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By Sadaf Ikhlaq

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Rattan Back Dining Chairs


Rattan Dining Room Chairs


Grey Dining Room Chairs


Upholstered Dining Chairs Set Of 6


Mid Century Dining Room Chairs


Dark Wood Dining Chairs

Stylish pieces of rattan dining room chairs from the mid-century that have stood the test of time By combining pliable cane, robust natural rubber wood, and the fluid chrome frame, the cantilever rattan dining room chairs provide the impression of having a seat that is floating in space. Back support in the form of a cane, made of open mesh, but lacking arms .The permeable mesh rattan dining room chairs, in addition to assisting with air circulation and the absorption of heat, also contributes to the maintenance of a resting environment that is both comfortable and dry.

When compared to other antique materials, soft plastic duplicates of vintage rattan exude an air that is significantly more solemn and sophisticated. The High-Density Foam Padding and Plush Velvet Upholstery of This Always Chic Button-Tufted Seat This rattan dining room chairs will continue to be a delight to sit in for years to come thanks to the high density foam padding and plush velvet upholstery. When considered as a whole, these classic side rattan dining room chairs take on a more modern appearance as a result of their qualities. The sled’s frame is made of sturdy, lightweight, and compact chrome-plated metal.

Additionally, the sled’s design, which is sleek and resembles a sled, provides additional structural strength.  Rattan dining room chairs supports up to a weight of 500 kg. These velvet-upholstered rattan dining room chairs are a great addition to any space in your home, whether it’s the living room, the dining room, or the study. Because of them, you won’t be as self-conscious about sitting down, and the overall ambiance will be better.

Rattan Back Dining Chairs Set Of 2 ONEVOG with Cane Backrest, Upholstered Comfy and Sturdy Side Chair For, Home Office, Bedroom, Kitchen, and Foyer (Beige)

ONEVOG Rattan Dining Chairs with Cane Backrest, Upholstered Comfy Sturdy Side Chair for Leisure, Home Office, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Enterway, Set of 2 (Beige)

The back support is a woven mesh of wicker strands secured to a solid oak frame. Each steel tube in this rattan back lounge chair is thicker than industry norms, so you can be assured that these rattan back dining chairs will last for years to come. After a hard day, the body can relax on cushions made of high-resilience foam covered in abrasion-resistant boucle fabric. One of the most eye-catching alternatives for dining rooms is the cantilever rattan back dining chairs.

Popular in the 1970s, its style continues to fascinate design connoisseurs today. The form of these rattan back dining chairs allows for a degree of flexibility. They go nicely with many various styles, from industrial to ’50s retro. Rattan back dining chairs like these, made from natural rattan that hasn’t been bleached or dyed, is a necessity for any home that aims to be comfortable and quiet. The four rubber pads beneath each chair’s seat not only prevent scratches and scrapes, but also absorb sound.

Basic, mid-century rattan back dining chairs a failsafe option. They may go from the kitchen to the bedroom to the living room to the patio because of their simple design. To keep the dining room from being too cluttered, choose rattan back dining chairs with a mid-back design since they will likely not protrude above the height of the table . A one-year warranty is included with each chair. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any inquiries!

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Alkeen: Purchased and reviewed “Quality” I absolutely love these chairs they add a traditional but contemporary touch to my kitchen. I would definitely recommend. Easy to assemble and very sturdy

Rattan Dining Room Chairs, Pair of ONEVOG Cane-Back Upholstered Side Chairs (Set of 2), Multi-Purpose (Living Room, Bedroom, and Kitchen), and Durable

ONEVOG Rattan Dining Chairs with Cane Backrest, Upholstered Comfy Sturdy Side Chair for Leisure, Home Office, Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, Enterway, Set of 2 (Beige)

Both the rattan-woven mesh backrest and the strong oak frame contribute to the overall pleasant nature of the chair. This rattan-backed rattan dining room chairs is constructed with steel tubes that are significantly thicker than the norm in the industry; as a result, the chair is extremely long-lasting. Cushions made of high-resilience foam that are wrapped in boucle fabric that is resistant to abrasion can help the body rest at the end of a long, challenging day. One of the most eye-catching variations available for rattan dining room chairs is called a cantilever dining chair.

