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The carpet rug is 4.6 feet by 5.2 feet in size. This gorgeous animal print hide rug is made to fit more spaces, such below tables, at the foot of beds, in bedrooms, living rooms, and other rooms of your house where you want to add a touch of Western decor. A distinctive and fashionable way to add a touch of faux cow hide rug outdoors to your house is with this imitation cow pattern rug. It is constructed from a shed-free, supple material faux cow hide rug may be utilized as a wall hanging, area rug, upholstery, or even a fashion piece. Is it time to update the decor in your home?

Perhaps the bed you gave your pet looks a little out of place. Absolutely, faux cow hide rug is accurate. An imitation or faux cowhide rug is one faux cow hide rug is manufactured to resemble a real animal skin but is not actually made from one. This is the type of rug faux cow hide rug is being discussed in the paragraph. As a result, folks looking to add a Western or animal-themed accent to their home decor can do so in a more moral and cost-effective manner. Contemporary design Blue/Taupe, Chocolate, Light Blue/Beige, Light Blue/Ivory, and Slate; blends well with transitional, modern, and mid-century modern decors.

Strong geometric patchwork pattern. Regularly vacuum. To cut off loose ends, use scissors and stay out of direct sunlight. A colorfast rug is also Our designs and goods complement a range of aesthetics and are wonderful gifts; ideal for weddings, housewarmings, or any occasion; Instantly update any room in your house, dorm, or apartment. From the faux cow hide rug traditional black and white to more unusual options like metallic or pastel, faux cowhide carpets come in a variety of hues and designs.

These can be utilized as wall hangings, area rugs, or even furniture upholstery. You will receive a rug that is comparable to the one in the given picture because cowhides are made of actual animal skin. Please be aware that blemishes, branding, or scars from the cow are frequent natural faults in cowhide rugs. We process and tanner reclaimed cowhide into cowhide rugs for decorative purposes. All of our cowhide comes from the livestock industry. Cowhides are excellent for wall décor, home projects, upholstery, and use as area rugs. RODEO cowhides represent excellence.

Faux Hide Rug Large (4.6ft X 6.6ft) - Cow Print Area Rugaux Cow Hide Rug

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The faux cowhide rug from Native Skins was made with premium materials and an invisible locking edge design, and it was created not only to last but also to look fantastic and have unparalleled softness. At 4.6 feet by 6.6 feet, we went bigger when designing every square inch of this exquisite bovine animal skin rug to fit stylishly below a table, at the foot of the bed, or anywhere else to add a touch of Western spirit to the area. faux hide rug rich, true-to-color cow pattern rug stands out and fits into any environment, giving your area a splash of bohemian flair. A Pattern Meant to Complement It All.

The faux cow hides rug Best of Fake; High-quality power-loomed polyester fibers are used to create our animal-free substitute for leather Premium Materials and a Design for an Invisible Locking Edge; Our original faux cowhide rug was made to last, look great, and feel great with unmatched softness, a large size, and a shape that can be used in a variety of settings; We went bigger when designing every square inch of this gorgeous bovine animal hide rug, which faux hide rug. We wanted it to look fashionable underneath a table, at the foot of the bed, or anywhere else to add a little Western flair to the room.

You won’t be able to see it, but you will notice that we’ve added a mezzanine layer to prevent fatigue. This will give your legs and feet a break while you stand on our rugs. a combination of colors that brings everything together; This rich, true-to-color cow print rug stands out and can be used in any setting. It gives the room a feeling of adventure and big open spaces from the outdoors.

 Our manufacturer’s guarantee safeguards your purchase and guarantees that if there is a problem, we will fix it. Because our faux suede backing does not crease or crack like cow leather, it is simple and safe to fold up and store until you need it again The journey has been lengthy. We slowly gave life to a straightforward concept—uncommon home furnishings designed with care and a flair for the bohemian. Our policy: We won’t offer it to you if we wouldn’t use it in our own homes.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Khoffmann86 purchased faux hide rug and reviewed that Beautiful!!I bought this for my 15yo son for Christmas. Arrived on time in amazing condition. It is unbelievable soft and beautiful! It’s been on a teen’s floor for a few days & already needed a quick vacuum & that went well. I do suggest the rug grabbers for underneath. It does slide around on my floors easily. Overall, we are more than satisfied with this rug!!!

