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The size of your area and the amount of visitors you need to seat should be taken into consideration. Everything is available with a couch drink holder, including large corner sofas and two-seaters. When relaxing on your furniture, a couch drink holder on the couch arm is a terrific way to keep your beverage nearby. The couch drink holder’s ability to be placed on either the left or right side of the arm makes it ideal for both solitary and group leisure periods. 

Many holders also have the ability to be moved in order to adjust the height to your needs. Some variants come with extra amenities like a phone holder or a remote control caddy. Whether it be modern or classic, there is a couch drink holder to suit your taste. To keep your beverages cold, these specially designed couch drink holders use a combination of thermal insulation and electric conditioning. 

So you may enjoy a cold beverage without being concerned about it warming up or getting stale now. Naturally, cooled couch drink  holders provide even more benefits. There won’t be any more unsightly water rings or condensation on your coffee table thanks to these water-resistant couch drink holders, which are designed precisely to store drinks and keep your furniture looking good. If you want to keep your furniture clean, you must have the best couch drink holder. Your furniture will stay pristine and help protect it from accidents if you use the finest couch drink holder for couch arm.

Couch Drink Holder, Remote, Snacks, Earbuds Couch Arm Table.

Couch Cup Holder, Elimiko Silicone Anti-Spill and Anti-Slip Sofa Drink Holder, Strong and Weighted Remote/ Snacks/ Cellphone/ Earbuds Couch Arm Table, Gift for Mom, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa (Griege)

When you’ve found the ideal, comfy position to watch a classic movie on Netflix with your significant other or enjoy a cup of tea and a good book, the only issue you could run into is where to put your drink when you need free hands. Elimination’s couch drink holder  is the ideal answer to all of your issues! As you arrange your coffee cup, remote, phone, or food in a tidy manner, sit back and take in the wonderful relaxing, movie, or coffee time.

Who requires the couch arm table?. People who work from home:Organize your essentials on the huge couch drink holder caddying and turn your couch into a comfortable work from home office. Couch reading in peace:Relax on your couch while having everything you need close at hand. Avoid spills and mishaps, and enjoy a comfortable reading experience without having to get up from your seat to collect something.

Time for a family film: This couch drink holder  is the ideal addition for watching movies with loved ones while curled up on the couch. You can have a cool beverage and some crunchy nibbles without having to get up or stoop to the coffee table every time you want to set drink. Romantic moment for two: This couch drink holder  is likely to become your go-to food tray for the couch. It has enough space for your drink, popcorn, and snacks, so you can keep all of your attention on your spouse while you share special moments on your couch, enjoying each other’s company.

Who needs a drink holder on the couch?. Expecting mothers: With our couch drink holder, you may relax stress-free while you’re pregnant. This tray can dramatically change your experience during trying moments. New mothers: Do you need to bottle-feed a baby every day at your home? Do you have trouble on your sofa balancing your infant’s bottle and you and would want a solution to your issues?Introducing the brand-new Elmira couch drink holder  tray, a one-stop shop for all of your couch-related issues.

Without worrying about it spilling, you may put the feeding bottle in the cup holder and still have both hands free to handle the baby.Additionally, with the help of our adaptable couch drink holder, keep supplies like Kleenex and other mini nibbles for your tiny toddler close at reach at all times. Nursing mothers: It takes both of your hands to be free and requires your full focus to breastfeed a baby. You may carefully arrange all of your baby’s equipment needed for breastfeeding on the couch armrest with couch drink holder. With our cup holder, you can spend quality time with your infant without having to venture far from your familiar surroundings.

Folks who are elderly or disabled or have recently undergone surgery: This couch drink holder  is an essential piece of furniture for seniors or anyone with limited mobility who need to have their medications and drink close at hand. Silicone Fit for Food: Unlike conventional plastic or wood, which can damage fabrics like fabric or leather, couch drink holder is made of high-quality food-grade silicone that is extremely robust, won’t shatter easily over time, and won’t even damage your sofa.

