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The wood used to construct white farmhouse chairs comes exclusively from actual barns in the Eastern United States. Frame finished in our Distressed Pearl Paint & Glaze; seat finished in clear. A shipping of this item can be expected in just 12 working days as it is considered a “fast ship” item. Totally genuine salvaged oak barnwood. Produced entirely by hand, including assembly, staining, and finishing. Glued and bolted together at every point for optimal structural integrity. Chairs with wooden seats usually have a seat height of 17″ to 18″. For further information, please go to the Details & Dimensions tab.

 A formal, polished aesthetic that will wow guests can be achieved with a matched dining room set. However, you might want to think about alternating the color of your white farmhouse chairs if you desire a bit extra whimsy or dimension in your décor. Even just that little bit of decoration can do wonders for the aesthetics of a boring dining area. However, it may be challenging to successfully pull off a set of mismatched white farmhouse chairs. When arranging chairs of varying colors, it’s crucial to find a way to tie them together for a unified design that yet feels classy.

Don’t overthink the color scheme of your dining room white farmhouse chairs if you don’t know what you’re doing. Just stick to black and white or just black and red if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of matching a large color scheme. Achieve a sophisticated, subtle aesthetic with the help of two neutral hues, such as white and tan or white and gray. Choose subdued hues that share the same undertones, such as butter yellow and peach, or blue gray and sage, if you’re looking to use more vibrant colors.

White Farmhouse Chairs, Christopher Knight, Acacia Wooden Chair

Christopher Knight Home Roshan Farmhouse Acacia Wood Dining Chairs, White / Walnut 21D x 17.75W x 35.5H Inch

Built to match the classic white farmhouse chairs seen in movies and shows from your childhood about farm life, these chairs are sure to be a hit at any and all hosting events, made from acacia wood, these chairs are a must have. These white farmhouse chairs are a great way to add some rustic style to your home. Built to match the classic farmhouse chair seen in movies and shows from your childhood about farm life. Included in this purchase are two dining chairs. Acacia wood is used as the material. Seating Surface Finished with Walnut. The frame has a white finish. Required to be assembled.

The dimensions are as follows: 21.00 inches in depth, 17.75 inches in width, and 35.50 inches in height. 17.75 inches is the width of the seat. 17.75 inches is the depth of the seat. The height of the seat is 18.0 inches. What’s the secret to throwing a terrific dinner party? You should focus at least half of your energy on what you eat and drink. A third of the way through the guest list. The remaining space will be used for seating. The reason for this is that it is common knowledge that a high-quality chair may elevate the atmosphere of the entire evening. Upholstered. The back is raised. Mid-century modernism Mod.

No matter your preferences or sense of style, you’ll be able to discover the perfect seating arrangement to earn the title of “Host with the Most.” The history of a furniture brand that places equal importance on aesthetics and affordability is presented here. We believe that your house ought to have the appearance of a castle, but the furnishings shouldn’t set you back a fortune. We have the most popular types that have stood the test of time, and they range from traditional to modern, as well as everything in between.

We are really proud of the quality and craftsmanship that we provide. From the materials to the finishes, the patterns to the printing, we place a lot of importance on the finer details since we are aware of the impact that these have. The addition of these white farmhouse chairs is a fantastic method to give your home a more rustic appearance. These chairs are sure to be a hit at any and all hosting occasions because they are modeled after the traditional white farmhouse chairs that you may have seen in movies or shows about farm life when you were younger. These chairs are an absolute necessity and are crafted from acacia wood.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Brandon Harris: Purchased white farmhouse chairs and reviewed that “Nice chairs”. Perfect thanks

White Farmhouse Dining Set, Duhome, Set Of 2, Spindle Side, Kitchen, Room, Country, White Farmhouse Chair

Duhome Dining Chairs Set of 2 Wood Dining Room Chair White Spindle Side Kitchen Room Country Farmhouse Chairs White

These amazing wooden white farmhouse dining set have a fashionable heavy and powerful hardwood shape, a comfortable wooden seat, and an arched high spindle back and legs, all of which deliver an innovative appearance to your dining room while also providing great stability, comfortable support for your back, and an overall amazing sitting experience. Long-Lasting Construction Made of Wood. This white farmhouse dining set offers a lot of bang for the buck.

The chair will be consistently forced, firm, and long-lasting thanks to the high-quality rubber wood and exquisite technology that were both selected for use in its construction. The chair’s four legs, which are made of solid wood, give it increased stability and offer adequate support, which helps to secure your personal safety. “Ergonomic Backrest and Seat” means that both the back of the chair and the seat were created with ergonomics in mind. The human body is properly accommodated by the high and curved chair backrest, and the backrest support bars are created with a trendy vertical stripe, bringing a delicate touch to the wooden chair. And the unusual wide seat could efficiently uniform pressure distribution.

“Adaptable to Any Situation That May Arise” This simple white farmhouse dining set from an old fashionable dining set has a feeling of design contour and a rustic color tone, making it compatible with a wide variety of different types of furniture. It works wonderfully in the kitchen, dining area, restaurant, living room, and a variety of other settings. “Easy to Put Together” The following requires assembly: Instructions that are simple and straightforward.

 In addition to the hardware and equipment, it also includes a straightforward instruction booklet that is filled with examples and descriptions that are easy to understand. This white farmhouse chair offers a lot of bang for the buck. The chair will be consistently forced, firm, and long-lasting thanks to the high-quality rubber wood and exquisite technology that were both selected for use in its construction. The chair’s four legs, which are made of solid wood, give it increased stability and offer adequate support, which helps to secure your personal safety.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

MAILYN LEYVA: Purchased and reviewed “Love it”. I love this chairs, really good quality, exactly like the pictures, the only thing i did not like much was the legs caps that some of them come loose , but other than that is perfect.

