hook and loop closures to prevent sagging. Pleated skirt corners give sharp detail. Zippered backs make it simple to remove the cushions for cleaning.


This makes wool one of the most durable natural materials for sofas. Linen is also an excellent choice, so long as it is a tightly woven fabric, although it is vulnerable to damage and fading through exposure to sunlight.

What Is Performance Fabric? Performance fabric upholstery is an easy-to-clean and long-lasting material crafted from a blend of synthetic and natural fibres. The term originated in the furniture industry to speak to fabrics that withstand the wear and tear of everyday life.

Performance Fabric Sofa - Sunset Ttrading Newport Slipcover (Sofa Performance Fabric White)

Sunset Trading Newport Slipcover Only for Recessed Fin Arm 94" Sofa | Stain Resistant Performance Fabric | 4 Throw Pillow Covers | White

With Sunset Trading Newport furniture slipcovers, you can update the look of your house while extending the life of your furniture. Cleaning is simple thanks to sofa performance fabrics that are moisture resistant and of designer quality, keeping your home child- and pet-friendly and you at peace. Why bother replacing or repairing furniture that has rips or tears when you can simply cover it with one of our incredibly comfortable slipcovers for a fresh look and some extra cash?

The fact that this cover is entirely removable and equipped with spill- and stain-repellent technology will delight you. To keep the fabric looking clean of performance fabric sofa, simply dab spills with a paper towel. This is the place to stop looking for home improvement suggestions. We provide frames that will exactly suit the slipcover as well as a range of fabric colors to make any living room more cheerful.

Textile for performance: 98% polyester, 2% nylon

ONLY A SLIPCOVER, NO FRAME IS INCLUDED: Using the same technology as water-repellent clothing, the best slipcover fabric combines high-performance fibers and polyester yarns, which are then encapsulated in a stain and water-resistant finish. This fabric is safe for your family and does not require expensive upholstery cleaning or spray guard treatments. Available are free fabric samples.

performance fabric sofa is gentle to the touch and easy to clean; blot spills with a paper towel or use soap and water for more substantial messes. Even while spills do not penetrate the fabric’s surface and instead bead up there, the fabric is breathable, allowing air to move through and providing an additional layer of comfort. In order to reduce wear, loose back and seat cushions, pillows, and double-stitched pillows all feature the same fabric on both sides.


Natural fibers

  • Cotton: Probably the most popular option when considering different couch fabric types. …
  • Linen: This couch material is smooth, soft, and comfortable. …
  • Silk: Long-lasting and luxurious. …
  • Wool: Wool is a natural fiber that is more expensive and highly durable, warm, and soft.

As a result, recliners made from high performance fabric bring all the comforts of genuine leather recliners – without the cracks, peeling and other signs of wear often associated with them. High performance fabric is crafted to survive a wealth of spills, damage and daily wear-and-tear.

Performance Fabric - Sofa Bed, Duobed Queen Light Grey.

Duobed Queen Performance Fabric-Sofa Bed, Light Grey

The Duobed Queen  performance fabric sofa  bed comes with four ottomans, two pillows for the sofa’s back, and two back supports. Simple arrangements allow you to sit during the day and sleep at night. Examples include a king-size bed, twin beds, sofas, chairs, and chaise lounges. More furniture is available for a lower price. When the ottoman top is opened, a useful storage area is revealed. Ideal for workplaces, dens, children’s quarters, studio apartments, and dorm rooms. With ease and adaptability, the options are unlimited.

  • Any spills are simple to clean up thanks to the performance fabric sofa.
  • Superior comfort is provided with a firm cushion of performance fabric sofa composed of 1.8-density foam, which is also lightweight and portable.
  • Join items from this company to create beds, sectionals, chairs, and more.
  • Material: Polypropylene


I don’t recommend Scotchguard or any other fabric protection for most fabrics. It is completely worthless on any “high performance” fabrics like Crypton, Sunbrella, Revolution, Bella-Dura, Live Smart, etc. The spray would just bead up and drop off most of those.