No Spill and Non-Slip: No longer be concerned about spilling your drinks! Our couch drink holder  is designed with a non-slip bottom and metal pipes at the bottom for a secure grip, preventing unneeded slipping or being accidentally pushed over by people or animals. Traditional Couch Cup Holder: Take this  couch drink holder  with you wherever you go! It is really simple to carry everywhere thanks to its lightweight construction, and it is also appropriate for cars. Make use of it in your vehicle to store water or other necessary supplies that.

Tight On Space: The sofa armchair candy’s small size makes it the ideal furniture addition that can be tucked away in your cabinet, drawers, or anyplace else without taking up too much space. Just fold it up and stow it away when not in use! Size Requirement for Armrest: Elimination’s couch drink holder  fits arms at least 6 inches wide. In the worst case scenario, the entire object will fall off if it is placed on an arm that is less than 6 inches in diameter. Before purchasing, please measure the armrest!

Gift Case Packages: This couch drink holder  is packaged in a charming, colorful, and little gift box and makes a fantastic gift. Our cup holder tray for armchair couch caddying sofa recliner makes a very practical and helpful gift for all of your loved ones, family, and friends.

Comfort on Your Couch -Do you frequently find yourself on your couch? Do you struggle to keep your drinks, phone, and remote control all in one spot instead of finding them scattered around, creating clutter? The Silicone couch drink holder  is here to help you get lazy, stay organised, and live smartly by keeping everything you need close at hand as you enjoy watching TV. Design Uniquely Functional —Our couch drink holder  for couches is made to accommodate sofas with at least 6-inch-wide armrests. This reclining table tray features a couch drink holder  that can hold a coffee cup or any cup that is up to 3.5 inches wide.

Couch Arm Cup Holder with Durable Anti-Slip and Anti-Spill Design – Couch drink holder  is made of high-quality silicone and has four metal pipes attached to the bottom that fit over the arm of your furniture and keep it fastened with little to no movement. Our recliner cup holder is incredibly strong, not flimsy like inexpensive ones but instead provides more stability, won’t break like plastic, and is guaranteed to last you for a very long time.

A Variety Cup Holder for the Couch-Every home should have this  couch drink holder  for the armrest of a chair because it is so small and portable. The couch drink holder  can be used at home, at work, or even while you are driving. A kind gift for those you love:By providing a unique and useful sofa armrest tray, you may make the lives of all couch surfers easier by providing a solution to the largest difficulty of carrying beverages or snacks on the couch! Give your relatives and friends this couch drink holder  as a kind present! When placing a purchase, please select the gift-wrapping option we offer.


No. Because the couch tray is made of heavy duty silicone, and also we put 4 metal pipes underneath. The whole design make it keep stable and will not slide off the arm.

There is a black adapter inside the cup holder, it could hold a drinkware diameter of fewer than 2.4 inches; while take out it, it could fit a maximum of 3.5 inches. We suggest you measure your large yeti or tumbler before purchase.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Cammiecate: Purchased this and reviewed it as “Fantastic” Really impressed with the heavy duty quality of this along with the attractiveness. I bought it to protect the couch arm from the cat, but it’s a winner for many other reasons as well.

Remote Holder for Couch, Sofa Armrest Tray, Suitable For Square, Curve

Couch Cup Holder, Sofa Armrest Tray, Anti-Slip Water-Proof Silicone Drink Holder Tray, Suitable for Square, Curve, Recliner Armrest Drink Holder for Bear Bottle, Mug, Coffee Cup (Black)

Multifunctional – In addition to giving your drink a stable place to avoid spilling, our armrest remote holder for couch has a tray area where you can place your remote control, headphones, or ear bud cover, phone, wallet, and snack. Couch Cup Holder, Sofa Armrest Tray, Waterproof Silicone Drink Holder Tray that Is Anti-Slip and Adaptable to Square, Curve, and Recliner Armrests, Mug, and Coffee Cup

Easy to clean and anti-slip- A silicone tray remote holder for couch is used for the sofa armrest. As a result, it provides a lot of friction to keep from slipping off your armrest, and if any food or drink spills on the tray, it can be washed with water (Caution: Do Not put this product in your dishwasher) Effective Design- In order to fit your sofa more snugly and make it easier for the tray to attach to the armrest, our remote holder for couch has weight on both ends.

