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Towel stand for bathroom most bathrooms absolutely must have towel bars, which are a very popular bathroom item. A thing used to hold towels is called a towel rack. While some types just store folded towels, most towel racks hang towels so that air can flow readily over them, allowing the towels to dry and prevent mould growth. Generally speaking, towel bars and    towel hardware ought to be placed easily close to every sink and bathroom fixture. Towel stand for bathroom bars should be as long (horizontally) as possible and placed on the bathroom’s longest wall.  A towel stand for bathroom thing that holds towels is called a towel rack. 

The majority of towel racks allow air to readily move over the towels while they are hung, helping the towels to dry and prevent the growth of mould. It’s time to allow these multipurpose organizers, which are capable of much more than just holding towels, out of the bathroom so they can assist you in decluttering every room of the house. The towel stand for bathroom towel bar demonstrates its tidying capabilities by holding shoes in the foyer and pens in the office.  Towel rack  come in both freestanding and wall mounted varieties.  They are one of the more substantial towels hanging techniques, so make sure you have adequate room for them. 

In spite of the fact that they are not required towel stand for bathroom. You don’t want your standards to be unreasonably high or low. The usual towel bar height, which is between 42 and 48 inches off the ground, is a useful guideline to remember. The adhesive or mortar will need to be cut in order to remove a towel bar that cannot simply be dragged away from the wall. The easiest way to do this is with an oscillating multirole. Cut away the glue or mortar by positioning the blade so that it is in between the post base and the wall towel stand for bathroom .

Hand Towel Holder Stands For Bathroom Design Standing Bathroom Vanities Counter Top Towel Stand For Bathroom.

mDesign Steel Towel Rack Holder Stand with 2 Hanging Rings for Bathroom Vanity Countertops - Space Saving Hand Towel Holder - Hyde Collection - Bronze

Convenient storage: The hand towel holder stand has two rings on which to hang thin and thick little ornamental fingertip towels; You may hang two identical or complementary towels thanks to the two-sided design; will also accommodate towels; The hand towel holder stand decorative bottom of the holder helps keep it from toppling; The towel stand for bathroom free-standing rack’s chic style adds a beautiful element to any bathroom or house; Keep your towels handy and ideal for guest bathrooms compact design:

 Utilize unused corners or difficult spots on the vanity or countertop to maximize small spaces in your bathroom; hand towel holder   drilling or wall fixing is required; just position the rack where it is most practical for your room and where you need it; It comes completed and is ready to use; all you have to do is set it down on your desk, counter, or vanity. Stylish accessory: Adds a dash of elegance to any bathroom setting while offering practical, compact storage; Use one in each bathroom in your house to make towels easily accessible for you or your guests who are staying; m please note that this item is meant for mini fingertip towels, which are usually 18 inches long when flat. 

When folded, they hang down around 9 inches, perfectly fitting on this hand towel holder stand. Good construction made of robust steel with a long-lasting finish; Countertops and surfaces are shielded from scratches and scuffs by a soft foam pad at the base; quick care: Use a wet towel to clean Carefully sized: 5″ in diameter and 14.25″ height hand towel holder standUtilize a range of storage and accessory products from design to aesthetically balance the space in your bathroom or shower. With our large selection of shower caddies, beauty organizer’s, vanity or countertop shelves, and jars, you can keep toiletries neatly put away in their proper areas. 

Utilize a wall-mounted holder rack to keep towels neatly coiled or folded.  Using a festive shower curtain, rug, or bathmat will add a splash of color to your decor. Infinite alternatives are available from design that will maximize your master or guest bathroom and give you the impression that you are unwinding at a luxurious   retreat. Hand towel holder stand. The sort of vanity you select will determine this. With a few straightforward L-brackets hidden inside the cabinet, you may secure a freestanding vanity that extends to the floor. 

To the wall (or the floor). Installing bracing so that you may hang a floating vanity will be necessary. Countertops. A hand towel holder stand Bathroom and kitchen countertop trends in will follow the growing demand for sanitary and easy-to-clean natural stone, such as quartz and marble. In particular, light-colored quartz and strongly veined marble will remain popular choices for countertop surfaces. The front edge of a fixture, such as a vanity or toilet, should have a 30′′ clearance from any other fixture or wall, according to nkba designers. Building regulations call for a minimum of 21″. 

The sink or toilet in the bathroom should be situated so that it is both convenient to use and easy to clean and far enough away from a wall or shower wall hand towel holder stand. A hand towel holder stand is a tiny towel that you use to dry your hands with. The smallest towel in the room is the hand towel. In each bathroom, provide two hand towels and two bath towels. Place the hand towels close to the bathroom sink. A single piece of furniture that has at least one sink base some tiny hand towel holder stand.


It does have a weighted bottom and does not fall over when drying your hands. There is nothing to secure it, just the weighted bottom. I don’t really think that is an issue. However, it is pretty short. A normal hand towel is too long to hang from it and bunches up on the counter. I would check measurements before.

8 3/4″ from bottom of base to bottom of towel ring; 8″ from top of base to bottom of ring; 1 1/2″ from top of ring to top of stand; finger towels fit nicely.

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Sasha purchased and reviewed that Nice quality This holder looks just like the picture. We’re using it for face cloths. The small base lets us keep it next to the sink, which is what we wanted. Our only negative is that this design does not come in brushed nickel like the sink has; it’s darker than brushed nickel. We didn’t want it to be light weight, hence the 3 stars.