“Many performance fabrics contain at least a small percentage of Olefin, which can melt at temperatures over 180 degrees,” Shelton says. The company recommends regular vacuuming, with a soft bristled brush or standard vacuum hose and an occasional steam cleaning, to keep finishes looking new.

Performance Fabric Sofa, Sunset Trading Cloud Puff 3 Piece.

Sunset Trading Puff 3 Piece 132" Wide Slipcovered Modular Sofa | Stain Resistant Performance Fabric | Ocean Blue Sectional

The Cloud Puff Collection from Sunset Trading is as cozy as it appears to be. Close your eyes and visualize floating on a cloud as you unwind on one of the stylish performance fabric sofa sectionals from this collection in your house, loft, or apartment. The stylish configurable performance fabric sofa, loveseat, and ottoman with a low, modern frame are perfect for integrating your open living spaces.

Because it is so adaptable, feather pillow top seating supported by inner springs makes it as comfortable as a bed and can be used in place of a futon in your dorm, spare bedroom, or home office. You can design your own custom, modular left or right-facing sofa, corner, armless, and ottoman to fit your space and provide the ultimate in laid-back living. Unexpected spills will roll off the surface, making it ideal for children, pets, and events.

In order to avoid the need for spray guard treatments or pricey upholstery cleaning, a dual-performance fabric sofa combines high-performance fibers and high-performance polyester yarns, which are then encapsulated in a stain and water-resistant finish. Using the same technology as water-repellent clothes is safe for your family, and if it’s safe to wear, it’s also safe to sit on.

Spills bead up on the performance fabric’s sofa surface rather than seeping into the cushion; cleanup is simple; use soap and water to clean up more substantial spills; comfortable, heavy-duty fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch; even though liquid does not penetrate the fabric’s surface, it is breathable, allowing air to pass through and enhancing comfort;

Ocean blue lends a tropical feel with a modern flair to the deep seating performance fabric sofa sectional armless chair, which also features luxurious cushions and cutting-edge stain-resistant fabric. Free fabric swatches are available. Frame covered in muslin and enclosed in foam

All wood is kiln-dried to eliminate moisture and prevent cracks or warps; for maximum comfort, the top 8 inches of the back are firmly molded with robust 1.8 density foam; and the frame is crafted from furniture-grade plywood and chosen hardwoods with strong corner-blocked joinery. The foundation’s 1.8-density foam makes it as comfy as a bed.

Spills bead up on the fabric’s surface rather than seeping into the cushion; cleanup is simple; use soap and water to clean up more substantial spills; comfortable, heavy-duty fabric is soft and pleasant to the touch; even though liquid does not penetrate the fabric’s surface, it is breathable, allowing air to pass through and enhancing comfort; Resilient 50/50 feather blend cushions are channel-stitched into multiple compartments to ensure even back and seat support. Double-layered feather-proof lining.

Finished upholstery on all sides, allowing for use as standalone or end pieces. Back and seat cushion covers have the same fabric on both sides and can be flipped to reduce wear. A strong neutral finish is Available in individual pieces of performance fabric sofa or create your own set. 1.5″ wood feet with plastic floor protectors. Sectional sections are attached with alligator clips (included).

DIMENSIONS OF MODULAR CORNER CHAIRS (2): The dimensions of the corner wedge are 36″H x 44″D x 44″W; the overall dimensions of the corner wedge (without cushions) are 24″H x 44″D x 44″W; the height of the seat is 20″H; the height of the seat frame is 12″H; the dimensions of the back and arm cushions are 24″H x 36″W; the dimensions of the seat cushion are 36″D x 36″W; the height of the inside back is 12″H;


Performance fabrics are designed to be durable, stain resistant and easy to clean. They are made of a blend of synthetic fibres and natural fibres that allow the fabric to hold up well when it meets harsh chemicals or spills. Performance fabrics can be used for clothing, furniture, and other household items

They also provide extra comfort and protection. In the case of upholstered textiles, performance fabrics go a few steps further: they’re long-lasting, easy to clean, and they hold up against wear and tear (plus they look great doing it).