If necessary, it can also be used as a drink tray with anti-slip properties on a flat surface. International Cup Holder- Our remote holder for couch tray opens up to a height of 17 inches. For the majority of couches, it may be appropriate. For optimal efficacy, we advise applying it to armrests with a minimum width of 6.5 inches.

Multifunctional -In addition to giving your drink a stable place to avoid spilling, our remote holder for couch has a tray area where you may place your remote control, headphones, or ear bud cover, phone, wallet, or snack item. Easy to clean and non-slip-A silicone remote holder for couch is used for the sofa armrest. In order to prevent slipping off your armrest, it provides a high friction.

If any food or drink spills into the tray, it can be washed by water (Caution: Do not put this product in your dishwasher).Design with Function – In order to fit your sofa more snugly and make it easier for the tray to attach to the armrest, our coffee holder has weight on both ends. If necessary, it can also be used as a drink tray with anti-slip properties on a flat surface. World Wide Cup Holder -Our remote holder for couch opens up to a height of 17 inches.

 For the majority of couches, it may be appropriate. For optimal efficacy, we advise applying it to armrests with a minimum width of 6.5 inches. The ideal sofa accessory-Who wouldn’t want to unwind on the couch with a beverage after a long day at work, however, keeping your drink on the armrest of your leather or fabric couch could taint or harm it. With our device, you can keep your drink within arm’s reach while still safeguarding your couch.


For a fool-proof way to never lose a remote, glue one end of a string to the end of the remote and fasten the other end to your sofa or chair. It may look weird but this remote leash will ensure it never goes missing again.

Most remote controls (TV, garage doors, etc.) have conductive rubber on the back of the buttons, making contact with the circuit board inside the device. Over time, these rubber buttons can wear away and stop working.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

TechoFish: Buy this and reviewed that “Nice cup holder for the sofa” This works great for the sofa. My kids often have a cup of milk and we’ve had couple of spills because they place it on the mat while they watch TV. This allows for a more secure place to hold the cup. The bottom of the mat have spacers so it won’t have direct connect with the sofa if your liquid is hot. The trap is good for holding fries and little snacks too. It seems to stay in place well since both sides have a weighted rod. Overall I’m happy with it for the price.

Couch With Cup Holder, Sofa Armrest Tray, Portable Couch Drink Holder Arm Table

Cup Holder for Couch,Sofa Armrest Tray,Portable Couch Drink Holder arm Table,Couch Accessories Suitable for Recliner Table (Griege)

One of the issues you can run into is finding the ideal, comfortable area to sit when you need to have your hands free to drink while watching a classic movie with your loved ones or reading a fantastic book. The ideal solution to all of your issues is the couch with cup holders! As you arrange your coffee cup, phone, remote control, and munchies in a nice manner, sit back and enjoy some wonderful relaxation, a movie, or coffee time.

Modernized Skin Texture: Improved unique sunlight printing method. For a more textured couch with cup holders, silicone material has a skin texture. Metal borders are added to emphasize the style and advanced level.

4 Characteristics Thicken and aggravate

  • Four stainless steel built-ins
  • Pipes on each side, expanding
  • More stable under the weight, and
  • Difficult to fall

Extend and broaden

  • For there is a specific area
  • Drinking glasses plus a unique
  • Location where trays can be placed
  • Put your phones and food.
  • Headphones, etc.

Resistance to heat and cold:

  • Temperature tolerance: -30 to 230 °C
  • Can be placed cold drinks and hot tea

Lower and broaden

  • Bottom grid layout
  • Greater non-slip


Convenience Designed -Are you someone who enjoys lounging on the couch for extended periods of time? Do you struggle to keep your drinks, phone, and remote control together rather than having them strewn about and creating a mess? A Stop To Spills: Couch with cup holders  keeps your drinks within easy reach; Prevents knocks, spills, and stains; a great substitute for coffee tables; stores remote controls, cell phones, etc.; Excellent for the entire family. An essential as seen on TV item!

Smart, Practical Design: Our sofa coasters are at least 6 inches wide and are made for couches with arms. If the coaster does not fit your wider sofa armrests, don’t panic! The couch with cup holders can be placed on any flat surface and will perform the same role as the sofa armrests. Most Drink Ware: With a clever groove for cup handles and ergonomic design, the couch with cup holders can accommodate a wide range of mugs, cups, flasks, and tumblers up to 3.5″ wide, while the provided adaptor makes it possible to use bottles and cans up to 2.4″ wide.