Farmhouse Upholstered Dining Chairs, Antique, White Wood, Cross Back, Set of 2, White Farmhouse Chairs

MISC Antique White Wood Cross Back Upholstered Dining Chairs Set of 2 Farmhouse

Chairs for the dining room with an antique white wood cross back and upholstered seats Two of the with a cross-back design, sold as a set of two. The frame of the chair is constructed with solid rubberwood so that farmhouse upholstered dining chairs will last for a very long time. There will be some assembly required. Assembly is Required. Please Assemble. Finish: Antique. Chairs of the Dining Room Variety Size of the set: Set of 2 Wood was used for the frame. The material used is wood.

The typical height for a white farmhouse dining chairs back. Cross Back is the back style. White is the color. Polyester is the material for the seat. If you have any problems regarding intellectual property, copyright, trademarks, or patents, we ask that you please notify us directly. Simply getting in touch with us through the store will result in the removal of any listings promptly, as we take this matter very seriously. Greener Trails does not engage in the production of this farmhouse upholstered dining chairs, and instead procures it solely from reliable and 100 percent confirmed third-party vendors that provide legal invoices.

Size of set: a set of 2, Style of the back: cross The material of the back is wood. The Farmhouse fashion. Chairs of the Dining Chair Variety. The Typical Height of a Chair Back. There is a requirement for some assembling. Assembly: It Is Required to Assemble. The frame of the chair is constructed from solid rubberwood, which ensures its longevity. Polyester is the material for the seat. The framework is made of wood. White is the color.

White Farmhouse Chairs, Boraam, Dining Chairs, Set Of 2, Natural Chairs

Boraam Farmhouse Dining Chairs, Set of 2-White/Natural

There are two white farmhouse chairs included in the purchase of the farmhouse dining table. Contoured seating area for increased ease of use Durable solid hardwood construction. The traditional spindle backrest provides seating that is airy. White and oak are both present in the finish. Instructions for care: Clean with a Wipe. Target gender: unisex. Materials of an Excellent Quality. Customers who are looking for a premium look will find the Boraam Collection to be excellent because white farmhouse chairs is constructed from solid hardwoods and is designed for everyday use.

Created With The Ordinary Person In Mind. The Boraam Collection is made with fashion in mind, but it does not sacrifice comfort. Designs include clean, modern lines, and many of the bar stools and dining chairs are built with ergonomic comfort in mind to ensure that you and your guests have a great time when you entertain them. Boraam is responsible for the production of an extensive selection of high-quality furniture, some examples of which are baker’s racks, dining sets, bar stools, and pub tables.

 Since 2001, they have been successful in achieving their goal of customer satisfaction by offering reasonably priced furniture that is of high quality despite its low cost. Premium Furniture Affordable Prices. Boraam is really enthusiastic about hardworking, comfortable, and reasonably priced furniture of the highest possible quality. The furniture they sell has a fresh, updated take on traditional styling that looks contemporary and works well in any environment. This charming white farmhouse chairs perfectly encapsulate the understated grace and understated simplicity that have helped to establish the farmhouse style as an enduring classic.

 A traditional spindle pattern is featured on the chairback that was influenced by Windsor. It has a finish that is two-toned, and the seat is made of polished and glossy wood, and it is formed in a way that makes it comfortable to sit in. This white farmhouse chairs is constructed from a single piece of solid hardwood so that it can last through many years of Sunday breakfasts and dinners with the family. Choose the color combination that appeals to you the most: black and cherry or white and natural. Available in a set of two chairs that are a perfect match. Please note that the weight mentioned on the product description is for one chair.

White Farmhouse Chairs, Great Furniture, Elaine Modern Farmhouse Chairs

GDF Studio Elaine Farmhouse Dining Chair, Black

Farmhouse style: These white farmhouse chairs feature a farmhouse style that is well-known for its endearing simplicity and the way it places a premium on functionality over all other design considerations. These white farmhouse chairs have classic spindle frames and exude a sense of warmth and coziness wherever they are placed thanks to the mix of their straight, clear lines and natural wood. Spindle backrest: This traditional spindle back chair will lend your home a warm and welcoming sense of the countryside. A classic appearance may be achieved in any dining area by utilizing this openwork slat design.

Rubber wood: Not only does the eco-friendly wood provide a great deal of durability, but it also gives this piece an attractive appearance due to the natural grain that it possesses. This type of wood, when combined with a stunning finish, will make a real statement in any space. Choose a white farmhouse chair that is the ideal proportion for both you and the pieces of furniture you have in your home. Each chair has a width of 40.00″, a depth of 12.00″, and a height of 33.75″. You are going to be amazed at how dramatically different your room may seem with only the addition of a couple of cozy chairs like these.

Assembly required: This dining chair will need to be assembled in some way before use. The instructions and tools that are required for assembly are all included in the package. This item can be purchased in a set of two. This charming collection of dining chairs gives your interior space a cozy cottage vibe and an ideal airy aspect, making them the ideal choice for everything from intimate family meals to lively get-togethers with friends. These white farmhouse chairs set has a delightful farmhouse look, and it blends sturdy rubberwood frames with stunning traditional spindle backrests.

These chairs will add a splash of rustic character to your dining table. This exquisite collection of white farmhouse chairs features strong constructions and a design that is flawless, allowing it to instantly transform your dining area into an incredible masterpiece. It is completed with legs that are thin and tapered. Included in this purchase are two (2) Dining Chairs Material: Rubberwood Details that were hand-crafted and finished in black Dimensions: 19.87 inches in depth by 20.87 inches in width by 36.25 inches in height (assembly required) The depth of the seat is 14.37 inches, the width is 17.37 inches, and the height is 17.87 inches.