Amerada Faux Cowhide Rug, Cowhide Rug Living Room Large Cow Hide Area Rug

Amearea Faux Cowhide Rug, Premium Cow Print Rugs for Bedroom, Large Cow Hide Area Rug, Faux Fur Animal Hide Carpets for Livingroom, Kids Bedroom, Dining Western Decor Mat, Dark Brown 4.6x5.2 Feet

This cow hide rug living room stunning area rug will warm up any room and is neutral enough to compliment most design in addition to seeming real and adding a touch of nature to your Comeaux suede serves as the backing on carpets with imitation cow prints, making it excellent for long-term use and preventing the rug from shifting or sliding while preserving aesthetics. Go no further than these cowhide area rugs from for a statement piece cowhide rug living room is equal parts rustic, wild, and affordable. The faux cow hide rug luxury imitation cow rug is more comfortable and softer because it is made of a durable synthetic polyester surface.

These adorable cow print rugs are ideal for your child’s or daughter’s room. An eye-catching and distinctive accent to a living area can be a cowhide rug. The faux cow hide rug room can gain depth and intrigue from the rug’s natural texture and pattern, and a range of decorating styles can be complemented by the space’s neutral color scheme. Make sure the rug is sized appropriately for your living area. A smaller rug can be an effective way to add texture and interest to a small living room wit out taking over cowhide rug living room room. A bigger rug can make a strong impression in a larger living area. Choose a location for the rug.

Putting a cowhide rug behind a coffee table. The faux cow hide rug size and location of a cowhide rug in your living room should be carefully considered. While a smaller rug can be used to provide texture and interest to a corner or reading nook, a larger rug can serve as cowhide rug living room room’s main point and help define a seated area. Rugs made of cowhide can also be used to give a space contrast and aesthetic interest. A metallic cowhide rug can give a bit of glitz and refinement, while a black and white cowhide rug can offer a striking contrast to a neutral color scheme. Avoiding direct sunlight is essential for maintaining a cowhide rug in your living room as it might lead to fading.

Cowhide rugs go well with many different types of interior design, including Western, rustic, and modern. To make a room feel warm and welcoming, mix them with leather furniture, wooden accents, and natural materials. Avoiding exposure to dampness and direct sunlight is crucial when caring for a cowhide rug since these factors can lead to fading and damage. To regularly get rid of dust and debris, shake or vacuum the rug. When spills happen, wipe them up right away with a moist cloth. To avoid uneven wear, it’s also a good idea to rotate the rug occasionally. Overall, a cowhide rug can provide warmth and texture to any decor style, making it a versatile and fashionable addition to a living area.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Shipley acers purchased cowhide rug living room and reviewed that “LOVE IT!” I wanted a wall hanging but real cow hide was far too expensive. When I saw this on Amazon, I thought what the heck. It is beautiful. The colors are true to what you see in the ad. Couldn’t be more pleased.

Glogex Faux Fur Cowhide Rug Cow Print Decor Soft and Fluffy Animal Skin Rugs

Glogex Faux Fur Cowhide Rug Cow Print Decor - 4.6ft x 6.6ft, Non-Slip - Soft and Fluffy Animal Skin Rugs, Area Animal Print Rug for Living Room Decor, Bedroom Aesthetic, Rustic Western Home Decor

This synthetic fur cowhide rug is an incredibly accurate replica of actual cow skin. You can’t tell the rug’s faux fur is fake because it is so silky and closely resembles a cowhide design. High caliber This faux cow skin rug is constructed of two layers of high-quality materials the front layer is made of the softest polyester fabric, and the back layer is made of a firmly connected faux suede material with an undetectable locking edge design. The faux cow hide rug has anti-slip dots firmly connected to its padded back side, making it a safe floor decoration for any space, even a nursery.