Gift For The People You Love- Give this special and useful couch with cup holders to all couch lovers as a gift on their birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, and other special occasions to make their lives easier and to solve the major difficulty of storing drinks or food on the couch. It makes a practical gift for your loved ones and friends!


Wipe the cup holders with a sponge or cloth.
Dampen a sponge or cloth with water and soap. Use warm water and mild soap. Wipe down the cup holders, removing surface dirt and gunk. You can also use a vinegar solution instead to clean and disinfect the cup holders

These days, coffee cup holders come standard in all American vehicles. The standard cup holder has a depth of 2-3 inches and a diameter of 3 inches. Other common cup holder sizes feature a diameter of 2.5 inches, 4 inches, and adjustable sizes between 2-5 inches.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Teri C: Purchased this and reviewed that “Great idea and product” Works well on the arm of a couch or chair! i also like that you can lay it flat on the couch or bed as well as the sides are weighted. i searched long & hard for something like this after getting rid of my center consoled couch!

Couch Drink Holder Durable Black Foam Stylish Refreshment Tray

Polar Whale Couch Drink Holder Durable Black Foam Stylish Refreshment Tray for Sofa Bed Floor Car RV Lounge TV Room 5 Compartments 13.75 Inches Wide

Ideal for Regular Couch Potatoes: Dislike standing up to grab the remote? Your beverage? Not to worry! You will love our couch drink holderNever again misplace the remote: The lovely couch drink holder tray includes multiple sections that can store up to 4 drinks and a useful middle pocket for additional stuff. Excellent for organizing and keeping near at hand your drinks and other lounge accoutrements. There is enough space for remote controls, iPods, phones, and more!

  • 1 excellent, sturdy foam drink tray is included.
  • Nothing inside is included.

Specifically Designed with Your Home in Mind: Hold food, beverages, and more! The beautiful Polar Whale Premium Foam couch drink holder Tray will add convenience and stability to your couch. This stylish organizer is non-slip, anti-rattle, and incredibly simple to clean because it is made from gorgeous lightweight yet sturdy high density waterproof black foam material (rinse it off, or wash it in the top rack of your dishwasher). Size is roughly 2″ tall by 13.75″ broad.


  • The stylish, sturdy foam Polar Whale couch drink holder Tray will add convenience and stability to your couch. One excellent black foam drink tray is included.
  • With a useful middle pocket for other stuff, the lovely foam tray includes multiple sections with room for up to 4 drinks.
  • Excellent for organizing and keeping near at hand your drinks and other lounge accouterments. There couch drink holder has enough space for remote controls, iPods, phones, and more!
  • This stylish organizer is non-slip, anti-rattle, and incredibly simple to clean because it is made from gorgeous lightweight yet sturdy high density waterproof black foam material (rinse it off, or wash it in the top rack of your dishwasher). Size is roughly 2″ tall by 13.75″ broad.



Because cocktail tables are generally taller than coffee tables and end tables, consider arranging the sectional sofa in the corner of the room and placing the cocktail table behind the center of the sofa.

You should preferably carry hot drinks in an insulated capsule like a flask or an insulated water bottle. Otherwise, all you get is a cold soup. The type of flask you choose depends on the beverage that you carry. There are many beverages that you can carry in an insulated water bottle or flask.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

cazlyn7: Bought this and reviewed that “Great” I bought this as a gift to my brother to use on his new boat. He loves it and said it works great.

Couch Drink Holder, By Tune Couch, Sofa Armrest Cup Holder Tray

BYTUNE Couch Cup Holder Tray-2022 Upgraded Couch Drink Holder Tray, Sofa Armrest Cup Holder Tray, Recliner Cup and Remote Holder Tray (Blue)

7 essential benefits:

  • For your decor, a superb design.
  • Enlarge the organizer space.
  • Additional detachable holding unit for miniature cups.
  • Adaptable to folding.
  • Easy to clean.
  • A new ashtray as a gift.
  • Larger for stability.