Rattan dining room chairs had massive levels of popularity in the 1970s and continues to be a fan favorites among those who value attractive design up to this day. Because of the way they were constructed, these rattan dining room chairs have a very little amount of twisting ability. They are compatible with a wide range of aesthetics, from the industrial to the retro of the ’50s, and everything in between. While you dine, the natural rattan hasn’t been bleached or dyed, so it’s better for the environment. 

Each rattan dining room chair also has two anti-tip feet to protect it from moving about while you’re sitting in it. This is wonderful news for the security of your flooring as well as the peace and quiet of your home. A set of simple rattan dining room chairs from the mid-century era is a good choice to make if you want to play it safe. Because of their uncomplicated construction, they are suitable for use in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor settings. Even better, the back in the Centre of the room may help tie the rest of the decor together.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Ilyn: Purchased and reviewed “Keeps my toddler busy” I bought this product because my 1 year old toddler has started imitating me writing and wouldn’t stop grabbing my pens. So this is an easy solution without having a need of real pens around the house thus, saving a hassle of seeing baby doodles on the walls and floors. It is thoughtful that the pen has string so it wouldn’t go missing and with the lights on, it gets the attention of my baby. Read more…

Grey Dining Room Chairs, Accent Armchair with Cane Back Upholstered Linen with Solid Wood Legs, Set Of 2 Beige by ZHENGHAO, Rattan Dining Room Chairs

ZHENGHAO Mid Century Modern Dining Chairs, Accent Rattan Armchair with Cane Back Upholstered Linen Kitchen Chairs with Solid Wood Legs for Dining Room, Set of 2, Beige

Grey dining room chair colorless beige derived from natural ingredients. ZHENGHAO Iconic Design Item Product Dimensions: 22.75″ Deep by 24.75″ Wide by 33.75″ High Uniquely Mid-Century Feature: Arm Rest and Cushions Available the rattan back is a modern design, with hand-woven cane bonded to a solid wooden frame. The grey dining room chairs backrest’s design allows for better air circulation while yet providing comfortable hip and back support.

The wonderful rattan dining room chairs has a cushion that can be taken off, making it more durable, and a frame made of rubber wood, which is also quite sturdy. The rustic grey dining room chairs are lightweight and simple to rearrange, but they are also remarkably sturdy and will last for decades. The French country rattan dining room chairs can be used anywhere from the kitchen to the living area to the bedroom to the dining table. Whether you’re having a dinner party or just a family meal.

The accent rattan dining room chair may be just what you need to make sure everyone has a comfortable seat. Building it is a breeze. The high-density foam padding and linen-like beige covering on the seat make for a pleasant sitting experience. The time required to assemble the cane-back dining chairs is minimal if the instructions are followed closely. “Customer Service” is like a glove made for you and your home.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Dancock: Purchased and reviewed “Would totally purchase these again!” I was hesitant about these chairs but they turned out awesome! Super easy to put together and very durable.

Upholstered Dining Chairs Set Of 6, Jaxsen Faux Leather Indoor Kitchen Chairs; Contemporary Metal-Frame Brown Chairs, Rattan Dining Room Chairs

Jaxsen Faux Leather Indoor Kitchen Dining Chairs Set of 6 with Rattan Backrest,Modern Industrial Upholstered Chairs Mid Century Metal Dining Chair for Dining Room Wine Coffee Bar Whiskey Brown,18"

This upholstered Dining Chairs Set of 6 is manufactured by Soochow Brand and is a brown colour reminiscent of Whiskey. The 16.1-inch length of the product “L x 16.1″W x 31.5″H Dimensions of upholstered Dining Chairs Set of 6: 16.1″L x 16.1″W x 31.5″H Constructed with Modern-Looking Fake Leather, The 100% natural woven rattan cane is constructed from high-quality materials that are not only long-lasting but also ergonomically sound. Bentwood was easily recognizable by its signature rounded, often beautifully curled edges.