No matter how much use it receives, it will always stay in the faux cow hide rug same location.  Our animal skin carpets last longer than natural rugs. Animal skin is used to create rugs known as animal hide rugs. The hides of animal’s animal hide rugs were hunted for their meat or fur were traditionally used to make animal hide rugs, however nowadays many animal hide rugs are produced from synthetic materials, like polyester or nylon, to prevent injuring animals. Rugs made of animal hides may give any space a distinctive and organic feel. Cowhide, sheepskin, reindeer, and even exotic animal hides like zebra and giraffe are among the patterns and textures animal hide rugs are offered.

While employing animal skin rugs in your home, it’s crucial to take the room’s decor into account as well as the rug’s placement. For instance, a room with a rustic or Western atmosphere can benefit from a cowhide rug. Animals faux cow hide rug were hunted for their meat or fur’s hides were traditionally used to make rugs. To prevent injuring animals, many animal skin carpets are now produced from synthetic materials like polyester or nylon.

Real animal hide rugs may not be as ethical or environmentally friendly as faux animal hide rugs. If you decide to utilize a real animal skin rug in your house, make sure the hide was legally acquired and animal hide rugs the animal was supplied ethically. It’s crucial to take excellent care of the rug, limiting exposure to bright sunlight, and cleaning it frequently to prevent damage. In conclusion, even though animal hide carpets might be a distinctive and organic touch to any home.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Customer purchased animal hide rugs and reviewed that “A Good Buy” I was skeptical at first. All the “fake” cowhide rugs I have seen have all been very poor quality. The “hair” didn’t have that cowhide look. The fabric would bunch up instead of lying flat. I did order authentic cowhides, and I do use them throughout my home. But for my entry way, they were either too big, or too small…

Faux Fur Rugs AROGAN Premium Faux Durable And Large Size Cow Print Rugs

AROGAN Premium Faux Cowhide Rug 4.6 x 5.2 Feet, Durable and Large Size Cow Print Rugs, Suitable for Bedroom Living Room Western Decor, Faux Fur Animal Cow Hide Carpet, Brown

This imitation cowhide is made using a natural hand-crafting approach and has a rich color and a delicate texture. This cowhide area rug gives a western flair to any room and would look great in your living room or bedroom. Multipurpose Cow Print Rug This faux cow print rug combines rustic and modern characteristics, is flexible and shed-free, and can be used in any environment. may be utilized as wall hangings, area rugs, upholstery, photography props, or fashion items. The faux fur rugs cowhide rug is approximately 4.6 x 5.2 feet in size, has a velvety feel, and is lightweight and long-lasting. The rug can be used as a cozy rug in front of the blazing fireplace. High-quality, premium suede is used for faux cow hide rug backing, which is non-slip to keep the rug in place.

Rugs made of synthetic materials faux fur rugs mimic the appearance and texture of real fur are known as faux fur rugs. These rugs may offer a warm and opulent touch to any space without doing any harm to animals or costing a fortune. In addition to the traditional white and brown, faux fur rugs are now offered in a wide range of other textures, hues, and designs, such as rainbow or leopard print. These can be hung on faux fur rugs wall, utilized as throw blankets, or as area rugs. It’s crucial to think about faux cow hide rug décor style of the area and faux cow hide rug rug’s placement when utilizing a faux fur rug in your home. In a living room or bedroom, a sizable faux fur rug can make a striking impression, but a smaller rug or throw.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Jennifer Vickers purchased faux fur rugs and reviewed that “ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND” As a huge lover of all things ‘Cattle Ranch’, I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this item for anyone who wants Cowhide BUT can’t g et the real thing.PROS: -Looks authentic -♡Price point vs Size -Heavy duty enough to use at an entryway -Although I haven’t had to wash it yet, I am confident that it will clean easy -Moisture-wicking synthetic construction. -Felt like backing CONS: -Difficult to get the creases out from shipping/packaging!!!

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As an accent throw on a bed would look awesome. I used mine on hardwood floors so cats could lay on it. They are not thinking so you can just lift and fold up and shake out the doors and put it back in place it will move so I got some rug holder tape at Lowe’s and put only in five places (4 sides and small in middle.) It is like double sided Velcro. You can also wash it on gentle or delicate and put over a chair or something outside to dry. It looks great! 

For the money it looks really real but is literally a piece of faux leather polyester, so a little stiffer than the real thing, the “printed” fur looks great really “real”- worth a try, may not drape like a real hide. Love mine, using as rug

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