Countertop Hand Towel Holder Stainless Bathroom Counter Top Towel Stand For Bathroom

KES Towel Rack T-Shape Hand Towel Holder Stand Total Height 17" SUS304 Stainless Steel for Bathroom Vanity Countertop Brushed Finish, BTH208S20-2

Countertop hand towel holder The T-bar can be fixed to the base more easily with the help of an 18mm longer screw made of stainless steel that is imported. Additionally, the improved bar structure better secures the screw to ensure stability and durability of the towel holder and to minimize swaying. The improved design has a 17″ (432mm) vertical hanging space, which is tall enough to hang a typical hand towel without it touching the surface. Standard towels will fit within the 10.5″ (266mm) horizontal hanging width (MAX. Length is 31″). 

Note: Before making a purchase, make sure the counter space will accommodate the product. Rustproof: Made of premium grade stainless steel SUS304 and enhanced with 18/8 Chromium/Nickel, this countertop hand towel holder is resistant to corrosion and rust and requires no upkeep. countertop hand towel holder Suitable for moist situations like the kitchen and bathroom. More Stable Base: The countertop hand towel holder weighted base has an 8″ (204 mm) diameter and weighs 1385g (3 pounds). Any countertop towel holder on this bathroom towel holder stand won’t tip over since its base is heavier and broader than those on similar stands now on the market. 

This substance won’t become stained! With stainless steel, germs, mould, and bacteria have no chance. Heat-resistant – Stainless steel countertops don’t need to be concerned about being damaged by hot projects or hot things. Additionally, your counter will remain cool throughout the sweltering summer. Pots and pans that are really hot shouldn’t be set directly on the countertop. Countertop hand towel holder Trivets are advised for use. Steel wool, bleach, and abrasive cleansers should not be used because they could dull and tarnish the finish.

Towel stand for bathroom Anti-Scratch Design: To prevent the hand towel holder stand from shifting and to prevent scratches on your table, there is anti-slip padding under the base countertop hand towel holder. If applicable, towel rings should be at least 20 inches above the vanity countertop. Bath towels 28″ x 54″, bath sheets 40″ x 72″, and hand towels 17″ x 30″.To begin with, a towel bar’s primary function is to securely retain and dry your bath towels or hand towels. This indicates that the two most useful and typical places for your bathroom accessories will be mounted on the wall or close to a sink.


It’s the size for a fingertip towel, however, I use just the regular hand towel and it’s just fine for me.

There was a small package/bag with the screw in it along with a little L shaped tool to use……sorry, I didn’t put it together, my son did and I didn’t watch him do it. Check with the seller.

I haven’t tried painting mine. Probably. Painting metal can be tricky. You would have to fine sand the metal and primer it prior to painting. Some of the towel stands come in different colors if you search around.

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Daily Purchased and reviewed that Perfect Easy to assemble, sturdy base, quality finish. I returned a larger base model in the gold finish for this and both towel stands are really high quality. The height is perfect to hang a standard hand towel folded in half. The bottom of the base is a plastic disc weight you cover with a solid piece of thin non-slip rubber so it should be easy to keep clean. For the price, I’m very satisfied.

Floor Standing Towel Rack Standing Bathroom Stainless Towel Stand For Bathroom

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Floor standing towel rack Improved Steady T-Bar Design No More Wobble To keep T-bars from swaying while in use, KES provides gaskets and rubber rings. The T-bars may now be securely fastened to the marble base thanks to the updated fastening accessories, which prevent any wobbling or damage from the attachments loosing over time. There won’t be any swaying of the T-bars when you access towels because this towel rack will hold up well over time. Unique & Sturdy Marble Base: The base towel stand for bathroom is composed of genuine marble and comes in a vast array of hues and designs. Each marble base is distinct due to a characteristic that gives it a lovely organic look and flavor.

Heavy Weighted Base: The floor standing towel rackels marble base weighs 3.75 kg (8.23 lbs.), which is different from comparable goods that are typically 2 kg for the base. The freestanding towel rack may be readily placed anywhere without falling over thanks to its heavily weighted base.  A bathroom towel bar that is used for hanging towels. Two bars are present in the KES standing towel rack, and together they offer enough room to hold two bath towels and floor standing towel rack. Additionally, you can hang two hand towels on the shorter bar and a bath towel over the top bar. Rustproof: Made of superior grade SUS 304 stainless steel, the T-shape towel bar keeps your towel neat and tidy while guarding against rust and corrosion. Perfect  for moist environments including bathrooms and balconies.

Anti-Slip: The marble base of the towel rack stand comes with four circular padding’s that you may attach there to keep it from sliding about. Additionally, a padded bottom can prevent scratches on your floor. Floor standing towel rack Simple to assemble No drilling is necessary! Installing the T-shape bars is as simple as setting the marble base on a flat surface and tightening the screws on the base’s bottom. The towel holder may then be placed anywhere with ease. There are already screws in place. This KES wall-mounted, space-saving holder is ideal for a bathroom with limited space. built from stainless steel, floor standing towel rack. Generally speaking, a towel bar should be 48 inches off the ground in height. The hand towel ring is likewise true of this. You might want to hang the bar lower.


The size of the screws that used for the base is M5 x 25. If you have any questions, please contact us by “Your Account” “Your Orders” “Problem with order”. We will solve your problem as soon as possible.

Sorry, the color of the base cannot be selected. The natural marble is featured in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Yes, it is suitable for outdoor. I don’t think the metal will rust. I don’t have any problems with rusting in my bathroom, and I have it for over a year.

Stefanie A. Jennings purchased and reviewed that Well-made and looks great.

I needed something to hang wet towels on. I did not want to attach a bar to the wall. So, this is a perfect fit. Easy to put together. The base is marble and is heavy enough to keep the stand sturdy. I recommend this product.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Stefanie A. Jennings purchased and reviewed that Well-made and looks great. I needed something to hang wet towels on. I did not want to attach a bar to the wall. So, this is a perfect fit. Easy to put together. The base is marble and is heavy enough to keep the stand sturdy. I recommend this product.