 A cordial reminder: The couch drink holder tray for a couch arm from by tune had to be at least 6 inches broad .Before making a purchase, please measure our armrest. This couch drink holder fit the drink ware which diameter should less than 3.5 inches, please measure before buying.

  • Dimensions of 2.75 inches.
  • 50 inches in diameter.
  • Tray for a cup on a couch A3
  • Tray for the cup on a couch, A4
  • Tray for a cup on a couch A5
  • Upgraded Premium Design For 2022:Heavy-Duty Flaps to Firmly Hold Drinks Sticky Rubber Texture to Tightly Grip Couch Arm, Prevent Tilting and Drinks Sliding Around.
  • Flexibility Of Use Place: You can set couch drink holder next to the couch arm, in the middle, or anywhere else to hold your drinks, snacks, or other small items on the Couch drink holder..
  • Waterproof and Simple To Maintain: The BYTUNE Couch drink holder is Waterproof, Completely Washable, and Easy to Clean. It is Made of Premium Silicone Material.
  • Multipurpose Function for Convenience: The Couch drink holder tray may store a phone, a TV remote, several sizes of water bottles, cans, and mugs with handles.
  • Additional Accessories: Couch drink holder comes with an extra ash tray for your convenience and a removable rubber adaptor for smaller size cups.


The Couch Console is the indispensable sofa accessory for anyone who likes snacking while they game or binge-watch. It functions as a charging dock, a phone stand, a snack holder, and comes with a self-balancing cupholder that will minimize spills

A drink carrier, sometimes also known as a cup carrier, beverage carrier or cup holder is a device used to carry multiple filled beverage cups at the same time.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Your main mommy: Purchased this and reviewed that “Does what it says” The color in the image is off but there are others who sell the same thing so I already had an idea of that before purchasing. Fits my phone and a amazon remote in the tray. Perfect for what I needed at a good price.

Couch Drink Holder with Remote Control Organizer and Phone Holders

Couch Cup Holder Sofa Drink Holder with Remote Control Organizer and Cellphone Holders, Sofa Arm Tray Couch Armrest Table, Portable and Spill-Proof Couch Coaster for Drinks, Abeecandi

It can hold glasses, beverages, iPods, remote controls, cell phones, and food.

  • Safe, powerful, and adjustable
  • Better defense
  • Rollover potential
  • Suitable for any sofa or couch type.

When the locking knob is tightened, the couch drink holder can carry objects weighing up to 16 lbs. and accommodate cups with a 4.7-inch diameter. While your parents are watching TV, you have access to coffee, your phone, and the remote.

  • ANTI-SPILL: The best couch drink holder helps to avoid spills and stains. Due to the movement of the person sitting on the sofa or chair, the cup or drink won’t tilt. The coaster is appropriate for a YETI Rambler, cup, glass, mug, and bottle.

    UNIVERSAL: You may use this couch drink holder as the perfect accessory for any form of sofa, couch, armchair, or recliner and place cups, drinks, smartphones, tablets, remote controls, or snacks on it.

    CONVENIENT: You may put this armrest couch drink holder neatly next to the couch, sofa, table, or bed. Depending on your needs, you can adjust the height of this stand from 20 inches to 40 inches.

    Patent Suspended: Our in-house industrial designers created the Abeecandi couch drink holder, which have a fresh look and are intended to enhance your quality of life.

    IDEAL GIFT: Abeecandi couch arm trays make wonderful presents for loved ones, relatives, and friends. They are also a great option for senior persons who struggle with mobility.


It is adjustable, depending on how much stability you need, like a camera tripod stand. You can flair it to around 8 inches like I have it beside my couch, which is great… or flair it to around 12 inches for assurance of not tipping with a heavy load.

A drink  holder is a device, such as a zarf, to hold a cup or other drinking vessel. It may be free standing to hold cups securely on a desk or other flat surface, or in a tree style to store sets of cups in kitchens.

Reviews & Purchasing Experiences

Shinycrazy: Purchased this and reviewed that “Excellent side table with small footprint” The table legs are telescopic, so they have to be tightened. A couple times while trying to put it together the stem moved when I was pushing on it but additional tightening seems to have solved it. I did struggle to put the tray together. (received no instructions) What seemed obvious to me a way to put it together was incorrect.