The grain and knots in organic wood are always completely unique. The total height of the upholstered Dining Chairs Set of 6 is 17.7 inches. Seat Dimensions are 16.5″ x 16.1″ The metal upholstered Dining Chairs Set of 6 was given a more up-to-date look by having a rattan backrest connected to the original backrest. Adding this contemporary chair to your home will have a noticeable and positive impact on the visual appeal almost immediately. Rattan dining room chairs weatherproof design allows for usage in both indoor and outdoor settings:

By harmonizing several ornamental motifs with a variety of colour palettes and pattern styles, you may give your room a sense of aesthetic unity. To put it another way, this will help the room feel more cohesive. Restaurants, trendy coffee shops, and bars are just a few examples of enterprises that have taken to the city streets. Rattan dining room chairs was designed with the goal of providing unparalleled ease of use. The soft and long-lasting 28D foam cushioning on the seat of this contributes to its impressive weight capability of 250 pounds.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Southern peach: Purchased and reviewed “Just As it Looks!” These adorable chairs just as cute as they show they are. Easy to assemble, very sturdy, and definitely a complement to your tiny nook! I certainly wasn’t disappointed one bit! Great but although the seller waited to offer me $10 off after I already purchased….go figure. Lol

Mid-Century Dining Room Chairs, Dining Room, Home Office- Black IKIFLY Accent Chairs, Upholstered Velvet Seat, Rattan Dining Room Chairs

IKIFLY Accent Rattan Dining Chairs Set of 4, Mid-Century Modern Dining Chairs, Upholstered Velvet Seat & Chrome Metal Legs - for Dining Room, Home Office, Living Room - Black

The mesh rattan backrest allows air to circulate and dissipate, keeping you comfortable and cool even on the hottest of days. This mid-century dining room chair is the perfect example of how expressionism and mass production can work together to create something beautiful and functional. The frame OF mid-century dining room chair is made out of curved tubular steel, giving it a more streamlined and geometric appearance while still being quite durable. By increasing the thickness of the metal tube walls, the frame’s longevity is improved.

The high-density sponge and velvet combine to make a plush and supportive cushion that can be easily removed and cleaned. Whether you’re having guests over for dinner or just sitting down as a family, you’ll have plenty of seating options with these trendy mid-century dining room chairs. They’re suitable for usage in a wide variety of settings. Life shouldn’t be complicated, therefore we supply the essential instructions and parts for installation and the exquisite dining chairs are simple to assemble;

You’ll only need a few minutes to finish each rattan dining room chair if you follow the included diagrams and instructions. The plastic pad will shield your floor from any potential harm. Seat Height: 18.3″; Seat Size: 19″W * 15.7″D; Weight Capacity:330 lbs. Overall rattan dining room chair Dimensions: 19.2″ x 20.4″ x 32″ If you have any questions about the assembly process or have recommendations for how we can do it better, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Dark Wood Dining Chairs, Set Of 2 Guyou Farmhouse Upholstered Dining Chairs, Distressed Wood Frame, Kitchen/Living Room Chairs (Dark Grey). Rattan Dining Room Chairs

Guyou Farmhouse Dining Chairs Set of 2, Retro Upholstered Dining Room Chairs with Rattan Back French Country Accent Chair Side Chairs with Distressed Wood Frame for Kitchen Living Room (Dark Grey)

Circular fabric with a dark grey colour and emblazoned with the name “Guyou.” The overall measurements of the rattan dining room chairs are 21 “Dimensions (in the manner of the French countryside): (D) 3.5″, (W) 19.5″, (H) 3.8” The strong wood construction of the frames gives these antique chairs a timeless quality. Elegant and rustic in style, it oozes warmth and welcome thanks to the highest quality and most modern craftsmanship.

Sets of living room rattan dining room chairs with round backs sometimes contain elaborate hand-carved designs and ornamentation on their backs. The dark wood dining chairs have a farmhouse design and a distressed treatment on the leg channels, giving the whole set an antique feel. The dark wood dining chairs have this style but are nevertheless delicate, beautiful, and uncomplicated. Users will have a comfortable and peaceful sitting experience because to the high-quality foam padding on the seat, which is covered by a durable linen fabric.

The rattan dining room chairs are so flexible that they may be used for a wide variety of purposes beyond the dining room, including cooking, socializing, working, and even reading. They have multiple uses beyond only the dining room, like lounging in front of the TV or reading a book. Dimensions: 21″ x 19.5″ x 38″ “H. The guarantee of a free exchange in the event of a quality issue with the dark wood dining chair. Anytime is good for you to call or email, and we’ll be here to take your call.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Angela L. Moore: Purchased and reviewed “GORGEOUS!!!! Match my Morkie perfectly! Ha ha! I LOVE the chairs I purchased for my new home. The fabric and wood tone are exactly as described. I assembled all 6 myself & it only took me an hour. I highly recommend and they match my Morkie perfectly. Ha ha. Mommy & Morkie are both very pleased!

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